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    Scottish railways, industrial, light & narrow gauge
    7mm scale gauge 0 & narrow gauge modelling.

    I' built an O gauge light railway loosely based on Derwent Valley Light Railway as first venture in standard gauge. See 'Coney Hill Light Railway' feed in 7mm+ forum. Have built Sentinel and Peckett locos. Also a 0n9 layout 'Irton Rd' based on the Ravenglass & Eskdale station, with Arthur Heywood locos & trains. My eyesight was better then!

    Tryed to get interested in Canadian railways, but they disapeared.

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  1. I'd like to thank Sir Douglas for starting this thread. I am one of four people who are standing for election as Directors for the Gauge O Guild Board on behalf of the 2020 Guild Reform Group. I am standing as Chair. Our aim is to make the Guild a more relevant, attractive and inclusive organisation for all modelers in 7mm scale [any gauge, age, period, skill level] to join. In our view, the Guild needs a culture change, a refresh, a more contemporary offer for members and approach. Of course, there are those who disagree, but we're offering a choice the members wouldn't otherwise have. I am including our 'Agenda for Change' document as a download here, it has much more detail on our 'Five Ideas' for change and the evidence of why change is needed. Our approach is to be open, transparent and democratic. You can also join our private group on Facebook [free], open to everyone who is interested who answers 3 easy questions: 2020 Guild Reform Group. Dava 2020 Guild Reform Group. Agenda for Change 7-20.pdf
  2. 'Bunny Mine' is my 014 gypsum mine microlayout, portraying the South Notts gypsum industry. There is an. 014 thread on here. Somewhere.... Photos won't load due to slow upload & old iPad. Dava
  3. Addison Road is an astonishing layout, well worth seeing in any format. When it appeared at Guildex last year there were trains moving all the time. Dava
  4. Guildex 2020 has finally been cancelled by the Gauge O Guild for public health reasons. I'm sure there will be another small layout competition somewhere, sometime. Dava
  5. I have an RER book with a side & plan drawings of Sans Pareil 4-4-2 at 16.4mm scale! But can be resized digitally by trial & error. Also some of the larger locos, from the era so accurate. PM me. ELenora Steel's book on Henry Greenly has a drawing, also a Fairbourne book but I don't have either. Dava
  6. They have recorded a real one - Isebrook. But I am also still waiting for the factory-fitted sound version. Dava
  7. Last visited 2017, was looking forward to returning this year, will wait & see what happens. All the best. Dava
  8. It should really be 0-21. I'm not being a purist, you can run on any gauge you like but I'm building a short 0-21 line for 3ft gauge. Dava
  9. Do you know who built the 'Duchess' Garry? I remember seeing a very fine unpainted one built by the talented young Jeremy Suter at a 3mm Society meeting at Hazel Grove about 1977, I wonder if that's it? Dava
  10. Hi Neil, I also have one of these kits [Y7] to build and have quite a lot of information inc. photos & a 4mm scale drawing, also photos of 1310 as restored in 1990s and 2015. I have used the Phoenix Saxony Green on a couple of 7mm scale locos and its fine, the Derwent Valley Sentinel and battery electric. Some in my gallery Dava
  11. The Dapol 7mm scale one is very good. I have a Nucast OO kit I'm not going to build. Dava
  12. You could introduce some SR type and BR CCTs as shorter 4-wheel stock. Plenty around Man Vic and Picc in the 1970s, also the class 128 Parcels railcar. Lima ex-GW Siphon as well. Dava
  13. I'm no longer tempted by 7mm scale, I gave in a long time ago. 'Less is more'. Before the lockdown I acquried some offcuts from B&Q's charity skip, including a 44x8 inch length of 18mm MDF, quite heavy. It now has my 21mm gauge [021] test track on it. There's always something you can do. Dava
  14. Bill, Do you have a photo of the actual building? Is the weatherboarding in vertical or horizontal planks? Dava
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