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  1. Hi Chris. Thanks, you are confirming what photographs and the old Comet website are telling me. Interestingly, Thompson corridor stock only had one when built although BR seem to have added an additional half length box at some point. I do begin to think that, for all their apparent simplicity, coaches are almost as big a minefield as locomotives! Regards John
  2. Thanks for that Andy. Some time ago I did download their coach construction leaflet but I couldn't remember anything else on the site. I started to have a look using my iPad but the site was coming up as unsecured and I couldn't see very much or download anything. I presume this is because it isn't being maintained since Wizard took the range on. I've now tried on the W10 laptop and I can actually see everything and see what you talked about - a wealth of information - many thanks. Regards John
  3. Hi all It's been a month since I posted anything, mainly because there has been no progress worth posting. I have been setting my mind to several different areas where answers are needed to questions but I am not sure I am asking the right question! I am pretty sure I am suffering from that ailment discussed on one of Jerry Clifford's threads a few weeks ago, Paralysis by Analysis. I have been considering the livery for when (if) I get round to the painting. If crimson, by 1957 is the lettering off-white, yellow or gold so I can order some decals? If Maroon is the lettering yellow gold or old gold ? So I Google 'BR coach livery 1956-1960' and, guess what, I get a picture of THAT bus! Everybody says 'Google is your friend' - obviously not here! Can anyone here point me in the right direction or is it a case of use any, the BR workshops did. Similarly, I was casting around for guidance on the number of battery boxes on gangwayed stock, was it one or one each side or did it vary with the diagram. I know the catering stock had some weird and wonderful combinations depending on the type of cooking, etc. equipment and photographs are essential, but ordinary passenger stock appears to have one long box each side, or have I just been unlucky that every picture is of the side with the box? I then got completely confused when I came across a build thread for a NG twin in 7mm. He was fitting boxes on both sides when all the evidence I have was showing only one and that is all I have fitted to NG stock. There was some discussion of early underframes having two, one being charged while the other was in use but I can find no evidence of this. The suggestion was that by Thompson's time there was definitely only one. But then the underframe drawing I have in Harris's brown book, captioned as a standard 51', only shows one. When I looked carefully at some of the dimensions on the drawing it can't be a 51' underframe as it shows 52' between headstocks and 36' bogie centres - the dimensions of a Thompson underframe! Can anyone help me with my angst? John - confused and bewildered in Wiltshire.
  4. Hi Chris Between you, you and Izzy have persuaded me to have a go with the guitar wire but which string is it? The only thing I know about guitars is that Clapton plays one rather well! John
  5. I had considered that Jim, but the top mounting is so close to the corner of the window that I’m not sure I could get the nick accurate enough to not show. If I pre drill the glazing I can use a couple of pieces of wire to make sure it is in the right place when I glue it in (much the same way as I do with the lower panelling overlay to make sure it’s properly lined up) so that the holes all line up for fitting the handles. Regards John
  6. Hi Izzy I’m currently using 0.33mm straight brass wire which is possibly a little over scale. I’ve now got hold of some 0.245mm nickel silver wire and will give that a go, along with some chemical blackening agent instead of paint. When (if) I attempt some lined stock the handles and rails will have to in last, probably using gel cyano. Regards John
  7. The Carriage Works has seen little activity over the last couple of weeks thanks to matters domestic. There has been SOME progress! The Thompson Diag 361 BT has very nearly made it to the paint shop queue: Just a couple of little bits to do, adding the alarm gear to the compartment end, adding vac pipes and the horizontal guards' handrails - they were left off until now due to the proximity to the end and the shape (they go vertical very slightly before going horizontal and every attempt so far has seen the vertical bit being way to big!). That paint shop queue is getting quite long waiting for suitable weather to get the spray equipment out and I'm getting impatient, so much so that I attempted to brush paint one of my earliest builds (and thus not one of the best). I am not overly happy with it and it may be stripped! Not too bad from a distance although the guards handrails are bit tar like and need attention. I think with panelled stock and a lot of care I might get away with it, but no way on flush sided stock. What is clear is that, if I want to have any in lined maroon, I will have to change my construction order. With the grab handles in place, lining is almost impossible as it goes underneath them. If they are fitted after painting I am not going to be able to solder them or smooth down the inside to fit glazing. It seems to me that I am going to need to prepare and pre-drill the glazing using the sides as a template so that I don't need to drill once it's fitted. With the needed holes so close to the bottom edge of the glazing it's going to be a certainty that it gets pushed in! Any thoughts anyone? In the meantime I have become the proud possessor of half a dozen Masterclass kits for Gresley gangwayed stock. They are 1:148 rather than 1:152 but, hey, gangwayed and NG rarely, if ever, ran together. At this moment I haven't decided which one to start first or even if I frame the etches and hang them on the wall! Much research is needed on paint schemes - I have seen the lining in about three different positions! Before then I have to work out how the ends and sides relate on the corners. Be grateful for any advice. Regards to all. John
  8. The pair on the Culm Valley were Diag 340 4 Compartment BTs transferred there to replace the life expired ex Barry Railway coaches. They were renumbered into the Western Region list. The one on the Highbridge branch was a Diag 361 5 compartment BT and as far as I can tell was never renumbered. regards John
  9. What with visits to snowdrop plantations (I am the taxi driver) and car service and MOT, not a lot of actual modelling has been done over the last few days. The D361 BT has arrived on the bench and a start has been made, but there is not enough progress yet to post any pictures. However, following all the discussion about ‘wandering’ Thompsons, I think I may have found another to add to the D361 on the Highbridge branch and the D340s on the Culm Valley. In the latest issue of ‘Backtrack’ there is an article on the M&SWJR and one of the photos is of 75029 arriving at Swindon Town in 1960 with a two coach train. The rearmost is definitely a long underframe Mk 1 NC Third (or would it be second by then?) while the front carriage looks suspiciously like a Thompson D360 2+4 Brake Composite. How many more escaped? Were ER not treating them right? Or were they just so good that everyone had to have one? Regards John
  10. Lovely knees Jerry! The smoke troughs look pretty good as well. John
  11. If I've read the number correctly, the Thompson BT is the same one as in the picture Jerry posted a few days ago. I now know which number not to apply to the D361 just arriving on the workbench! John
  12. Not a lot has happened in the carriage works this week, real life in its many forms has got in the way. I missed a bit of a trick, the nice weather the last couple of days was an opportunity to get some primer on coach bodies that was not taken! I have, however, taken delivery of 100 tiny magnets and started considering how best to mount them and the necessary pieces of steel. But where to source the required steel? Steel shim in thicknesses from as little as 2 or 3 thou to whatever you want is available if you want several meters of it and are willing to pay a not inconsiderable sum of money! There is a place in Bath where, in the past, I have obtained offcuts of thin aluminium and brass but they have not dealt in steel shim for some years. So, I started turning out the garage. Good move, as my other half thought I was tidying it up! Sorting through an old toolbox I came across a couple of sets of feeler gauges. Now I have not needed these since I last had a BMC 'A' series engine (over 40 years ago) and no way am I going anywhere near the current car with them! Re-purposing is under way, particularly the 6 - 11 thou range. I think, eventually, there will be a use for the thinner ones as overlays on brass/nickel silver or plastic. As I have discovered, retro-fitting to already assembled body carcasses is not easy. Using Nick Mitchell's method, outlined on here a few days ago, I have fitted the magnets to the roof moulding without problem, but soldering the steel plate to the end of the body is a bit of a contortionist's nightmare, trying to get the soldering iron in between the sides and attack the joint at the same time holding the steel squarely in contact and not damaging the alarm gear and lamp irons on the outside of the ends. I think I may try forming a small bracket from etch waste, solder that to the end and then solder a strip of steel on top of that - it may end up easier. The brake ends are also going to be an issue because of the end windows that will need to be glazed - the glazing (hopefully) fits in the inner end sitting on a ledge created by the cosmetic overlay. I will post a couple of pictures of what I mean when I reach that stage with the next brake coach I build which, after all the discussion of it on this and another thread, could well be a Thompson D361 BT, being now in possession of some Thompson pattern buffers! Regards John
  13. Must admit I wasn’t aware of that. I know with a lot of pictures of Gresley panelled stock if the light is right and highlighting the top beading they can look lined, but I usually dismiss that as an optical illusion. The period I am interested in is post 1956/57, right on the livery change, due to a building at the back of my layout that wasn’t built until 1956. Hopefully, by this time any crimson stock that was originally lined would have had a repaint. Regards John
  14. Hi Argos Like you I tend to fit the grab handles with the side in the flat, mainly because I can then solder them in and file back the inside so it doesn't interfere with the glazing (when I get round to fitting it). I leave the door handles until the coach is painted and then pop them in with cyano. So, like you I will have problems if I want a lined version. I wonder how much the existence of lining is down to the works that did the last repaint? It does seem a bit of a lottery. I have pictures of LT&S section stock some of which is lined but most is not. The two Thompson 4 Comp BTs that ended up on the Hemyock branch weren't lined. Most of the pictures I have of East Midlands stock appear to be unlined but the pictures are B&W and the dates are such that they could be crimson (which was not lined on NG Stock) rather than maroon. More research needed, or do I just carry on and hope that nobody notices if it should have been lined? Regards John
  15. Hi Argos Those D361s get everywhere! They're like buses, look everywhere for pictures and then two turn up at once! But you've now put me in a dilemma. The picture Jerry (queensquare) posted in his Bath Queen Square thread of a D361 on the Highbridge branch in Somerset shows one in unlined maroon, your picture shows a lined version. So, modelling an area between the two, what version of the livery do I apply to mine when it's built? Lined, unlined or one side lined, the other not? Regards John
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