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  1. Still too dull Anyway started on door hinges, using bits of MJT BR handrail and grab handle etches, the outside edge with nothing attached, one piece does 6 doors.
  2. Considering it but they do seem to have a few minor errors. There are a few on the 119 etch.
  3. Also comes down to skill level. I can't quite get plastic card carriage sides to work. So I buy etched sides. So to make a 120 i will need some good etched sides to base it on.
  4. I have quite a few carriage books from pre group to Mark 2. This year I have referred to a few of them. The biggest gap in BR DMUs are the low density long framed units. Most notably the GRCW 119 and Swindon 120 cross country sets. I do have a 119. But need a 120.
  5. Early 80s WF Window frame DB Destination box B800 Blue Grey then PTE WF painted DB Yellow B801 PTE (2 panel thing on cab front) B802 B+G (Orange line across rain strip top of cab) B803 B804 B+G B805 B+G B806 Blue then B+G WF Painted with rubbers showing DB plated B811 Blue WF Blue DB Inuse then yellow (B+G 1985) B812 Blue WF Chromed, DB Black background B813 Blue WF Blue DB Clear B820 B+G DB In use B821 B then B+G B822 Blue WF Chrome DB Black B823
  6. A friend was at a show somewhere (holme show or something) and decided to watch, he got chatting with a pair of blokes and took him a minute to realise it was those two.
  7. Quite a few were blue in late 70s B811 B821 come to mind, some were PTE but not the centre brakes. I have notes somwhere
  8. A quick question. I am currently chucking a lot of parts together to knock up some branch line stock. (to run with 45xx and NBL D63xx) I am having to make my own carriage ends. I had to give up fretsawing and now using scissors, there is little detail on them just emergency thing and light jumpers. Cutting like that is not a problem is it?
  9. The chassis keeps jamming a little may see if Mike can have a look. Mine is in just overhauled blue.
  10. Still nothing from Brian Anyway back to C83 and cattle, cattle are now wheeled, just playing hunt the bauxite. Bogies done for 1 C83 and the second pair half done. As to ends, given up trying to saw and are now using some old scissors. Hopefull piccies next weekend.
  11. My partially completed garage layout I am going to modifiy to be Lickey Route, been in there 20 years with hardly anything done, probably one of the closed stations pretending to have avoided shutting, can't quite bring myself to go full pretend. Haven't got the room for Gloucester! Thats said I will be doing a shrunk version of Newland, already have 1 loco, 1 crane, and a pile of Cambrian departmentals. But for now I am having a side project of a Cornish branch with 22, 45xx, B set and cattle wagons. I do have plenty of blue era Bristol Birmingh
  12. Seen the 89 at Shrub Hill as well
  13. Hence my previous comments of shunter porn. Prolem is that I can only justify 03, 04, 08, & PWM.
  14. We know what kit building is and scratchbuilding. What is it called when you buy bits from all over the place and make a model like that?
  15. As I am waiting on Brian Laserglaze I have continued on the GWR non corridors. So far have sides, printed on paper ends, brass sheet, MJT bogies and frames and the recommended LNER roof profile. The profile matches some RTR GWR stock very well.
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