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  1. Thanks for the video Fran, the Deltic looks superb. My Southern Region layout doesn't justify a Deltic so Rule 1 definitely applies. Green SYP version on order. Cheers Simon
  2. I use a Dremel gas powered iron for jobs like this. Works a treat.
  3. I had a similar problem with my 10203. I removed the PCB and returned that to Kernow rather than shipping the entire loco back from New Zealand. Kernow replaced the PCB which I reinstalled and the loco now runs as it should. Regards Simon
  4. Yes, and my two will go all the way to Cornwall then all the way to New Zealand!
  5. Hello Tony, I have upgraded a few old Triang Murgatroyd bogie tank wagons by replacing the original bogies with Cambrian BR plate frame bogies and Jackson wheels. This reduces ride height and makes for a reasonable "layout"wagon. Very easy to do but alas no soldering required... Regards Simon
  6. Re the discussion on tractor loads. Taken at Quainton Road in 2006. Definitely chains in use on the Conflat but not sure how representative it is
  7. I have used the frog juicers and haven't had any issue with sparks. They operate without any issues. Have a Gaugemaster version which works well too. Simon
  8. Hi, Piano wire is available from Eileen's Emporium. Regards Simon
  9. Please keep the photos coming Rob, I really appreciate your efforts. Cheers Simon
  10. My partner thinks she knows how many locomotives are to many....Of course she is mistaken...
  11. Thank you all for your advice. More power did the trick with the application of two 12 V DC power supplies. Cheers Simon
  12. Hi, I'm trying to wire several Tortoise Switch machines following the wiring guide in the instructions. I have chosen method two which is the bi polar method using two 6 volt DC transformers wired in series. Getting power to the machines but nothing happens! any advice greatly appreciated. Cheers Simon Read
  13. Any chance of a photo of what went wrong please?
  14. SJR

    New OO gauge Class 73

    Hi, Just received an Email from Rails of Sheffield cancelling my order for a green Class 73 (Dapol DCC fitted Class 73 4D-006-004D), very disappointing. All Rails would say is that they were no longer getting this item from Dapol and therefore had to cancel my order. Can anyone shed any light on this? Many thanks Simon
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