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    East Midland returned from Eastern Canada
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    Scottish railways, industrial, light & narrow gauge
    7mm scale gauge 0 & narrow gauge modelling.

    I' built an O gauge light railway loosely based on Derwent Valley Light Railway as first venture in standard gauge. See 'Coney Hill Light Railway' feed in 7mm+ forum. Have built Sentinel and Peckett locos. Also a 0n9 layout 'Irton Rd' based on the Ravenglass & Eskdale station, with Arthur Heywood locos & trains. My eyesight was better then!

    Tryed to get interested in Canadian railways, but they disapeared.

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  1. I’m planning to go to the Black Diamonds event on Saturday, it clashes with the Winchester O scale event unfortunately & isn’t O scale, but its a long drive to Winchester & back. Not good for the environment or me. Anyway I’ve made a big-ticket US purchase which should arrive tomorrow. My ONLY US steam outline loco. It’s B&O, not a personal hygiene problem! Hope to meet some of you guys… Dava
  2. Very authentic model indeed! Wildflowers look good too. Dava
  3. I have tinned brass wire with solder paint (Eileens Emporium) then soldered to w/metal stanchions with Carr’s lowmelt solder & flux, successfully. Dava
  4. Does this suggest that DfT is likely to make a Direct Award to EMR or to any other operator. Dava
  5. 14 or 14.2mm is a useful gauge in several scales - I am modelling in 0-14. There is also a great variety in Irish (and English) 3 foot gauge railways, from small to very large prototypes. Worsley Works site may be useful for etched kit/ scratch aids. Following with interest. Dava
  6. Look on the timeline for weekly updates, the latest is rather ‘Brutal’. https://quornwagonandwagon.co.uk/2021/10/10/buses-brutes-and-brakes/ Dava
  7. Freightliner is wholly owned by Genesee Wyoming Group. Electric haulage makes up a tiny proportion of their global (mainly US) rail operations, diesel haulage is the norm. Dava
  8. Here is a present-day option for a compact US switcher. This is a TP56, built on the 6 wheel truck of an EMD SD40, that is similar to a UK class 66 truck (forthcoming from Dapol) with a shortened switcher style cab & hood. This is from the Facebook group, Switchers & Critters, which has lots of interesting material. There are 3D prints in N & Ho, I dont know about O scale which is a bit retro in US. Drawing here too. Dava
  9. You could put up a simple poll with 3-5 price options to test levels of price sensitivity & perceptions of value for money. Dava
  10. Did you make or buy the sash window? The building looks great! Dava
  11. This link to a great photoset of the unique Claremont &Concord RR shows that a GE 44 tonner & one boxcar at a time is all you need https://trainsbyjon.myportfolio.com/claremont-concord You could also try a smaller loco like a GE 25 tonner or Plymouth 4 or 6 wheel. Dava
  12. I was lucky & able to buy a s/h Rich Yoder brass GE 44 tonner, it’s central to my US shortline plans. Test track photo below. However I also have a Williams 70 tonner for conversion from 3R to 2R & confirm as Mikjd wrote, it’s entirely feasible, the trucks are the same design with a small DC motor driving 1 axle in each. Peco Lowmac wheels can be used to fit the original axles. There is a 44 tonner on eBay here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114937818126?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=710-134428-41853-0&mkcid=2&itemid=114937818126&targetid=1283271902821&device=t&mktype=pla&googleloc=1006891&poi=&campaignid=9445985932&mkgroupid=121333601023&rlsatarget=pla-1283271902821&abcId=578896&merchantid=6995734&gbraid=0AAAAAD_Lr1eqGTet82pNkAGgZeGLcJfWC&gclid=Cj0KCQjwkbuKBhDRARIsAALysV4TrlimikJBJGZkbFIMLSEufECrbW5jNSaHzYTnUXeIB2J-vWkRfPcaAskYEALw_wcB Or can be imported by https://www.tootallyamericantrains.co.uk/ourshop/cat_1516810-GE-44-ton.html Dava
  13. No. 1 John Lyon survived as Neasden shunter till 1972 & scrapped 1974 with frame defects so could have been a preservation contender. Good excuse for a photo. courtesy https://www.heritagerailway.co.uk/3486/top-marks-for-veteran-electric-locos-nameplate-as-debate-continues/
  14. Bought a Senior Railcard, my Park & Ride ticket to work is now £9.70 down from £14.70, even if I just use it once a week that’s a good saving. The 5 car Meridians are getting crowded, miss the spacious HSTs on the MML. Dava
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