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  1. I don't know how well known the [email protected] email address is, but considering it exists and someone had found it and was using it to try and make contact, might it not be wise to set up a divert so any emails are redirected to [email protected]? Should be quick and simple to do, and mean no emails are missed (so no grumpy customers!) When one of our colleagues left, his messages were diverted to my address, so we never miss emails - and even now, a year later, people still try and email him.
  2. I think part of the problem with foreign buildings is that the roof pitch tends to be steeper - although as the picture above shows, that's by no means universal! I'd start by removing things like the shutters and probably the attic windows in the ends too, as again that tends to be less common here (and to me at least, emphasises the tallness of the roof. Toning down the colours would make a difference, as British houses tend not to be as bright and colourful - though even just some careful painting to get rid of the plastic look would probably help a lot.
  3. I've had that a few times too, didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why or when though
  4. Yep, it's a nice little layout. I was actually tempted when I had a look at the ad in Classifieds just now. And then saw that you're at the opposite end of the country!
  5. I agree we (or rather, you) have to rely on them being able to understand English - I think that some very basic words like yes or no should be the minimum if venturing somewhere as a professional driver, even if you have no grasp of the actual language. I would say though that although you have to communicate in a set way, and although they must make an effort to understand, sometimes it can be as important to understand why the other person doesn't understand or what the potential misunderstanding on their part could be. You will still have to say no and make them understand, but realising w
  6. Older Lima models generally had pick up from one side of the power bogie and the other side of the trailing bogie. Newer models had pick up on both sides of the trailing bogie (one side using the original method via the brass pivot pin, the other side using a brass strip bearing on the rear of the wheels, and a wire through a small hole in the chassis.
  7. I mentioned some card backscene buildings earlier, I also ordered one of these from Ebay. About £17 if I remember right, and took all of a few minutes to click together. It'll need a few tweaks, but as a base it doesn't look too foreign and a bit of work and detailing should make it look ok. I'll see what it looks like in place before I do much with it though.
  8. Just a random thought - if the layout is permanent, could the ballast be glued down without actually gluing it to the baseboard, and if so, would that help? I'm thinking something like laying a layer of cling film under the track, ballasting on top using PVA or whatever adhesive you prefer, so that the ballast and track are solidly glued together, but not actually stuck to the baseboard.
  9. Ah, apologies and thanks - it was late and I was trying to answer quickly! I'm the same but on the other hand haven't been able to prime them over winter so wasn't too worried. Now the weather's improving I might try and get on with them again. Definitely need the window etches, I'd forgotten those. I reckon I could make a 'chassis' from some thick plasticard I have in stock, but the underframe parts would be beyond my patience and skill levels!
  10. I've had the same issue with my 323s, still sat as bare bodyshells. I suspect they'll end up as unmotored as they'll spend more time sat on display than moving - maybe use a simple Hornby 153/156 power bogie. I'll probably hold out a while yet and see if he produces the underframe parts. Someone (sorry, I forget who) mentioned the Southern Pride bogies, I'll probably use those with his 3d-printed sides - they're listed as for class 507/508/313/314 but they are pretty similar aren't they? I have to admit a 175 is tempting, especially if the bogies become available. A 180 would be, b
  11. Apologies for the slow reply, and thanks to @Wagonmaster, @Jack374 and @newbryford for taking the time to answer. I actually have 9 153s, and this is the only one I've had any issues with. I gave up with it last weekend but will have a look with fresh eyes and a multimeter at the weekend. The 3v battery is a good idea - I had wondered about how to check and completely missed the most obvious solution. As far as I can see the sprung pickups at the cab ends are making good contact. Now you mention it, I seem to recall a similar issue after I added a new Lenz handset, but that was a
  12. No pictures, but a few ebay purchases have arrived, mainly printed card low relief buildings. I'm still a bit stuck what to do behind the station area, in a long thin triangular area, so decided to order a few different cheap low relief structures to have a play about and see what might work. Lots of fencing too, yet more metal security fencing, as well as Wills chain link security fences and concrete post/concrete panel styles, plus some possibly temporary platform fencing along the rear until I decide exactly what that area will be. Not a big thing, but it has had the nice effect of divindin
  13. Depending on your accurate cutting skills you could always open out the hole that's left and put in some curved plasticard end sections and small fillets at the sides for the bogie to bear on, to replicate the Lima underframe.
  14. I'm finding that a single CD motor copes with a 4-car class 156 set up a very slight gradient with no traction tyres, but anything more would be an ask. What always gets me with Lima motors is that the good ones run better with just an occasional wheel clean than the bad ones will run after I've stripped everything down, cleaned every wheel, pick up surface, etc...!
  15. They'll never match the quality of a newer model (with centre drive or modern motor bogie) but I find the strange thing with Lima is that some really will run great. I have a couple of 156s that it'd be pointless remotoring as they are smooth, slow, and reliable. Yet others which should be identical will stutter, judder and run indifferently depending on the day of the week or the direction of the wind. Age, type, amount of use seems to have no bearing, it seems completely random which are the better ones.
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