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  1. Not much going on recently but have made a start of adding passengers to the trains. Does make a slight difference
  2. swanage has been receiving some work. The second version is currently in full swing. The first photo show swanage before it went back into the shed and the other two show what progress is being made. Still a bit to do but it’s a big step forward.
  3. Another job down 35005 Canadian Pacific finally named from port line
  4. An unexpected bit of progress tonight I have crossed another long overdue project off the list!! tonight the station lights were finally wired in and all lighting circuits tidied up and ready for the next lights to be installed on these two boards. still have to add lights to the station building and a few other places but coming together nicely now. Plenty going on in no particular order.
  5. I have finally added the magpies onto the layout jives the layout a bit more life time to finish off a few more projects before the end of the weekend
  6. I might have started this project now
  7. Been thinking more about the loco sheds and what to do with them. The 2nd photo shows what it looks like internally with a roof on. I think a roof maybe the way to go for photo purposes. I am currently making the other side with glazing so people can look in. It will also I think make them look more complete with a boarder around will give better external photos too
  8. Going wild on Ropley now. More wildlife is appearing on the layout, magpieificent! Lots going on in the burrow I’m hopping in the right direction and going nuts. Swanage has also appeared on the workbench with the tender being played about with and the new appearance of the loco being worked on. Plenty to do.
  9. I have decided to model this! Fingers crossed it comes out well
  10. Taking some things to a whole new level. Is that a squirrel in the tree I can see? I must be nuts
  11. What’s people’s thoughts should I build swanage a tender the same as the first one or in some state of restoration? Been playing with the idea this is the restoration version I thought of (image from google images)
  12. plenty of restoration work being carried out on Ropley. Please visit my feed on layout topics (Ropley) and leave your thoughts. Be great to see what people think. Thanks
  13. Ropley hasn’t gone quiet just lots going on. After a good weekend away operating Tidworth with the guys (thank you I really enjoyed myself) it’s time to get back on with Ropley. Plenty going on as you can see. The first photo shows I am making progress with the roofs for the main workshop and wheeldrop shed. The back is the easier part as it is solid but the front section is proving more difficult. Who said making a roof would be easy ayy?? the other job is getting that eye for detail right. Plenty to be getting on with here as I plan to add animals to the layout although not sure about the addition of cows? Benches and other common platform equipment being made too. The brown bench is the last one I needed to make for the carriage shed. the boiler is from a U class but haven’t decided if I want to commit to the project in mind yet or not? plenty going on as usual plus we still have loco renumbering to do and swanage mark two being made as well.
  14. Continuing with the West Country now. Hopefully this will work out well and look like the real thing as per the first photo from google images. so far I have been working mainly on the chassis and making sure the boiler will fit in the cab area. Plenty going on as well as a town scene for beggarwood lane which is also in layout topics. The jobs list for Ropley keeps growing but not sure if it’s a good thing or not? Plenty to get in with to say the least. I’m happy with how the Pullman generator coach has turned out too. I’m hoping after swanage to turn my attention to the layout for a bit as I feel I’ve been working on locos for ages now
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