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    Too many! That's why I find it difficult to commit to one layout project and actually make a good start. Frontrunner at the moment is a transition era London Midland layout in N. But there might be a small OO project first as some of my favourite locos and rolling stock are not available in N.

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  1. I have seen plenty of Fiat 500s that are more than 10 years old. And a wet car will rust more quickly in a garage than outdoors.
  2. Both work perfectly well. The 10' x 5' gives you more options and the potential for wider curves.
  3. In N, you could do away with the central operating well and put the fiddleyard behind the station. 10' x 2'6" even allowing 6 tracks rather than the 4 in the 00 design. And, of course, your trains can be longer.
  4. Looks very nice. But the old one was a good model too. It's a pity that while retooling they did not take the opportunity to model a different series.
  5. Yes, I think we all understood that. Railway modellers are good at squeezing a quart into a pint pot. But you are looking to put several gallons into your pint. It simply won't work. The best that you can hope for in that sort of space is a small terminus (such as Holborn Viaduct).
  6. I like that plan as indeed I like most of Harlequin's work. If you were take that but spread it out to take the same space but in N, you would have a layout that gives good operational characteristics but looks so much better. But no more complicated.
  7. 10' x 5' is very limited for 4mm scale/00. Unless you are happy with a branch line terminus as part of a U-shaped layout. In N, it is a very adequate space suitable for a mainline layout.
  8. I share your interest in the Petite-Ceinture. Not familiar with that book or author but will keep a look out for it. There's a layout (small diorama style) on the exhibition circuit at the moment which is all in greyscale. Very effective. There are classic Sprague Thomson Metro trains available from Shapeways. I love that bit of Line 5 that breaks through the trainshed at Austerlitz.
  9. No, that is a recognition of how the system does not work. There is no point in letting children leave primary school without the basic tools to cope with five years of secondary school. That is not only letting them down but they then hold back the learning of others.
  10. It's more complicated than that. The whole track layout would have changed at the time of Kent Coast Electrification and the reconstruction of the Chislehurst Junctions, and, I think, again at the time of London Bridge resignalling (1976) . As Woodenhead mentions, there are four bay platforms now, 1 on the upside (Victoria) and 3 on the downside (Charing Cross / Cannon Street). I am not sure when the new platform, 2 bays on east side, was put in. But anyway, even in N, the OP has nothing like enough space. One might just devise a plan that has some of the operational f
  11. I visited a farmhouse in Dorset a few years ago which had a paddock with several pear trees. They were in excess of 70' tall and certainly much more than 50 years old.
  12. Is it just the Ronseal that has given you the darker weathered colour around the edges of the panelling? Or some extra weathering with inks/powders?
  13. I think that you would be right about that. The tunnel along the seafront does not have much headroom.
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