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  1. Apologies in advance, but please can you remind me how to make further interim payments? I know I have read it before somewhere, and typically can't find it now Many Thanks, Lee
  2. I am looking for a copy of the Stations & Structures of the Midland & Great Northern Railway, by Nigel J. Digby, volume 1. I have volume 2, but cannot find the 1st anywhere. Apologies if this isn't relevant in this section, please delete if necessary. My thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Cracked it! Tried with a blanking plug from another model, runs like a dream now. Just need another blanking plug now, can’t see the right one on e-bay. Thanks again.
  4. That's great, thank you John. So, on the last image, it basically splits between the small green plate and the larger darker plate, then the blank fits in there? Apologies for my ignorance!
  5. Hoping someone can help me with a poor running Class 37 chassis. I picked it up relatively cheaply from that well known auction site (wouldn't you think I would learn my lesson buy now) so am not overly concerned, but would be nice to get it running. I run only DC, so no issues with removing some wiring, if that indeed will help. Now, allowing for the electrical luddite that I am, can anyone tell me if bypassing the circuit board will give me a decent runner, and if so, which wires am I altering? Thanks in advance.
  6. That's spot on, thank you. For some bizarre reason, it doesn't show on my PC (?) but appears straight away on my tablet.
  7. Is it just my PC, or is anyone else struggling to actually submit an 'expression of interest'? I contacted KR, was sent a link to the web-site (which I had already viewed), and was told to fill in the 'Sign up Now' form. Even allowing for being absolutely hopeless with anything computer related, I am damned if I can see it.
  8. *** Please ignore this post, all sorted now *** Hoping someone may be able to give a bit of advice on this one please. I have 4 Heljan Western's, 5203 Champion, 5024 Enterprise, 5210 Emperor, and 5201 Empress. (think I have Heljan codes correct) The variants are probably irrelevant, expect in maybe identifying different batches, but the first 3 run perfectly, with the exception of one point on my layout, where they derail. This happens running the loco in either direction. (so, if bogie number 1 derails running one way, bogie number 2 derails if taking the loco off, turning it through 180 degrees and trying again) That would of course normally point me to the track, but the forth loco runs perfectly fine across that section. Typically, that model doesn't run very well at all generally, but that's another matter. (just runs intermittently) The place where derailment happens is on a radius 4 curve and no other models derail there. I haven't had chance to look into the issue closely yet, but if anyone has any obvious pointers, that would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Good Afternoon Tony, It's looking fantastic, apologies for not visiting for ages. Looking forward to seeing photo's of the LNER version though. Travelling with the 2018 LNER last Friday, I suspect there's not a great deal of 30's sights left, but you can snap up Essendine ticket office for 85K if of interest. Best Regards, Lee
  10. Station Road looks great Tony, I think you’ve got it spot on.
  11. Good Morning Tony If you go to the Model Shop Guide section, or any other subject I presume, there’s a black block with white writing, start new topic. When that starts the next screen, they’re are ‘Topic Subject’ and ‘Topic Description’ fields to enter, then you’re away. There’s a Topic Tag as well, not sure what that is, so I didn’t bother with that. When you have written post, there is a ‘Post New Topic’ icon at the bottom. That should do it. Lee
  12. On the home page, thers’s a Model Shop Guide heading. Go into there and start a new post, I think I did something similar a few years ago for the model railway shop in Grantham. Shop name & town name I would say is the best bet. Regards Lee
  13. Hi Tony That’s interesting, I didn’t realise they had opened yet. I used to work near them and they said they were planning to open a shop, it had been a successful internet only operation for a while I think. Hope they gave every success, nice and local for us. Has anyone put anything in the section covering businesses yet? Best Regards Lee
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