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  1. its all modelling only a different approach to achieve the same objective Nick B
  2. fortunate to have seen CF at Oxford Golden Jubilee expo I was set up opposite and much embarrassed no shoving or huge crowds. The second time on its home turf running during the 2mm AGM just me watching Nick B
  3. Dover castle but its hard to miss it Nick B
  4. Add on import taxes etc and lack of pay-pal protection I think I would pass Association ones build up very nicely Nick B
  5. I swore I would buy no more until I finished some but a 4 Big has happy memories of bacon sarnies ex Victoria Nick B
  6. Not track but Keith converted my C Class excellent work, good price and rapid turn round although track may take longer Nick B
  7. just the thing to draw loco handrail guides Nick B
  8. Built one quite expensive required a lot of work to thin and lower the sides enough to accept a motor chassis ( but that may have been just me ) Nick B
  9. I use the JB boxes but most of my stock is also laid into acid free tissue ( just in case ) Nick B
  10. http://www.worsleyworks.co.uk/ offer many but they are scratch aids and require some building Nick B
  11. not obvious is the gauge of the track 9.42mm and I believe 4mm so you can imagine how small the NG loco is Nick B
  12. on my modest example DCC / DC is selected via route selection of the point(s) so far so good agree with Nigel on splitting to smaller section if on a bigger layout ( DJLC are only 600 long ) Nick B
  13. Julia I have done this for my DJLC I did it by switching sections of track via interlocked relays took a fair bit of head scratching to make it work. Relays are wired so the NO connection is DCC the common feeds a rail and NC connection is 9v DC, to keep it simple I used single pole relay boards so a track with a point needs 3 relays (2 rails and the V) plus V switching relay(s) Phil Himsworth must have posted at the same time the same idea I use relays because of the current involved Nick B
  14. Mocking the idea he said: “The trains could be pulled by an inexhaustible herd of Unicorns overseen by stern, officious dodos. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/boris-johnsons-unicorn-plan-build-23499131 whose making the first rtr unicorn train ? Nick B
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