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    Too many! That's why I find it difficult to commit to one layout project and actually make a good start. Frontrunner at the moment is a transition era London Midland layout in N. But there might be a small OO project first as some of my favourite locos and rolling stock are not available in N.

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  1. A working toilet roll holder is pointless. It would always be empty.
  2. I have been doing some more doodling this morning based on some of the ideas suggested here. In particular making better use of the width of each leg of the U-shape to get the fiddleyard(s) in a better place. That has made a lot of difference. I think that control method and layout design are inevitably linked. I have no doubt that I will move towards DCC, having recently bought, via RMWeb, my first DCC loco. My current fleet of locos is not so vast as to represent too much of a problem to convert. Given the need to be able to follow the train around the room, I will be
  3. Just a couple of things to add. Yes, I want to play trains. I don't want the computer to do it for me. So the whole thing will be arranged as it would have been in the 1950s by way of a "closing switch" at signal boxes that are at locations that are not in operation. Throughout the layout, current to the track will be supplied by way of relays linked to signals and the signals interlocked with the turnouts - so no risk of operating a turnout below a moving train.
  4. Many thanks for so many inputs and good ideas. I am sat in the car at the moment using someone else's WiFi so not the best conditions for writing a long reply. I had already considered the option of going across the stairwell. There is certainly enough space there and it does open up more options. I like the idea of movable return loops. It would certainly make it a lot easier to break down the project into chunks. Coming down to 3ft radius is not a problem because the loops are single track. I have looked at having more than one layout in the sp
  5. Here’s a problem for those who like layout design. And it’s a bit different from the usual squeezing a quart into a pint pot. After numerous changes in life over the last year, I am altering course and making sure that I have time and place to create that “layout of a lifetime”. The model railway room is an 11m x 11m full-height attic in a mansard roof, effectively a second floor where the servants would have lived many years ago. It is currently split into six rooms and a landing but I don’t anticipate any difficulty in removing most of the partitions. I will post a photo when I have one
  6. If the French had purchased Light Pacifics from the US as well as Mikados, they would surely have looked a lot like this (but with a bit more pipework hanging off the boiler).
  7. I love your work, Rob. And I can't see anything "wrong" with it. You are not trying to pass it off as something that it is not. If that first picture is indeed on the S&C, I would interested to know the date of the background picture. As per my post just now on Wayne Kinney's thread, I am trying to find out when the S&C running lines would have been changed from bullhead to flatbottom.
  8. I'm not quite sure yet what I will be using by way of plain track, but it will probably be a bit of a mix. Definitely some SMP in sidings as I have a couple of boxes to use up. And I should probably have some FB (Code 82) on the mainline.
  9. With more interest in pre-grouping and the attractive Hattons' generic coaches to haul, my suggestion would be a Sharp Stewart loco as used by some of the smaller pre-group railways (Furness, Cambrian, etc). Both the 2-4-0T and 4-4-0 are so attractive.
  10. I find myself wondering if there needs to be that much hidden storage area (both in number and in length) when you have plenty of storage areas on the visible parts of the layout. Reducing the hidden storage would open up other options for the branch terminus.
  11. Indeed, outstanding. But not in a good way.
  12. I don't mind how NSI send me the money. I just wish that they would send some!
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