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  1. Lots still going on recently with Ropley! Im hoping to really push the layout this year! The jobs list is in the making and plenty of progress being made I have finally completed the outer look of all my coaches for restoration. I made great use of them as you can see from the photos. I have used both sides of every coach to give me 8 different looks rather than just the 4. just the floors left to add in 2 of the coaches.
  2. After having the layout up for the past few weeks work hasn’t stopped since. The car park improvements are advancing well with all vehicles now attached to the layout. I have had some time to look over the fiddle yards and how they operate. The completed traverser operate so much better now but we still have some finishing touches to add. another issue I spotted with the layout isn’t a big one but the main idea was to reduce the amount of handling we have to do to the locos and other rolling stock hence the traverser at end of each fiddle yard. I have decided to trial some new siding space on alresford fiddle yard to help with stock rotation and stop manual handling. The sidings will be used for visiting locos, the dmu’s, and restoration projects like the coaches, diesels etc. I guess ropley’s next outing will determine if it was worth doing? Still a bit to do before we can use this section as I’ve only laid it out currently.
  3. With Ropley having returned back work has started on another part of the layout that is long overdue! I have finally started work in the car park as cars need to be moved and some added which will help towards phase 2 of this project which will be revamping the construction site of the new workshop on the back of the main loco shed. I have removed 6 cars so far as I secure them to the layout to save having to take up more tasks on setting up the layout and most importantly more bits to forget which I’m good at!! with the cars up and being moved about will allow more room to really help make the scene for the construction of the new extension as I felt it could do with looking more like a construction site. hopefully before I know it I would have finished this area and can look at many other areas that need improving
  4. Today is the last day of Ropley being up in full lots of work has mainly focused around the electronics to make the layout running performance much greater. plenty still to get on with however but it’s been nice to see some trains running chris
  5. I always forget how big this layout actually is time to get on with scenics and tidy more of the wiring up in
  6. Morning all hope everyone had a good Christmas after some help for an upcoming project some other projects I’m looking into I can’t seem to find photos for mk1 griddle coach and mk1 real ale bar coach anyone has any it would be much appreciated. plenty of new upcoming projects to start soon as I push to get the layout ready for the exhibition circuit chris
  7. Merry Christmas everyone Some new goodies for Ropley I wonder what the plans are for the new additions Ropley is being put up for a week so plenty to be doing hope everyone has had a great Christmas plenty more is going to happen to Ropley cheers chris
  8. Thank you Dave the layout has been a very challenging build. Capturing the preservation feel is a lot harder than I thought. Will be nice to see Swanage running again soon. Chris
  9. Thank you there not easy to get them to how they were in that time period. Got quite a few more loco projects to do and some changes to the layout coming up
  10. It’s something I have thought about. In the time frame it would have been in the car park but unfortunately it’s off the baseboard scene otherwise I would have had one on there for definate!
  11. Some more progress with B board on Beggarwood Lane. With our own exhibition coming up soon the town scene is pushing forward away from the layout. B board will house the most buildings on the layout and until it is ready will mean c board has to wait for it’s work to be started. We can only do building in the yard on c board and no roads as the road comes from b board. Won’t be long until we get to a stage we’re both can run alongside each other. The town scene on b board alone holds 2 shops, 1 pub, and 24 houses. Only just under 200 windows/doors have had to be cut out. I’m hoping to have the town with b board and A board completed to a basic standard before March as a minimum. Hopefully Ropley doesn’t eat up too much time as this layout also has a lot coming up in the pipeline. All front garden walls/ fences are complete and grass pavement etc still needs adding. Every garden has been made to look different. A common look on many streets. i will post some photos of it on the layout soon to give an idea of how it will be viewed. Chris
  12. Sounds like I’m going to have to get a move on with the town scene... no pressure ayy
  13. Swanage version 2 almost complete now! Just needs weathering, a few more paint colours added and couplings. The tender is so delicate I hope it transports ok. Plenty more projects to follow on more stock to be built and parts of the layout need looking at. Who said building a preservation railway would be easy? The stock is just as hard as building the layout
  14. Unfortunately due to work commitments work has slowed on Ropley but with my biggest task complete work on the layout can resume once more. 70000 has finally had its cress Added to the tender as it was in the gala when it attended in this livery. I have been looking recently at how I can improve the building site on the layout as it looks a little incomplete to me? I am hoping to push on with the layout in all the tiny details that need adding and hopefully get some invites sorted to get the layout out on show soon!
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