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  1. The only thing that doesn't look quite right to me is the single track bridge where the track exits to the fiddle yard. For an urban terminus I think it would be better to have a double track bridge and extend the rear siding under the bridge, either as a siding or a running line as Dalnottar Riverside.
  2. Did the original have a stove? It must have been chilly in there and I can’t see a chimney.
  3. Gaugemaster DCC93 6 pin decoder is an easy installation.
  4. One of Ian's layouts has been resurrected as Dalnottar Riverside. It's also on YouTube and particularly recommended if BR blue is your thing!
  5. Thanks Owain. Really helpful. I’ll order a decoder and give it a go. Best wishes Max
  6. Did you use the Gaugemaster dcc93 decoder? I was a bit worried about adding a decoder having read earlier comments but this sounds straightforward.
  7. I noticed this too. All the photos I can find show the gauge so it looks like a mistake. I wonder if SLW will offer the part at some point as it isn’t something that can be easily added.
  8. The Bachmann Peak was a huge leap forward in terms of running quality. I remember enquiring at a model shop if they had one in stock and being told by the owner (backed up by a couple of his other customers) that Hornby was far superior in terms of build quality. I started to argue that well-made rubbish was still rubbish but quickly realised that I was wasting my time. Both the shop and the pancake motor are now history.
  9. One other minor omission on 24009 are the fuel gauges on the tanks at the number one end. Modelu produce driver figures and Railtec builders plates should complete things nicely. I must admit to being a bit nervous about doing anything to such a nice model. I’ll quite happily take a scalpel to a Bachmann 25 but this is on a different level!
  10. Very nice Paul. What did you use for the extra SR brackets above the tail lights. Max
  11. The extra brackets were fitted when it worked on the Southern at the start of it's career. I've looked at a few photos and it had them at both ends until the end.
  12. Looking at a few photos of the real thing it looks like SLW have got the o/h flashes correct and different at both ends. Superb attention to detail!
  13. Having had a closer look, the model lacks the extra brackets above the front lights and the o/h warning flashes on the front are in the wrong place from the photos I’ve seen. Be interested to hear what others think.
  14. I’ve just received 24009 and it is absolutely stunning!
  15. Hi Martyn I have to admit that following your Crinan layout was a big inspiration for me to get on with this project. Best wishes Max
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