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  1. We found out this morning that my other halfs 82 year old Dad had taken himself off for his first jab yesterday. He lives near Whitchurch and popped over to the Orthopaedic in Oswestry yesterday morning after l phone call on Friday night. He didn't say anything to Julie about it until she asked him what he had had been up to yesterday..... Hopefully he won't feel he is invincible as he tends to downplay the seriousness of the situation we are in. He agreed with your comment that it was very well organised. Chris
  2. Watching the best live stream I have ever seen the sound quality is absolutely amazing and cheese and port add to the ambience. Skerryvore live on New Years Day have absolutely nailed it
  3. Is this not a rather worrying state of affairs, surely emergency supplies must be sent for?
  4. Happy New Year to one and all a few thankfully short fireworks and then peace returned.
  5. I hope everyone has as a good day and let's hope for a better 2021. I'm off to take the dog for a walk and then back for bacon sarnies and the rare treat of full fat coffee.
  6. Much the same here Rodney's Pillar and The Breiddens have disappeared into the murk and looking at the forecast seem unlikely to reappear today.
  7. Some good news. The sister in law of our neighbours has just had the coronavirus vaccine. She is shielding at the moment and is the first person we know to have had it. Everything was very well organised at the hospital and she was kept in for an hour to check she had no adverse reaction.
  8. I think the 1100 was the same as your Mums Mini
  9. My local tyre place in Oswestry was about £70 a tyre cheaper than main dealer and £12 less than Blackcircles. Now can I use the "saving" to justify a new loco. They also had the tyres available for 8.30 this morning although I only phoned them yesterday late afternoon. Must be honest still amazed that the car did 21000 miles before it needed its first service. First car I had a, five year old 1966 Austin 1100, seemed to need a service every other week.
  10. I now need a long rest in a very dark room. Just had to buy four new tyres for the car
  11. Would be a good name for a little branch line layout......
  12. That should keep you going until a late elevenses
  13. I think the worst teacher in my senior school life was a Glaswegian teacher who taught French. To be honest most of us struggled to understand him when he spoke English, let alone French. He was permanently miserable and I really don't think had an ounce of humour in his bones.
  14. That reminds me of our Economics teacher in 6th form. He was new to the school and a bit of a revelation compared to other teachers.
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