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    Bute Road,

    That's a good idea with the foam to fill the gap but as @MarshLane says the gap seems a bit large, I'm sure mine don't sit that far apart. Could it be that the foam is a little too long, pushing the coaches apart and pulling the close coupling mechanisms out on their springs as far as the slack/slop in the couplings will allow?
  2. I can't help but imagine that if they didn't notice the bridge coming towards them, they probably wouldn't notice the sign either...
  3. For most stock I just use the last three digits without the class number, so 156402 for example is 402. I find it easy to remember most of them, though for some reason there are a few 144s and 153s that I constantly have to look at to remember! I use the same system for locos, apart from a few classes which have adopted class number + 2 digits, due to clashes with 66s. 66001 clashed with 01 - I allocated single-digit numbers to shunters when I first started fitting decoders, I think to try and save typing in long numbers every time I wanted to shunt. And 66405 clashed with 37405. So they became 6601 and 6645, with others following to become 6620 (66200), 6641 (66411) and 6727 (67027). The 144s use the same, as their unit numbers are in single digits (eg 144007 becomes 1447 rather than 07). My Railtrack 121 is just 121, and the 950 is 950, whilst an MPV is just 989, the first digits of the vehicle numbers, as they are all likely to be one-offs (whereas I have something like 10 156s!)
  4. It was clearly about a station of some kind
  5. JDW

    Modern mess hut (Faller)

    That looks really good for such a simple structure. Having built one of the Gaugemaster (which I think are actually also Faller?) Aldi supermarket kits recently, I agree about the effectiveness of the printed card behind the windows. You're right about the blue, orange would have been too much! I think I'd be tempted to add door frames around the doors though. I think that would be more common on a UK building - and might make them appear slightly taller too to further disguise its HO origin
  6. JDW

    EBay madness

    I'm trying to work out which is more accurate, the model or the mangled English below it... With apologies for being slightly O/T, poorly written eBay ads are one thing but it amazes me that big companies can put out something so badly written...
  7. It looks like yours is the same as mine, the prints have splayed out at the bottom, presumably as they cured. I found as they were they were way too wide. As you say the material is very brittle. Heating it in hot water is enough to make it pliable enough to gently bend back to shape. I usually run them under cold water afterwards to speed up the cooling again, and then leave then sat between a few heavy tins to make sure the shape holds until they are cool. I had a spare Lima 156 chassis, and pretty much sliced the sides off. In reality, not much different to a piece of plasticard but I had it to hand, it was spare and roughly the right dimension, and already had a hole in for the bogie pivot. How well do the Elecrta graphics line up? I know Electra's graphic work is generally pretty good, but as I said on my thread am not convinced by the window-line of the 323.
  8. I see what you mean - but there are a lot of strange people out there! Assuming it is genuine, I suspect the car driver hadn't seen him fall. As the car pulls up, the driver's likely looking at the ticket machine. S/he opens the door, suggesting maybe a problem with the electric window, another minor distraction. By which point the guy is on the floor out of view of the driver in front of the car. Driver sees him crossing, focuses on getting ticket, looks back, the man's gone, sets off... it's not hard to think it's one of those cases where all the holes in the Swiss cheese line up to lead to an accident.
  9. That looks great. I'm very tempted by the 175 or 185 that he's produced too, but I think any of the 185 liveries might be a bit complex to paint, and the 175 is a bit out of area for me! Great build though, nice to see something a bit different. I had the same crack/split issues a few times on my 323s, the printed material seems very brittle, I imagine these are the same?
  10. Unfortunately that probably wouldn't do much - if the force of the train stopping is hard enough to throw the trolley forwards at any great rate, then it'll likely be thrown, tipped or just skid with locked wheels, as there's only a limited amount of friction between smooth trolley wheels and the carpet. A push-down handle like on airport baggage trolleys that released the brakes might help stop it at slow speed - maybe they already have them to keep them steady, I don't know - but at anything like a higher speed the lack of friction between the trolley and carpet would be the bigger problem.
  11. I'm not generally an N scale fan but this is fantastic, the attention to detail and level of realism in such a small scale is brilliant.
  12. Interesting dirt marks on the shed wall in the background too - presumably locos were often started up or left running in that same location!
  13. If I were stuck I'd use a Hornby one. I have three and all run fine, though would really benefit from smaller wheels to lower the ride height a little. My ability to cut things square and straight is sadly much too poor to even think about trying to build a chassis myself. I'm sure it would be do-able, but experience has taught me that getting things accurate is not a skill I posess...
  14. Yes, I'd rather have something that runs well than just stick it on a Hornby chassis because it's cheaper (but with the price of them on eBay, not that much cheaper!). I'm keeping my eye out, though have managed to acquire a single 144 car sold for spares and repairs, and have almost a full chassis left from my second centre car build which used a Realtrack unit, so might be able to bodge something together.
  15. Following on from yesterday's post, I managed to pull the wheels out to around 14.5mm which seems to have sorted the problem, and the units run fine again. I've ordered a few more sets so that all bar one of my 156 sets will either have the Hornby motor, or replacement wheels. Whilst testing things in the loft I couldn't resist posing the 141 alongside a 3-car 144 and a 155. Don't get too excited though, look closely and it's just the shells sat on supports!
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