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  1. Epax Non FEP Film sheet - X10 – FEPshop - 3D printer experts Not cheap on it's own with shipping now, sadly, so I'd tagged it onto a resin order. Tom.
  2. I recently tried some of that on the MonoX and didn't have much luck with it so I'll be interested to see how you get on. Yesterday I fitted some EPAX NFEP and a print that partially failed (1/2 stuck to the FEP) on the 3DPM 0.15 stuff has come out perfectly on the NFEP. Tom.
  3. Those look utterly superb. Looking forward to seeing the EP for the Revolution N Gauge versions even more now! Tom.
  4. Very nice, bodes well for the N Gauge versions! Tom.
  5. I’ve started adding rivet detail to the large panels, a task made significantly less tedious by the create pattern on a path function in fusion! ive also added a rough and ready version of the carriage & boiler workshop to make sure I get the relationship between that and the bridge correct at the entrance to the viewing gallery. I still have a few question marks over the the supporting columns for the side closest to the shed but hopefully I can work out the positioning of these and their style from photos on the web. It’s possible ive made the steps
  6. More virtual modelling! The two large sides that run down the side of the carriage & boiler shop building are complete bar rivet detail. Getting the curvature & geometry of these right was tricky but I think they’re just about there now. It’ll be interesting to see how they print! Tom.
  7. TomE

    Farish Due Soon

    Class 158 CAD has been shown in the club magazine so it is progressing. It looks a million miles away from the old model so should be worth the wait. I believe once the 319 is out it will pick up pace. Tom.
  8. Work continues on the bridge in virtual form. I’m not intending to print the stair rail supports as I think they’d be too delicate and difficult to to support so these will be etched, but in order to make sure the bridge fits in the space on the layout and all proportions are correct I’m creating the whole thing in fusion first. Once done I’ll split out the sections to be printed. I’ve also redone the sides of the main walkway as the geometry of the lattice wasn’t quite right and I’ve added extra rivets, lots and lots of extra rivets....... Tom.
  9. TomE

    Farish Due Soon

    The class 319 is at the artwork stage so probably somewhere between 6-12 months away. Tom.
  10. Trying out a slightly different approach, in printing the walkway separately so it can be printed angled thus reducing the surface area. The detail along the lower edge is already much better: Tom.
  11. Thanks all, to be honest I’m amazed it printed at all it’s complete form! I’m trying a slightly different approach by removing the columns and printing the walkway separately. This shows promise as I can angle it slightly to reduce the print surface area and the distortions seen in the full print are now gone. I do need to go back and adjust the geometry of the lattice, I haven’t quite got it right and now I’ve noticed it’s bugging me Tom.
  12. A preserved N class mogul rolls into Ropley. Tom.
  13. I posted a bit more on the layout thread about this, but here is the larger section printed last night. As I expected, printing the walkway flat to the plate resulted in some distortion through suction forces. I’ll probably try printing just the walkway & sides at an angle to try and reduce that effect next. Tom.
  14. I’ll call this a successful failure..... Success: It printed! It also validated the dimensions of the bridge for the layout. Failure: As I expected the suction forces on the walkway slab caused some distortion, most noticeable where the cross bracing joins it and at each end. I think I will spectate the walkway section from the supports so I can print it at an angle to reduce the surface area. I also forgot some rivets on the CAD! Tom
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