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  1. A few snaps of Strachur taken at the weekend.
  2. Does anyone know if any of the last few 50s on the LMR made it as far as Glasgow in the final couple of years? I'd be interested to know the latest date I could justify a 50 in Scotland.
  3. Thanks Martyn Checking through a few books it looks like you are spot on! It's going to be a difficult choice deciding which version to go for! Best wishes Max
  4. Ooh that looks nice. Not sure if the yellow vertical divide for 6112 at the corner is quiet right but I could be (probably) wrong.
  5. Looking forward to seeing this one progress.
  6. Hi Tod I’ve recently gone dcc and bought my first sound equipped loco. It’s brilliant! You won’t regret the investment in just one sound equipped loco on a small layout. Best wishes Max
  7. Certainly opens up possibilities for an industrial or dockside corner. Or a flight-of-fancy micro!
  8. Hi Luke What a fabulous little layout. You've done a brilliant job with the scenery. Max
  9. Thanks Simon Something based on Killin would be great. I'm looking at the new Peco Highland signal box and thinking of the possibilities. I started a layout based on an imaginary line to Portmahomack but never got beyond basic scenery before the foam core card baseboard split when I inadvertently lent on one end! All the best Max
  10. Hi Roja Thank you for your advice. I'll have a go at wiring for the juicer in situ. It would certainly make things easier. I must admit that I quite like to change the points by hand as it gets me up close to the action and saves quite a bit of hassle. Wire in tube or good old coat hanger wire through the front of the baseboard would work nicely. All the best Max
  11. I've pushed the boat out and bought a couple of 1980s items of stock. Loch Awe is sound fitted, my first sound-fitted loco, and the PRA gives a feel of the WHL though out of place in Strachur. I've got enough stock to run a 1980s timetable. The 37 has really shown the flaws in my pointwork at the station throat with sound cutting out in places so I'm going to pull up all of the points and add juicers or possibly point motors. The pointwork in the fiddleyard has juicers and runs flawlessly. One thing to point out about the lovely Kernow PRA is that the buffers are very long so the screw link couplings have to be installed slightly proud of the bufferbeams to avoid derailing when coupled to adjacent stock. The biggest problem with DCC sound is that it is very difficult to go back to no sound!
  12. I managed to have a decent running session this weekend. Next step is to draw up a timetable. The class 25 is shunting an ex-works brakevan and is one of the very few items of stock that hasn't been weathered. I'm undecided whether to weather! I've also been weathering a few more road vehicles. The Mini has a Union flag painted on the roof so it must be around 1977! Maybe it belongs to Sir Fitroy's family?
  13. Just spotted this layout thread. Stunning stuff! Superb weathering!
  14. Thanks for the info. The whole station colour thing is a bit of a minefield! I didn’t know about Sir Fitzroy. Might be scope for a cameo. I wonder what car he drove?
  15. Thank you for the compliment. I’m glad this little slice of Scotland helped you relax. I must admit to pouring a beer and just watching the railcard go up and down on occasions. Very therapeutic!
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