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  1. Cheers Brian, I'm sure they'll accept some form of 'electronic' payment. Thanks for all your help. Grant
  2. WOW!!! Thanks everyone for the replies. I think this is just what I'm looking for...even if my French is a bit rusty!!! If anyone has had dealings with 'Obsidienne', I'd be grateful for your comments, thoughts, feedback, etc. Onceagain, many thanks for the replies. Grant
  3. Hi Jonathan, There is something similar at Locomotion in Shildon. It is a warflat with a Crusader MK II, (I think), on it. I'll have to have another pop down and check it out, as it's just 30 minutes from my house. If you have any photos of the French wagons, that would be good. Many thanks for the reply, Grant
  4. HI Brian, And thanks for the swift reply. I'm going to model a couple of Somua S35's on flat wagons, (in 'OO' / 1/72nd scale), so I'll take it as read that I can use Warflats...afterall, how many people would know the difference??? Warflats are, as the name suggests, basically bogie flat wagons, whilst the 'rectanks', as you state correctly, had a slight bevel in the floor...and there are also 'warwells', which were basically elongated well wagons. I might 'cut and shut' three of the old Ratio GWR bogie wagons to make two warflats, but where do I find 1930's/1940's wagon decals??? Any ideas?? Again, many thanks for your help Grant
  5. Hello all, Can anyone tell me if the French Wagons TP de 40 Tonnes, (basically tank transporter wagons), are the same as the British built warflats of World War One vintage? Many thanks in advance, Grant
  6. Sorry Pennine, but I'm not getting into a 'slanging' match with Adam or anyone else. I'm always appreciative of anyone who takes the time to reply to my questions, and whilst I admit I should have worded my question a bit better, I viewed his reply as bit 'curt'. I'm not an expert on the railways, model or real, and will never confess to knowing all, because I don't, but to re-iterate Olddudders, we don't all model post 1948, and there are still some big (model) gaps left to fill, and this includes accurate and scale transfers for some very excellent kits. Maybe in the future, model companies like Parkside, could commission a set of transfers that cover all the livery and wording changes for inclusion in thier kits?? I know I'd be willing to pay a little extra, to have a complete kit, (minus paint and adhesive), similar to what Airfix did all those years ago. Anyway, that's all I'm going to say on the matter, and now consider this thread closed. Again, many thanks to all who replied. Regards, Grant
  7. Well Adam, if you had read my original question, you would have noticed, (admittedly my fault), that I did not stipulate I required pre-nationalisation and pre-gropuping transfers. If we all lived in your prefect world I'm sure it would make your day!! Like Olddudders, I too find the railway world didn't start in 1948, and I apologise to John, (of CCT), and to the others who didn't leave snotty replies, for 'wasting' their time. Grant
  8. Hi John, I was actually after pre-nationalisation lettering/numbering for the Southern vans , and pre-grouping for the SECR vans. Do you do those? Regards, Grant
  9. Thanks lads, think I'll give CCT a ring and check they are the right ones I need. Many thanks, Grant
  10. Hello all, I've just bought a couple of the Parkside SECR/Southern PMV & BY vans, and was wondering if ModelMaster, or someone else, did a set of decals/transfers for these kits. As always, many thanks in advance for any replies. Grant
  11. Well, whatever the Angel is made of, it's absolutely hideous...and I have to pass it every day!!! Modern art isn't my thing at all!!
  12. Hi Jack, If you have a static model on the track, (say at the end of a siding, etc), you can run your locos on that track at the same time. If you are thinking of placing static models on your track, I'd use plastic wheels, or metal wheels on a plastic axle. That way, if you try DC first instead of going straight into DCC, you will not have problems with electrical flow. Think of it this way: if you shunt wagons, they are still stationary on the rails, and your locos still move. Having stationary vehicles on your track will not stop your locos from moving....and never be afraid to ask a question. As we say in the North East "Shy bairns get no sweeties" Grant
  13. Hello all, As I live not far from the "Angel of the North" statue, I can confirm that it is coated/painted in a rusty looking paint. This 'rust' isn't rust as we know it, it is a protective cover over the bare metal. Could the 'rusty' pipes being transported by rail actually have this protective coating applied, and not actually be just pipes that are rusting? Grant
  14. Industrial, How long will it be from making a master to having a kit availaible to buy? Grant
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