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  1. The latest Bachmann Times confirms the 20/0, 24/0, 24/1, 150/2 and 410 as being on their way from China while now in production are the V2, Improved Precedent (for NRM/Rails), 812 (for Rails) and 24.5T mineral (for TMC). The VEA is at livery sample stage and the Bulleid Coaches at artwork. EPs have been produced for the G5 (for TMC) and 009 Quarry Hunslet. Tooling is being prepared for the 25/1, 25/2 and 009 Ashover coach. CADs are beinb made for the Baugley-Drewry 009 diesel and the 009 RNAD wagons The CAD for the Ashover coach is shown along with the EP of the G5 and livery sample
  2. Re fixing the chalkboards I have used a spot of Woodland Scenics Hob-e-Tac on the body.
  3. One very long station that would be Nottm Vic on its run down to Marylebone for official naming.
  4. Maybe if they used materials fit for purpose rather than stupidly cheap brittle plastic for too many fine details then costs would be more comparable.
  5. The kit does include the trailing wheel; quite why they have photoed it without is a mystery.
  6. Um..they could still have been factory fitted but suppose on the likelihood of them not being vertical and/or their being glue marks all over the place its a good job they are not.
  7. Gaugemaster have the SR and BR crimson available at £33.50 with post free option and equally have listed them on ebay at the same post free price and where currently if you have a linked nectar card there are 4x points.
  8. The Bachmann model is a GW Crocodile H / BR Weltrol WH which dates back to 1980 as it was originally made by Kader for Palitoys Mainline range. LMS etc versions are not accurate models.
  9. Plenty of them available if the email exchange I had with them is to go by. Decided to stick with my Hornby one and cancelled my pre-order Got an email back saying to contact them on the future if I changed my mind.
  10. Amazing given their lack of any useful spares normally, they really need to follow Heljan and make every bit nominally available particularly given how many are too easily broken due to the use of plastic where metal ought to be used or even if plastic was okay theirs is all too often highly brittle in character.
  11. IIRC TCS decoders can play up when being programmed on the main if the DCC voltage is high.
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