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  1. As a resident of nearby Farnborough this is great news. Coming from Sheffield, where model shops were seemingly on every corner, the lack of them in this area has always puzzled me! Tom.
  2. It also allows the sides to bow out at the ends over time and there are large gaps either side. It's a nice idea, poorly executed on the 156. Tom.
  3. The RevolutioN Pendolino is probably a good starting point to aim for in terms of detail levels for interior & lighting in the N Gauge version. Tom.
  4. There is a CAD image of the Class 319 driving vehicle in the latest mag. Looks promising, although the curvature around the top of the passenger doors looks a little excessive to my eyes. Tom.
  5. For what it's worth, I thought Dapol had a sensible approach with their most recent HST booksets. Include the one off coaches like the TGS and Buffet/Restaurant with the power cars, leaving people to add standard/first coaches as required. Perhaps something similar would work here with the TSOE & whatever designation the restaurant coach is these days? Tom.
  6. Looks like it worked out well Steve! Did you print them perpendicular to the plate? Tom.
  7. Amazing news Cav! A new 91 in N Gauge has been a long time coming. Tom.
  8. Great day at the Milton Keynes show today helping operate Llangerisech. Thanks to Nigel & David. Tom.
  9. Is that static grass, or a grass mat? Looks good. Tom.
  10. You could also try to raise the print above 5mm from the print bed. I had a similar issue and found that setting the print to 7mm above all but removed the issue provided you also add plenty of support. Tom.
  11. Indeed they do: Source: https://www.jamiesquibbs.com/class-92---the-dysons.html DBS is one of the livery options on offer. Tom.
  12. Nice work with the coach Steve! When I was adding the solebar to the van I did consider adding a thin sacrificial layer which would be used for support attachment but could then be sanded away to give a smooth & level bottom edge. In the end the palvan didn't need it, but perhaps something to try for a longer vehicle like a coach? Tom.
  13. Hi Cav. These were done with Phrozen ABS like grey obtained here: https://www.fepshop.com/shop/uv-resin/phrozen-abs-like-gray/ I quite like it, the detail is good and with it being a bit less viscous than the Anycubic stuff it does make clean up a bit easier. It does need a good mix prior to use though. Cheers, Tom.
  14. They are indeed! Accurascale are dealing with the OO versions, revolution the N Gauge ones. Shared research between the two. Tom.
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