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  1. Picked up the two TSOs I had on order from Alton Model Centre this morning. Shame the Brakes hadn't come in at the same time but oh well, at least they're actually hitting the shops now! Unfortunately the superb finish won't be staying on mine, they're destined to be repainted in Anglia turquoise and be sandwiched between two class 68s or Class 37s. The only curiosity on the IC livery is the slightly lighter grey strip printed across the top of the window band. It almost looks as though they didn't quite get the height of the dark grey right and decided to rectify it b
  2. TomE

    Farish Class 319

    The most recent mention in the BCC magazine was that it was at livery sample received/awaited stage, so I imagine we might see more in the winter update. Tom.
  3. Isn’t that correct though? I was of the understanding that BR painted coach underframes & bogies a very dark brown when first out shopped in BR blue and did so right up until the early 80s where after black became standard. Still waiting for the intercity versions so will refrain from comment until I have them in hand, but can’t help feeling the bogie mounted coupling is a bizarre retrograde decision for Bachmann to make. Tom.
  4. Thanks for persevering Ben, another great update, although a bit naughty teasing a new Sonic loco then not telling us what it is Tom.
  5. Delayed until 20:00, in case anyone wonders where it is! Tom.
  6. Wowzers..... (I'll have to sort that slightly wonky handrail that I didn't notice until editing the photos!) Just.......superb. Tom.
  7. Another corker from Revolution! I could add the usual superlatives but it seems pretty pointless, the wagons speak for themselves. Tom.
  8. Has it's drawbacks sometimes........ Tom.
  9. As I observed the postman rounding the corner this morning, I realised there may have been a miscommunication regarding my order....... Tom.
  10. I would have had money on that too (which is why I don't gamble ) I wonder if that is reflective of larger production runs for the 40 and C Class though, i.e. more people with those models voting for them vs fewer with a BP? All worthy models though, it was tough to choose between Farish's most recent releases. Tom.
  11. Super work Jerry! Will look spectacular snaking over the viaduct. Tom.
  12. TomE

    Farish new 8F

    Ordered my 8624 today and was told they’re also offering a sound fitted version of this version to BCC members. They’re all expected to be here in the next 2-3 weeks. Tom.
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