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  1. The prices on the plastic parts have gone up, since you are paying for the part not the whole sprue. That said, diesel axle wheel sets are only 2 pounds, that makes them less expensive than the four and six axle sets that Howes sold. Gaugemaster has asked the factory for wheel sets, currently unavailable.
  2. Thanks. I'll ask via a message on the website, even if they don't have them in stock, maybe they will get around to it at some point.
  3. Has anyone had any luck finding the OO Heljan Diesel Wheel sets on the Gaugemaster site? Howes sold them in 4 or 6 axle packs. I'm overseas, so calling isn't my first choice, if someone knows where they are on their website and can provide a link...
  4. A Banbury bound Class 115 DMU emerges from Ardley tunnel, February 1977. Ardley tunnel was completed in 1909; the Bicester cutoff was opened by the GWR in 1910. At 1152 yards long, and curved, it was a very dark place, with a single air shaft midway providing some gloom relief. Ardley Tunnel March 1977 by Pete Piszczek, on Flickr
  5. D7043_ondelivery by Robert Carroll, on Flickr D7021_Rugby_GC_2-2-62 by Robert Carroll, on Flickr
  6. Has anyone determined if the Laserglaze for the Class 22 will work in the 21/29?
  7. Lots of differences beside the obvious head code / route indicator boxes. The exhaust ports changed after the engine was replaced, there is that grill on the mid body door, boiler removals, you almost need a particular point in time to start the discussion...
  8. RIP Bill, you will be missed.
  9. They all would have made the journey north, but I don't recall any going SYP until after the transfer...
  10. In the US, a lot of the commissioned models these days are done in conjunction with Historical societies. Rapido has a upcoming RS-11 in conjunction with Anthracite Railroads Historical Society. The ACL / SAL / SCL Historical Society has had Kadee do runs of freight cars. There are others...
  11. I pulled my D5512 out a couple of weeks back. I had separated the body from the chassis back in 2009 to keep it from splitting when I discovered the floor cab extensions had broken. After 10 more years the rot level was profound, I was able to remove the motor by simply breaking the center of the chassis apart with my fingers. The rot had now even impacted the buffers, they were warping badly. There is not anything left but the shell, bogies, and drive train.
  12. I don't believe this book has been mentioned yet on this Dapol topic, if you missed it: Well worth the price, I thoroughly enjoyed the read.
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