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    Too many! That's why I find it difficult to commit to one layout project and actually make a good start. Frontrunner at the moment is a transition era London Midland layout in N. But there might be a small OO project first as some of my favourite locos and rolling stock are not available in N.

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  1. I have an idea that UK gauge steel carriers may have been produced as a kit by Acopoca. Those sleepers are just the right colour. Many lines in France have pine sleepers (from the Landes) and they do weather to a shade of grey. UK sleepers are hardwood and treated. So they stay much more brown.
  2. Wareham is another example of the two-bay working for the convenience of passengers. The modern-day "customers" rarely get such convenience.
  3. A bit blunt! But, at your instigation, I have just read the whole thread. And the effect on retailers is not addressed much, if at all. We have mentioned it on other threads and we thought that Hornby had begun to understand, since the new regime came in, that this was not a good way to run things. But apparently, no doubt under some considerable financial pressure, they have reverted to this flawed policy. They need to get much better at predicting what products will sell and in what quantity so they do not have these excesses of stock to sell off.
  4. Plain fact, it is a lot cheaper to film in Prague or Budapest than in Paris. And, yes, the authorities are more accommodating to film companies. But, if they wanted to, there are still plenty of quiet corners of Paris that have changed remarkably little since the 1950s. Being almost as fussy about architectural style as I am about BR Mk1 carriages cropping up in the 1930s, I wish they would take more care about such details. Or simply take the Maigret stories and adapt them to 21st century French settings. The storylines are strong enough to do that. Perhaps they should build a big filmset somewhere and create a tourism venue with it. Build it in the right place (ex-coal or ex-steel) and they could probably get EU finance for it.
  5. I did not see much of the Gambon version. Atkinson is way better than I expected and generally the filming is great with not too many glaring pics of Eastern European architecture. The Rupert Davies series was filmed here in the UK and inappropriate village architecture featured frequently. Davies made a supplementary income. It was his own BL11 that was used. My favourite Maigret was Bruno Kremer. Why not show those here with subtitles?
  6. You're working for the wrong TOC. If you were with SouthWestern you would have plenty of time on your hhands this month.
  7. I was down in Kent a few days ago and nearly dropped by the Visitor Centre. Are they offering discounts on these items to retailers (all retailers not just the box sshifters), at a level which would enable the retailer to sell to the public at these massively discounted prices. If not, they are strangling their own distribution network and that can only lead to long-term failure of the business.
  8. I don't think we can say that Arnold (Hornby International) has been unsuccessful in the British market. They simply have not wanted to try. The Brighton Belle was always more intende, I think, for the collectors' market, both here and on the European mainland. But I agree, if they could use the Belle as a starting point for other SR EMUs, that would be an interesting prospect. Generally, Hornby's management of its European brands has been lacklustre. Comparison with Minitrix UK models seems a false one. Those Minitrix models were created 50 years ago to the standards of the day. Some of them were fairly dreadful due to trying to fit small UK loco bodies onto big German chassis. There was also the issue of a compromise on scale. And Hornby did not own Minitrix. It was just a marketing partnership. PS: I have been considering a sideline project: UK but in 1:160. Some of those Minitrix coaches and wagons could come in useful and I have started keeping an eye out for them on EBay and on secondhand stalls at exhibitions.
  9. I would say that £300 is a bargain for such a complete kit. I like that gearbox. Do they sell them separately?
  10. With the right gearing, a small loco can haul a big load - slowly. Don't think I can help with the location though.
  11. I accept that film and TV adaptations may not always be totally true to the original book. Various reasons for that, god and otherwise. But, if there had not been the classic tripods, I simply would not have recognised parts of this as being from that book at all. HGW must be turning in his grave.
  12. Obvious solution to serve Wantage/Grove is to put the station back where it was, at Grove. But for most people in those places, it would not be much more difficult to drive to Challow where there is plenty of space and four tracks. Challow would also be good for Stanford and Faringdon.
  13. Can work the other way. I drew up a plan for some exchange sidings alongside a main line using just ordinary turnouts. That got criticised as the Midland would probably have used a double-slip in that situation rather than two turnouts. The reason there is not space but avoiding the S-shaped curve that has to be taken by a reversing freight train.
  14. You have an opportunity to feature British rail engineering in front of the world......and you send a Pacer. Then we wonder why British manufacturing has almost died. On a similar theme to that bus, SNCF had a number of Citroen C35s with bodywork to look like a TGV. Would have loved to get my hands on one of them.
  15. Yes, on multiple units it is unlikely to make much difference whether they are rtr or kit built. In addition, LUL stock is easier to get round tight curves as there are no buffers to lock.
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