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  1. TomE

    Farish new 8F

    Ordered my 8624 today and was told they’re also offering a sound fitted version of this version to BCC members. They’re all expected to be here in the next 2-3 weeks. Tom.
  2. TomE

    Farish new 8F

    The release schedule in the Bachmann autumn products video has the 8Fs down as being available this month, so not long to wait now! There’s also a a collectors club edition of 8624 in preserved LMS maroon due for release this month. Having had a cab ride in this particular loco with my late dad, I’ll be adding one of those to the collection! Tom.
  3. TomE

    Farish N - 50 years

    I haven't eaten it since! Tom.
  4. TomE

    Farish N - 50 years

    My Farish journey, and my introduction to the world of N Gauge, started with breakfast: A lot of Shredded Wheat was consumed to obtain the full set! After using (playing with) my Grandfather’s OO scale layout, I was fascinated by the small size of this scale and despite returning to OO a couple of times since, N Gauge has always been my scale of choice. The first powered Farish model I purchased, having furiously saved my pocket money for months, was a “Merchant Navy” from a now closed model shop in Newcastle whilst on Holiday in Northumberland. It had two speeds, stop and fast, but I thought it was fantastic! The first big turning point for me though, and the model that sparked a revived interest in N Gauge, was the Farish Standard 3 Tank. This really was a ‘wow’ moment when I first saw one and is ultimately responsible for Ropley coming in to existence. It prompted a huge change in direction for me as all previous projects had been modern image, but this beautiful little model saw me move into rarely modelled preservation scene. Initially this was an excuse to run anything, but has subsequently become a little more serious! Since then there has been a steady flow of some really quite beautiful models and new innovations under the Farish brand. The introduction of DCC fitted sound has probably had the most impact on my recent modelling after initially being quite sceptical about it, however within a few minutes of having the Castle and Class 40 steaming and whistling up and down the layout my mind was firmly changed. Whilst we haven seen the volume of new releases slow down recently for well publicised reasons, the quality of the products now being produced now is astounding, and the most recent ‘wow’ moment was the stunning Birdcage stock. So far out of my modelling era but impossible not to be impressed by the level of detail and quality of finishing on these models. Who would have thought that we’d ever see pre grouping rtr coaching stock in N gauge to this standard! Oh, and as I’ve said elsewhere, whoever did the artwork for the recent teak effect Thompson coaches deserves a pay rise! Stunning! let’s hope we get another 50 years of Farish products! Tom.
  5. EPs looked great on the Facebook live tonight. I'd actually forgotten I'd ordered mine with DCC sound so looking forward to that even more now! Tom.
  6. Correct though: Also not unusual. Cross country voyagers still have Virgin Red roofs. Or at least they do under the the filth that makes it blend into the XC plum! Tom.
  7. Plenty of opportunity for different types of weathered track down at Ropley. Tom.
  8. If this were my workbench, at this point I'd be seriously considering a change of era and a rattle can of freight stock grey Tom.
  9. I don't have any need for Thompson Coaches, but one has made it's way into the collection anyway as the teak finish is, for want of a better word, insane. Whoever was responsible for the artwork on these deserves a pay rise! Now I just need to work out how one ends up on the Mid Hants....... Tom.
  10. To echo the comments here, huge thanks to all of the BRM team and anyone else involved in the production of the virtual exhibition. A thoroughly enjoyable and interesting 2 days of content which has gone a long way to filling the void! cheers, Tom.
  11. TomE

    Farish new 8F

    Interesting comment in the interview with Bachmann from the virtual exhibition. 8Fs due “in a few months time” From 08:40 onward: Tom.
  12. Hi Bill. I haven't found a UK supplier unfortunately, I use FEP Shop who are based in the Netherlands. Never had a problem with any of the orders I've placed though and delivery is usually within 2-3 days. Tom.
  13. I’ve been using Phrozen ABS like grey exclusively of late. I find it good for detail and very easy to work with post cure. I’ve reprinted the 18000 cab as the original CAD was exported in mm instead of cm and had been up scaled in Chitubox, which it doesn’t seem to be very good at! The re-exported model has printed with the flat surfaces around the cab front and on the roof, so the end result is much better. Time to move into the main body! Tom.
  14. TomE

    Farish refurb Class 31

    Lockdown must be getting to you! No Dutch version in the announcement: Tom.
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