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  1. Thanks for those replies, I should have said these points are already fixed in position, I want to drill down through the tie bar to locate dead centre of lateral movement on the switch blades, probably didn't make myself clear enough though. When that's done I intend to drill up from underneath with an 8mm drill for sufficient clearance for tie bar movement via the pin in the point motor. I will raise the points enough from the base board to allow me to insert a block of timber to act as a stop and prevent the 8mm drill from underneath going right through the centre of the tie bar
  2. Hi, Can anyone let me know the diameter of the hole in the tie bar on Peco 00 points, I need to start tackling the fitting of a lot of Seep point motors and need to buy suitable drill bits, my eyes are not up to such small measurement reading from a rule.
  3. Not to be pedantic but the OP was asking how much to increase the print size "by" and it could be taken that the response was meant as an increase "to" 133%. Increasing the size "by" 133% may not be what was intended, perhaps the OP has deduced that in any case?
  4. Thanks Allan and Bill, In my earlier life working for the Irish railways there were some gifted sign writers whose skills were eventually lost with the introduction of "femo" (spelling) stripes, I did use a gauge to set out my 2mm white edging distance and used that as my guide, without taking measurements I reckon a scale 6 inches looks about right for the white line. As usual I am looking for a non-super skilled way to achieve what I am looking for, hence the use of ready made striping if possible, anyone any info on the platform base materials that were used among the LMS stations,
  5. Tinker, I originally fitted the edging slabs 2mm back from the platform extreme edges thus creating a rebate which was the thickness of the printed card, my snag arose when trying to wrap strips of he same card on top of and around the MDF, the card used was strips of the printed type just reveres with the white side on show, the card is proving too stiff to wrap around the MDF top The platform construction method I have gone for includes 18mm soft wood bases topped with 2mm MDF overhang along the sides running the length of the platforms, it's just the overhang bit I want to get the w
  6. Google is your man okay...... Quick scan on there for LMS stations and Keith's comments about variety is spot on, a mixture of all paving slabs and just slabs along the edges with the infill done in tarmacadam or perhaps even concrete, including various finishes along he same stretch of platform where sections of paving slabs were replaced with tarmacadam, presumably as an expediency measure following repair works? Some platforms did not have the white lines but the vast majority did have them.
  7. Thanks Keith, Should have mentioned the layout is based on the pre-LMS and would be representative of practices in that region. I tried the Tipp-Ex white ribbon dispenser and it worked well by using a long straight edge as a guide to run the little mouse dispenser along the platform top, only snag was that with the sharp edge on the printed card slab stones the ribbon is being cut as you run along the edging, so you are left with just the top 2mm showing and nothing left over to wrap around and under the 2mm MDF. Not a huge problem as the MDF can be touched in with maybe liquid Tip
  8. Thanks, That might work out a bit wasteful as ideally a 5-6mm width would do the trick, however in my local stationers yesterday I picked up some standard Tipp-Ex erasure ribbon in a little roll-on dispenser. This is a very light white plastic ribbon used instead of the liquid form of Tipp-Ex and might do the trick if I am careful as it is very fragile, just need to set up a simple type of guide to run the dispenser along in order to achieve a straight line of 2mm width on top and then wrap the remainder around and under the edge of the platform. Packet of 3 dispensers for €5 so no
  9. Thanks again, On the masking off and painting suggestion I feel the danger is that on lifting the masking tape it may well pull away the top surface on the printed paving sheets, over time would the paint not discolour? The Trimline tape looks like a contender and I will ring the supplier for more info, if I am reading their blurb correctly does it mean there are 8 different tape widths on the one roll, my ideal would be for a width of circa 4-6mm.
  10. Many thanks for those, I had indeed considered both options previously but wasn't confident of getting the Tippex straight and neat enough but I will now give it a go, on the masking tape; I did have a go with white insulating electrical tape but found it to be too pliable to get a straight line. On my experimental pieces I have used rows of edge slabs and in-filled with paving slabs between those, the finish looks quite good, to me anyway but I am far from happy with my folded over white card for the edging. I would really like to get a clean crisp right angle finish on the edging
  11. Not sure but if this has been done to death, my apologies. I am now trying to construct the platform tops on my 00 scale layout, the base material is 2mm MDF (to be fixed on top of 18mm timber) which I plan to cover with Metcalfe paving sheets, not the Metcalfe individual paving slabs. Has anybody a recommendation to achieve the white line edging on platforms, at present I have experimented by using strips of white card (the reverse of the printed paving sheets) and sticking those on to the platform tops. Given my skills level, the width of the white strip finish on the platform to
  12. Thanks for all replies to date, Should have clarified that I am using DCC, I am aware or the led strips but with my (very) limited knowledge of electrics the idea of a single led bulb unit is appealing and of course that's what's needed for the layout control panel, the leds on offer with the wire leads attached are handy - for me anyway. My son buys some stuff from AliExpress and seems to have had very little trouble except of course that there can be a lengthy wait on delivery. It occurs to me that while buying from the regular suppliers in the UK would be negligible risk securit
  13. I need leds for my track display point control and for fitting inside Metcalfe buildings, a friend suggested using AliExpress in China and I have searched their website which has lots of options, some of which have wire leads attached to the led which I think makes life easier, for me anyway. Preferably I would like to use 2mm or at least no bigger than 3 mm, there are 50 points to be operated and lit on the track plan display, I am using the stud and probe method with Seep point motors. Can I use 12 volt leds without the need for resistors on each led? How many individual leds (s
  14. Thanks folks, Some good tips and advice there including plenty of potential on that EM website.
  15. Thanks Harold, I have used Superquick kits many years ago but for me the Metcalfe far outshine them in terms of quality, just my opinion of course, to be honest if Metcalfe did a bigger range of kits I would happily use them to suit my purposes. Probably didn't explain clearly in my original post that the idea of "streets" would to me mean a number of not very long buildings running at 90 degrees to the main high street thereby crating a better sense of depth with openings between the main shopping parade to create these "streets" and corners, this would allow for scale vehicle to be s
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