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  1. I run my layout on Analogue. A lot of my older locomotives (and maybe more modern ones as well) are fitted with resisters ? To reduce TV interference. Since Radio and TV transmission has changed from Analogue to Digital are these little things redundant. Should I remove them ? Please don't blind me with science that I won't understand. Yes or No will suffice. thanks Stephen.
  2. I would like Hornby to consider having a go at the Isle of Man narrow gauge line. Also London Underground deep tube stock from the 1950's as well as surface stock from the same period. Some RTR London Trams would also be nice. Lastly to do some early era Southern Region EMU's such as Bulleid 4-SUB, 4-LAV, 4-NOL, 4-COR, etc. There are lots of opportunities to make more coaches. There are lots of new locomotives being introduced that do not have appropriate coaches to haul. However what I expect is another version of Flying Scotsman and yet another version of the LNER A4 Mallard. Model railways is all about nostalgia and there are plenty of opportunities still for Hornby to explore and it's not all about locomotives. Regards Stephen.
  3. Isn't it now the time to add Oxford Rail as a sub forum under smaller suppliers or am I getting lost in my navigation of RMweb. Regards Stephen.
  4. You say you are listening Hornby so prove it !! To make some friends would it not be possible for Hornby to re-run the models that were so short the first time around and satisfy the proven demand ? I am thinking of the locomotive Exeter and the Southern Bogie B Passenger Brake Van in SR Sage Green Livery (R4535) both of which I missed out on. I am sure other forum members can come up with other products that are no longer available due to under production. Regards Stephen.
  5. This story is just horrific and a wake up call to us all. The lessons we must all learn are very clear. I think that although there can be problems wherever you exhibit, the risk is likely to be less at a model rialway exhibition than at an event that is outside the hobby when the layout has only been brought in as a novelty display. I cannot believe the apparent offhand attitude of the organiser and fully expect that he will not have any insurance (Even though he is required by law to do so) and you will probably end up in the small claims court. I think you should seek legal advice and you maybe able to get half an hour for free with a solicitor. This person or the organisation cannot be allowed to get away with this. I think that the organisors of non specialist model railway events have no concept at all of how much time and hard work goes into exhibits that we offer to show and this is not limited to small organisations. I have had 'run-ins' with National Trust officials when exhibiting a classic car and them wanting me to park on what was very clearly very wet soft glass and the car would have clearly sunk in up to its axles. When I asked what towing/recovery help they had if I got stuck I was met with a blank look. I simply left immediately and if there are problems like this when exhibiting anything precious you have no alternative but to pack up and leave straightaway. I of course do realise that this was not an option in Darren's case. Finally perhaps you should name and shame the idiot organisation who did this to the layout so the rest of us can boycott them should any-one get invited to have their layouts destroyed for free by them. This makes me really angry and I have the deepest sympathy with Darren and my heart goes out to him. Best Wishes, Stephen.
  6. Does he have a working knowledge of anything to do with railways or model railway making ? I seriously doubt it - so all he has to do is surround himself with people who know what the customers want and listen when they pass the information onto him for action. I think that it would be brilliant if he had been a train spotter as a kid, had burnt himself with a soldering iron regularly and sticks his fingers together with glue every weekend. The number one priority must be to sort out the supply chain. Happy modelling. Stephen.
  7. Well you did ask. A 4mm scale BR(S) and a SR version of the Adams Radial 4-4-2T 4 mm scale Celestory coaches with raised moldings on the body shell. First World War Era 4mm scale coaches to match GWR City, S&D 7F, etc. 4mm scale Non Corridor coaches for branch line working. 4mm scale RTR 1960's Red Period London Underground Train, 1938 stock perhaps. 4mm scale Level crossing with working crossing gates 4mm scale Competitively priced and reliable working turntable SEE - its not a long list of locos. Regards Stephen.
  8. I remember buying many Mainline Palitoy and Airfix GMR products that at the time were much more superior to the Hornby Matgate built Competition sadly the build quality, cheap motors and some design failures did mean that they did not have a long life in Model Railway Service. i still have some Mainline Palitoy BR Standard Class 4's that are still in occasional service doing sterling service. Palitoy and Airfix GMR moved the hobby on to new standards of detail that all the manufactorers use today as normal practice. This thread is a nice nostalgic walk down all our yesterdays. Happy Modelling Stephen.
  9. Hello, I missed out on the first batch of these SR bogie utility vans and my BR Crimson version from the recently released second batch has just been delivered. On close inspection it looks to me that the body has not been fully painted and the body sides rely on the self-coloured red plastic of the bodyshell. Fair enough the roof and ends are painted but the body sides look a bit toy like. I saw the new LNER long type CCT in BR Crimson livery the other day and that looked the same. Do the body sides rely on self coloured plastic or are my eyes deceiving me? I think that I will give the body sides a weak diluted coat of matt or satin varnish and see if that improves the look. Happy modelling, Stephen.
  10. Hi All, Could some-one please explain to me what the Hornby sales through consessions is all about? My local branch of W H Smith's know nothing about any such arrangement. Many thanks, Stephen.
  11. Hello All, I am getting very confused about the Hornby SR & BR(S) Bogie B Passenger Brake Van. I missed out on the original release of the BR(S) version in BR Coaching Stock Green together with the SR Olive Green version - maybe it slipped out onto the market without much pre advertising. Since then it has been completely unobtainable in either guise that proves to me that Hornby under estimated the demand. Now it is to be re-released but without the option of the SR Olive Green Livery instead we are being offered BR(M) Maroon and BR TOPS Blue in addition to the original BR(S) version. I fail to see why you would not re-release both the original versions first, as you have a clear indicator that they would sell and either add the new colours later or do them all as part of the re-run. Why pick and choose additional liveries for no reason? Why not take the obvious easy route and just satisfy the original demand? I would have thought that the SR Olive Green livery would sell perfectly OK as they match the Maunsell Olive Green coaches. Either way the re-release has been postponed more times that I have had hot dinners. The latest promised delivery date has been and gone with no sign of any version at all but no doubt the asking price is increasing all the time. I guess I will have to go back to building the time consuming Ratio kits if I want to add to my collection. Hornby are really messing about with this non existent model. As some-one once said "It must be me". TBH I just don't know where Hornby are coming from, they say that they are sorting the supply chain problems out yet they continue to make unusual decisions about the liveries to be made available on re-releases. Happy Modelling, Stephen.
  12. I take this all with a pinch of salt as I don't think I will be visiting my nearest model shop on Christmas Day! Happy Modelling from Mr Grumpy.
  13. Hi, I have been following the debate regarding Hornby’s shortcomings with interest. I don’t want to go over the same old ground again or to enter into the minutiae of the supply chain failures as I missed out on the SR Bogie B Luggage Van in Olive Green Livery and am still quite het up about that. In summary my thoughts are much the same as many others; The supply chain is a huge mess due to the factory closing and other issues. The same old lame excuses have to stop and the issues have to be addressed and solutions put in place. Hornby have to start to communicate the issues openly and honestly to gain credibility with the retailers and customers. Hornby are not in tune with their customer base and (With some exceptions) are not producing (or promising to produce) the high quality models that the demanding adult customers would buy in droves. Prices are an issue for some customers and Hornby must remain competitive on pricing by monitoring and matching the competition. Hornby need to focus on who they want to sell to; demanding adult modellers or do they want to make toys for children. I think that they cannot continue trying to do both and being all things to all men. This issue goes to the heart of the matter and has never been thoroughly addressed. Hornby are not capitalizing on additional liveries of existing models. There appears to be a large number of options open in this area where quick profits could be made. Hornby only produce models in very small numbers causing unacceptable market shortages, this irritates both the retailers and the potential customers. Hornby do not produce re-runs of popular models quickly enough so do not make the maximum profit from the investment. Hornby still produce very old models at high prices IE the Class 47 diesel locomotive in Northern Belle livery. Why o why did they do this? It was madness in today’s market. Hornby don’t seem to recognise that most of their customers are serious and demanding adult modellers who create fantastic layouts and are not Mum and Dad buying a train set for their child. These days are long gone. I guess that the niche market of the Thomas The Tank Engine range is the exception here. Hornby seem to have little or no idea about how the real railway works or appear to seek to learn from knowledgeable experts who I think would happily advise them without requiring payment if they thought that they were being listened to. The high end products must continue to be manufactured in either China or elsewhere overseas as it cannot a good financial move to manufacture these products in the UK or EU. I do however support the return of Humbrol paint and Airfix kits to the UK where specialist manufacturing skills are not an imperative. Hornby have put major investment into advances into DCC control systems and I suggest that this is a low priority for most potential customers. Frankly none of the above is rocket science and much of it is achievable but it does require a cultural change from within the company. I am not an business expert but I have tried to put my “Man in the Street” views down in writing, but I very much doubt whether any-one from the company will be taking note and I sadly expect that they will carry on in the same old way until the money runs out. I think that Frank Martin knew very little about the real railway or had much interest in model railways and I hope the new management team addresses these serious issues. I am in the adult modeller category and I have not bought anything from Hornby for a while as what I want from the Hornby range is simply not available to buy, which is a sad reflection on the present state of the company. Finally here is an idea – For two seasons stop producing new locomotives and concentrate on rolling stock and accessories, this will be less investment cost leading to quick sales and a return to a satisfactory bank balance. More in sadness rather than in anger; Stephen Dimmock.
  14. Hello, My name is Stephen and I am a modeller interested in the Somerset and Dorset Line in both pre grouping and BR days. I also model the Southern Railway in both pre and post nationalisation periods. My cut off date is July 1967 for obvious reasons! I have two questions the first is; I have two S&D Prussian Blue liveried locos and I need to know what would be the most appropriate coaches for them to haul. I have some old Mainline LMS coaches and I have spotted some full length Hornby LMS celestories but they look a bit toy like to be honest. Presumably pre the grouping the S&D had their own blue coaches and I have a rake of resprayed Tri-ang short GWR celestories in Blue that will have to fit the bill for now as I cannot seem to find any suitable RTR coaches at present. My second question is; When will Bachmann make my dreams come true and produce the Fowler 7F 2-8-0 in Preserved Prussian Blue now that I believe they can use the correct Deeley tender as attached to the limited edition NRM Midland Compound. Yes I know it is wrong but it is a might have been, which looks so so pretty to my eyes. Happy modelling everyone. Stephen.
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