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  1. VSOE looked terrific as it trundled over the swing bridge at Folkestone Harbour in the early 1980's Nick B
  2. a couple of photos in this offer clues and a maybe it happened by rail https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3366165/London-furniture-factory-Waring-Gillow-built-planes-WWI-WWII.html Nick B
  3. not sure if this helps but shows it was done Nick B
  4. https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=161&page=4 may fit the bill Nick B
  5. was thinking more snow white i use to work for a French company servers for a key product where Prof Grincheux Dormeur Timide Joyeux Atchoum Simplet Doc Grumpy Sleepy Bashful Happy Sneezy Dopey master monitor snowwhite Nick B
  6. Stop press which Dwarfs up for the chop ? Nick B
  7. excellent much better than my 1st or even 20th attempt you should consider posting you work in the 2mm section as well Nick B
  8. just use the copper core of house mains wire easy to obtain and to solder to a 3mm hole through cross baseboard joints and a screw at each end Nick B
  9. Guy worth putting C Class in search of io board Nick B
  10. Keith Armes converted mine, changing the rims on both loco and tender replacing the coupling rod for a very reasonable sum and very quickly so may be worth speaking with him if only to ask how he does it. Nick B
  11. I would expect it to be a decking under the crossing ( but hell could be wrong ) Nick B
  12. careful I was put on the naughty step for asking that question Nick B
  13. worsley works do the 201 and 203 as basic etches build up nicely which reminds me I must finish my 201 Nick B
  14. sorry it has to be said this thread going down the pan Nick B
  15. is the Mayor ignoring my question to the floor or taking advice and hiding in a fridge ? Nick B
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