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    Scottish railways, industrial, light & narrow gauge
    7mm scale gauge 0 & narrow gauge modelling.

    I' built an O gauge light railway loosely based on Derwent Valley Light Railway as first venture in standard gauge. See 'Coney Hill Light Railway' feed in 7mm+ forum. Have built Sentinel and Peckett locos. Also a 0n9 layout 'Irton Rd' based on the Ravenglass & Eskdale station, with Arthur Heywood locos & trains. My eyesight was better then!

    Tryed to get interested in Canadian railways, but they disapeared.

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  1. I remember seeing one of these in parcels traffic at York station, 1975. They didn’t last much longer, last 6 wheeled stock used by BR. Dava
  2. Cape or 3 ft 6 in gauge became standard in the former British Empire in Africa and New Zealand, parts of Australia, and was adopted as a standard in Japan and Taiwan. There is a whole bunch of small steamy Kiwi critters to choose from, Peckett, Hunslet, Hudswell Clarke and homemade bush railways. Dava
  3. I recall Sir Douglas did make one (a 7mm scale model) up. Dava
  4. There were 11 of the Peckett ‘Yorktown’ locos of which ‘Teddy’ is the survivor: whole thread here. Dava
  5. I recall from my dad's prewar 'Boys book of trains' that the Oxford Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway originally had a station booking office in a hollow treetrunk, there was a photo of it. Anyone else recall this, it evades Google searches? Possibly a cost-cutting option for a Chilterns HS2 station? Dava
  6. A ‘John Thomas’ also features in the greatest literary tribute written to the Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Tramway (or possibly any British tramway), the short story ‘Tickets, please’, by none other than DH Lawrence, in ‘England, my England’. Apart from the base of a trampole on the edge of Ripley, it is the only enduring legacy of England’s most dangerous (or exciting) tramway. Dava
  7. Where are your 3-way points sourced from? Interesting layout project, ideal for a Heljan 02 when released. I like the idea of the non powered AC electrics 81-87. Dava
  8. My article on the implications for the East Midlands of possible/likely Eastern Leg cancellation. https://eastmidlandsbylines.co.uk/hs2-is-your-train-delayed-indefinitely/ Dava
  9. The Ireland one [last in series from 1995] is actually very good, I got it before going on holidays to Ireland as I didnt know much about the standard gauge railways. Its the only one I own, I read most of the others as library books. The 'Forgotten Railways' series are quite readable but the Julian Holland type picturebooks have pretty well replaced these now. Dava
  10. Did no-one notice the 7 October news releases on HS2? https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/hs2-phase-2b-update Basically Phase 2b West to Manchester gets prioritised with consultation on design changes such as NPR connections in Manchester, no real details. BUT HS2 to Leeds could be achieved via the West route & NPR as the Northern lobby has been campaigning, see YorkSire Post, Times etc. Phase 2b Eastern via East Midlands to Leeds very unclear, claims to be following Oakervee recommendation to have an Integrated Rail Plan for greater connectivity with
  11. I’m sure the GCR Society would be your friend, I’m not a member. George Dow’s ‘Great Central’ volume 2 has a simple drawing of a MSLR carriage truck, no’s 632-4 & 638-41, with 16’6” length 9’6” wheelbase, so shorter than those later ones in the photo. Quick pic attached below. Dava
  12. Full marks for ingenuity, they all made me smile. The Furness Baltic and Jones goods are really good likenesses. Dava
  13. The line wouldn’t have a strong traffic logic, none of the three towns are ‘cities’ even today. Dyestuffs from Warrington to Macclesfield silkworks , coal, salt, agriculture, cattle traffic. I grew up in the area. Dava
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