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  1. Sounds like the Peter Principle! - a concept in management developed by Laurence J. Peter, which observes that people in a hierarchy tend to rise to their "level of incompetence". In other words, an employee is promoted based on their success in previous jobs until they reach a level at which they are no longer competent, as skills in one job do not necessarily translate to another. Although in the DJModels scenario, the promotion to a level of incompetence is replaced by an ultimately unsuccessful move into self-employment!
  2. As with the J94, I can’t see any CAD of the mechanism for the 14XX in the images on the IPO website ... https://www.registered-design.service.gov.uk/find/6043484
  3. As both OO and N gauge Class 92s were registered as IPs by Dave on 9th September 2018, lawsuits would seem to be a real possibility if DJModels serves a “cease and desist” letter on the 2 other manufacturers concerned ...
  4. The one thing that the CAD of the J94 that I looked at doesn’t show is the mechanism!
  5. 100% agree - it's in DJ Model's interests to present the look of a professional outfit (however small) and talk of slander and libel really doesn't help. Again, 100% agree - not just in terms of the tone of press releases, but also for general proof-reading: sadly, the spelling and sloppiness of wording in some of the product newsletters that I've read again doesn't help to project the image of a professional concern.
  6. At Nuremberg Peco have announced additional types of FR coach and a new Snailbeach District Railways hopper wagon for 2019: - Ffestiniog Railway Mk3 quarryman's coach - FR brakevans 6 and 7 - Snailbeach hopper
  7. Just posted on Dapol website's news section: https://www.Dapol.co.uk/Dapol-Large-Prairie-2-6-2-Locomotive
  8. With 4 and a half years since announcement in July 2014, and zero announced progress to date, I would be surprised to hear or read of any change - much to my sadness as this was for me the most exciting of Dave's announcements!
  9. If they're due here in a few weeks - Andy's post says that the first 3 variations will be in the shops in February and the other 3 in April - it certainly won't be Hornby pulling out, they must be nearly on a ship by now!
  10. http://www.wythall.org.uk/vehicles/vkon311p.asp
  11. With the greatest respect to Les1952, this is the sort of factual feedback (not hearsay) that has put me off. Other well-established modellers, whose opinions I respect, have offered similar feedback in other threads. I await future updates from Dave at DJModels, and reviews on the running of the newly tooled models with great interest, and will be delighted if the running quality issues are sorted, as several of Dave’s new items are on my wish lists.
  12. Given the feedback on the "cogging" and other associated running problems with the 14xx and Austerity that are frequently mentioned on RMWeb, I'm afraid this would be my approach too, much as I would like to support a new manufacturer.
  13. dcroz

    The Engine Shed

    Think the TTS vent van is a really interesting, and reasonably priced, idea - looking forward to getting one and to seeing future ideas from Hornby to take this forward. Might encourage some people who are put off by price of sound decoders to give things a go.
  14. It is a shame that a factory error led to it being to a non-standard scale, but to be fair to Oxford, they have not claimed that it is 1:76 scale - it has a “SP...” rather than a “76...” product code, showing it to be one of their non-scale products. I am gutted that it’s not 1:76, and share your hope that a 1:76 scale one comes along eventually...
  15. Thank you for posting Jenny, found your video very helpful.
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