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  1. I took the sleeper to from London to Fort William at Easter three years ago. Sunrise over Gare Loch was fabulous as was the rest of the trip! Recommended! (Though it was in a lovely, if careworn, mark III.)
  2. I managed a quick trip in the time machine back to the late 1970s. Making sense of freight workings in those pre-internet days could be a challenge. Today I spotted a couple of Haymarket's class 20s heading east off the freight line with an unfitted coal train. Where did they originate? No idea, but they made a nice sight running through the bi-directional down platform before crossing over to the up line beyond the station. A class 08 was idling nearby but that was it for today. Here are the pics. #
  3. Slow but steady progress. 08883 is tripping a ferry van through Jamaica Road station in the early eighties. Some local authority housing has appeared (Bachmann) and a garage block (plastic sheet). I need to get on and install the colour-light signals. Also, the passengers are getting fed up abseiling down to the platform!
  4. I quite like the BP version but is that ‘green’ accurate? Reminds me of the Oxford BP Janus. Also, I think it had an engine change so I wonder if the bodywork was altered.
  5. Love the bent handrail and tail lamp on running board. My Bachmann 08 has both!
  6. Can’t beat a bit of Rod the Mod on a Saturday night!
  7. That’s a big improvement on the Hornby weathering. Did you use thinners to remove the factory weathering?
  8. Hi Rob. Those scrapyard workers could be Rovers fans discussing the latest defeat. Some things never change! Cracking photos as always.
  9. I’ve only just spotted this thread and had a quick look at your online magazine. I was a big fan of Carl Arendt and his original website and I’m thrilled that you have produced something in the same spirit. It’s made my day! All the best Max
  10. Thanks Rob. I’ll pay it a visit and do some research. Max
  11. I’m considering 47012 with a view to renumbering as a ScR 47/0, ideally an Eastfield machine, but I have to admit that my knowledge of 47s is limited. I think the Brush built locos are 47001-16, 96-191 and 212-261 so this has thrown up 47120, 141 and 149 as possibilities. Is there anything else I need to consider, e.g. boiler panels on the roof?
  12. Looking forward to a unnamed banger blue version. The sort that made us groan when it came into view back in the day.
  13. Slow but steady progress on the scenics/detailing side. The second pic shows the site of the former signalbox and the replacement ground-frame. Dummy point rodding still to be added. Vegetation is a mix of Martin Welberg, Woodland and Geoscenics.
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