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  1. One thing manufacturers could do is arrange the packaging so that a model with the detail parts on it fits back in without having to cut holes in it.
  2. A lot of people annoyed for some reason on one of the mailing lists (SR) over the coverage of 92 Squadron.
  3. Lenz standard fitted find in my J36. Not quite sure what you mean by the length of the pins causing the circuit board to sit too high as those Gaugemaster decoders are cabled so the decoder can be sited away from the socket.
  4. Also through Topcashback 2% cashback, 3% on purchases £100+ to a max of £50 cashback Contact the seller and see if they are happy to cancel the order and immediately refund on the basis that you will remake it immediately upon getting the refund
  5. Have a look at http://www.ukmodelshops.co.uk/UKMS/class56xx.shtml. Not surprised the DCC Concepts decoder does not fit as despite their hype over its size it is simply poorly proportioned for many models which will take a TCS DP2X-UK although nominally slightly larger
  6. The Bachmann ESU Lokpilots based /rebadged decoders often need tweaking to their Back EMF CVs to get acceptable running in steam locos - they are usually fine in diesels. Bachmann did produce a list of CV setting for the earlier 36-553 which covered a number of their own models (56xx, Hall, G2A, Ivatt 4 2-6-0, Jubliee, Std 4 2-6-4T 2-6-0 & 4-6-0, 9F) Load control parameter "K" (CV54) usually defaults as 48 and Bachmann recommended this be set to 12, with the exception of 15 (Std 4 4-6-0) and 25 (9F). The higher this is set the stronger the effect of Back EMF control Load control parameter "l" (CV55) usually defaults as 32 and Bachmann recommended this be set to 63, with the exception of 32 (9F), 56 (Jubliee) and 62 (G2A and Std 4 4-6-0). The higher the momentum of the motor (large flywheel or bigger motor diameter, the lower this value has to be set. You may to be able to switch Back EMF off so narrowing down easily whether that is the problem. ESU list the option as part of the Extended Configuration #1 CV49 and is switched off by reducing the existing CV value by 1 (and switched back on by adding 1 to the value)
  7. Thanks, as space is not an issue I have sent off for my default decoder, a Lenz Standard. It is for Maude as the current MRD offer was too tempting to ignore but given I do not have any other sound fitted locos and fundamentally the limited speed control in the TTS decoder, I decided to flog the TTS one; went in a matter of hours as a buy it now offer on ebay and knocking off fees etc effectively reduced the price of Maude to £92.18 taking postage into account. With regard to the colour I acknowledge it is black but depending on the light can look brown presumably due to reflections from the lettering and lining. When I lifted the encased model out of the box the reflections through the plastic wrap made it look brown - at the time it was coincidently resting on a black head cap.
  8. Any recommended decoder for this model, all references in the 17 pages seem to be to the TTS decoder.
  9. Just tried fitting a ZN8D to 263 and the body will not fit back properly - it rocks on the decoder. Thankfully had a DP2X-UK spare.
  10. Could be a honest mistake, a lot of model railway items in my experience are listed by people clearing models etc owned by deceased relatives so something in the wrong box is not readily going to be noted if it seems right. Can be the benefit of the buyer like the Bachmann 03 I got which was wrongly listed and failed to mention it had Kadees and a decoder fitted
  11. Model Railways Direct have a new sale - some things cheaper elsewhere but a variety of Bachmann Moguls under £70 and Maude for a penny under £115
  12. Had no problem with my P - obviously some sleeves are being glued together too tight. Reglued it (Pritt stick) 1mm back from its original postion and now slides on and off the box properly without being too loose.
  13. That sleeve is stupidly tight - I ended up running a sharp knife down the glued joint on the basis it can be reglued back together.
  14. Post Limas collapse once had a punter asking if I had any Lee-marr
  15. Knowing how many people IME simply do not read instructions etc, or at least properly, one thing Bachmann could have done is stick a warning label on the blanking plug re the correct decoder needed. Wonder how many will get returned as faulty simply because some muppets have ignored / not read the label on the packaging / the comments in the instructions re the correct decoder needed. Its an approach that most electronic suppliers take with an excessive amount of warning labels on items so that the message must get across no matter how few active brain cells the purchaser has.
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