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  1. Judith Edge do some excellent shunters
  2. Lima error the power cars for 116 117 118 are all very similar
  3. OK I have done a few tests on cutting, and wasted 4 sheets trying things out. Best results have been 3 depth, 33 force, 4 pass, 5 speed The last pair of DMU sides are really good. First were incorrect Second tore Third loaded wrong wasted two sides Four got it
  4. While waiting wil start on the design of the WR 126s
  5. Now found neatest results are 3 on depth, 5 on speed, 4 on cuts and 33 on force. Going to leave the inside until 20 thou arrives and will scratch and snap. From out to in 10 thou >> may put 10 though with big holes here<< profilers 20 thou 20 thou Anyone good ideas for Swindon roofs?
  6. Redoing now as windows too low, so ungroup, move side, regroup. Takes about 1/2 hour per run
  7. Force 33 speed 5, 3 pass, 3 depth Then Force 33 speed 5, 1 pass, 4 depth One damaged window frame but not bad at all
  8. Not a bad first attempt, did not do more than score so upped speed and passes for trial number 2. Got another 3 packs of card on order as well. Next design will be for 3 sheets of inside sides to laminate.
  9. A pop up driver when running forwards on end cars
  10. Some progress The two GWR designed carriages are coming along well, have some suface filling on one end so will use car filler. Will look nice behind my NBL Type 2. DMUs Drawn up Swindon cross country 3 car set but may need to modify the centre as possibly an error. Will then start on internal sides for 120 then a WR InterCity set of similar to class 126. Just got to find a suitable roof for the Swindon stuff so I can copy and resin cast a big pile.
  11. Happened in real life as well. One of the SDJR memoir books mentioned our accelerating the banking engine.
  12. Those are excellent, made me laugh. And so realistic as well, and I like the details like No1, P155, CHAR, Return empty to sty
  13. 1700 is slightly different as it was a prototype, so I suppose 14 or 15 then? The one it is is OK if Commonwealths fitted
  14. Over Christmas I bought a cutter plotter. My plans are to use it to produce glazing for some of my carriages, the first were failures due to too thick to cut. I now have a pack of 10thou to produce DMU sides. I have started on standard Swindon windows, and first will be a cross country 120 DMU, and if that works I am going to have a go at the 1950s Inter City stock in Western Region form, managed to find pictures or 3 different sets one is normal cab first corridor cab, one is corridor cab buffet normal cab, and final is 2 corridor cabs.
  15. And lot 30349 SKs from 1957, including this one.
  16. The old Mainline model, the first high detailed Mark 1 model. The Eastern region mainly had RUs, this is a RB, and most were built with Commonwealth bogies, except 1700-38 The one you have was built 61-62 on Commonwealths, most of the ER ones were the same batch. The ER had quite a few RUs on Gresley bogies in late 50s The oldest of these is 1960 originally on BR1 or BR2 but soon rebogied with B4s or Commonwealths. I'd put the wheels in the original bogies and ignore the year out of place.
  17. The first thing I noticed was the SK with Single Bolster bogies.
  18. Bogies, seen a few, but I find the Dart Casting MJT ones very good castings, could we pursuade them to do some 10ft?
  19. Using these dimensions but very slightly thicker frames by about 0.2 on cross
  20. I found this on flickr, it embedded I tried to link (c) John Wolley Window is 15x12, cross bar in 0.8mm, top window height 3.5mm, small 8mm Worked out from 34mm bogie wheelbase and 25mm side height
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