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  1. More tree testing! The wire from is twisted up out of 0.25mm florist wire, trying to pay close attention to not spreading the branches out too far this time. Once the overall shape is completed, the branches are covered in superglue and then sprinkled with bicarbonate of soda which sets it rock hard instantly and adds a bit of texture to the trunk. A coat of rail match sleeper grime is then applied which gets you to this stage: Once dry, the static fibres are added. This time I left off the 12mm strands and started with 6mm and I think it’s worked out better. finally, a quick blast with some 2mm strands and another spray with the sleeper grime before the leafs are added: Theres a little trimming to do and brushing off some of the leaves stuck to the trunks, but I’m quite pleased with the end result this time: Cheers, Tom.
  2. I find the hardest part of dismantling Farish Mk.1s is getting the glazing out in one piece, especially if the assembler has been a bit over enthusiastic with the glue! Some of glazing strips in the dozen or so I've repainted so far have more or less been welded to the side. Occasionally though you hit it lucky and get one that appears to have missed the glue line altogether. Tom.
  3. Most recently on my workbench was......a bench! Tom.
  4. I do like that corner of your layout a lot! I also think this method is very well suited to winter, leafless trees. Hopefully I’ll get chance to try experimenting more over this weekend. Tom.
  5. Thanks Duncan! A quick couple of photos to show the drop in section in place on the layout, and also showing a couple of scenic experiments! The first one is the tree and having seen the excellent trees produced my Martin Wellberg, I decided to try and emulate his method of using static grass to create additional branches. Once the basic wire frame was created, 12mm static grass was added using a sieve type applicator. Next 6mm strands were added, then a final pass with some 2mm strands before a mix of turf and leafs. I think the principle has legs, but I need to perfect the initial shape of the wire frame as this one is a little spread out and I need to not leave as bigger gaps in the initial wire frame. I'm also wondering if I might be able to use just the 6 & 2 mm strands - more tree experiments required! The second experiment was creating the trimmed conifer hedgerow you can just see in the photo of the real location above. This was done by spraying a short length of plastic brown, then applying 2mm static fibres to both sides before a final sprinkle of fine Woodland Scenics turf on top. I'm actually really pleased with how this came out on the test piece so I think the basic principle is sound, however I may experiment with longer fibres so I can trim it to match the wider at the top shape of the real hedge. I forgot to mention in the previous entry that the picnic bench is from the excellent Severn Models range of etched brass detailing items. Cheers, Tom,
  6. The past couple of weekends of attrocious weather have given me time to work on a couple of areas of the layout. The first is the small group of buildings atop the embankment at Ropley which I believe are used by the building dept. I'd originally shaped the top of the embankment into the rough shape of the land in that area but having started to plan out where the buildings should go it became clear that it would be best to build this section off the layout in a similar way to the collection of buildings at the front of the layout. Progress so far: And the actual location for reference. Still a fair bit of work to do, even though this is only a small section of the layout! The second job was to finally install the NCE USB interface I bought a couple of years back to allow Ropley to be controlled via JMRI and the WiThrottle app. This will allow two operators or more without the need to purchase extra powercabs. I'll post more details on this in a future update, but getting it up and running was much easier than I thought. There is something strangely satisfying about controlling the layout from anywhere in the flat! Tom.
  7. So when are you fitting sound to it? Seriously though, incredible work Julia! Tom.
  8. If that doesn't play 'Also sprach Zarathustra' when you open it I'll be bitterly disappointed Tom.
  9. TomE

    Farish Class 319

    The new RRP for the 319 after the 2020 increase is £299.95, so around £255 after discount. The 321 early bird price was £205, and the regular price is now £220 if I remember correctly, and those were set some time ago and haven't been subject to any increase. My 9 car Pendo was £250. I hadn't seen that as I'm not in the market for another Voyager, but considering I think I paid around £90 for my XC version...….Yowza indeed (but spelt with an F, K, U, C, E & M.....) Tom.
  10. TomE

    Farish Class 319

    It's not too far off at the discounted price, and I'd expect any future 321 runs to be comparable in price. I think the guys at Revolution have been pretty decent in honouring the original pricing given the switch in manufacturer etc. What it does make look like an absolute bargain was the original Pendolino run! Tom.
  11. TomE

    Farish mark 2 DBSO

    The word from the club event was that the Mk.2s are in production and will be here mid 2020. I have to admit though, that the latest rise on these is a hard pill to swallow given that Bachmann have admitted they were only further delayed from 2019 by a "scheduling error". It does feel a little like we are being asked to pay more due only to a delay entirely of Bachmann's own making, but I suppose it also validates their new approach to not announcing models too far in advance. On the plus side I only need 3 of these. On the negative side, I'll now have to take the superstrip to a £120 odd quids worth of coach Tom.
  12. TomE

    Farish Class 319

    I expect the 319 will go through at least one more increase before it hits the shops! Tom.
  13. I spent quite a while watching comings & goings on Bournemouth West. An excellent layout and with some of the best smoke in OO Gauge I've seen, and I say that as someone who is not usually a fan of small scale smoke! All round I thought it was the best show in terms of layouts for the past few years, although I have to agree on the temperature. I've always found Doncaster has quite wild variations depending on where you are in the venue! Acknowledging that temperature is subjective, the sweet spot did seem to be around the BRM stand however...…. Tom.
  14. TomE

    Farish Class 319

    It was confirmed at the club event that they are tooling up to be able to represent the differences between the sub classes. The previous EP had the later cab doors & GRP lower fairing. How exactly they’re doing the tooling I don’t know, but it should be correct for the livery applied. Tom.
  15. TomE

    Farish Class 319

    Surely this has to be prime club model territory! Tom.
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