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  1. And here is the yellow 07 running under 'Rule 1'. I just love this model!
  2. I’m very jealous of your trip and can’t wait to get up there. Alternative realities are good fun but I was really pushing things with the Clayton! (It is one of the early poor runners picked up cheaply with the gears and pick-ups removed.) Having said that, I was running a yellow class 07 on Strachur earlier and it looked quite at home! Brilliant model too!
  3. I've been playing trains at Strachur. The 08 shouldn't really be there but it is an old favourite - a Bachmann model that runs beautifully and has a dcc chip hard-wired. The local boating folk are starting to take over the abandoned fisheries yard (models by Model Dockyard).
  4. Max Legroom


  5. Looking forward to following your progress. The airbase might be an excuse to run some military traffic.
  6. A little known trial took place in late 1970 on the southern part of the WHL. Class 17s were trialled on featherweight freights as they were thought suitable for shunting the small goods yards in the area. The results were predictably bad! 5377 drags a dead D8574 into Strachur after the Clayton had expired on the climb to Rest and Be Thankful hauling three vans and a brakevan. D8574 was dumped in a siding for a few backs before being towed back to Glasgow - never to be seen again in these parts.
  7. Scenic section is 90 x 23 cm and the fiddle board is a piece of 60cm pine shelving.
  8. Hi Mark I painted the rails Tamiya NATO brown and the sleepers were picked out in various greys and beiges especially in the sidings where I wanted a weather-beaten effect. Then I applied a few washes of dark earth and finally a stone dry brushed on to pick out the sleeper details. Quite a bit of work but then there isn’t much track so definitely worthwhile. All the best Max
  9. Brilliant. What paint did you use for the red oxide buffer.
  10. I've posted this in the class 26 thread but here is a substitute for a DMU at Perth in 1983. I think the coach is a BSO.
  11. I’ve always thought that this was one of the best rtr diesels. Heljan really nailed the body shape in my opinion.
  12. I remember Ian Futers upgrading a couple of the Lima 09s back in 1980 in Model Trains. I've still got the original article.
  13. Hi Kevo It’s looking good. I like your station. I think the lower height works really well. Max
  14. I've been a bit distracted from Strachur by a Portmahomack micro. However, that is now finished so I've put a couple of locos through the works. First up is 27012 which retained the tablet catcher recess into 1977 and had the bodyside numbers at the no.2 end nearer to the cab door than usual. It's from the most recent Heljan release. Next is 37051 in weathered blue. This is one of the original Bachmann releases with four-axle drive but runs nicely. Looking at the photo I realise that it needs small vertical handrails on the nose and the weathering looks a bit bright so will be toned down. I've got a feeling that the new Accurascale class 37 will make these Bachmann models look very dated.
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