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  1. Decided I am going to modify that rake and use W14152, and decide that W14159 is up for repair instead. Then I can shuffle them around and produce yet another set. Yes 4 separate sets with W14159, 2 with W14077, 1 with W14152 and 1 not paired.
  2. I have a similar issue Hornby 110, what can I do with it? Nice model, not WR or MR
  3. Just painted 16 corridor connectors, all in satin black as it was handy. Will paint the 2 end ones in fawn and red. All were cut down, now using my special Airfix corridor connection cutting down jig. Wil be fitting the joiners for the cams soon, then I can see what the set (so far) looks like.
  4. They are all different. Lima are a good profile but slightly tall on the sides. Airfix are a good size but the sides do not turn under enough. Newer models not so sure on. Best profile is the very old Triang Hornby Mark 2. 2D FOs were not common in working with anything but other 2D, 2D FKs were more common user. But noone does the full set of DEF so no matter what you do modifying is essential, so I use Airfix simply due to 1) Reasonable accurate, 2) Have around 20, 3) Not that expensive. 4) Need a repaint anyway.
  5. W5879 and W14159 share a donor Also the second WR set has sprung a problem, I will have to change the set. The problem is W14159. Just checked a large pile of spotting documentation. FOUR 2D BFKs over a large number of sets W14140 W14147 operating together W14152 W14159 operating together W14159 on own W14159 with W14077 EVERY twin BFK set I have seen contains 1 or 2 of the above. Only ONE does not have W14159
  6. Interesting thread I have done a few Lima rebuilds done 2 x 116, 2 x 117, 1 x 118, got a 119 under way as well
  7. WR Aircon Set 2E TSO W5870 Basically complete 2D BFK W14159 Basically complete 2E TSO W5855 Basically complete 2F FO W3400 Basically complete - undergoing glazing 2F FO W3415under construction 2E TSO W5879 Undergoing glazing 2D TSOT W6615 - Basically complete except 1 window 2C BSO W9461 - lots to do waiting on Brian from Shawplan for 2 years
  8. Now going to job list the 3 rakes Work in last week Aircon 1 restof 2x 2D TSO E5637 E5648 in primer Aircon 2 restof 1x 2F FO W3415 in primer Aircon 3 BFKs (2A W14077 / 2D W14159) making the B parts of W14159 Dimensions Cutting it Glueing it together Other side Struggline with the tools on the W7 boot, I may drop into XP to edit in future as easier.
  9. Comes down to cost. I NEED at least 2 more 47s (only have 3) Heljan - expensive Bachmann - expensive Hornby - cheap but not that common Lima - cheap and common So for any more a few Lima will do, all they have to do is run along pulling trains.
  10. They could be for very short periods of time, there are documented cases of 3000edhp (Peter Smith S&D books), but not continuous. That is the big difference between Diesel and both Steam and Electric, Diesel has a maximum power, Steam can run beyond normal power levels for short periods of time, Electrics are continuously rated rather than maxium rated.
  11. I do like the old Airfix cement wagon, mine are all PCV or CPV, CPV were the BR owned ones in bauxite and PCV private owner ones in various colours, mine are grey. Spent an interesting half hour at a cement terminal siding taking notes and photos, so my wagons are based on real ones. I prefer kits to RTR for wagons.
  12. This is a friends band after reforming after about 30 years
  13. You are not having mine. Ran fine when I rode on it, probably a Gloucester/Swindon service.
  14. I upset people who suggest seeing a tribute act. They can get stuffed. I have seen them live, their penultimate concert in 1983.
  15. I think I may have found a good primer. Tamiya fine surface primer, the car ones are too lumpy, I had a HobbyCraft voucher so primer and No11 knife blades. Sprayed 4 aircons in it and it appears to cover plastic, brass and whatever the frames are (stainless steel?) pretty well. Will have to wait until spring for blue and grey
  16. MJI


    Thanks Flood I always worry when I do not hear from people. I worry if they are OK.
  17. MJI


    Did a search in case anything about him Blog - 2014 Twitter - 2014 Linkedin - requires log in Do NOT search with last month, randon junk appears. No news, again, I hope he is OK
  18. MJI


    I have not had a response since around Christmas on any contact method. When he confirmed that the bits I wanted were on order. Shawplan email no answer Phone usual ring out Private email no answer (not handing it out) I had emailed a roughly £200 order to him. I hope he is OK.
  19. For me it was seeing weird coaches nothing like I had seen in a catalogue, and the fact I found a coach spotting book very soon after I started on locos. I reckon coaches started about a month after loco names. I started collecting wagon details for my own models.
  20. Just awaiting more models to make it worth spraying bauxite
  21. I bought two about a year ago Aghh closed in August, if I had known I would have got a couple more. Looks like I will have to mod some Aifix components and cast some.
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