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  1. I think 2020 is a big opportunity for Hornby and they’ve already hinted that they have suitably big plans to celebrate the birthday. I don’t think anyone’s suggested bringing back 3-rail yet? I would imagine that the team at Hornby do have plans to tap into the nostalgia around the brand across the years. One obvious way of doing that would be to offer 2020 versions of models that we remember from our first Hornby set or loco either that’s from 1955 or 2005. On that basis I think we could see ‘hifi’ versions of the following classics: Duchess of Montrose or Silver King in BR green A Princess in Black A lined black Jinty as 47606 A red Hall as ‘Lord Westwood’ Sir Dinadan Evening Star A remotored class 58? The class 91 back in Intercity swallow livery These kind of new issues, suitably marketed, might encourage people back into the hobby or to make a purchase just for nostalgia’s sake. It’s important not to forget that Hornby’s market and brand recognition extends well outside the RMWeb demographic and for the company to survive it also needs to look to the future. With that in mind how about items to tie up with the recent second series of GMRC? I’d love to see a mass market version of Team Grantham’s Knight delivery system from the semi-finals! We don’t have too long to wait!
  2. Does anyone know how easy it would be to swap the buffers (or buffer heads) on one of these locos? I’m hoping to recreate 30072 in 1990s KWVR malachite green at some point and was thinking of using 30064 as a base. It’s got the larger buffer heads (presumably as it was one of the Southampton docks locos) and the difference is quite obvious. If they’re an easy swap it seems a simpler proposition than a full repaint? Although from the scans I have it seems that the green they used was quite a bit more lurid than that featured on the model.
  3. I was fortunate enough to attend the filming of the final day as a guest of Team Rail Riders. As Stationmaster says it was a long day but fascinating to see what goes on behind the scenes. I’ll be interested to see what makes into the final edit. Filming the trains traversing the 4 sets of 3 layouts took up most of the day but presumably that’ll only make up 10 minutes or so of the programme.
  4. Few pics from the Autumn Gala today. I think I might have spotted @sem34090 on platform duty at Medstead this afternoon. Standard 4MT 76017 powers through Ropley station. No. 506 reverses from Ropley yard after dropping off the freight train to rescue the failed Standard 4MT 76017. Shunting moves at Medstead & Four Marks. 9F 92212 on an Alresford-bound service in the afternoon sun at Ropley.
  5. Here’s a shot of that train leaving Pickering: Loads of locos, busy trains and tons of photographers by the lineside all along the route today.
  6. This announcement is really welcome news. The running quality of Kato models is usually first class so I think this will do well (and I’d be surprised if it’s not 1:148 scale). It’s interesting that neither Graham Farish or Dapol have announced a class 800 to date given that they cover the class 220 and HST respectively.
  7. Does anyone know if one of the manufacturers produces a family of figures suitable for a 1:76 diorama? My daughter (8) is looking for a family group (ideally mum, dad and 2 girls) to add to her model of our house. We've made a Scalescenes 1930s semi-detached house and have a suitable kit for the garden (Busch) but we're struggling to find a suitable group in any of the easily available ranges. I've checked Hornby, Noch and Preiser and I can see lots of figures, rail passengers etc but not many seem to offer 'normal' figures suitable for a street scene with neighbours etc.
  8. Nice to meet you today Dave. Here’s the link to Tom Connell’s portfolio site:


    He’s @TomTheDoodler on Twitter.

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a range planned for the 2020 catalogue, either that or class 37s off the back of the success of the class 66s this year.
  10. I went along to the HWDMRS open day yesterday and it was a good event. Thank you to everyone I met including Paul, Brian, David and Stan for making me feel so welcome and letting me loose on Hinton Parva! The new clubroom set up is looking good and there was a good variety of layouts and scales on view. If you’re thinking about joining a club, as I am, then attending an open day seems like a great way of finding out more. Thanks again all!
  11. MrTea

    Hornby RailRoad HST

    I’m not sure where I saw it but I’m fairly sure that the forthcoming GWR green livery HST train set will be the ex-Lima model rather than the ex-Hornby model featured on the publicity shots of the box artwork. I don't think the pre-super detail Hornby HST power cars have ever had a chassis upgrade to make them DCC compatible?
  12. MrTea

    Hornby RailRoad HST

    Thanks everyone. I've always thought that the Lima model was a much better representation than the Hornby 1970s/80s version - mainly because of the area around the lights. And it frustrates me that they only really released the 'Limby' version in Virgin red and black livery as that's one of my least favourite colour schemes that the 125s carried in service. I hope the decoration on this model is good, and if it's a commercial success I wonder if Hornby will consider producing a 'Last of the HSTs' edition featuring 43002 'Sir Kenneth Grange' in BR blue and 43185 in Intercity swallow livery?
  13. Does anyone know if something's happened to the people behind uksteam.info? The rail tours page normally gets updated every couple of days but it doesn't seem to have changed for about a month: http://www.uksteam.info/tours/trs19.htm#twk It's been my regular source of info on mainline steam trips for the past 5 years or so. I hope they're ok. Ian
  14. MrTea

    Hornby RailRoad HST

    (I don’t think there’s already a thread for this but feel free to merge it if there is) In the 2019 catalogue Hornby announced R3608 - a pair of ex-Lima HST power cars in BR blue and grey. Is anyone else out there contemplating ordering this model? I’m quite tempted as they’re nearly £150 cheaper than the ‘full fat’ version. And with the recent release of the Valenta TTS chips there’s the potential to have a decent looking and sounding IC 125 for a reasonable amount of cash. Does anyone know what the level of detail on the livery is likely to be like? The pre-production shots online show missing yellow on the cab roof and a number of other small details that make the model look a bit odd to me. I don’t want to miss out if demand is high but equally I don’t want to wish I’d waited and shelled out for the full super detail version.
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