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  1. TomE

    Farish new 8F

    Loco drive. The tender houses the factory fitted speaker & space for the DCC chip. The rims were being highlighted by the cabinet lighting, they were blackened as per other Farish models. Tom.
  2. Whilst it would be nice to think that at some time in the future we could get past such things as nationalism, poverty and war to form an organisation like the Federation, a far more likely future for Earth is shown in ‘The Expanse’ which is now on Amazon Prime. A brilliant series and an excellent example of the right way to adapt a novel (or series of novels in this case) without the need to get all preachy about it! Tom.
  3. Imagines a team of BBC management sitting in 'Frankie Howard' discussing a wayward news reporter who's made some adverse comments on the BBC's latest flagship Drama. So that's all good then....... Tom.
  4. Yeah, I've ordered the twin pack with exactly that in mind! Tom.
  5. Thanks Gerry, I'd missed that in the NGF thread. Tom.
  6. Will these be available individually or just in the twin pack? Cheers, Tom.
  7. I quite like that, although it reminds me a bit of the old Midland Mainline "Pullman" scheme. Tom.
  8. I picked up my KFA at Warley, and the only thing to say is wow. Another superb wagon from RevolutioN & Rapido. Tom.
  9. Very disappointing news about the 2Fs. Q4 2020 now means they pass through another annual price rise and based on past performance I can easily see it being 2021 before they hit the shelves. Ho-hum...... Still, with other stuff on the horizon from RevolutioN at least the wallet will be happy. Tom.
  10. I found the lack of publicity for it at Warley very odd too Roy, and one has to wonder if given the lack of pre-orders they are now setting it up to fail. You can't sell what you don't advertise after all. I'm also certain that 10-12% figure is not representative of the overall ratio of N to OO and clearly Hatton's will have experienced a significant drop off in their N Gauge sales as a result of their dispute with Bachmann. N gauge modellers won't just disappear because Hatton's stop selling Farish items, they'll just go elsewhere to buy them. Chatting to the guys on the Bachmann stand, I asked about the general state of N Gauge and whether they felt they were seeing any change in that ratio which for them was still around the 20% mark. The feeling was that there was a slight increase but I also sensed a frustration that despite delivering a significant change in the quality of N gauge it was only slow growth, although I can't help but think their own production issues haven't helped there. You can't buy what's not on the shelves! My Garratt pre-order will remain and I do hope that it does go ahead, however I still think for a first dive into the N Gauge market it's too niche, and niche rarely seems to do as well in N as it does in OO. Tom.
  11. Super work John! Fantastic use of Steve's 3D printed body. Tom.
  12. TomE

    Farish new 8F

    We're wandering off topic slightly here, but Bachmann were planning a 9F, announced at the same time as the Ivatt if I remember correctly, but cancelled it when Dapol announced their model. I've raised the prospect of it being revived with them a couple of times and it was never a straight out "No", but I suspect it's highly unlikely in the current climate. It's not easy, but it can be done: Tramfabriek coreless motor replacing the original Dapol unit (drops straight in using the provided cradle) Zimo sound chip from You Choos, SACC16 stay alive module and a 9mm speaker all contained within the tender, which will eventually be replaced with a BR1F body when I get around to designing & printing it! I still need to correct some slightly out quartering, but these modifications have turned it from a yard queen to a usable engine. Tom.
  13. TomE

    Farish refurb Class 31

    Hi Justin They are equipped for sound with a factory fitted speaker and NEXT 18 connector. Tom.
  14. TomE

    Farish refurb Class 31

    Forgot one: Tom.
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