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  1. alas they always are looking good better than my first 50 efforts Nick B
  2. probably the most accurate report on the subject https://www.thedailymash.co.uk/politics/i-didnt-realise-slamming-a-civil-servants-nuts-in-a-drawer-was-considered-bullying-says-priti-patel-20201120202717 Nick B
  3. I assume you mean GB of Ram Nick B
  4. due to environmental issues and disposal I use water washable resin although it may not be as friendly as I think Nick B
  5. been a budget modeller I have the peedlie version and it works very well great mail order service in my experiance Nick B
  6. blimey the wine was opened at 1615 today Nick B
  7. thank goodness for some communication even if sad news I came to believe the parish was in lockdown Nick B
  8. good move and hopefully successful Nick B
  9. Darren they are drawn for 2mm using code 40 flat bottom rail would / should work for N but scaled up to 4mm etc would really require more details Not for sale but available foc for Non commercial use Nick B
  10. delightful although the wagons need lettering Nick B
  11. both Julias and your own Kevin look good however both alas would be a sidetrack from my own interests Colonel Stephens with a hankering to SDJR although some Southern / BR motor bogie frames would be good Nick B
  12. na I can still see the lights in Calais Nick B
  13. Valentin you built a 2mm C class which I have seen working well beyond my own capabilities the class 4 chassis was just rotten luck and b u g g e r all to do with you and your modeling your enthusiasm and input is very welcome and needed as and when the local area group re-meet please take a time out and reconsider and on a personal level you would be missed Nick B
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