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  1. Try reading back the decoders in another loco - if still zeros try programming them and read back again. Always best to read back a newly installed decoder before putting the loco on the main dcc.
  2. Um.. second posting above yours would suggest otherwise.
  3. Another forum, non rail related, has a full page as showing when you open a thread but once the ad is closed the thread is ad free which seems a far better approach IMO
  4. What a clown, obviously whether he actually makes a sale is not of importance to him.
  5. Easy one, tool up the small tender that must people recognise GNR no.1as being coupled to, as when it had steamed on preserved lines, and do a new batch of Stirling Singles with that tender.
  6. A main issue with Dapol is the grease they apply to many models sets rock hard unless it is weakened by oil, the 14xx notably is affected and when I bought mine the model shop refused to test run it because of the need to oil it first. Similarly one that has been stored for some time needs the appropriate lubrication first.
  7. Usually subscriptions get transferred to a new publisher so it looks like it is the end, if so its a pity that it could last a smidge longer to reach LI/MLI issue 250.
  8. Old names for places is another source - I give you an East Midland location of Snotingeham or Snotingham with its Midland, Victoria and London Road (both high and low level) stations
  9. Fine, but entering in one turnout address to set a route is IMO a lot simpler than having to enter in each address for each point that needs changing. Obviously a lot simpler if the DCC system allows for route setting although IME that is a bit hit and miss. Agreed no its not and I wasn't intending to imply otherwise
  10. I suspect most crud however is created by rubber traction tyres. After an exhibition I struggled to understand for a while why some tracks remained reasonably clean and others were quite flight. Then I realised the flithy tracks where were the sole traction tyres fitted loco had run.
  11. There are solutions to that, a point numbered track plan pinned on a suitable location or a small number sticker in line with the point on the baseboard edge - the latter does not have to be every point if for example they are numbered consequentially from a certain location. Some Multimaus offer route settings while an alternative I have used is to drive relays rather than solenoid point motors which then route set a CDU through a traditional diode matrix.
  12. Simply because the Multiimaus is simpler IMO to use, can walk round the layout with it and not having to be tied to a laptop screen.
  13. I also use Multimaus's - very simple to use compared to other handsets which at the other extreme require a working knowledge of the coded buttons and display simply to get a loco to move. Downsides are most versions do not read back CVs, simple way round that is a SPROG unit https://www.sprog-dcc.co.uk/ attached to a dedicated programming track track using Decoder Pro on a laptop. Also the supplied PSUs can give out a higher than normal voltage which can either be mitigated by twin rows of diodes in one side of the track connection sufficient in number to drop the voltage or the use instead o
  14. What fits - many direct decoders are the wrong orientation for a lot of UK models or too wide or too tall for the available space above the socket.
  15. That's more reasonably a should not must in respect of turnouts. It makes sense with live frogs to provide the frog switch with direct feed from the "DCC bus" ( a couple of high current wires wound together running under the length of the layout carrying the track supply).
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