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  1. If you are into painting Modelu figures, there is an inspiring set of hues here...
  2. No emails to me and I'm on the mailing list, but the Modelmaster website is being updated or changed to advertise specials, sometimes on a weekly basis.
  3. So in early September I sent Modelmaster a second letter which included the previous letter, plus a request. Either issue a refund, send me the RM tracking number if the order had been sent, or please send my plates. I did mention that I would call the shop shortly after he received the second letter. I was too busy with work last week to call, but I did give it a try today. Jim answered the phone on my first try and knew who I was, he had received both of the letters that I had sent. He had 7 of the 8 plates in hand, including the two red ones. He was still waiting on the one named plate set. I asked him to just send the seven and we'd call it even. Jim insisted on including another named set, and I agreed, whatever Jim had on hand. Jim stated that he would get them in the post this week. We only spoke for five minutes, I told him the cost of a call from the US was somewhat expensive. Jim thanked me for sending the letters in a large font, apparently one of his eyes is still giving him trouble. We had a very pleasant discussion and I do wish him well. He really does need the capability to send short emails though. If he had just let me know he had received the first letter and was working on my order, I would not have started this topic. Hopefully, in a few weeks the plates will arrive.
  4. IMO, the 18100 topic needs to be listed under Rails of Sheffield as opposed to Prototype Discussions.
  5. Unfortunately that will cost me an additional 15 pounds shipping for the two coal packs. When I communicated with Accurascale earlier this year, Accurascale suggested adding the coal to the Deltic order to solve the check-out cart problem, because the cart would not allow me to add the coal to my previous wagon order. Unfortunately the two orders weren't linked at that time in your system. That's OK, they are great wagons, glad to have received them so promptly.
  6. My wagons have arrived in the US and they look great! But the pre-ordered and paid for coal loads were not included. I ordered the coal loads when they were first listed, along with a Deltic. I guess I'll have to wait for my Deltic to arrive to get the coal?
  7. You don't pay state sales tax when purchasing items from another state. If a large firm has a brick and mortar presence in the state you live in, they will collect sales tax for your state, not the state you ordered the items from, even if the warehouse is in another state. If a company or firm is only in another state, they won't make you pay taxes on orders to the state you live in. If you live in state A, you are only going to have to pay tax to State A. I live in Virginia, when I order from a hobby shop in Maryland, it is tax free. If you live in the UK, you shouldn't be charged state sales tax for mail orders from the USA.
  8. So the usually impeccable Royal Mail / USPS left this package on my porch this afternoon. Uh-Oh I told my wife, this package has the J27 that's been showing up broken... But all is well, one tender wheel contact wasn't touching, and a loco wheel contact was dangerously close to the wheel spokes. I easily sorted the loco contact, I'll fix the tender contact later. Smooth and steady in both directions on the rolling road. Also no "bucking" on the rolling road, which is something I can't say for Bachy kettles. Fit for purpose, IMO. Those are my dusty fingerprints on the boiler, the finish was perfect...
  9. On 14 September 2019, I ordered a box of 25 Peco 1 yard Code 75 Wooden-sleeper nickel silver bullhead rail from Hattons. Carriage (postage) was 19 pounds UK to USA, after VAT the total on my card was 100.67 pounds. I consider that extremely reasonable. Of course costs, and the exchange rate, have gone up since then, but that is still pretty darn competitive with buying Peco track stateside.
  10. That is good to know, Rails is currently sold out of the sound fitted option...
  11. Ordered a copy of Miniature Building Construction, by Ahern, via Abe books. Used paypal, paid on the 1st, book shipped from Cramlington via Royal Mail International Standard on the 2nd. Arrived in my postbox in Virginia a few minutes ago. That is 9 days. I can order from Hattons or Kernow and I get it faster than ordering from most US Hobby Shops. Part of that is very prompt shipping, I'd rate UK railway hobby merchants way above those in the US in that regard. The exception of course is Modelmaster, we are at the 9 month point with them...
  12. I would now consider that sound advice to anyone ordering from Modelmaster. Jim asked me to pay with paypal, friends and family, so I couldn't have made a subsequent claim. Not that I am suggesting that that was Jim's intent at the time, I believe that method may have saved him paying fees. But even if i had paid using regular paypal, which has a six month limit, Jim's early June website posting stating he had just received a massive plate delivery and was going to get the remaining 100 orders out, would have caused me to wait pass the six month time limit for a claim. I've purchased goods from approximately a dozen other small manufacturers in the UK over the past year. Their service has been impeccable, excellent communication, and quick delivery.
  13. I'm starting this topic as a replacement for MODELMASTER UK - Order delays. The previous topic was closed due to certain comments, hopefully we can avoid the turd flinging this time around. I did approach a moderator, and received permission to resurrect the topic, prior to this post. I was supportive of Jim Grindlay in the original “MODELMASTER UK - Order delays” topic. I'd ordered etched locomotive plates in Oct 2020 and received them within 30 days. Then on 28 December 2020 during another order, I'd had problems with the check out cart, and I emailed Modelmaster, hoping to complete my order within the time limits of the 20% off sale. I was surprised when Jim responded quickly, he was up quite late. The checkout cart was broken, I'm in the US, and due to Brexit, it couldn't determine what to charge. Jim asked me to send him the funds for the plates, via paypal friends and family, plus 10 pounds to cover the cost of a Royal Mail tracked small packet. Jim said he would get them out by the 30th, but two of the plates were red, and they are supposed to be special order only, not “in stock” items. The list I gave Jim was for 4mm plates, 3020, 4573, 5081, 5746, 6429, 7239, 8720 red, and 9449 red. Via paypal, I sent Jim 48.36, and he acknowledged receipt that evening. I had followed Jim's notices on his website dealing with covid delays, eye surgery, etc. during spring 2021. I was going to send Jim a reminder letter when June arrived, but before I could post it, he had an update on his website, “massive delivery of plates, he only had a 100 back orders to go”. So I patiently waited another month, and still no Modelmaster delivery. Jim states on his website to call. Calling the UK from the US is awfully expensive, I use facebook to connect with friends and family in the UK, calls cost a pound a minute using the telephone. So a letter to Jim seemed appropriate. The first week of July I sent Jim that letter, in 18 point font so it would be easy to read. The letter included our email exchanges, and the list of plates. I wished him good health and hoped his eyesight was improving. But here we are today, over six weeks later, still no plates, and no response from Jim. Letters and packages are currently taking a week to cross the Atlantic. The latest update on the Modelmaster Jackson Evans website states to add 5 extra days for red or blue plates, so they have had plenty time to fill my order and for my order to make it to me in the post. Am I alone in not receiving goods that have been paid for from Modelmaster? I've been patient, but it has now been 8 months...
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