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  1. Today I thought I’d post some images of one of my other favourite locos I remember from visits to the line in the 1980s - USATC S160 2-8-0 5820 AKA ‘Big Jim’. Simmering at the end of platform 4 at Keighley awaiting an afternoon departure. Pulling into Haworth piloting another loco. Running round at Oxenhope. A shot across the valley with 5820 in the distance rolling down the valley past Damems Junction signal box (the main passing loop on the line). If you’re a fan of ‘Big Jim’ too, a great way to experience a ride on t
  2. Here are the maps I have: This is a more detailed version showing the contours of the hill and the railway sidings on the right. Hope these are of interest. While I was looking around to see what had changed since I did my report I came across this article from 2012: https://www.aggbusiness.com/ab1/ab2/ab3/feature/tarmac-wins-public-support-expansion It includes a photo of the sidings. e.g.
  3. In terms of the rail operations I didn’t find any detailed photos of the site but I do remember seeing the new 100 tonne shunting locomotive ‘Cracoe’ on a number of occasions. I did find some images of Tilcon’s related operation in Cross Green near Leeds. As I understand it, this is where a considerable proportion of the quarry’s output was sent by rail. The new Parker asphalt and macadam plant at Cross Green. ‘It is estimated that the development of the rail facilities at Cross Green and Swinden will allow a reduction of around 105 HGV movements per day on the B6265’
  4. Firstly, here are a couple of shots of an architectural scale model from the 1990s planning application to extend the quarry workings. Model showing the landform to be left if the planning permission was not to be extended. Tilcon (the operators at the time) had minimal obligations with regards to the restoration. The quarry walls are approximately 78m high at the western end of Swinden Hill. You can see the course of the Grassington branch curving in from the left and sitting between the main road and the original road line in front of the quarry. The 1990s prop
  5. Called in at Alton Model Centre on Saturday and managed to come away with nearly all the bits I was after. It’s a really well-stocked (and deceptively large) shop with a great selection of 00 and N gauge rolling stock, nicely presented. I think they also had some harder to find locos and coaches that are sold out in some of the ‘box shifters’. I found a good selection of tools, paints and parts for scratchbuilding. The chap behind the counter was very helpful with my random questions about soldering too. I’d recommend a visit if you’re ever in Hampshi
  6. Here’s a few more featuring one of my favourite locos Bulleid light pacific 34092 ‘City of Wells’: Running round to join the train at Keighley station. Awaiting the ‘right away’... ‘The Volcano’ erupts! It was always fun on the gradient out of Keighley on damp or misty days as locos struggled for grip getting their trains moving on the curve. The arrangement of the buildings and the valley side channeling the sound of the exhaust as it reverberated around. View of the front of the loco running round at Oxenhope.
  7. Another of my fondest memories is of the steam galas or ‘Enthusiasts’ weekends’ as I seem to remember them being called. You’d get plenty of double heading, visiting locos and even the ‘express’ which ran non-stop from Keighley to Haworth. K1 2005 and 4F 43924 at Keighley. NELPG’s K1 in platform 4 at Keighley before setting off. 2005 running round at Keighley. 2005 and S&L Ugly No. 62 ‘Corby’ in the extended headshunt at Oxenhope. I think this was spring 1982.
  8. I’ve just discovered this thread. Loving the nostalgic images from West Yorkshire! My Dad gave me a memory stick with a load of his slides taken at the Worth Valley from the 1980s and 90s so I’ll post up some of the images and hopefully between us we’ll be able to fill in the blanks. I started visiting the railway in the late 1970s and it was a regular weekend excursion for us until I left home for Uni in 1995. This is one of the earliest images featuring an ochre-liveried USATC No. 72 and the aforementioned Met-Cam buffet car. I’m pretty sure that t
  9. Hi Alex, I found the photos and plans I have from my A level geography project I did in 1994/5. There aren’t really any of the rail operations in the quarry but there are a few bits you might find useful. I’ll get them scanned and added over the week. In the meantime here’s a line drawing of the crushing plant I did for the report cover:
  10. Had a fun afternoon at Ropley today for the Mid Hants autumn gala. Interesting to see it’s still possible to organise such an event in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Anyway, here are a few pictures from today: Urie S15 506 departs from Ropley Ivatt 2MT 2-6-2T 41312 waits in the yard between turns. Fowler 7F 53808 arrives from Alton as 506 waits in the yard. Stanier 5XP 45596 ‘Bahamas’ waits for the off at Ropley.
  11. MrTea


    I’ll second that @JimFin. I love some of the details you’ve incorporated and also the way you’ve captured the colours.
  12. After a few days of inactivity I've finally got around to 'planting' the maintenance shed. The crew tell me it's much better than their previous accommodation and it gives them somewhere to have a chat and a brew away from the occasional alpine downpours! More details will follow in this area as I'd like to replicate the piles of p'way supplies found at this location. There are some quite interesting raised stacks of rail, concrete trunking and other assorted bits and bobs that look as if they've been there for years. Although no trains have run
  13. I think that's a sound strategy. It's funny how some liveries just seem intrinsically more appealing than others on the same class of locomotive. For some reason I really like the bright yellow Lazzarini livery on the Ge 4/4 III (which is also #644 Savognin).
  14. Ge 4/4 IIIs meet on a warm autumn afternoon at Veja Megstra.
  15. Interesting thread. I have a weird sense of déjà vu about a lot of the comments though. TBH there’s nothing stopping any manufacturer announcing and producing a model of a given prototype (unless there’s a licensing consideration or some sort of IP restriction around replicating the design in 1:43 or 1:76 scale). And why shouldn’t they? If two or three or more companies decide to tool up and sell a model and make it available then that gives us, the modellers, something good: a choice! I really believe that we’re getting spoiled for choice in the last 10 years
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