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  1. I will not rock the boat any more Sandra. I am sure you are in good hands with Tony and Robert.
  2. When Buckingham came my way, I saw my task as to maintain and uphold the reputation of the builder. Perhaps even to enhance it by taking Leighton Buzzard out and showing it to a more modern audience. There are many things wrong on Buckingham. Models built from just a photo that are not dimensionally correct, locos with the wrong wheel size or spoke numbers, etc. I could easily draw attention to such failings but I choose not to. To say that something is worn out after 75 years continuous use is not quite the same as saying "He was good but he got this that or the other wrong but do
  3. We quickly got back to "Let's point out all the things that we find wrong on Retford" mode. What a dreadful shame.
  4. I once had something similar and filled the slots with solder first and filed the surface flush and flat. When curved, it curved around just like a flat sheet would have done. I hope that helps. Cheers Tony G
  5. Yes Tony, I have read that! I can't say that the prospect of doing fiddly work under fixed baseboards appeals greatly. I am just not as flexible as I used to be. Nowadays, I tend to make things with ease of access very much in mind. So hopefully it will be possible to remove the signals, fit servos and drop them in from above. If you are happy with that I am sure we can sort something out once we can get together legally! Don't know about a commission though. I was happy with the arrangement for the M&GN section. You buy the bits
  6. t-b-g

    MRJ 280

    Comparing Llanastr and Copenhagen Fields is an interesting one. Both inspire me in different ways but it is Llanastr that makes my think "I could build something like that myself". Unusual stock but not needing so much that the thought of building it would make think twice. Portable, exhibitable by two people using a car. It ticked many boxes for me and still does. The only thing I wasn't keen on was the constant use of the fiddle yard to complete the run round and for shunting but a small increase in length gets around that.
  7. That is a clever idea, very well executed. I may have to nick the concept! Two sets of buildings and infrastructure will save me much space and time, opposed to two layouts. I have been mulling over whether the next EM gauge layout should be Midland with GCR and GNR running powers or GCR with Midland and GNR running powers. With your idea, I could have both and I wouldn't need to change the stock. I was having a conversation about just such arrangements with a friend yesterday. He models various railways and periods and was wondering about something similar. We got stuc
  8. When people in the public eye "come out" as railway modellers and talk about the hobby as well as Rod Stewart has done, it can do the hobby nothing but good. Being sniffy about him not being "cool" enough does exactly the opposite. Modellers having a dig at other modellers has never really done the image of the hobby any good at all.
  9. The locomotives on Buckingham date back to 1946 for the earliest and the most recent ones are around 50 years old. They all run regularly, with two running sessions a week, pre Covid. They still get run but not as often. A few motors have failed and been replaced but otherwise, they all have their original frames, wheels etc. Some of them have huge amounts of wear in the bearings and coupling rods and I have had to replace the coupling rods on one.
  10. Hello Roy and thanks for the kind comment. I use an OLFA cutter to make grooves in clear plastic for the smaller bars, paint with white acrylic and then rub the excess off when it has dried with a thumb or fingernail, so the plastic doesn't get scratched. I cut a long strip of material the right height and do the horizontal line or lines, depending on the style of window along the full length, so they will all line up on the finished model then measure off for the verticals. The window is then cut to size and the outer frame is then added in thin plastic strip, which allows the sol
  11. Absolutely and even with 40 years experience, I still learn about new methods, products, tools etc. all the time.
  12. Pretty much the golden rules of all soldering. Clean, flux, heat plus solder. You would think that there ought to be one "right way" of doing it but as has been amply demonstrated, plenty of people get good results using different fluxes, solders and irons. I have found a combination of tools, solders and fluxes that allows my to do soldering like the horsebox I illustrated. If others want to know what I used or how I did it, I am happy to pass that on. If people are happy doing things another way, that is not a problem to me at all.
  13. There is a joke in this situation about an animal having matted fur but I struggle to bring it to the fore. He/she didn't exist 5 minutes earlier, having been carved from plastic and painted a few moments earlier. The paint wasn't fully dry when the photo was taken and bringing the light near to take a photo caught that. It is hardly a "cat"astrophe and it has dried matt now.
  14. Very nice. The brickwork looks much better defined than many embossed versions. I have had a look around the web for Vollmer English Bond brick but not found any. Do you have a reference or product number to help? Mine has Slater's brick, but when I put a photo on earlier, it was mentioned that the bricks are not quite as square as they should be. Mine is an LD&ECR box, based on an amalgam of 3 along the line. As far as I can tell, much LD&ECR infrastructure was nicked or copied from other railways and the signalling and boxes were based very closely on GNR desi
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