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  1. Keep the videos coming Ian without shows makes it harder to gain motivation and inspiration to model but the layout is certainly coming along nicely always look forward to an update
  2. Another project down at last. 33 slim Jim enters the sheds for an overhaul and new colour scheme and to become fellow classmate D6593. This project was a bit of a restoration as the loco was a spares donor originally so lots went on above and below the body. Another great addition to the loco fleet. D6593 no longer is at the Mid Hants last I knew it was currently having work done on it at the Battlefield line. Plenty more projects to follow as i currently have lots on the workbench as we look to start booking Ropley into some shows again at long last
  3. A look over the yard after a few small moves have been carried out I do like the idea of an 08 or class 11 parked up coupled to a tank engine.
  4. Sorry about the background but trees are making good progress and the woodland walk is starting to become not so much of a distant memory more trees to come as I have worked out there is easily still another 20 to make some will have to be more precise that others to the real location
  5. Looking back over some posts recently all I can say is Ropley has had a very productive year so why stop there? Unfortunately so productive I have fallen behind on the updates So lets kick off with the 33 that arrived on the line where did it go? well looks like its awaiting it turn in the headshunt for its turn in the sheds as it is in need of some tlc from the loco workshops. I thought I might start making little story to each of my projects going forward funnily enough I picked this engine up years ago for spares for my other 33's but being the only slim jim I own the time has come to turn it into a runner. What a better place than Ropley any guesses what it might look like after? Also in the photo 27007 has has its tarpaulins adjusted.
  6. Having a look over the road bridge at Ropley. Some of the diesel fleet are found below
  7. So another project is now underway with the baseboards rotated I have turned my attentions towards the road bridge. I have decided the scenics needs looking at as it was all done in a rush for a show a while ago and feel areas need re doing so staring from the road bridge I am filling the baseboard joints better to protect the polystyrene hills to start with as shared in earlier posts. The grass areas will be redone and refreshed to look better so what better place to start in than the former Ropley woodland walk in the top carpark. This area will be modelled before most of the trees were removed before the opening of the kings cross footbridge. Unfortunately the miniature railway can’t fit. I have also decided to start removing all trees and having another go at them after seeing some amazing trees on other layouts have inspired me to try again. I have started a staggered stage for trees to be made in from building, to filling out the branches, then painting they will all get done at the same time for the scenics so Ropley will look like it’s in winter to start with. (I must add some areas where a camera can peer through for some photos once the trees are planted) Also Ropley’s longest project has now been completed in the form of 12049. I’m really happy how this Loco has turned out and is a great addition to the diesel fleet with its unique livery I nearly gave up with this project but here we are and I can finally say I will be able to take the photo in model form that started the build of Ropley with the exact diesel lineup recreated once the layout goes up in full!!
  8. The time has come for us to swap the boards around in the cradle. The boards now on top will allow me to finish the scenics which I hope to start once model shops open up again. Not long left to wait!
  9. Hi All does anyone know where I can get transfers made or if anyone has made any for class 11 12049 which held day aggregate livery at Ropley? chris
  10. Not much going on on the layout recently but plenty to come. Another 33 has arrived for my next project to start
  11. Morning all, not a lot happening on Ropley like normal as I’m struggling to acquire parts for my next projects. However I am slowly working my way through sorting out Loco transfers and getting them to match photos from the time frame. The diesel fleet is taking the lead as I have the most transfers for this area. D3358 is next up as I have added the BR crest to the side of the Loco and added the white handrails. They are deliberately not painted fully to make it look like paint has come away and white handrails get dirty quickly too. The numbers D3358 will have to wait as these seem smaller to normal transfers. I am hoping to get the headshunt up in due course to show off a more complete headshunt look from 2011 all bar the usa tank I am still on the hunt for to make some big changes too I am also not happy with some of the scenics around the layout which will have to be changed in due course. Trees are one of these areas but I am struggling to find the best and most realistic ways to create them as well as bramble looking bushes. Chris
  12. The lights are one of my only purchased ready items. They were purchased through kytes lights a few years ago and painted to the correct colours required for Ropley. Better than that i could make, making the yard lights were hard enough.
  13. Another Loco project done. I am slowly getting all locos correctly named and numbered for the layout. Here we see 33053 ticking over in the station after arriving from Alton and awaiting for the signalman to set the route into the yard. I have just finished renumbering 33053, varnishing, and weathering the loco to give it a good faded blue look. Thank you @Temeraire for the tips on getting the faded blue look.
  14. Well looking over the last year Ropley is starting to pick up on productivity so with the enthusiasm on a high why stop. More fencing has now been straightened out along the board. A very long a fiddly job with new bits of brass being added to drop into the hill for stability as well as straightening out all the kinks after being attacked by the cat. with another board joint done now allows me to take it over the baseboard onto the board closer to the carriage shed. with part of Ropley out of the cradle I can also work on track heights from scenics to fiddleyard as Alresford was the most problematic as the point board seemed to have a slight dip and track nights not level meant Loco bogies would rise above the track onto the scenic board and cause derailments with a certain few locos. with scenics in full swing we see class 11 shunter putting into the wheeldrop shed another item of rolling stock for me to also start on. Another kitbash project is on route as well as some Loco projects. Chris
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