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  1. It pays to shop around for Kadees. I was at the Palmerston North Train show yesterday and the price for a a pack of #19's varied between NZ$10.30 at one trader and NZ$20at another! Kadee, in White City, Oregon do provide a mail order service with very reasonable airmail postage. Like you I find Roco couplers useful for fixed formations with Kadees at each end.
  2. I see payment has been taken for my sound fitted SECR version.
  3. I recall purchasing a Bristol Models motorising kit (complete with Bulldog motor and Romford wheels) for the Airfix 9F when I lived in the UK in 1985. I tried to build it the following year when I returned to NZ. . A waste of time and money though I found an alternate use for motor and wheels.
  4. All the best for your recovery Gordon. Look forward to your continuing exploits wit Eastwood Town Kind regards Simon
  5. We seem to be very fortunate in NZ. Items airmailed from the UK are arriving here anytime between 7 - 14 days. In some instances this is better than pre Covid. It might have something to do with the NZ Government directly funding international air carriers to maintain airfreight links vital to our export sector. Transit times from Australia are not so good. I ordered some replacement tyres for a Dinky Toy from a chap in Melbourne; took 29 days...
  6. Bullied coaches too please Gilbert.
  7. New Zealand Line for me too. Unpatriotic to choose any other however, having worked for the post office, Royal Mail would be my second choice.
  8. 34053 Sir Keith Park. New Zealand born Air Vice Marshall who commanded 11 Group during the Battle of Britain.
  9. Biggin Hill for me. It was my first Airfix locomotive kit, given to me by my uncle in 1973.
  10. Ottery St Mary for me please. My fathers family came from there.
  11. Duchess of Montrose. I have the Dublo version sitting in bits in a shoe box awaiting restoration. She's been sitting in that box for 30 years!
  12. Wow! My Black Friday Cemflos arrived in New Zealand yesterday. Looking at the parcel tracking history most of the transit time was spent at Heathrow waiting for a flight... This is about the usual transit time for air parcels from the UK to NZ so with all the restrictions due to the pandemic we are very well served. Wagons are superb too! Thanks for the great deal Fran.
  13. As a New Zealander living in London I was often mistaken for an Aussie! It got better when I visited Dublin, they thought I was Canadian!
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