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  1. Hi Andy, Can i get an invite please John
  2. I don't generally go onto forums as i have very little spare time !!! We have definately NOT sold our business to anyone and indeed have no connection whatsoever in this other company. I am a little concerned that selling natural products such as seeds or animal feeds may well encourage rodents to feast on your latest endeavours But i obviously leave you to make your own choices !!! John Green Scene
  3. Hi, We at Green Scene, after repeated problems with Mr Cobb of grassTech. Have disassociated ourselves from him and produce our own device,which we have called Flockit. Any device that has been ordered through the internet and paid for with Paypal is nothing to do with us. Mr Cobb WILL be persued legally, as he has stolen our domain name....Green-scene.co.uk and also is using images and video content that is ours. Obviously i can't force you to buy from us, but i can assure you we ALWAYS deliver!!!! We have been trading for twenty three years without any problems, until we met this man and g
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