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  1. I think Bachmann probably has a fairly good understanding of what sells in N Gauge via those models produced which have sold out and those they still have sitting around insulating their warehouse! The simple truth here is that Bachmann Europe is given X number of production slots by Kader. That number then has to be split between the various different Bachmann Europe ranges. In recent years the number of ranges under the brand has grown to include Narrow Gauge and TTTE. There’s no way in hell they’re going to take slots away from their biggest, most popular and profitable scale, so N will have taken the biggest hit as a result of having to accommodate slots for these new products. I’m pretty sure the folks at Barwell would love to be churning out new N Gauge models, but they have to work within the constraints of the capacity available to them and make the decisions based in what’s going to keep the business going. That said, I do still think some of the release decisions have been a little questionable. Why on Earth flood the market with more LMS inspection saloons when you can still find batch 1 models in the shops, rather than churn out another run or new livery variation of Mk.2Fs for example. Bonkers. The real risk for Bachmann is that other manufacturers that are not capacity constrained decide to take advantage, have a crack at N and start eating into their bread and butter items. If Accurascale were to come along with a new 37 to the standard of their OO model, that would undoubtedly make Bachmann sit up take a long hard look at themselves, as it has in OO. Tom.
  2. 90, when you include the different variations. Tom.
  3. They're not hanging around with these, EP samples already received. Pics here. Tom.
  4. It's a strange choice isn't it. You'd think if they have limited production slots available for N Gauge, for whatever reason, they would choose to do the basic liveries that people need to replicate everyday formations But on the plus side, as mentioned above, if you're happy to repaint at least you'll actually be able to get hold of a TSO now. Tom.
  5. Good to see the 03 & 04 get DCC sockets, a nice update and much needed especially in the face of the NGS Hunslet. The GMPTE 150 is a surprise and the Mk.2A TSO could be useful for those wanting more common liveries and are willing to repaint. It would have been better in bog standard BR blue though I feel. I guess the lack of mention of the 319 means we won't be seeing that until early next year now? And at least modern image modellers have some bang up to date toilets to go with the previous 1980's version... Tom.
  6. There are some photos of the paint samples for the Caledonian Sleeper versions here They look superb! Tom.
  7. I guess it helps that 99% of the time Farish (and Revolution) get it right so there is less to criticise, except the lack of output, lead times and of course, the price. The problem with Dapol is one minute they are producing models of Class 68 quality, which I still rate as one of the best modern image locos ever produced in N Gauge, and the next they are churning out tat like these. In my case this means that I will never pre-order a Dapol product because you just don't know where it's going to be on the scale of 68 to Pacer. At least with the other manufacturers you can be confident that when it arrives it will be a generally sound model that runs well and looks good out of the box. Tom.
  8. The photo is from the Rails Of Sheffield listing, so safe to assume it’s a final production example. https://railsofsheffield.com/products/Dapol-2p-006-002-br-intercity-executive-mk3-sleeper-coach-no10701 Tom.
  9. I see the Dapol 'close enough' department has been at the fonts again. Tom.
  10. I think the door & window layout is different on the TFW 756s, which seems to be par for the course these days, not much is standard anymore! Tom.
  11. 195/331 are likely to be around for a long time and cover quite a wide area so not a bad shout, however somewhat limited in livery options at the moment. Is there much commonality between the 195/196/197? Personally I'd like to see the 755/3 & 4 in N. Tom.
  12. A bit more info here This is great news. Easily the best N Gauge working colour light signals available at the time so pleased to see them making a return! Tom.
  13. Hi Fran. Irrespective of lighting conditions, I'm just highlighting that the samples appear to use the same dark grey as the cab side window surround throughout all of the elements I mention, where as it is clearly a different colour on the prototype. I just point it out as it would be a shame to see an otherwise outstanding model and the huge effort to get the shading right spoilt by the colour being wrong. Tom.
  14. Not my scale but those are very, very impressive indeed! Not 100% convinced on the colour of the doors, window strip, lower body strip & coach ends though, looks far too dark to me? The windows should also have a wide black stripe around them to complete the look. I'm sure that's already on the list of corrections though. I'm eagerly awaiting the Revolution N versions. Tom.
  15. News from the Dapol stand on the WC/BoB was probably another 2 years away at least. Tom.
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