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  1. Those top 2 are silly on a 68, much better on a 50
  2. Looking at those modern traction pictures and all I can say is that Kenneth Grange got his styling right.
  3. Really Usefull 10l boxes with models wrapped carefully inside, enough room for between 9 and 11 vehicles
  4. I actually want one of these locos for a small project and I was looking at the LRM one.
  5. I am currently on a mission to collect Airfix air conditioned coaches, just had a delivery of 3 more, so getting near end of required. I am being asked if I really need all those coaches the same. YES, they are the open seconds, up to 6 or 7 per set. 15 to 20 should be enough for 3 sets. 5 of the new ones though require E or F conversion. The perils of 1980s modelling all those coaches, and I cannot build even one set without modelling, least work are 2D TSOs with laserglaze and etched frames, most work are 2D BFKs 2C BSOs and any 2F. But they are all worked on by me therefore they are mine, unlike a straight out of box. From top Hornby RMB on Commonwealths and air, flush glazed complete Lima 2B TSO with frames (currently painted awaiting glazing) Replica SO ex FO complete Airfix 2D BFK now complete Airfix 2E TSO now complete Airfix 2E TSO now complete No need to spend a lot on brand new models when old ones can scrub up so well. Prize for best Mark 2 body profile I think is the ancient Triang Hornby model, detailed, it looks right. Bit of work on Airfix and they go together fine.
  6. Those did look good, I liked the 2 tanks
  7. After some investigation I need at least one more 2C MR rake and 1 or 2 WR Aircon sets, also found an ER set visiting WR with 2D TSO E5690. Now trying to decide which set, two set of WR stock has TSOs 2F 2E 2D but more likely to go for 1 twin BFK set, or 2, one with 2A 2D BFK one with 2D 2D BFK. One set I like is 47 1 RBR * 2E FO # 2F TSO 2E TSO 2E TSO 2D BFK # 2A BFK * 2D TSO * 2E TSO # 2F TSO # 1 GUV * * Got # Can make Need 3 more TSOs and another 47 Or I can sneeze and add a 45/1 a 2F FO 2A TSO and remove a couple of 2A (actually remove the 2A as it is a miswritten 2E 5258 and 5852) 7 vehicles the same
  8. I am modelling mine pre TGS as the Hornby TGS is ex Lima and everything else is Hornby scale length
  9. No one laughs at me spotting coaches now!, I cleared the 2B TSOs
  10. I now use Iwata Neo and a large Aldi compressor
  11. Well had a good look through my data and found 3 with 2A 2D BFKs 2 sets were 3/4 the same vehicles including both BFKs A few had GUVs at one end Found one set which would HAVE to have a Lima RB* and has TSOs in order EFEDAE Found an ER set where a 2D TSO needs no renumbering * Would go as far as Ebay and use Comet sides and Replica bogies, because it HAS to be the Lima one, Found 3 with 2x 2D BFKs and a GUV, one was EF and RBR, the other ABDEF RBR All are 45/1 47/4 or 50. However the worst thing is I need around 10 to 15 2Cs and I have ran out of the funny sized toilet windows Any 2B with Aircon will end up a back dated Airfix
  12. Go to Ebay Search Platform 5 Ignore shoes and click on books British Rail Motive Power Pocket Books AFAIR have the WR set formations.
  13. I liked this seen some of the locos, Pendennis Castle at Bulmers (with Flying Scotsman AFAIR) when I was very small. Will admit to 08 hunting to see if I recognised any.
  14. Yes it will be one of the big WR sets with twin BFKs brake to brake and usually a 50, not sure if inter regional but have seen similar at Plymouth, Exeter, Bristol. Will be early to mid 80s so all Blue Grey, my newest livery is chocolate cream as I go as new as 1985. Will probably choose a set with a RBR rather than RU I have 3 or 4 suitable sets to choose from. Lickey was mainly 2ABC stuff Decided to take a new go at the usual chop an Airfix route as whatever is used I will have to repaint them unless they are 100% match to Precision Blue Grey, just bought 3 TSOs off Ebay for under £20 I am going to fill and recut the toilets. At least it wil match my other WR Aircon and my ER Aircon. I am aiming for 8 or 9 rakes to go on my railway which is hurtling from being a weekend project to a retirement project. And I started it in my 20s. Not really mainly thinking aloud. Out of interest what do you have? My biggest problem is I am getting a bit WCML itchy with an 87, started because one of my Lickey sets was also 86 hauled from New Street, and I have an 86.
  15. I currently have 3 sets, 2 are Airfix and 1 is a couple of Lima with Jouef 3as I need some more now, a whole train full about 8 to 10. As usual they are DEF so a mix. But the main vehicles are 2E TSOs and 2D BFKs, could be a 2D or 2F FO or 2D FK, NO BSOs. I don't want jarring differences so what should I use? Problem is BFKs force repainting, but I have enough Airfix components to make 2. So is my answer Airfix again?
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