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  1. Interiors you say? With windows so large on these shops it's hard to find a way to not have interiors \ these are all early photos so surrounding scenery had yet to be completed, hope they are of use! Harry
  2. Faller make a camping set that may have marquees of use http://www.faller.de/App/WebObjects/XSeMIPS.woa/cms/page/pid.14.17.89/agid.1127.1203.1238/atid.291/ecm.at/Set-of-camping-tents.html
  3. Sadly, this project never materialised due to moving to Australia and further complications... Next year!
  4. Well apologies for the extremely late update here, following a move to Korea this layout has now been dismantled but Mk.2 has taken shape over the past 10 months and a new topic will subsequently be posted. Some buildings have been salvaged but the rest of them too securely stuck down stayed with the boards. These were duly donated to an even younger modeller who is moving from dining table, to permanent layout. New topic should be here by the end of the weekend updates on it will follow in from there. Cheers as always, Harry
  5. The trailer is the same as the one that appears in various "trackside" models, it looks a good project for detailing cheers, Harry
  6. It was taken in late afternoon, with the sun shining through the window and the jinty was there from the last running session already! I do see the urban point and even though its a modest country station, it could be easily part of an urban complex.
  7. Two from the latest batch of photos, 3f basks at the station in midday sun. And a friend returns to the garage :
  8. One of my shops is called T. Wrightson, a stationer and newsagency/general store
  9. Well, this is another few from me, only alterations are b/w and smoke too, the raw unedited images will be here too. Harry
  10. For me detailing covers, loco and rolling stock detail too. Harry
  11. Well here are my attempts at this challenge, taken with an iPhone 5s, which allows me to get into small spaces and nice and low too. No alterations other than making them b/w and turning on or off lights accordingly. Feel free to point out any inaccuracies, cheers Harry
  12. Paul It will be under a canopy, just to make it that bit harder Harry
  13. Well, my master plan is to have a station. This will have a 7mm scale track at the front, scaling down into 4mm at the back. Hopefully this picture till demonstrate it better. Hopefully this materialises into an actual diorama, good luck to all other entrants, Harry.
  14. The chimney (small T shaped one) and/or the notice boards?
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