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  1. Hornby have not done the correct details for 2005 on their K1, if ever a model needed a tooling tweak that is one as I have thought an apple green would fly off the shelves.
  2. The fact, if the video is in the correct order, he dismantled it before running it would have broken any warranty; wonder if did he put back together right. He got it from Derails who normally test before despatch. I've been through the thread on the original release by Dapol and the only critical comment I spotted was to do with the moulded coal load. No one remarked over the full width splasher Price wise the original release in 2012 was £91.19 which was considered expensive then; which becomes £108.39 today on a direct inflation calculation but in the same period wages paid in Chi
  3. Ramsay's British Model Trains catalogue states clearly 1000 was exclusive to the NRM then lists four issues of it; the original, the "platinum" with a plinth, the Thames-Clyde train set of 2014 ( which used up existing stock as noted above) and then the loco on its own ex train set (listed as NRM Sheldon) which must be some record for a model being tried to be sold; separately, set, and separately again. Oddly that is dated 2012 which must be erroneous. Only the "platinum'' one is specified as being limited in number (500) so it was probably a case of the NRM falling into the trap of having a
  4. Prices are usually eye watering although I did get M7 from him at a reasonable price.
  5. Think that was the issue for many, it came too soon after the Hornby one had been bought by nearly everyone who wanted 1000. On the issue of what to run it with the obvious is now double heading with Hardwicke on a rake of blue/grey mk 1s. Have commented on the Hardwicke thread that a limited twin pack of the pair of locos would be an attractive item for the NRM to sell.
  6. There is a Youtube video of 30587 pulling three Mk1s on the Avon Valley (2 mins 50sec +) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuQ12HAAxFM&t=51s Locos Illustrated 59 has photo of 30586 at Wadebridge said to be backing onto a Bodmin train - if so it ran with 2 box vans between the loco and the two coaches
  7. Bachmann did change the pick up arrangement some time back so current production should've different.
  8. See feedback has appeared for Olivias - two orders cancelled by the buyer. No feedback yet from anyone who has actually received one.
  9. The latest Model Rail has a review of 1303 and on test without the traction tyre wheels fitted it hauled seven coaches on the level but only two on a 1 in 60 grade and just one on a 1 in 30 grade. Bunker first on the 1 in 30 grade it did manage 2.
  10. The Silver Fox 07 uses the Bachmann chassis. Not sure that flywheel chassis are necessarily the solution, my new style Bachmann 03s without a fly wheel run a lot more smoothly than the fly wheel ones ever did. As posted previously you need to find out why a loco with 6 wheel pick up is stalling in the first place.
  11. I use Kato set up temporarily on the floor, admittedly usually a hard floor, to run in locos as I do not have a fixed continuous run.
  12. I use an oval, quarter of running in period one way round, reversed for for the next quarter then physically turned round and repeated.
  13. Most recent, assuming date is correct, photo on Flickr of Boxhill is 1 Sept 2019 with its seemingly, in part if not all, behind a clear screen
  14. That probably explains the rebrand, make people think it's new. Subscription has now ended anyway so will probably buy 247 and no more. Bit miffed with Key that the free bonus never showed up.
  15. 246 arrived through the letterbox From 248 it is being retitled MLI Plus enlarged to at least 100 pages
  16. Tell Hornby that - I am fed up of having to replace them with proper brass ones due t accidental breakages
  17. Pat Hammond in The Story of Rovex Vol 1 disputes that; "For the origins of this motor we need not look to the Minic Motorways system, as is often assumed, but to the model of the Rocket for which it was originally produded." He then explains it was used in Minic vehicles but only after Rocket; the original Minic motor is stated as being smaller.
  18. Renumbered mine as 5199 as preserved using Railtec 3D waterslide plates. The cabside numberplates did work loose so in the absence of any pva which Railtec recommend I used a pin head drop or two of Woodland Scenics Hob e Tac. The route restriction markings as supplied was removed by the acrylic thinners and Sharpie pen approach and a new ones located below the numberplates.
  19. As an alternative find out why the 03 stalls - is should be picking up current from all 6 wheels. If it is then its likely the infamous Peco lumpy frogs have struck the point - check it is level across the frogs and nearby rails and if not use appropriately located track pins to hold them level.
  20. The latter LIs got a bit more informative in the captions IMO. There are tables in both detailing specific dates and for the 2361s the withdrawal dates range start Mar 1930 (2371, the only one not to be superheated) to Nov 1946 (2362 albeit originally withdrawn Sept 1939 and reinstated Jan 1940). The tables in 157 are more informative including dates of Belpaire boilers being fitted, when superheated and allocations shown for Jan 1902, May 1922 and Jul 1939.
  21. In what way is it a non runner? If it's an issue with the split axles replacement centres are available, Bachmann may still have some if not at probably some what higher cost Peter Spares
  22. Um.. I have trimmed Hornby,Bachmann etc packaging to get locos back in with couplings etc on so I would not say it a EFE only thing.
  23. Having acquired one from South Devon Rly as per posting two up noted not many comments re what decoder actually fits so tried a Gaugemaster DCC92 (aka Digitrax DZ126PS). Turned out to be too short in cable to reach the provided decoder socket whilst it would reach into the bunker area that is intended for a speaker but the cables were too taught for the body to refit. Solution was a lump of blu-tac on the pin 1 end underside end of the socket and the decoder turned back and pushed into the blu-tac.
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