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  1. Pat Hammond in British Model Trains catalogue comments the Replica Period 3 Vestibule 3rd had been planned by Airfix but not reached production. Godfrey Hayes of Replica redrew the roof and Kader made it.
  2. After Palitoy acquired Airfix they continued to develop models "in the AIrfix style" which were not Kader products and consequently passed to Dapol and then Hornby, the 2P and 56 never featured in any listing of models Airfix intended to produce. Palitoy presumably saw advantages in not being wholly tied to Kader for the Mainline range
  3. Pat Hammond in Ramsays Model Trains comments the tools for the 12 wheel dining car were probably made by Mainline. It first appeared from Dapol in BR "red+cream" in 1985 with BR and LMS maroon versions following in 1986 and 1987 respectively and then LMS ones with a panelled livery in 1988. BR maroon ones are listed as being produced in 1998 after the tools had been sold to Hornby, bar seemingly the accurate chassis one which appears to be lost. How long are people finding it takes to received the Cat+Mag from Key? I read elsewhere of someone receiving theirs after a couple of days (ordered mine a week ago)
  4. Thanks - Suppose it would have helped to look a larger photo.
  5. Depends if you can come up with a reasonable explanation like the branch was upgraded to cope with military traffic in WW1 or WW2 and as it serves a slightly well to do town there is sufficient demand for a commuter service to the big city; so the short coach set starts out by being drawn tender first to the terminus and then after running round the train to the big city departs, at the first major station reached a longer set of coaches are attached.
  6. Looking at the boxed set again strikes me those three downward yellow stick like parts presumably on both sides of the coaches are going to very fragile, even more so with the brittle plastic Hornbys supplier seem to favour, unless they are metal.
  7. I would suggest its on the Chesterfield-Nottingham service that was jointly operated with East Midland; by the manner of joint services operators often used their better vehicles to tempt customers onto their workings. Not sure paper numbers in the windows would be correct.
  8. Not sure if there ever was a detailed service sheet issued by Mainline, Lendons list one on their web site but its the instruction sheet that came with the loco http://www.lendonsmodelshop.co.uk/pdf/Mainline Service Sheets/L1011 2301 Class 0-6-0 Dean Goods.pdf
  9. Standing on a service route could be another reason although if you went with the excursion approach no need to bother with a bus stop.
  10. Coach rather than bus but dead right for your time period as it was new to them in 1948 and sold in 1959, and still exists https://www.classicbuses.co.uk/trent.html
  11. There are two north American based replicas - Wiki says one is currently at the Henry Ford Museum, the other at Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago
  12. If the caps etc are left in situ and on DCC the loco runs erratically / jerks then that is a clear indication that they should be removed. The one issue I have come across on some Bachmann models is that they also act as a motor restraint and if removed the motor is free to rotate as much as it can within the body shell
  13. Colours change with the light falling on them, looks like the Bluebell vans had a good of amount of sunlight falling on them which would make a colour look brighter - equally varnish can have a significant change like how the dull Airfix LMS Crimson coaches suddenly looked better to many people once varnished.
  14. Along with a new tooling of an open coach hopefully
  15. Um.. theres a photo in the Hornby 2020 thread with Globe etc in a red box with Triang Railways on top which I took as being the inside of the R3809 set
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