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  1. The only one I photographed was St James. Mainly as I hope to nick a few ideas! The others I liked I have covered by articles in the press. Here is a snap..
  2. Made it to the show today and it was well worth making the journey. Some lovely layouts and some good people to catch up with. I didn't really look at the trade much as I am in the happy position of having everything I need in stock! I found St James particularly inspiring. Lovely modelling, very well designed and being very well operated. Hungerford, Halifax King Cross and Clayton West are well worth seeing too. They are just my personal choices but there are several other good quality layouts. Well worth a trip if anybody is deciding what to do tomorrow.
  3. With some kit manufacturers there are clearly different designers involved, especially where ranges have been amalgamated. London Road is a good example, with kits from a good number of designers now being sold under the same label. I am pretty sure that Jidenco were in the same boat as their kits seem to range from "buildable with a bit of work" through to the dreaded Claughton! Even the worst kit in the world can be built if you are willing to alter or replace enough parts and I know of a couple of Jdenco Claughtons that were eventually finished. One runs on Narrow Road. It took three reasonably skilled modellers nearly 20 years but we got there in the end. It has a new boiler, firebox and footplate but the rest is mostly original kit with a few alterations. I have mixed feelings about tackling the worst kits. There is the blood, sweat and tears that go into creating a good loco out of sub standard components but there is also a much greater sense of achievement when you succeed. When your efforts are seem by others, perhaps at a show and somebody asks you what the origin of the Claughton is, the raised eyebrow when you say "Jidenco" is priceless!
  4. I saw Newford at Wakefield show a few years ago. It was enough to make me dip my toe into the 7mm world and plans are afoot for an O Gauge Minories in my garage. I reckon that 16ft with an 8ft approach and 8ft long platforms will allow me to run trains of up to 5 short pre-grouping carriages with a 4-4-0 or Atlantic on the front.
  5. Lovely work! I have built several wagons in a similar way, using etched/cast detailing bits. I find it hugely rewarding and such wagons are treasured much more than any kit or modified RTR. It is probably harder work than some kits but if you get a bad kit, building from scratch can sometimes be easier than trying to alter poorly designed and wrongly shaped bits into something that will go together and look like what it is supposed to be. I have long since given up worrying about technology or the future of the hobby. People have been predicting the demise of the hobby for as long as I can remember and it hasn't happened yet. I will continue making things the way I like doing it (a bit "old school") and those who want to use computers and modern technology can carry on their way. Those who wish to use RTR either out of the box or modified are fine to as long as they enjoy what they are doing. That is really all that matters. As long as there are people around who build models like yours, the hobby is alive and well!
  6. I have only missed a handful of EXPO EM spring and autumn shows in the last 35 years but this time a combination of keeping an eye on my aged father in law plus a visit here to see the layout would have restricted me to a flying visit which wouldn't have done justice to the show. It is not the sort of show to be rushed. Don't worry, I will keep some jokes safe and sound for a future occasion. No matter how much people beg me not to! To be truthful, the event was probably better without my humour. Most events are.
  7. I didn't get to the show this year due to family duties and other commitments but it sounds like it was a good one. It certainly sounds as if the move of venue has already improved attendance, which has to be a big step forward and well done to the organisers for stepping up and taking the show on. When the Malcolm Crawley trophy was introduced it was for the best kitbuilt or scratchbuilt loco. There never were enough scratchbuilt locos around to make an award worth while for them alone. I don't know when it changed or why but perhaps it should be changed back.
  8. That view will not have appeared in any published articles as I took the photo just for this thread! The vast majority of the back scene was hand painted but there are one or two places where photos were cut out and stuck on and that is one of them. I had to be a bit careful with the camera angle as there is a bit of painted scenery just beneath the Cathedral that doesn't really blend in very well and makes the building look as if it is high up on a hill some distance away, with much greenery between the town and the structure, which is a bit unlikely. That area of scenery was altered quite late on, when some much older terraced houses appeared and an area of trees was removed. The removal of the trees uncovered a less well done section of painted back scene. The scene behind the station and indeed the geography and history of the fictional railways of the area was a very fluid and variable affair. If Peter could think of a change to the history that would create an interesting train working, then the history books were very easily changed! The more I look at photos of the layout and then look at it as it is now, the more I see very subtle and some not so subtle changes.
  9. Buckingham Cathedral did appear on the backscene but it was quite small and subtle and easily missed. It was a cut out photo of a real Cathedral but I can't remember which one. Very likely Truro, where the layout was based at the time.
  10. There are not many pre-grouping modellers about and most of those that do model that period do so because they like making things for themselves. So buying in a rather ancient model, full of period charm and character as it is, doesn't really come into play. The LNWR modellers I know could all build themselves a better one and in some cases already have.
  11. I have had an involvement with a DCC layout that had an end to end run of over 90ft. We did struggle initially but when the layout was divided up into "districts" by people who understand it much better than I do, any problems vanished. It was also fitted with capacitors between the main bus bars (called snubbers if I recall correctly) which help reduce power spikes over long distances.
  12. t-b-g


    This was my 3rd visit to the show since I started taking an interest in 7mm modelling and it rapidly becoming my favourite show of the year. This time, three of us stayed overnight and went both days. Some cracking good modelling on show, top demo stands and the variety of trade that modellers love to see at a show. I don't know why it gets so little coverage on RMWeb. Perhaps O gauge modellers spend more time modelling and less on the internet!
  13. I have added a bit more since that photo was taken. There are still some details that could be added but I am beginning to think that enough is enough! I am looking forward to seeing the improved 2mm version. My guess is that it will be rather lovely! Valour and Butler Henderson have almost identical interiors as far as I can tell. The main difference is the extra bank of lubricating gear top right as Valour has extra cylinders.
  14. Looking good Tim. You are racing ahead of me know. I don't know how much effort you want to put into the cab interior as it will be well hidden in 2mm but I fear that the etches supplied are more guessed at than based on the real thing. The cab interior has two curved edge floor sections raised up and splashers that are boxes rather than conventional curved splashers. I am adding a photo of the 7mm version so you can see what I mean.
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