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  1. Great videos. I like the noise -- it seems to capture the all pervading rumble of being close to a train
  2. "Scottish branch lines 1955-1965" by C.J. Gammell has a picture of A3 60060 with three on in the up platform at Corstorphine (June 1963), with a 2 car DMU in the down. Noted as "a useful place to put an A3 out of the way".
  3. Interesting prototype. I'm sure I have read somewhere that Corstorphine would often see some pretty big engines on filling in turns out of Waverley before their runs back down South. So potential for a few special appearances throughout the day... Can't find the reference just now though!
  4. I'm not sure you do in this case... I am pretty sure the corrugated iron is cladding on a frame, so it would probably sit slightly above the surface. Have a look at the pagoda hut at Didcot, half way down this page: https://didcotrailwaycentre.org.uk/article.php/19/the-branch-line/17404ed6589ce7ade465470e053b9897 There is a good inch between the cladding and the platform surface there... which I think your model captures quite well at the minute!!
  5. Thanks for the concern No progress on the layout for the past few months. The current 'situation' means the spare room has been turned into an office (for the foreseeable future), and the garage has spent the summer hosting a bathroom which was meant to be installed at the start of April (finally done a few weeks ago). So the layout has been packed into its storage box for a while now. I plan to do some insulation work on the garage in the next few months, so I think it will be a while until there is a clear space to work on the layout again. I've been fiddling instead with some small di
  6. That does sound like a rather unappealing experience - but I don't think it is universal. By way of comparison, we went to the Isle of Wight steam railway yesterday, and it was excellent! All facilities were open, with reasonable alterations (sit out vs sit in catering, controlled numbers in the shop, masks needed for inside areas). No restrictions on when you could turn up or leave. You do have to reserve a specific train, but they are using compartment stock, so no masks required on board. A simple queue to get on, and waiting until the guard opens the door on return means the
  7. Fair enough! I think I would do the same. As you say, far more to be gained by pushing on than fretting about minor hindsights... The latest grouping of trees is well placed.
  8. There is a lovely natural feeling to the groundwork Too late to fit a curve into that back scence corner?
  9. There is a 10 mph limit when propelling. There are a couple of true auto-trailers at Didcot (i.e. ones where the engine can be driven from that end), but I don't think we have any operational locos fitted with autogear at the minute. The steam railmotor sometimes runs with auto-trailer #92 and is driven from both ends. Otherwise, as others mention, the Didcot brake coaches are adapted to provide a lookout for the guard when propelling, who can put the brakes in if needed.
  10. It's certainly Didcot. Long before my time, but none of the diesels are locals so probably a gala. The steam engine is I presume 3822. It's just coming up the ladder and past the end of the coaling road. You can see one of the cooling towers of Didcot A (recently demolished) on the far right. You could try asking on the GWS Didcot facebook page? Someone on there would know I'm sure. https://www.facebook.com/groups/6230720903/ (it's a private group so you have to join it first I think).
  11. GWR was similar in that it had a couple 0-6-0 diesel shunters and ordered a bunch more just before nationalisation -- so it was the way they were going. For mainline stuff, it was experimenting with the gas turbines (18000 & 18100) -- which turned out to be the wrong technology at least for UK operating practices. They also had ~40 diesel railcars from the mid 1930s onward, and were used on some quite long runs, albeit lightly loaded (e.g. Birmingham->Cardiff had a 'businessman's railcar service') I'm sure there was also a (1920s?) plan to electrify west of Newton Abbot (due to
  12. Well done and well deserved! I look forward to reading it.
  13. The boy child has very much enjoyed building this Metcalf cottage @queensquare kindly gave him at the Southampton show back in January. I was given the job of painting edges and doing the tricker glue jobs, but he did most of the cutting/assembly himself. He specifically requested the lilac window frames! Not sure where it is going to fit in the layout though!
  14. Great idea! I think it would be very entertaining to watch. I would have thought there is also a family of configurations with the loop in the middle?
  15. Regrettably, we have made the decision to CANCEL ABRAIL 2020 due to public health and specific volunteer concerns. Whilst this will be disappointing to many visitors, exhibitors, and members of the club, the committee feel that on balance and considering our specific circumstances, it is the right thing to do.
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