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  1. Hi John I would be interested in a blow by blow account. I have a set of the etches but intend building them as they were in the 50’s. May I pm you so we don’t clog up Kirmies’ thread? John
  2. Neal Please accept my condolences to Geoff’s family and to the Bentley Group. I didn’t know Geoff other than to say ‘hello’ but I do know several of the group’s members through the old Thursday night sessions at Dave’s place in Trowbridge and can imagine their feelings at this time. As you say now is not the time to be making decisions about the future but, hopefully, you’ll find a way of keeping Calne and Trainwest going in Geoff’s memory. John
  3. I have a sticky query, or is it a query about sticking! As a result of my possessing 10 thumbs I have managed to snap a very small corner off of a 3D printed coach roof. As usual, the carpet fairies have sneaked the broken bit away. The sequence of repair I am considering is to carefully square up the break, let in a small piece of plastic strip of suitable size and, carefully, trim to match. The size of the repair needed is approx 1.5 mm square. The question is, which adhesive is safe to use? The material is, I believe, FUD and I have no clue as to how this reacts to, for example, poly
  4. Oh! You mean there was no response to you politely knocking on the door (with a ram!)? John
  5. I do like that intro - but it’s 30’s rather than 20’s. I particularly like the graphics, closely following the style of the LNER’s promotion posters for the Silver Jubilee. John
  6. The Western Front is all quiet - at the moment! Barrage to commence at 00.00hrs, over the top at 00.01hrs. All the best to all for 2021- it can only get better - surely? John- looking forward to vaccination and release from this prison of vulnerability.
  7. Now that the Christmas festivities are just about over, it is time for the Carriage Works Manager to issue his review of the year and the plans(?) for the next. In reading this it may help to have a mental picture of old Arkwright standing in his shop doorway at closing time and looking wistfully up at Nurse Gladys' window! It's been a funny old year. It started brightly, the soldering iron being wielded to good effect and thoughts turning to Trainwest, Larkrail, RailWells, Steam Swindon and Warley and meeting friends and fellow modellers. I had been persuaded that
  8. A merry Christmas to all Night Mailers and a fervent hope that 2021 will be better; let’s face it, it can’t be worse, surely! Cake will be in short supply here due to the dietary restrictions of my other half, but there is a plentiful supply of fine English cheeses, pickles various and Port! There is also beer, a decent malt and brandy so I will not go short. Have a good day one and all. John
  9. Is that the Darlington or Doncaster formulation? Best Christmas wishes to you and Kim and, hopefully, sometime during 2021 we will be able to meet again. John
  10. Am I right in thinking that the Retford Station building (12in to the ft version) has just been granted Grade II listed status. John
  11. Now who feels old - l’d left college nearly fourteen years then! Memory was telling me I bought Issue 0 in Plymouth and we left there in ‘83. Must have been Smiths or John Warner’s model shop in Huntingdon. John
  12. Careful Simon - I could resemble that remark! Seriously though, I have devoured MRJ since Issue 0 (my word, that's 40 years!) and have always found it to be a superb showcase for all that's best in railway modelling. Its coverage of layouts such as Chee Tor, Chiltern Green, Inkerman Street, Hepton Wharf and, not least, Copenhagen Fields is nothing short of inspirational to someone like me who aspires to standards like those, but, probably, will never achieve them. As 279/280 show, its not afraid of a little bit of controversy and I like that, we don't all like the same things, but I did
  13. As far as I am aware I don't need it for any internet functions. However, I have an elderly 2TB Seagate GoFlex_Home external hard drive plugged into my router and available to all devices on the home network; 2 iPads, a Mac and a windows laptop. The Apple products seem to be able to access with no issues (the iPads using FileBrowser) but the laptop refuses to connect without Flash running and I can't get it to recognise the drive as a NAS. Maybe I've got to bite the bullet and replace the drive with something more modern. John
  14. Agreed. When you consider that for, possibly, less than £1000 you can equip yourself with the sort of tools that 10-15 years ago would have really only been available, or viable, to a business, along with all the advice and guidance to use them that is freely available on the interweb rather than in dusty specialist publications or expensive training courses. I remember my first colour inkjet printer cost well over £300. You can get a 3D printer for that now! The problem, as ever, is the time investment needed to learn to use them! John
  15. Soldering has never really been an issue for me. I'm nowhere near as neat as many I could mention but I can manage to keep the messy bits out of sight! And it's always possible to clean things up! My fear is painting! With a brush I am fairly happy that, with care, I can paint teak panelled stock, but brush painting smooth sided stock has not been successful. At the moment facilities for spraying are non-existent unless it's a calm, dry day and I can use a rattle can outside. The garage (bulk household storage facility?) hasn't enough free space and my 'workshop' (back bedroom/study/r
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