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  1. Hi Andy If I may add to the cassette storage theme, my cassettes are made from aluminium angle screwed to marine ply strips and the are electrically live as I needed to be able drive trains onto and off of them, including their related locos; this is achieved through a couple of large sprung brass side clips. It may look a bit crude but it works! Cassettes are long enough, at 5 feet, to take a loco and 4 coaches: The power feed is controlled via the entry point - so if it is not set, then the track and cassette are dead, and there are two micro-switches under the cassette body - one of which prevents the point being set when no cassette is present, and the other lights an LED on the panel to show that the cassette is in place. Because it is necessary to reverse into the storage cassette, which is in the hidden fiddle yard, there is a further light on the panel which I have labelled "Limit of Shunt" which tells the operator when the train has gone far enough past the entry point to enable it to be switched and the train backed in - I hope that makes sense! Aside from the need for electrical connectivity, I chose to use aluminium angle because it also provides some side protection to the train from falling off the cassette whilst they are being changed over, and because the two strips provide some strength to prevent the long narrow strip of plywood from twisting. Tony
  2. In the spirit of Rule 1, could we have the balance weights in pink on this signal please? Tony
  3. David Maidment's recent book "Southern Maunsell 4-4-0 Classes (L, D1, E1, L1 & V)" published by Pen & Sword is pretty good for L and L1 pics - a chapter devoted to each of these types. Tony
  4. I feel that it would be fair to suggest that the majority of pictures of signals show the arms and balance weights in silhouette against a lighter sky, and so the latter will appear dark or black whether they are grey, brown or pink, so these don't really tell us much; nor am I suggesting that black or grey were NOT used by the SR for balance weights, however, I would suggest that the images within 'Pryer' on pp. vi, 16, 47, 69, 75 appear to me at least to show weights that are much more likely to be white than any other shade. The same is true of the images from "Southern Infrastructure" [Noodle Books] vol.1 p.34 , vol.2 pp.19 & 57; these images are all from the former LSWR territory. As to why they might be white, or 'light' - who knows!
  5. Pictures in 'Pryer' would tend not to support your view / experience.
  6. A very short update to say that Steve Hewitt has now posted some initial images on his thread as he starts to build the semaphore signals for Churminster; these can be seen at: Secondly - and just as an observation, I think this is the first year for quite a number, when I will not be placing any orders for new Hornby stock! There seems to be very little of SR interest (for my era), and I am already well stocked with the items that are re-issues with changed running numbers, such as the H class or Lord Nelson - so thats save a few quid! Tony
  7. Graham Thanks, but I was rather meaning what could be done with 21C7 when it eventually emerges? Does that modify what you have said in any way? Tony
  8. Graham Your post is as ever, extremely helpful - although as you say there is little of new Southern interest this year. I have a question - given that Hornby have only released 2 and announced one further Merchant Navy loco in SR livery from the new tooling, are there any others to which 21C7 'Aberdeen Commonwealth' can sensibly be renumbered, without the requirement for major surgery? Tony
  9. What an excellent idea! And no marquee required, nor time to put it up. Brilliant!
  10. Whereas I'd be happy to pay not to have sound on it! Each to his own.
  11. Hi Jack I wondered if someone might post this question! On receiving my crane I contacted Mike King with the same question and the following is from his reply [note that his references are to sections of his recent book "Southern Coaches Survey" which is essential reading!]: "...the prototypes for the Bachmann crane are 1560/61s, new in 1940. These went to Nine Elms and Feltham, with one moving on to Guildford not long after. No new conversions for riding vans were done at this time, so it appears whatever existing coaches/vans continued in use. Feltham and Guildford had ex-LBSCR 54 ft coaches at that time - either 5-compartment brake thirds or composites. The easiest to describe are those at Feltham - 1470s and 1471s (ex- 3934 and 3993), which were former Diagram 199 brake thirds and conform to the diagram, so they may be found in section 9 of "Survey". Apart from the usual removal of lookouts, the only external alteration was to fit stoves so there is a chimney in the roof of each coach - roughly in the middle of the former passenger compartments. Interiors were largely stripped out. In addition, Feltham also had SECR 6w brake 1619s, formerly Diagram 882 van 485 and details of this may be found in section 5. In this case, no external alterations (not even removal of lookouts) but a stove fitted near one end. Livery might be grey or red oxide, but all three look tatty in pictures. As you say, sourcing models may be a problem - the SECR van was done by Branchlines some years ago, but I do not know if this kit is still available..... Otherwise, Branchlines also did some LBSCR 48ft and 54 ft coach kits as well - but not sure if Diagram 199 was amongst them. Or, you could chop up the old Triang clerestories - my normal method of sourcing Brighton coaches." I doubt that there is a better source than Mike, so the issue is finding appropriate stock. I can't see that the Branchlines kit he refers to is still available, but perhaps another option might be butchery of the recent Hattons 6 wheelers? I intend building an SR breakdown train to run with the crane and will post my efforts in due course on my layout thread - but this may take some time! Tony
  12. Andy Thanks for the name check - problem with this New Year resolution stuff is sticking to it! If you look back I didn't do half of what I had planned in 2019, but then I think it is probably good to have some priorities when there is so much to be done! Happy New Year! Tony
  13. If they are non-enthusiasts, would they know the difference between a class 50 and a Pacer?
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