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  1. I entirely agree. N Gauge has been compromised for far too long by this ridiculous notion that every item of rolling stock should be forced around 1st radius Setrack. It's time to move on and away from gaps between steam engine & tender that require a pole vault or crazy gaps between rolling stock that is too small for close coupling mechanisms. I await the Class 800 with great interest, the photos here https://www.ngaugenews.com/post/kato_class_800_lner certainly seem to show Kato have nailed the look of the prototype perfectly when compared to photos, and the LNER livery applicatio
  2. TomE

    Farish Due Soon

    And it’s worth every penny, sound fitted or otherwise! A fantastic model in all respects. Tom.
  3. Wondered what happened! Interesting discussions today, cheers all. Tom.
  4. Hi Nick. Unfortunately not. At the moment I just don't have the free time to produce them en masse for sale I'm afraid. Tom.
  5. Looks fantastic, can't wait for my LNER version to arrive now! Tom.
  6. TomE

    Class 158 - New Tool

    The Class 319 will be the first to feature a working auto coupler: It does appear to be a slightly different design on the 158 CAD though. Tom.
  7. Just finished catching up on the show and I have to say thank you so much for everyone's efforts. A brilliant collection of layouts and media put together and fantastic to watch & read. Just what was needed in these rather tedious lockdown times! Thank you! Tom.
  8. Dave Jones was always the driving force behind N Gauge at Dapol. Since his departure and the tie up with Lionheart their priorities have shifted, naturally as a result of different interests in the new team but I suspect mostly to stay afloat. Dapol are not a spent force in N Gauge though. They still have a reasonably solid core range which they can use to churn out the reliveries, but that range is starting to show its age and they are not innovating anymore. The DCC-less M7 revamp is a significant retrograde step. Farish & Revolution are both leaving Dapol for dust
  9. Looks like a great effect Bryn, how does the chipping fluid work? Tom.
  10. TomE

    Class 158 - New Tool

    Not yet on the 159 centre car. Hopefully they’re designing it with that in mind though. Sadly it’s not just a case of changing the branding from EMT to SWT, there are some subtle differences in the design of the two schemes: Tom.
  11. TomE

    Class 158 - New Tool

    Central trains always seems to be popular, although I’m not sure why! The 158 is rich pickings livery wise so I’m sure we’ll see more over time. A SWT 159 would go nicely with the forthcoming 450, hopefully the tooling allows for that. Tom.
  12. TomE

    Class 158 - New Tool

    Update March 2021. CAD now in public domain: More info here from 1 minute in: Tom.
  13. Bachmann stated sometime ago in the club magazine that there was no capacity in the design department for the changes needed to the Class 47 to accommodate a Next18 socket and speaker so rather than delay it indefinitely they opted to revert back to the current 6pin setup. Tom.
  14. Perhaps its a re-announcement of the re-announcement of the announcement of the N Gauge Bulleid Pacific Tom.
  15. It's looking very nice indeed, the shape looks spot on. Taken the plunge and ordered an LNER example. Still not sure about the shade of green on the GWR example, looks very washed out to me but I'm sure KATO are across it. Tom.
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