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  1. Some explanation of delivery delays would be useful; on their website a number of 2021 releases are annotated as Winter 2022.
  2. Close - Great Central Railway's London Extension - published 1999 ISBN 0-7110-2618-1 There is also the 1988 book The Great Central from the Footplate written with Frank Stratford ISBN 0-7110-1759-X The Last Years book predated that (1986) ISBN 0-7110-1613-5 The two Colin Walker Twiliight books were published by Pendyke Pyblications - Twilight in 1986 ISBN 904318 12 5 and Twilight Finale in 1993 ISBN 0904318 15 X
  3. The 25th year edition of The Hornby Book of Trains 1954-1979 gives a list of products with the following R numbers having been reused by then - R11/18-28,40-42,48,51/2/6/8, 60-75, 77-80, 83/4/6/7/9,90/3/6-8 R100-109, 114/9/25/6, 130-137, 143/54/6, 162-165, 181-184, 190-197, 199 R201-206, 208-218, 220/2/4/7, 229 -232, 235-237, 239-242,244,252,254-256,282 R300-304, 307-318,331, 350-353,357/8,360-367,377-379 R385-391,395/7/8 R400/1/7, 410-413, 415,422/3,428-439, 448-452, 454/5, 474 R514-9, R550-2 R620*/1/4/5/8, 630-632,634/5/7/9, 657/9, 660,670/1 R720/4/6 *R620 had been reused three times - 1963 Engineering Dept Coach, 1970 Flexible Track, 1979 rerailer/uncoupler.
  4. Got an email today from LT Museum saying Sherlock (received last Thursday) had been despatched
  5. Out of habit I always look at loco upside down before first running it due to misaligned pick ups being something of a near universal issue IME.
  6. LT Museum are using Royal Mail - Sherlock arrved in a box big enough for two
  7. Sherlock hiding in the packaging either thinking Moriarty is about or because I forgot it needs a Plux 22 decoder
  8. Looking at some rail operators web sites they are not much better. There some very simple things that can improve bus services; link the destination display to the gps ticket machine so that it updates appropriately the remainder of the journey - little point still saying its going to x via y when y was passed long ago. Ensure bus stop information is up to date / provide information if none is and on routes where "hail and ride" applies provide some signage at intervals so people know there is a service. Yet if had survived a large chunk of HS2 would not be needed. A issue often overlooked with the GC route that bode against it was the Nottinghamshire coalfield where increasing subsidence was being more of problem in comparison to the Midlands route. A interesting theme for a model would be what would have happened if the Midland became so riddled by subsidence it became unuseable around Clay Cross; the Loughborough connection still built but as a double track mainline and the GC retained northwards from there. Maybe even the Nottm Suburban repaired from its war time damage to allow NE-SW services to loop round without reversing to then run via the GN through Derby and Egginton jn to Burton.
  9. Try the 17 track app on a mobile - it covers all carriers without any privacy issues and may auto detect the carrier from the number or if not offers a list to use to pick from.
  10. Having a naming facility in the case of duplicated types of loco I use in the name a visual livery difference where possible.
  11. Same issue with Hornby and the K1; yet a clear market.
  12. Might it be delayed as they have decided the woeful electrical connection twix loco and tender needs radical improvement.
  13. But subject to some hefty discounts such as 2p under £45 at TMC for the BR Maroon one
  14. You can be certain if someone does the red box lot will seek to gazump them
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