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    East Midland returned from Eastern Canada
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    Scottish railways, industrial, light & narrow gauge
    7mm scale gauge 0 & narrow gauge modelling.

    I' built an O gauge light railway loosely based on Derwent Valley Light Railway as first venture in standard gauge. See 'Coney Hill Light Railway' feed in 7mm+ forum. Have built Sentinel and Peckett locos. Also a 0n9 layout 'Irton Rd' based on the Ravenglass & Eskdale station, with Arthur Heywood locos & trains. My eyesight was better then!

    Tryed to get interested in Canadian railways, but they disapeared.

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  1. Sadly that ain’t gonna happen at Brush Wabtec Lboro now, Stoke hopefully it will.
  2. You could cut the depot in half along the roofline, half-relief will create more scenic space or track length? I have 3 x this space for my shortline, 3 metres.
  3. Yes there are some scrap-hungry bunnies at GCRN. Lots more for them to get on with. Parts of the site are like scrapyard challenge.
  4. There is a Shortline Railroads Facebook group with daily action & many line & area specific groups, lots of live video as well as archive material. A big community. I don’t like Fb much but it’s where to go. Dava
  5. Today started well, I had a very stiff back & shoulders after gardening & cycling at the weekend. I was overdue a massage from my osteopath lady. She did a really good workout on the back and right arm I damaged 6 years ago. great. On the way home I stopped to look at the condition of a river bridge I have some responsibility for (as trustee of a railway group). Stumbled on the river bank, fell backwards & put my left hand down. 6 hours later it feels like its in a bed of nettles, stinging & buzzing, I’ve injured the nerves. ! And signs of corrosion und
  6. Travelling on the RHDR to Dungeness has the lowest environmental impact except for walking, cycling or windsurfing, which is always a possible & fast option if you have the kit & skills. Dungeness and the RHDR are both unique, they go well together. Dava
  7. Farnsfield to Southwell is a pleasant cycleway, check the station yard en route, lunch inSouthwell or in the pub at the old station.
  8. Hopefully the flame will be relit when possible & maybe even a Spring 2022 show?
  9. Retained as operational lines or preserved? To add to Scottish lines, the St Andrews branch and Waverley route. InEngland the GCR, Portishead branch, no doubt others.
  10. Sounded like a typical GWR nut. The Archers is like the GWR, boring, repetitive, goes on forever and never changes!
  11. Try contacting ‘great central’ who frequently posts on this forum & is a leading light in the Nottingham MRS. Dava
  12. My birthday today, lucky in being able to book a table in a local pub garden and ‘chill out’ with Mrs Dava over beers & burgers, first meal out for 6 months. Also a parcel arrived from the Model Railway Club shop with some Gauge 0 items for my US shortline project. Things are looking up... Dava
  13. I remember riding in a very crowded train from Wolverhampton to Birmingham NS just before Xmas 1982, I had my bike with me so rode in the BG with other standing passengers. There were boxes of day-old chicks stacked next to me! Regular traffic in those days. Dava
  14. Thanks for this epic series charting the history of RbR & plenty of action on the Barrington Quarry railway too. Hoping to revisit this summer if the fates are kind. A Sentinel driving experience would be great at some time too. Dava
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