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  1. Hi Kevin A bit late responding on this and you may have already worked it out, but when you use Aperture priority your camera should have an "Exposure Compensation" (+/-) setting which you can move up our down in third or half stop increments so I'd suggest stting up a shot and then increasing the exposure one increment at a time until you are happy with the outcome. If you can see the image on the back screen of the camera it may be possible to see the effect that this has but taking a series of shots should not wear out your pixels! Hope this helps. tony
  2. Hi Jack It is from a Cambrian kit (ref: C87) for an LMS 6T Fish Van to d.1885. It is current & available see: https://www.cambrianmodelrail.co.uk/store/C87-LMS-6-8ton-Fish-Van-D1885-p94163450 These go together pretty nicely. Tony
  3. Kevin One of the highlights of Little Muddle for me is the detailed way in which you paint your 'little people'. As I am about to start on a batch of Modelu people, could you perhaps outline your particular approach to this topic, what paints you use, etc? Many thanks Tony
  4. Back to my weakness for building vans & wagons - I decided to whip out my Python, so to speak: Another PecoParkside kit, this went together as easily usual but as I approached the end of construction I realised that the buffers were missing from the kit. All credit to Peco, they provided replacements within 48 hours without question - good old fashioned service! That roof needs some serious weathering! Tony
  5. Call me old fashioned, but I'm beginning to get the impression that those Hornby Gresley's aren't the absolute apex in 4mm coach modelling!
  6. If its exhibted at shows that are anything like some that I have visited, certain members the audience will provide the requisitie odours without being asked!
  7. Kevin You are right, as Parkside Dundas they did not include transfers. Tony
  8. Kevin I just made a Peco Parkside GWR Bloater van and the kit was missing the buffers, so maybe there are some teething problems with packing the kits which are new to Peco? To be fair I mailed Peco and they missing bits were mailed to me without question, and within 48 hours. Tony
  9. I believe that you may have to get up in the morning and dust your broom....
  10. Sounds like you could use a scrubber! https://www.dustarrest.com/collections/dustblockers-air-cleaners-1/products/maxvac-dustblocker-medi-40-with-uv-c-virus-sterilizer This one is only £7,230 plus VAT but think what it would save on plastic dust sheets! (I'm sure that cheaper scruubers are available!).
  11. Is it not prototypical dust? The carpet may harbour it, but is unlikely to be the source - isn't it just 'in the air' and coming in the door from harvesting etc nearby? Tony
  12. Richard No need to apologise - a great collection of H15's illustrating the differences perfectly! Tony
  13. Despite all of the ribaldry I thought I would post a further picture of No.483. Having recently posted an SECR loco with what few SECR wagons I have, I thought that No.483 might look good alongside some LSWR wagons (yes, I know, she was an SR built version, but from good LSWR stock!): Note that Stowe Magna goods yard appears to be suffering from some subsidence - old mine workings perhaps? I do have some further ex-LSWR wagons somewhere but they will take a bit of locating; the brakevan in this case is a recently completed LSWR 10T goods brake van, or road van, from a Smallbrook Studios kit: I have to say that this was not a particularly easy build & that I am not really a fan of this type of resin kit (having built a couple of vans before); the parts reuire a lot of fettling, despite the resin being quite brittle, and it is not easy to get things square. The running / step boards were especially fiddly and (as can be seen) I didn't manage to get all of the supports perfectly aligned. Nevertheless, it is an interesting protoype. Tony
  14. ...and might even involve a breach of the Official Secrets Act....shhh!
  15. No I haven't - I have only got the two H15's shown - but looking at pictures of No.335 I agree it does look really strange with it's over-height prototype Drummond water cart! This is a classic illustration as to why modelling every possible variation would be a massive task. A further aspect is just how many SR loco types are still unavailable RTR, and of those there are still a good proportion for which no kit is available. Tony
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