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  1. BR could have had its hand forced if mining subsidence had differed such that the MML had to abandoned at Clay Cross meaning the GC was the only route available between the East Midlands and South Yorkshire. Given that the Loughborough chord would be double track, possibly the GC abandoned south of it, the GN Derbyshire extension retained and upgraded and the Nottingham Suburban Railway reopened equally upgraded so that SW-NE trains ran from Burton via Derby Friargate and the Nottm Sub so as to enter Nottm Vic facing north.
  2. I would suggest possibly trying the Greenwich coupling sold for 009 use - being etched it should be possible to bend the supporting part to fit closely to the underside of the tender and coaches, although you will need to rig up an electromagnet to undertake the actual uncoupling - has any version of Rocket ever been seen running tender first ? If not then a small turntable will be required. Mine, when it returns from repair or is replaced, will spend its time shuttling back and forth much like the Replica does at York and when its out at depot open days etc
  3. Lidl have had some more under cabinet fluorescent styled 573mm long LED lights, £5.99 or 2 for £10. May be a week or two so stocks may be limited or gone, I picked three up on Thursday. They are identical in shape and cable fitting to the Sensio ones sold by Tool Station other than being cool white as opposed to the warm white of the basic type offered by Tool Station; TS do sell also sell ones switchable between warm, cool and natural. The Lidl ones come with a connecting cable which the TS sell separately and also being nominally a trade outlet the power lead supplied by TS has no plug. Price wise a slightly shorter warm white 524mm from TS is more than two of the Lidl ones and the switchable one three times.
  4. Same otherwise it would have a new catalogue number (a suffix letter added) and certainly not have 158766 in its description.
  5. Quite noticeable I believe this is the first ever issue without any model being reviewed.
  6. There is a service sheet on the Hornby web site, 451. As I posted earlier it looks like you need to either disconnect the coupling rods from the wheels which given the plastic pins that are used could be fatal to them or remove the cylinders from the body, if that can be do one without damaging them. There is then a single slotted head bolt on the underside which presumably actually holds the body in place. I would not attempt it before I knew that spare pins or cylinders were readily available.
  7. The Bachmann decoder will not fit, I would check that there is no short between the pick up circuits and the motor circuits, reasonable easy to do with the probes of a multimeter and the model lying on its side touching the solder pads for the wires on the tender, obviously with no decoder or blanking plug in situ.
  8. Might have been useful if they had specifically stated that in the magazine. It does refer to work to correct minor issues .
  9. Pictures of painted models in the latest Model Rail (fell through letter box today) - what is noticeable is how far the front tension lock projects and then the fact than the NEM pocket is protruding forward of the buffer beam. Looks like the rarely used No,17 will be needed by Kadee users and is an obvious model where a NEM 363 mount would be more appropriate (as used via ViTrains) although obviously in terms of Kadees it would be matter of trimming of plastic to fit, or using a third party adaptor.
  10. £38.99 is the normal price for a limited edition Corgi bus (including Wilts & Dorset cream Lodekkas) while a Harry Potter Studio Shuttle bus (not a limited edition) is 50p dearer.
  11. Agree, they are clearly aimed at Hornby collectors. The one issue I can see is that it would have been better if the Binns Road one had slightly different adverts, Hornby Dublo instead of Triang Railways.
  12. To balance their are a number of used listings which are new, seems that those sellers are strictly compiling witht the eBay criteria for new being an unopened item so simply taking the model out for a photo and possibly test run makes it used in comparison to model shops who would still consider it to be new.
  13. Maybe someone with a 3D printer should prepare and sell replacement Kadee stepped shanks, leaving the purchaser to fit the spring ( a particular pain I find on the NEM Kadees) and the knuckle coupling off a NEM Kadee. How is deep is the step needed compared to Bachmanns normal step, i.e. ignoring the Std 4 tank.
  14. I completely removed the board - the decoder I used was slightly bigger 9x7 rather than 8x7 and I felt it needed the metal centre rod that holds the board in place removing. Have ordered the decoder you used.
  15. The 101 is the only Lima "loco" I have retained, it always was a very good runner, I obviously got one where all the gears etc were at their best tolerances, and treated it to one of those CD drive replacement motors.
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