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  1. I like K22 the full brake - I could do with one of those!
  2. Dragging this thread up from the archives... When the thread was started, I knew I had these two pictures of Ashburton (shewing 6412 and 4555) but I couldn't find them. I found them while sorting through my Dad's files/boxes/etc (is it really 12 years ago this October...). I have no idea of the date, or who took the photos, but thought they might be of some interest.
  3. Jules

    Mayshill - GWR

    ... 4555 then collects the loaded milk tank and van containing eggs from the dairy and places them in the loop ready to attach to the other two tanks and brake van The three empty tanks are then propelled into the dairy 4555 then returns to the loop, couples the wagons together and awaits the arrival of the passenger train hauled by 4588 (the Dart Valley twins!) 4555 departs with the loaded milk train 4588 uncouples and runs round Hope you have enjoyed this brief snapshot of some of the Mayshill operations
  4. Jules

    Mayshill - GWR

    The daily milk train approaches Mayshill, passing over the level crossing and the farm passing the dairy and entering the station The brake van is then placed in the headshunt (there is a missing picture - removing it from the end of the tanks) The two milk tanks that have already been picked up from a previous location on the branch are removed and attached to the brake van in the headshunt to be continued...
  5. Jules

    Mayshill - GWR

    A couple of images of recent activity.. Small prairie 4588 waits to leave with the morning train, and departs (signal arm looks like it hasn't dropped properly...)
  6. Just found these pics of my station build, they might help!
  7. From memory when I built mine with a flat canopy rather than the supplied one, there are no holes to fill in. Unfortunately, the top of the wall on mine is now covered by a supporting beam for the canopy so I cannot see if there are actually any holes. Not sure that really helps you!
  8. The autocoach looks really good. I like the SE Finecast glazing, I think I might have to get some for my autocoaches and B set.
  9. Jules

    Mayshill - GWR

    Hi Chris, Thanks for the comment and 'likes'. Currently there is no access from the yard into the field. I did want to put a gate in, but when trying to arrange the buildings I was running out of space to fit it all in, so ended up with this arrangement. Possibly not ideal, but I think it is an improvement anyway. Jules
  10. Jules

    Mayshill - GWR

    Some more minor improvements have been taking place on the scenery of the Mayshill branch, thanks to a couple of free weekends when the weather hasn't diverted me onto outdoor activities! Some time ago, when building the extension board, to fill some of the space I just added this barn to the middle of a field. I felt it looked a bit odd just sat there on its own, so have developed a small yard, with a scratch built stables and the Wills 'forge'. The stable still needs to be bedded in, but I want to obtain a horse to have its head poking over a stable door!
  11. Jules

    Mayshill - GWR

    Thanks Chris and Scott for confirming the 'Western' looks ok - not sure I really want to re-letter it again!
  12. Jules

    Mayshill - GWR

    Hi Tony, thanks for the comment and suggestion. I probably should have mentioned that the works are not quite finished yet! I have planned either a bush or a tree to hide the join, but I need to add a vent or two to the building before fixing in place.
  13. Jules

    Mayshill - GWR

    Another post! Just a few shots of a couple of locos/trains. Earlier in the thread I mentioned I had picked up a 4575 prairie and renumbered it as 4588, well here are a couple of pics: I removed the G W R and replaced it with Great Western, the first attempt on this tank had the whole name slightly sloping down, I re-did it in the week, and I'm still not convinced the 'Western' is quite level. Unusual motive power for the milk train - 6407
  14. Jules

    Mayshill - GWR

    Hello! Thanks for the likes and comments, apologies for not responding earlier, but Christmas got in the way, as did getting our wedding sorted! I have found a bit of time here and there to do a bit of work on Mayshill, and also operate whenever possible. The latest minor update is to the dairy area. I have added another low building to the left of the main building. This was a building on a previous layout that had a wooden exterior. To match the rest of the dairy, I re-clad it with brick plasticard (not sure of the make, might be SE Finecast), added barge boards, gutting and downpipe. I haven't yet decided whether to have the additional small 'hut' in front on the new building or not. I think both brick buildings need a few roof vents/pipes. Another pic: The next are that I would like to attend to is around the barn. This was sort of just dumped here! I think I will create a small yard, with a stables etc. That's the plan - not sure when it will happen! Cheers Jules
  15. Jules

    Mayshill - GWR

    Happy Christmas! I thought I would end the year with a quick update on a few things that have been happening on Mayshill. Firstly, the 'B' set has had a couple of minor additions. I have added the tie-bars on the bogies and set allocation name on the end. The transfers came from Railtec transfers whose service I can highly recommend (enquired at 7pm on a Wednesday evening, custom transfers delivered on Saturday!) From the same source, I got some transfers to give Mayshill its own allocated TOAD I finally got round to mostly finishing off the cottage by the 'White House'. I'm not sure a pigsty is that common for a back garden but I found some piggies in my bits box (probably Merit items from my very first layout!) so thought I would use them. I have also added a post box and postman to Frog Lane, and a bicycle propped against the wall. Lastly, a bit of work by the signal box, an outside loo, random hut, the Signalman's motorbike and a cat! Not included in the photos is another small prairie, renumbered as 4588, bringing the total to four, which should be enough! Thannks for looking
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