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  1. So they were what became the Cardiff sets. I am quite pleased though that my CF 116 is gangway fitted
  2. Bristol 116 sets? I do not know much about those, just the Cardiff and Tyseley sets
  3. And a 116 DMS The 119 (all 3) now in B&G and with Lima chassis awaiting bogies.
  4. If my layout was set any older I would need a Falcon and a few Westerns. Anything West of England in the early 80s would require at least 5 x 50s. Peaks were not everywhere but they were very common where I grew up.
  5. I find it is difficult to avoid a small number of rare vehicles. If you model a certain period and region and something was very common there you have to have it. Try a 1970s ECML layout without a few members of a class of 22 Diesels.
  6. If I had the money I would go Nikon full frame DSLR. My current kit is old 1960s Miranda and Tamron, prime lenses, and a light leaking camera body. So no ties to old kit. I do like Nikon lenses and Sony image sensors.
  7. Wnat to try any resin Large battery boxes Fridge boxes Gas cabinets with or without underneath angle iron
  8. What do you do about all the underside gubbins on coaches and units? With 4 catering vehicles being bare I had to sort things properly.
  9. Resin casting. Do many of us use this technique to produce more items? I am currently doing some right now, seats for a DMU, seats for detailing old Airfix aircon open firsts, vents for 2CDE stock based on Airfix. And a few Mark 1 underframe boxes for buffets. My RBR (RU), Bar, Booth, TH RMB all use them.
  10. Shim the check rails, the gaps are too wide allowing a wheel to take the wrong route.
  11. I ma pretty sure I was reading about a model of this station in the late 70s early 80s
  12. £400 seems fair to me. I am a bit like that with TVs and home electronics, however I have only owned 3 large TVs and just bought top of range, full featured but only when needed,say £1500 over a decade is better than £500 every 2 to 3 years. I mentioned at work looking around for a new TV in a year or so and was aghast at the idea of a cheap one I would have to replace sooner and also be unhappy with, why change to one worse than I already have? My AV receiver is over 20 years old and still works fine. Simple really, buy the best you can afford when you need it, or keep buying junk because it is not very good.
  13. To be honest you can do it yourself, filling, use plastic sheet as much as possible before filler, let dry as well.
  14. Am I unusual in being happy to just watch them run. Complex running to timetables, not really interested, building and watching is more fun. This is where train sets win, start them up and watch them. My under construction for 20 years garage layout will be converted to continuous run eventually so I can kick off a couple and watch them pass by.
  15. I model WR with some MR interlopers and the interlopers are from an ex WR now MR depot. At least I can tell a 116, 117, and 118 apart!
  16. Air brushes. There is a cheapy Iwata one, a Neo, well worth trying. Or find rattle cans of DMU green! Nice to see how you did the DMUs. You know my technique for the non toilets centre cars! As to suitable dealing BR blue era, I can have 101, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 122, with 115 and 127 centre cars in Tyseley 116s. Go back in time and add GWR railcars and the Swindon Scottish Intercity stock, also the 123s. I think there may be some more DMUs but need to research more. I have found that DC Kits Derby cabs have inaccurate destination blinds, so better off using my home made ones. Or just tape my mould in place and cast them! Sources 101 BR Triang B811 101 BR DC with 2xDMBC 1xTBSL B821 (Hornby motor bogie) 110 not suitable Hornby 116 CF Lima C305 I think or C301 116/127 TS Lima 117 BR Lima B430 117 BR Lima B435 118 BR Lima B465 119 BR Worsely, Triang, Lima, MJT, LMS, Home produced Resin, Scratch, will get lowrider as an experiment. B59something 128 RG DC on Black Beetle Jobs required are finish TS 116 power cars, rebuild repaint B430 as the cut and splice have split and the paint is poor, but ran out of GWR150 paint. Then 120 will be next target. Then I will have enough DMUs except for another 101 in white blue.
  17. Not that bothered to be honest, after the 119 is finished 120 next and for that I will ask Worsley about the window sizes as 120 are not that deep. Soldering is easy, find suitable roofs (Triang are a good fit with my 119) then worry about under gear, hopefully Lima will get cheap again or it will be devise my own.
  18. My Mark 1 bodgery consists of. Triang based 2 BSK to TSO and NEA (BG) both Replica glazing and the NEA has Replica B4, the buffet in the NEA set is a Triang RMB detailed with Replica glazing, Replica Commonwealths off a BG (my era is B4 or BR1). Both have air brakes with the tanks and little cylinder. 1 BSK detailed as BSK W34666 1 BSK and 1.5 CK to TSO 5 done so far, 2 in my 2 A,B,C set behind an ETH Peak, 3 in my GWR150 set. Not sure what to do with my remainder Lima and 3 early Mainline Mk1s. Lima based Lima RBR brass sided to RBR(RU) W19xx series Lima BG to brass sided Bar Lima BG to brass sided Booth (no use whatever for it but bought by accident) Got lots of Arifix aircon conversions.
  19. Swindon Cross Country At least 1. But I also want now a pre 126 set. My 119 is coming along well, got all 3 underframes and just waiting on my rubber mould to set for the seats. over 70 x 2 seat seconds, 6 x 2 seat and 6 x 1 seat firsts. Got 3 masters of seconds and 1 each of firsts. The roof dome was done by taking a mould of a Lima 116 converted roof. Also the DC kits Derby fronts are inaccurate with the destination boxes, they are too high, so sticking with modified Lima on plastic bodied DMUs. Was annoying as I was going to convert a spare body to a Gloucester rail car (122). My 119 has those new LMS DMU/Wagon buffers and they are very nice.
  20. A5, I remember reading about them years ago and thought they were nice looking locos.
  21. You probably remember my thoughts on some RTR notably the Heljan 02. They are more yours than a kit made and painted by someone else. When you are involved with the design and prototype testing you partly made it. If I was in your position I would be proud of it.
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