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  1. I've found that as well Jim. Although the Ge 4/4 III isn't as 'pretty' to my eyes the way it runs is definitely more pleasing and it starts and stops lovely and smoothly. Not sure why but the Ge 4/4 II just doesn't seem to have quite the same performance. TBH one of my reasons for getting into N scale RhB in the first place was good experience with Kato mechanisms when I has a small US themed layout.
  2. Hi Scott, I've been following this thread over the past couple of days - although I'm slightly late to the party! I've got 4% gradients on my Veja Megstra layout and both Kato locos handle up to 10 coach loads with ease. The GEX coaches and the EW1 stock both feel pretty lightweight and are very free running which I'm sure helps. Both the Ge 4/4 ii and iii have 2 traction tires at opposite corners (1 per bogie) so you still get 6 wheels collecting current. I love the scope and the ambition of your scheme and with the space you have to play with I think fitting in a system would be a great way to go. I was quite tempted with Alp Grum as a location when I started looking into places I could use for inspiration. There's something magnificent about how the station is perched at the top of the hill and then the line clings to the cliff backwards and forwards as it heads down the valley towards Poschiavo. This map of the Bernina line might be of use: Look forward to seeing more on your plans as they develop. Ian
  3. Has anyone tried these out? E.g. http://shop.model-fab.com/en/sbb-bls/659-02-8436579380342.html I’m considering adding working signals to Veja Megstra to control the exit to the loop and these look to be a good match for those used on the RhB from what I can see. I can’t see anywhere in the UK that stocks them?
  4. Had time to get the layout set up and the track cleaned for a running session this weekend. The video shows a variety of services passing through the station at Veja Megstra including the Glacier Express en route to San Moritz. Hope you like it.
  5. As promised here's a quick update from Veja Megstra: It's been a busy few weeks on the station board with over 50 trees planted. Ground cover continues, working in a small section at a time. Looking south towards the station. On this image you can see the hot glue I used to fix the trees down, which has since been covered up with ground cover and foliage. The trees are a mix of Noch standard firs and Gaugemaster 'value' spruce and fir trees (also made by Noch). The green on the spruce trees is quite lurid and will probably need toning down at some point but they do break up the uniformity of the forest a bit. The track ballasting and weathering is looking pretty effective and cohesive even if it's not a perfect match for photos of the real location. A view towards the west as Ge 4/4 III #644 hauls the northbound Glacier Express. The area in front of the locomotive is likely to have some trees planted on it in the future. The mountain side is densely wooded at the real location. The Glacier Express again, this time southbound passing the station building. I've temporarily installed the station building in place to allow for the landscaping either side of it. On the OHLE the insulators have been picked out in brown but need some of the details highlighting. Next steps on this board are to add more small details such as drain covers and signs, as well as additional ground texture. On the Gallerie module I need to extend the painted backscene to match the station scene and show the mountains to the north. Hopefully I'll get chance to set the layout up in the next few weeks for a running session. Guten Abend aus Graubunden.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions @PaulRhB, @JimFin
  7. Nearly finished: Front view Rear view Just the barge boards, ridge tiles, chimney and signage to add now. I'm debating the best way to obscure the 'Langweis' text on the front and side of the building. Muot station is a smaller overall structure and in most of the images I can find it's weathered to quite a dark overall shade e.g. However, this means being brave with the weathering powders or washes, and I don't fancy ruining such a beautiful kit. Over the past 2 weeks I've also completed the forest behind the running lines and started to add some bushes and small trees in front of the fir trees. I'll take some pictures later and post another update.
  8. Made a start on the station building kit: After evening 1 After evening 2 This really is a lovely kit. The pieces fit together very cleanly and the laser cut card parts, in particular, are beautifully made. I was surprised to find that the cladding layer is stained plywood but it can only be 3-4mm thick. I've never built anything in laser cut wood before but based on this experience I would happily do so again. It wasn't cheap mind you!
  9. This week has been quite productive in the evenings: I've installed the OHLE in the station section having cut down the Sommerfeldt girders (that was properly nerve-wracking!) and grafting them on to the Kato 'H' section steel poles. The gantries have been sprayed overall grey but still need the insulators picking out and signs adding. I also spent some time attempting to solder some of the joints as I've been having issues with the voltage dropping and the trains slowing within the insulated section in the loop. Having added a coat of dirty brown to the rail sides and the sleepers at the joints I think the track is looking fairly ok. There are a few more small details such as drain covers and conduits to add. I don't know if any switch indicators are available in N but that might be something that's available as a 3D print at some point? The colours around the over bridge are coming together too. The stonework was given an undercoat of Railmatch BR later freight stock grey and then dry-brushed with a couple of darker greys. I've also planted a load more trees and added some small shrubs and ground cover between them and the track that leads under the running lines into the yard. Next steps are to finish off the ground cover in the foreground, add a few more grass tufts and potentially add a bit more dark to the backdrop behind the trees. I've also got a Faller Langweis laser cut kit to start. I know it's not an exact match for the building at Muot but it's fairly close and it looks to be an exquisite kit. Just hope I can do it justice! Thanks for all the advice and encouragement on this thread. Hopefully I'm not too far off having this side of the layout complete.
  10. Couple of close up shots showing the rockslide and the under bridge. Definitely need to add more trees on the left hand side. But on the right it's feeling quite forest-y. It's been a really interesting exercise building up the layers of colour and trying to capture the spirit of the real location from photos using the materials I have available. It makes me realise the importance of taking your time over each section and adding layers of cover to build up the texture and colour. There's a real temptation to start sticking trees down early on but you need to consider what's behind them and under them as it'd be really hard to add that after. I can't quite work out how to get the colours as I think they should be as everything seems to dry a different colour to what it starts out as - scatter darker than when it's unfixed and paint lighter! Anyway with different light and different angles you can get some nice effects like this that I took this evening: What I love about this one is how the focus is on the loco and the detail in the foreground. Whereas behind which is less that 15cm back its more of an impression of the forest and the mountain sides.
  11. Managed to spend a good 4 hours or so on the layout today. I decided to carry on with the backdrop painting and raided my kids' art supplies for some ready-mixed poster paint. The idea really being to create a dark texture for behind the 3 or 4 rows of trees that will make up the forested mountain side behind the running lines.
  12. Quick update showing a bit more progress this week: Gallery end showing the loop and siding. I test fitted the first OHLE gantry made from a combination of Sommerfeldt and Kato parts. Overhead view showing the join between the two boards. This made me realise the disadvantage of working in stages in terms of matching colours! Fortunately I still have quantities of the relevant materials so I've been able to work on mellowing the transition. You can also see how bright grey the Unitrack ballast is before painting. Sometimes it's the little things that are the most rewarding. I had about 15 mins on Tuesday night so I managed to fit the handrail on the bridge. This is a laser cut card part from Auhagen. I used brown water colour to match it more closely to the rusted effect I've seen on reference photos. Last night I worked on the station board tidying up the ballast and on the join between the south end of the station and the Toua tunnel section. There are a lot of trees to plant here beyond the tracks but it's coming together. For the first time I've had a stab at painting the backdrop using watercolours. There's more colour to add as the main thing is to try and give the impression of the mountainside rising up behind the tracks with the model trees in the foreground. I also had a an initial go at something I've been looking forward to - a rockslide. It's fine quartz stones from Busch poured onto PVA glue. I think if I was doing it again I'd add a layer of fine chippings underneath first but hopefully I can add some on top and it'll look alright.
  13. Bit of an update to show progress on the Chanaletta Galerie section north of the station. I've been focusing on one section at a time on the layout as there's limited space to work on the baseboards. This is how it looked back at the end of May along with the reference photo I've used as a guide to get the overall shape and dimensions. This is how it looks now. I found this fantastic reference image on the website of an engineering company that have been doing some significant work on the site: It shows just why the gallery is needed with the rockfall on the left hand end and below the ledge where the line runs. There are also some useful images on this forum: https://www.modell-bahn.ch/forum/index.php?thread/7081-rhb-bauwerke-heute-albula-schienenlager-bahnhof-muot-2005/ After much searching around for a suitable rock texture sheet I eventually created my own from photos. Although the Faller foam tunnel mouth sheets I used for Toua tunnel are available the matching walling sheets seem very hard to track down (and they are quite expensive). The advantage of using stitched together photos was that I could tweak the colours and print the blocks to a size that's a fair match for the real location. I contemplated leaving the stonework on the tunnel mouth uncovered and trying to paint it to match, However, having had success wrapping the gallery side and creating the arches there it made more sense to create a print for the whole end wall and just leave the arch unwrapped. There's some work to do tidying up the edges of the tunnel walling and blending in the colours. But the overall impression works quite well and it doesn't look too regular or flat which was a disadvantage of some of the textured sheets I found. View along the gallery. One of the surprising things about the real location is that the tunnel has lots of trees growing on top of it. I've tried to replicate this using a mix of Busch and Noch conifers. It's quite difficult to gauge the right size of trees to use when buying online. I thought that one of the packs which was TT/H0 was going to be way too big but in actual fact they look just about right and don't dwarf the trains too much. Detail shot showing the effectiveness of the print. There's a little bit of work needed to blend the walling into the scenery but I'm pleased with the overall colouring, particularly along the side. Let me know what you think!
  14. Lovely photos on this thread. As part of my Father’s Day present yesterday I was allowed a ‘virtual train ride’ by my youngest. Not sure if you’ve seen it but this cab ride from Lauterbrunnen to Kleine Sheidegg on the WAB is an interesting view of the line:
  15. Ooh. That’s not a roundhouse wall is it?
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