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  1. Probably! A key difference is that whereas you envisage multiple control positions I started by specifying that everything must be controlable from a single panel; whilst it has given me what I wanted, that decision cost a lot in wiring complexity, not to mention drums of cable! And now I'm trying to build in some duplicate control options to allow others to share the operation - so much for pre-planning.
  2. I think you can get away with a limited number but aside from seaweed some loose ropes might be needed (although probably not blue as below): (Sizewell beach, Suffolk last week). Tony
  3. Multiples being the operative word......my 2-wire system: (It's better now!). Tony
  4. I looked back and couldn't find a Colas class 60 in my pics either! What I do have in Colas livery are track machines and the main thing that stands out there, rather than dirt, is how much this livery fades. Tony
  5. Beautiful signal box - but doesn't that cat need weathering? Looks a bit over-glossy to me! Tony
  6. I have now sat through the complete podcast and very useful it was too! Thanks Mick.
  7. Mick Sorry I couldn't join you 'live' but as you know I could not have attended Missenden anyway this year. I have started to watch the recording and I see that all the 'usual suspects' were present! I shall watch the whole thing as a suitable refresher - despite attending your excellent course twice already, I know that there is always room to learn more and to improve. Thanks for sharing this and I hope that we can all get back to face to face sessions at Missenden in the not too distant future. Tony
  8. It is hard to imagine installing point rodding runs twice! Even once is beyond most of us!!
  9. I thoroughly recommend Mick's curse course at Missenden, so next week's live stream will be especially worthwhile for anyone who has not been able to get there. Tony
  10. Encouraged by what I did yesterday I finished off the 2nd batch and a few bits and pieces today. One of the problems that I have had since I first learned about weathering, is a tendency to over-spray things, because I can't see an instant result - so I just keep adding more! When it dries, I then realise that I have overdone it ! One of yesterday's batches fell into this category (the word 'obliterated' springs to mind), and so rather than smash the offending vehicles with a hammer, I put in an emergency call to the weathering Jedi Master, aka Mick Bonwick,
  11. Better hurry, there's only 284 left in stock and there may be panic buying!
  12. Well, as planned, I finally got back to do some weathering, although remembering what to do and how to do it was a bit problematic - but it was great to see the first three wagons in the spray booth and ready for underframe treatment: I managed six wagons in two batches of three, and followed an initial treatment with the airbrush with use of some powders in key areas: An LMS fish van An SR 12T van I used acrylics on the planking inside this LMS Long Low An SR Gunpowder
  13. Thanks, just waiting now for the printed / laminated trim to go around the back and sides of these levers to finally complete the panel. (Final is of course a relative term as there may still be wires to be connected.....)
  14. Good luck - it is obviously a weakness as Jack P has said. I have another one in a drawer somewhere which fell from a great height to the floor and it also has this problem - however, it is not the worst of its issues, so it may not get treatment for some while yet! Tony
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