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  1. But only after the fully moving shunting horse.
  2. It's buried in a storage box. As and when I next see it, I will try to remember to take a photo.
  3. Yes, I know that. But they don't (or should not) regulate the number of taxis, just check that they and the driver are fit and proper.
  4. HR is different to restaurants, etc. It's a much more serious infringement on liberties to stop someone going to work because of what they wear. I am impressed too by some youngsters who have protested against the inherent sexism of rules about schoolwear. I do wonder what the Speaker has against chinos.
  5. The supply of taxis is regulated by the "free market". It must therefore be perfect.
  6. Exeter Bypass was indeed infamous in the 1950s and 1960s. So they closed many of the railways and spent fortune on a new Bypass (M5) and rebuilding the A30. By way of a curiosity, there is actually an EP (45) song about it. My father played backing instrument on it.
  7. Official SNCF policy apparently (I am writing this while on a Paris-Limoges train). Some years ago, SNCF bought a reservation system form a company specialising in booking systems for airlines. So it fills up one end of each carriage first, just great for social distancing. I have ignored the seat on my reservation and found a much nicer location in the middle of the coach with 3+1 seating.
  8. Thank you for confirming my thoughts - local lever and a telephone to keep in touch with the signalman.
  9. Always a bit wary of taking an example from GW! But I had not thought of Wolverhampton. I will take a look. Meanwhile, I have reformatted the sketch as a .pdf Bradford F.S. Low Level.pdf
  10. We had a similar incident: Mr Bennett (science). The guy sitting behind the miscreant had his mouth open and swallowed the chalk.
  11. I was at boarding school between 8 and 13. Very much the norm for us all to travel home alone and back by train for the various school holidays. Only problem that I recall is the school matron buying me a ticket to Hayes and Harlington rather than Hayes (Kent). My first "big" railway adventure alone in 1970 aged 13, was London to Lannion (Brittany) via Paris with the Night Ferry.
  12. Hopefully my rather crude diagram will post to make things a bit clearer. Looking to model a mainline "might-have-been station, Midland Rly origins but circa 1960 (Bradford Forster Square LL). There is an Up Main Platform and a Down Main Platform with two carriage sidings between. Halfway along the sidings there is a crossover, mainly so that the station pilot can run round. What should control that crossover? The South Signal Box, The North Signal Box, or a local frame? If the latter, as I think, there is presumably some sort of release lever in one or both boxes. And what about ground signals? Are they redundant if trains can be hand-signalled? No luck so far in finding a suitable example on SRS. Note: There is a road bridge with station building that would block any view from the South Box (RH side on plan). PS: As I thought, it does not like the file format. I will try to save as something else and come back,
  13. Thanks to everyone who has contributed. Certainly given me cause for thought in layout design.
  14. An update long overdue. Having made an offer in October 2020 and confirmed in December 2020, I finally managed to start work on the building in April this year and finally bought it (legal complications) in July. Unfortunately, ill health has led me to the decision that I will not be able to complete the project and I should put it back on the market. Signed up with an estate agent on Tuesday last week and it was sold on Friday. I don't know where I will be moving to but it will certainly not have space for a layout unless in N - and even then rather simpler.
  15. So you have established which coach is causing the problem - that's a good start. As I said initially, I have not had enough acquaintance with this product to see how it is set up electrically. It still sounds to me as though there is an axle that has been installed wrongly or perhaps even a bogie installed wrong way round.
  16. I don't know the product that well but the symptom suggests an axle installed the wrong way round.
  17. Series 3 and 4 are very different. Series 3 has black sleepers spread a long way apart. Series 4 has brown sleepers to HO spacing. Running through the turnouts other than at high speed was always problematic. If this is just for an expo layout, probably best to cheat: just have the points in a fixed position and add some metal strip for conductivity.
  18. Plenty of Triang TT stuff usually available from the 3mm Society, and very cheap.
  19. I watched Sam just the once. I can't even remember now what it was that he was showing. It was so awfu. I will not be watching another. Not that he is the only one. Have they not thought about preparing a script in advance? Rehearsing? Editing?
  20. Following the Peterborough North thread, I have become aware of how many ECML trains involved changes of loco at various points along the route. To what extent was this also the practice on other railways and what would be the preferred distance? The LSWR changed locos at Salisbury/Wilton and Exeter but it had the handicap of not having water troughs. The Midland changed locos for Scottish services at Leeds - but the trains were reversing anyway. Similarly the GW changed locos at various points around Plymouth but that was necessary because of the Royal Albert Bridge. What was the situation on other lines?
  21. Looked at from a modern perspective it might seem odd to have carriages attached to the rear of an Up train and also to the rear of a Down train. We are used to trains arriving at their London terminus and being rapidly serviced before departing again. But back then, trains would be taken away to carriage sidings for servicing and carriages could be shunted into the correct position in the train so as to be in the right position at the junction station.
  22. I think that Trog was referring to facts, not opinion. Most of us have, at some time, experienced press/TV?media reporting that was inaccurate as to facts - not least in our own field of railways. Which paper was "The driver steered the train from danger"? Not to say that all reports are wrong but one can be forgiven for losing a bit of confidence in the media. Where that leaves us is another question. Social media is likely to be even worse with misinformation being deliberately disseminated.
  23. Class 210 may well have succeeded if they had put a more modern engine in it. 600hp was OK for 3 cars but not enough for 4. But having an engine compartment does take up a lot of space in a 3-car unit and makes access between two or more units difficult. The 150 used essentially the same Mk3 bodywork components but sensibly hung the engines out of the way below the floor. Just a shame that makes for a lot of noise and vibration throughout the train. As I recall, the 210 was fitted with much more comfortable seating than subsequent BR diesel units.
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