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  1. Thanks Mike - I had actually thought that all Mashima's were can motors - shows my ignorance! I have some larger ones in stock, so this is probably about finding the right motor / gearbox combination that will fit within the available space.
  2. Well I persuaded myself to go look again at the offending I3, and to my surprise it did not contain a Mashima motor at all, rather it has a 5 pole open frame motor which must have come with the kit: I am not an expert and so I have no idea as to comparative performance, but I would imagine that with a suitably sized can motor and appropriately geared box, this thing would be likely to perform better - despite only having 4 driving wheels. In consequence the loco has been withdrawn from service and has been banished to the 'criple drawer' until such time as
  3. Great link, thank you! I hadn't read this before but the four books are full of such stories alongside the 'Master Shots' captured by this fairly crazy group of pretty impressive photographers; I haven't managed to read the whole work as it is more like something you browse from time to time, but when I do, it always makes me feel like I'd have loved to have been around then (well I was), and part of it (which I wasn't). Many of their images illustrate just how good your model of Shap Wells actually is. Tony
  4. Graham I don't know whether you have "Never Again", the four volumes of images by the 'Master Neverers Association, but it contains some of the most stunning images of the later years of steam, mainly b&w but some in colour, including on Shap. Tony
  5. ....but best seen in black & white I feel.....
  6. I am on the mailing list for the East West company and have just received a mailshot which confirms this money is for the Oxford - Bletchley section and will enable it to be completed by 2025. This is odd because so far as I knew this section was already funded and due to be finished by 2023..... So the "new money" seems to have added 2 years to the end date!
  7. I think so - I don't see any. (but you should check!). Tony
  8. Hi Jonathan I always find your wagon updates inspiring for their variety and for the standard of 'finish' that you apply, which enhances the models and makes them look so realistic. I'm not sure how you manage to secure so many E-Bay job lots; perhaps I am just too afraid of acquiring too much junk that I couldn't do anything with! Tony
  9. A very quick update in case people think I must have fallen asleep..... As long term followers know, I just hate re-visiting things or doing them twice, so I'm afraid the I3 problems caused me to lose interest in the Sunny South Express - however, I will take a look at the motor inside the loco and report back shortly. In the meantime, and following three days loss of mojo , I have started to install the wiring required to make the semaphore signals work, once they have arrived, post-covid; I particularly needed to do this behind the chalk wall of the cutting that I re
  10. Andy thanks I guess that I have either not experienced that before, or just haven't noticed! Since most of my model railway pics are only used on RMWeb I tend to only use very small images where the detail may be less obvious. Best wishes Tony
  11. Thanks David I confess that because I hadn't noticed the problem, it hadn't occurred to me to try an alternate method. In much earlier versions of Helicon I sometimes used to get the software to render the result more than once before I was happy but this hasn't been necessary recently. Best wishes Tony
  12. Tlthough nothing has been posted here for several years, it felt like the right place to put this query. I posted a small version of this image on my thread but later, during a discussion on focus stacking I showed this larger version of it to my camera club - and it was only then that I realised that it has some flaws: In particular, if you look at the chimney and at the top of the dome, you can see that there are bits of the loco missing! My camera club colleagues felt that this was either a fault in the way that Helicon Focus has put the imag
  13. Mick Whilst appreciating that you are striving for perfection, would it not be prototypical for a few bits of ballast to be found on sleepers? In the same way, the 'white stringy bits' that you have encountered - might they not be good representations of 'stuff that got flushed' in the days before retention tanks? (Especially if sprayed with a dusting of track dirt colour). Just saying...... Tony
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