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    BR(E) in the 50s/60s in 2mmFS. Will show interest in other railways, but who can beat a Streak at 80+ with 14 on?

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  1. Sounds familiar, Mike. The Vogue was rear wheel drive and I lost the back end as the bend tightened. Spun through best part of 720 degrees without hitting anything, although I think the heart didn’t slow down for about a week! John
  2. You weren’t the first, and, most certainly, not the last. I, too, had some moments along there, one near the Muston Gap pub when I still don’t know how I didn’t write off Father’s Singer Vogue. when my parents lived in Long Bennington my brother and I used to enjoy a half pint (!) at the Muston Gap, a pub where last orders was called as the last bus from Grantham to Nottingham called outside. I remember one night when there was an accident at Allington and the bus was at least an hour late! John
  3. All of the talk earlier of airbases in Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire led to me recalling the plethora of establishments within a 10 mile radius of the town I grew up in just a few miles further north up the A1. Many of them were closed and non-operational but still remarkably extant even into the late '60s: Winthorpe, now the Newark and Notts Showground and home to Newark Air Museum. I believe it has also hosted model railway exhibitions from time to time, Balderton, now buried under housing and the A1, Bottesford, now returned to agriculture but with runways still discernible and a couple of hangers still extant and in good repair as storage facilities. I believe this was a Lancaster OCU when operational, Fulbeck, where I did my early driving training (until my father deemed I was safe enough for the public road); maneuvering round the peri track and speed (or as much speed as was possible in a 1600 Super Minx!) down the main runway. If I remember rightly a motorbike fanatic from Nottingham used to use Fulbeck for his record attempts with some weird and wonderful rebuilds of Nortons and Vincents. I seem to recall that one such rebuild featured Vincent frame parts and a 4 cylinder car engine (BMC A Series? Hillman Imp rings a bell but that may be too late) Some were still open: RAF Swinderby, in the 50's and 60's a flying training station using, IIRC, Vampires. Later became a basic recruit training station, which is how it was when I was incarcerated as a civilian accountant at RAF Brampton. Now gradually being obliterated by development and the plough, I wonder if the people living in the houses where the parade ground was ever hear the ghostly sound of boots bashing the square! RAF Newton, its early life I'm not sure of but by my time at Brampton it was HQ Air Cadets and home to dog training. Now, again gradually disappearing under development and the plough. One has survived as an operational airfield, but only just: RAF Syerston, by all accounts flew Manchesters, Wellingtons, Lancasters and Mosquitoes during the conflict. I can vaguely remember (I was only 8 at the time) the aftermath of the Battle of Britain Airday there in 1958 when a prototype Vulcan crashed on the airfield during a low level pass. For many years it was Care and Maintenance but I understand it is now HQ Central Gliding School. And Brampton itself, now a housing estate. I was present at the Great Fire of 1985 (I didn't start it, honest, but I know of several who would have - I'll mention no names!) and during the rebuilding, now all gone. Same as both the MoD establishments in Bath I worked at; both now housing estates, one of them with starting prices of £600K +. Regards John
  4. And then offered to sell it back to you when you needed a system to keep time! In my years of paid employment I found the best way to get your ideas accepted was to persuade management they had thought of it themselves. John
  5. My parents used to live in one of the villages just up the A1 from Grantham and, thus, I have been to the crematorium twice, but both times in one of the funeral cars. But if memory serves from the station to the crematorium is quite a trek. You would certainly need a good meal after that walk both ways! Was the pub the Angel and Royal? I’ve had a few nice meals in there over the years. John
  6. Wouldn't want to breakdown on a foggy mountain
  7. I hesitate to post this for a number of reasons. Firstly, it's not strictly N gauge, it's 2mmfs. Secondly, I'm not totally happy with the paint job - it's brushed rather than sprayed. And, thirdly, it's not complete, the door handles and interior are yet to be fitted. However, it is about time there was some BR(E) among all this Western and Midland and in an earlier post someone said they like to see Masterclass offerings. So, here it is: A Gresley Dia 107/108 (BT(4)/Composite Lavatory) twin from Chris Higgs' Masterclass etches. Transfers are a mix of Fox and CCT. John
  8. Procrastination is good! It creates the illusion you are searching for a solution and not just staring blankly into space. Problem comes when others are wise to the tactic! John
  9. Agreed. I am old enough to remember some extremely shabby examples rolling around the East Midlands in the late '50s. The mainline stuff was a little better; certainly the maroon stock looked really smart, although by about 59 or 60 anything still in crimson and cream was peeling badly! John
  10. The Chair believes they are the Finance Director, however, the other Planning Committee member is also the Chief Accountant - 'nuff said? John
  11. I thought I would post this just to prove I am still here! Although I hesitate: A Gresley Dia 107/108 Twin BT(4) + Composite Lavatory. The transfers are a mix of Fox and Cambridge Custom, the latter providing two sheets of BR era numbers for quite a lot of Gresley/Thompson prototypes, both single and articulated. The door handles are still to be fitted and the interior is yet to be done. Also, I am not totally happy with the paint job - due to current workshop restrictions brushed rather than sprayed, Perhaps a little bit of touching up (needed) and some light weathering may improve it. In other news, the Silver Jubilee sets are still being procrastinated over but another artic (Dia 105/125) is under way and a couple of my early efforts (a pair of full thirds) are being revisited to improve some of my mistakes, like door vents not straight! Regards for now John
  12. Hi John I would be interested in a blow by blow account. I have a set of the etches but intend building them as they were in the 50’s. May I pm you so we don’t clog up Kirmies’ thread? John
  13. Neal Please accept my condolences to Geoff’s family and to the Bentley Group. I didn’t know Geoff other than to say ‘hello’ but I do know several of the group’s members through the old Thursday night sessions at Dave’s place in Trowbridge and can imagine their feelings at this time. As you say now is not the time to be making decisions about the future but, hopefully, you’ll find a way of keeping Calne and Trainwest going in Geoff’s memory. John
  14. I have a sticky query, or is it a query about sticking! As a result of my possessing 10 thumbs I have managed to snap a very small corner off of a 3D printed coach roof. As usual, the carpet fairies have sneaked the broken bit away. The sequence of repair I am considering is to carefully square up the break, let in a small piece of plastic strip of suitable size and, carefully, trim to match. The size of the repair needed is approx 1.5 mm square. The question is, which adhesive is safe to use? The material is, I believe, FUD and I have no clue as to how this reacts to, for example, poly glue or cyano. I have no wish to end up with a blob of melted FUD! Thanks in anticipation. John
  15. Oh! You mean there was no response to you politely knocking on the door (with a ram!)? John
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