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  1. First running session last night. Everything worked which was a massive relief. I think if I was starting again I'd have gone for 3% gradient risers as the gradient transitions are a little bit sharp. To maintain the loco’s speed around the circuit requires a steady hand on the controller as the loco slows considerably on the long climb and runs away pretty quickly as soon as the train crests the summit!
  2. Managed to fit in a bit more work on the layout over the last few evenings. Made good progress with fitting the plain backscenes (for now bargain mount board from The Range) and have extended the tunnel on the far side. I've also tidied up the first tunnel mouth by fitting internal walling pieces and a roof (a recycled toilet roll tube turned out to be just the right diameter!).
  3. MrTea

    Hornby Google Trends

    Based on this I don’t think it is: https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?geo=GB&q=Great Model Railway Challenge,Train set Tried to see if there’s an uplift around the time of the GMRC on TV. Hard to say exactly as you can’t chose the last 2 or 3 years. But the search volume for GMRC is fairly consistent for 2018 and 2019: https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=today 5-y&geo=GB&q=Great Model Railway Challenge,Fawley Hill,Kathy Millatt
  4. Next on my list to sort is the backscene. Because the scenery is probably going to be fairly tall on the boards due to the track being on risers (datum level is 2" from the baseboard at the station) I'm not sure whether to go for a plain-ish sky or try something a bit more mountainous? There seem to be a few options on the market. But my knowledge of German isn't the best in terms of what to Google for. Has anyone seen or used the prints from atelier-dietrich.at? This one looks like it might be just the job if it's not too expensive to ship to the UK: http://www.atelier-dietrich.at/modellbauatelier/kaufkulissen/index.html Otherwise ID backscenes have a range of sky images and also a Bavarian scene that might be ok? https://www.art-printers.com/product-list/bavaria https://www.art-printers.com/product-list/overcast-sky
  5. Got a bit more done tonight! I've installed a Faller tunnel portal at the summit end of the layout. Also tried a clearance trial with a Ge 4/4 III and Glacier Express stock. Maybe the Kato catenary poles are a touch on the tall side? From what I've seen the tunnels on the RhB are quite a tight fit for the more modern rolling stock so I'll need to run the locos with the pantographs adjusted quite low so as not to foul the tunnel roof. I'm pretty pleased with how the tunnel is turning out so far and I think the Faller Dekorplatte portal is a close match to the tunnels I've researched so far on the Filisur to Davos line. The foam material is quite brittle so needs to be handled with care but I reckon with some subtle weathering it'll fit in pretty well. Decorflex bridge and tunnel components.
  6. Some good films and memorable moments in there. Thanks!
  7. I've also been able to make a start on the scenery at one end of the layout. Where the track curves away I've made a start on a tunnel using foamboard which I'm hoping will mean I can have a removable roof. You can see the Kato catenary pole base on the bottom right of the photo. For the baseboard joins I've replaced the longer bolts that come with the baseboard kit with 20mm screws to help locate the boards positively. I'm also using the standard Kato connectors for the wires as it'll make setting up the layout quicker when it comes out of storage. There's a satisfying 'plug and play' element to the design of the Unitrack components.
  8. Following Paul's advice I've been looking more closely into the catenary used on the Albula line and the Davos branch. Here are some of the Kato poles tweaked ready to position on the layout:
  9. That was my experience in Newbury (High St) on Thursday. I didn't mind paying full price and it's interesting to try a magazine I don't buy very often. Still, I do think making the catalogue available in branches of Smiths and Tesco is a very clever move. It makes it vastly more accessible and easy for people to just 'pick up a copy' as an impulse purchase.
  10. Made a bit more progress on the layout in the past week. Having sourced an additional pack of risers I needed to complete the station area I’ve now fixed the track down and also on one of the end boards. I’m using Kato catenary poles for the plain track at what looks like a reasonably prototypical spacing. Not sure what to do with the station section as I need something that spans 3-4 tracks? Other things that need sorting are a back scene and where to put things like tunnels and the main landforms. I’ve been doing bits of research online and there is some really good reference material on YouTube (both real world and model).
  11. Assuming Rocket is a success (and judging by the comments on here, it will be!) then yes, definitely. I seem to remember from a recent Twitter post that Mr Isles (of this parish) popped up at Beamish in early December? So unless he was there for the trams or old vintage buses it's just possible there was some research into early railways going on?
  12. Chuffing Nora! That’s some list. They’re not messing about if they deliver all that in 2020...
  13. Surely the future for Hornby is Broad Gauge? 4mm scale on 28.1mm track!
  14. Made a bit more progress last week and got most of the risers installed for the track bed. The Woodlands Scenics polystyrene pieces are easier to work with than I expected and they seem to work well with hot glue from Hobbycraft. Although I need to get some more glue sticks to finish off! I’m wondering what the best source of suitable bridges and tunnels would be for the layout? Looking online Kibri and Faller seem to have some nice looking viaduct kits in n gauge but the curved bridges are fairly sharp. The place I’d probably want to put one on the layout is on an R315 curve with a 4% gradient so I’m not sure whether to start with a curved bridge or a straight one or make my own.
  15. MrTea

    Hornby RailRoad HST

    Garry (Cheekytek on YouTube) has posted a review which includes installing a decoder: The installation starts at 7m 2s.
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