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  1. That's a fab video Keith. I love the way the trains negotiate their way around the sweeping curves at the rear of the layout. I think you're right showing the full length of the freights, especially given the variety of wagons in the consist.
  2. Managed to get some more time to work on the layout after work yesterday. I've planted a few more trees on the valley side of the layout so that's now more representative of the valley side at Muot, the location that inspired the station area. I also spent some time improving the ground cover on the baseboard join between the Chanaletta Gallerie board and the station. The additional trees are by the Czech firm Model Scene. They sit pretty well alongside the existing firs from Noch and Busch. It's been harder to find trees where the trunks are visible, Busch make some nice 're
  3. ABe 8/12 'Allegra' awaiting a southbound service at Veja Megstra.
  4. Hi Steve, I’ve had a similar experience to you and Keith with voltage drops and Unitrack. In the end I had to solder a number of the joints on my layout. It seemed to get worse after I painted the rail sides and ballasted around the track. Despite the issues I still rate Unitrack as an option. I’ve always liked the way it clips together and also the way the turnouts have their motors integrated. There’s something very satisfying about throwing the points remotely with a Kato lever. You've made some really good progress on your layout in the past few weeks.
  5. I notice that Traintrax have the newly announced baggage car and EW1 re-runs available for pre-order.
  6. Here’s what the Mafen SBB type signals look like when installed and lit. Green aspect Red aspect The only thing I’ve added is the white identification plate, printed using a suitable font on our home printer. Overall view for scale: I do need to try and find a suitable 3-way switch to manage this end of the loop. Although it’s a nice idea I think interlocking with the turnout might be a bit beyond me.
  7. This weekend saw the first Allegra service through Veja Megstra. The passengers reported that the ride was excellent and that the unit appeared to have plenty of power in reserve when climbing the gradients. Here’s the northbound service returning later in the day: There has also been some additional tree planting on the western slopes below the passing loop. This does obscure the view of the station area somewhat for photographers but it is a feature of the location that is the inspiration for the model. A few more trees will be added
  8. Morning. Just seen this thread has started. You’re making good progress already! Not sure what plans you have for scenery and what time of year you’re planning to set the layout in but you might enjoy this clip I stumbled upon on YouTube over the weekend: https://youtu.be/Ow3T1plrZfM It’s of another n scale Kato RhB layout set in the depths of winter. Looking forward to seeing how Nussbach develops over the coming months. Ian
  9. Hi Nigel, I reckon that’s not too bad. I also know what you mean about scaling down from 4mm to 2mm. Maybe try dry brushing a bit of mid grey on top just to see if you can tone down the texture a bit? Good luck!
  10. Postie’s been The panorama coach is crying out for some passengers to be added.
  11. Not a chance! You know it make sense
  12. I’ve had my invoice through from Traintrax for my Allegra and RhB panorama wagon so I think these might be imminent.
  13. Looking back I have a pack of these outstanding from Gaugemaster from an order in April last year. Their site seems to be offline tonight though...
  14. Has anyone on here plucked up the courage to weather their Kato locos or stock? I'd be interested to see the results. Most of the prototype photos of the RhB I've seen so the locos and carriages in clean external condition but presumably the chassis areas and roofs pick up some dirt from being in service?
  15. Looks good. And keenly priced for the specs. Anyone know when Rapido are announcing their Manor?
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