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  1. Another long overdue project to do is the carriage shed internals. Here is a few photos before work starts. Some board joints come in handy I guess as it opens up these photo opportunities.
  2. Not much going on other than planning the next part of what I need to get done. Ropley is now back in its cradle and work is starting on detailing the platforms before they are populated. Lots of bits to make for this challenge and might have to make interior details for the station building as the lights show an empty building. with this going on I will also look at other locos to finally complete and hopefully get the layout closer to a finished look for some big things to come! I have also started more work on the construction site too.
  3. Some more work on Ropley at last. The platform tops have had a new coat of paint. Now time to start those long overdue details
  4. Really liking the look of d1047’s 03 shunter so thought I would share my 08 and 45 both receiving work on them. not as good as the 03 but there’s still time
  5. looks very interesting on for the Santa layout for you Ian
  6. A few photos around Ropley this morning. It still amazes me just how different the whole layout looks with the shed roofs in place. It all looks so much more completed. A new arrival on the layout has arrived which completes one of the galas in 2011 joined by city of Truro and duke dog. more work continues along the platforms at present And I am about to move onto the building site next.
  7. Next focus on the layout will be the platforms. I have recently filled in and levelled all the top surfaces off again to get rid of all the joins. Lots of details I will need to make like notice boards, Bins, platform equipment and more. I have also noticed I have lost a topiary tree located next to the station building too so might need to make a new one of those. Might even need to give the track a spray as you can see from the photos all the different colours within the ballast alone. The other job in hand is the platform tops are getting a full repaint as I felt the colour used was to ligh
  8. Some Loco shunting in the yard at Ropley just had a play with some different camera angles the other week and thought I would share. I am starting to feel like the yard is stepping into the right direction now but still lots to do all around the layout really. One day it might be closer to completion.
  9. Another project done at last x2 coach bogies completed at last. Not like I started these on page 1 which says enough really. I have scratch built the frames to look more realistic but not sure how I will use them yet at exhibitions. They do make a good static item for a common site in the yard usually.
  10. I need to get those lights fitted but keep getting nervous hahaha. I agree with the cows they need some rounding up and looking a bit more grubby. I suppose I better get a moooooove on. the main concern was if they looked out of place but the more I look at it, it might be the way forward to make the field more interesting as well as stop me putting tools there when working in the layout. Thank you Ian Chris
  11. The transformation of the Loco yard is really starting to come together nicely now. Still unsure on the cows but we will see. I need to finish some bits to the fencing along the back as well as glue down final shrubs. Maybe more clutter is required? With the changes done to the tanker wagons has eliminated one of my pet hates at long last. Anyone think I’m missing anything at all? Makes it even harder to replicate from photos and memories as the station and yard have both changed so much since 2012 with Kings Cross Footbridge, Double stacked containers in the yard either side of the t
  12. Done some more work on the back of the layout. I have removed the transfers off of the other tanker wagon and weathered it down to blend in with the scene.
  13. The layouts looking good Ian definitely agree more playing testing is in order! I bet its nice to have trains on the move and a bonus is you can do modelling and operating at the same time.
  14. Not everything with Ropley has to be steam. Having a play with some diesels to visit although I am thinking of doing an actual Diesel gala line up but like the idea of random visitors. Quite happy with how 37514 has turned out not everything has to be clean you know. I Am quite tempted to model some other locos in a worse state or like the 37 that went to swanage in Ews livery a few years back. 37521 comes to mind? Hoping to really make some progress soon that is more noticeable than what is going on under the baseboard chris
  15. A Barry 4mt Loco awaits its turn to undergo its overhaul to return to steam
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