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  1. Dapol have found a way to make the retooled M7 “DCC Friendly” https://www.Dapol.co.uk/N-Gauge-M7-0-4-4-Update Tom.
  2. Neither the Dapol or Farish Class 66 have them, so I really don’t see a reason for them on the 59 either. This is, after all, supposed to be a “next generation” model, not a several generations ago model with large chunks of it missing but still with a “next generation” price tag. Tom.
  3. Interestingly the CAD shown for the RoS model has the correct layout for the bogies: Still has the unnecessary underframe cutouts, truncated beading and extra body side ribs though. Tom.
  4. They have it right on the OO version, so let’s hope that faux pas is picked up by them on the N Gauge version! Tom.
  5. They only listed the O Gauge bubble cars and OO hoppers as being stuck on the Evergiven. Possibly a good thing, depending where abouts on the ship it was I can’t imagine being sat in a metal container in the baking Egyptian heat for so long does model railway products much good Tom.
  6. I'd be more than happy with that too! It was a shame when the Cavalex N Gauge model effectively went into indefinite hibernation after the Hornby incident and a 91/MK.4 rake is now the missing piece of the ECML puzzle in N Gauge. The only reason I suspect it's not is due to the loco being announced daily soon but the coaches being mentioned as a longer term project. Something like that would make sense to announce all at the same time. Tom.
  7. Pullmans, especially those still running on the mainline, must be a bit of a variation nightmare I imagine given the various different sources they came from. Are some of the VSOE rake not ex 5BEL coaches? Tom.
  8. Power door MK.3s, eventually leading to loco hauled MK.3s, eventually leading to HST MK.3s….. Well a man can dream Tom.
  9. Accepting this is an early CAD, there are a few of areas of concern: The first is the number of bodyside corrugations, which is 19 on the CAD but only 17 on the prototype. The second: Don't do it Dapol, Its 2021 not 2001! They're not needed on the 66 so they're not needed here either! The third is the missing beading below the cab doors: On every photo of the prototypes I can find, this beading does not stop before the door on either end/side. Other than that, promising start. Tom.
  10. That's absolutely cracking Julia! Tom.
  11. Didn't work on my comment about the BoB/WC though Tom.
  12. N Gauge versions now available to pre-order via the Revolution Trains Website. There's a handy little guide here to the versions available Tom.
  13. I think those 3 at Hereford Model Centre are the exception rather than the rule. I certainly haven't seen any 350's in stock round my neck of the woods for a good few years now & the box shifters moved all theirs on when they were flogging them for about £90! Tom.
  14. Looking at the list of liveries it's a shame they aren't doing Hanson or Aggregate Industries liveries in the first batch. Both of those would go well with Revolution's forthcoming JNAs. Tom.
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