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  1. Yes, so at the end of my era and by then, probably not in RAF service, sadly!
  2. I wonder whether you had considered using one of these old Merit Hobby kits for a Maudslay 1927 ML3 bus? It's obviously not the same as the bus in your picture, but its equally, not too dissimilar. I am thinking of building one to run on my Faller system. Tony
  3. Moving away from 'big red buttons', I can report a further addition to stock in the shape of one the new Rails / Dapol ex-SECR Wainwright Class D locos, No.1730 in what purports to be olive green livery: I say "purports to be", because although the model looks reasonably convincing, the shade of green is way too yellow, whilst the numbers are too thick & possibly too long. Obviously I was not alive to witness a D class in olive green and so my opinion can only be subjective........: However, whilst I have rather a lot of locos in olive gre
  4. When you say 'workshop', is that the one with Easton in it or the separate one you were thinking of having for weathering......???
  5. Ah well I do have two of those! - but which is which....................
  6. So this is not a new idea! I did think of having a button that stopped everything, but with multiple power supplies and conrollers it was left in the "too difficult" box.
  7. I've had a look, and we seem to have forgotten this button........ Back to the drawing board!
  8. I'll have to look that up in the Operations Manual What makes you think that I know how to work this thing?
  9. Further progress but as usual, not in the direction originally intended! The replacement CCTV kit arrived yesterday and although I have yet to install a camera, I went ahead with installation of the required screen plus the CCTV control box, so the Control Desk now looks like this: The Operating Schedule will be displayed on the lower screen, with the camera images above. Installing the cameras will wait a while as I feel this is a two man job, but it does feel like progress! Tony
  10. Agree with your assessment Arun, pretty simple to construct and so far as I am concerned a good addition to the collection and removal from the 'missing list'! Tony
  11. Further progress this week; following a couple of days help from Giles Walburn, the wiring loom needed for the installation of Steve Hewitt's semaphore signals is substantially complete. We have run LED power, servo power and trigger wires for each signal arm from the control desk to each of the locations where signals are to be situated, however, the more complex bits will be actual installation and connection of the signals themselves, and then completing the electrical 'interlocking' at the control panel end, such that signal movements, point movements, and track isolation etc,
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