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  1. The station is looking really good Neal.
  2. Jules


    Looks like a lovely layout - would like to see some more pictures!
  3. Sad news indeed. My earliest memory of the meninblack is my Dad telling my older brother to 'turn that racket down'!
  4. Jules

    Mayshill - GWR

    Hello They are all code 75 small radius points. I would have liked to have used medium (or even better, large) radius points, but I did really have the space.
  5. I shall be watching your progress with interest! Always nice to see another GW layout, especially a through station.
  6. The station building (and the Toads) are looking really good. I'm jealous of the space you have!
  7. Jules

    Mayshill - GWR

    A pannier takes on water before the return trip up the branch
  8. Jules

    Mayshill - GWR

    Thanks Johnster for that detailed account of how you do your weathering. I've done quite a lot of the last part of Step 6, just need to work on the steps preceding it!
  9. Jules

    Mayshill - GWR

    The only reason is is because I haven't really got round to it! I have nothing against weathering, but it is not really a skill I have mastered yet. I have 'weathered' a few items, mainly wagons. So far, I have only done r-t-r items, nothing I have kit built!
  10. Jules

    Mayshill - GWR

    Hi Doug, Thanks for the compliment - it's nice to hear that my humble efforts have helped to inspire someone! Jules
  11. Jules

    Mayshill - GWR

    Here are a few more random pictures of a recent play operating session 3202 waits to leave with the Monster and Giant 4588 arrives with a goods train, does a bit of shunting and then departs
  12. Jules

    Mayshill - GWR

    Hi, The majority of the locos are from Bachmann, 4 * small praires, a 57xx, 64xx, 2251 etc. There is also a Hornby 52xx which is a lovely runner, but a bit big for a small branchline terminus. I also have a couple of Airfix 14xx and one of the Hattons/DJM 14xx, but they are all indifferent runners so don't see much use. Most of the locos I use can be seen in the previous pages of this topic.
  13. There was one at Patchway, or what is now Cribbs Causeway north of Bristol. Don't know if that was the third one, or came later
  14. That is one great set of fiddle yards!
  15. Jules

    Mayshill - GWR

    Time for another update! I've had the last week off work, which despite not being able to have our two hotel breaks as planned, it was a pleasant week off work. As well as doing some tasks around the house which we normally don't get the time/can't be bothered with, I have managed to squeeze in a bit of modelling time. First on the bench, picked up at last years Bristol (Thornbury) show, is this old Mailcaoch GW 'Giant'. It is based on the Monster van, but with corridor connections, and internal framing. I have assembled it, and as shown, have performed a few test runs to make sure it negotiates the curves and points. The next couple of pics shown the Giant and Monster together. I now need to do the usual painting and lettering
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