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  1. These look like stunning models. The future looks bleak for my Bachmann 37s!
  2. A bit of light grey dry-brushed onto the panels and some heavy weathering should tone down that grey. Nice wagon.
  3. 27012 had it’s recess until at least 1977 and the body side numbers were closer to the cab like a class 33.
  4. Hi Mike Thank you for your help. The scenario is that the signal box has been demolished and the mainline is controlled remotely with colour light signals and point motors. The ground frame was installed just to control access to the sidings. So just one red lever should do the job based on your advice. I guess the staff on the ground would need the key to unlock the frame and permission from the power box. This is a fascinating area that I've never bothered to look into before. Best wishes Max
  5. Hi all On my layout, Jamaica Road, I'm installing a ground frame to control the exit from the up platform road to some sidings. Here is a pic which hopefully makes things clear. The sidings are off to the lower right and the nearest siding forms the head shunt. The ground frame will be near the foot crossing. Each of the two points will have a lever on the frame but my question is will either of the points need an additional lever to lock the points? The exit from the up platform road is via a trailing point. Any advice much appreciated.
  6. The lighter evenings have encouraged a bit of progress. The retaining walls have largely been built. For the background, I've reused a couple of buildings from Strachur and installed a couple of Radical Flats background buildings. These were produced for the US market and are excellent though I believe they are no longer available. They look OK in a British setting to my eyes.
  7. Have to agree about it being a bit disappointing. The trade union stuff got a bit tedious after a while. I was shocked to read about a collision on the Tay Bridge! It was actually a few miles away on the north bank of the Tay.
  8. Progress has been slow during the winter but most of the track has been ballasted and the cable ducting is in place. Here is the station building over the tracks. The foot crossing is in place from the platform end to what was the signal box but will now just be a groundframe and wasteground. A road bridge will cross the lines roughly where he baseboards join. Last up is the right-hand end of the layout showing the location of the S&T sidings. The line on the right is imagined to curve down and under the mainline to serve a shipbreakers and
  9. Another really useful magazine. I found the section on Cargowaggons especially interesting as it’s a wagon that I haven’t paid much attention to previously and I hadn’t realised they date back to 1979. I might have to pick one up for the layout!
  10. I've heard it said that Beyer Peacock had a reputation for excellent build quality so I've often wondered how the Beyer Peacock batch compared to the Derby built versions.
  11. Regarding the pasties and haggis comment, I’m guessing that WR and ScR versions are coming at some point. I wonder if they will do one of the batch with steam heat.
  12. No problem Mark. Always happy to answer questions and thanks for all your interest.
  13. Hi Mark The platform is made from 2mm plastic sheet and is basically a box structure with Slaters stone stuck to the edge. The surface is just grey paint and could have benefited from a bit more texture but I was limited to what I had to hand at the time. Best wishes Max
  14. Thanks Andrew I’m thinking of building a ‘proper’ fiddleyard and maybe even another section featuring a run-round. All the best Max
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