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  1. you know you want to Nick B
  2. Callam drove one in the later series of All Creatures I assume it was fairly authentic from memory army olive Nick B
  3. even number films are best forgotten 1 and 3 and hopefully 5 will be /are terrific
  4. JMRI and what ever interface you've got I use a early Sprog or a MERG base unit both work the same at a similar voltage Nick B
  5. Just wish the designers would offer the stl (at a suitable cost ) for non commercial home use Nick B
  6. Just to muddy the waters I laser etched my templot plan on to 2mm card built most units off the board and then glued on the board. I found building points off the board where I could turn through 360 easier an idea Iain Rice advocated in his track book ( which is no where as good as the 2mm version ) Nick B
  7. Mikkel this layout used Chincilla sand however I coloured it first using cheap black water colour in a jam jar and then left it to dry a couple of days in the jar before putting the lid on and shaking to split the clumps up Nick B
  8. are you using lead free solder or lead solder ? others may argue but I find lead free solder totally unfit for purpose Nick B
  9. I think Nigel on the money as it looks like the bearings are sitting on a solder bed still a great effort my first few efforts hit the bin and when i look at my early finished efforts I do but if I was to exacting I would have bu&&er all stock Nick B
  10. code 40 rail Originally I used pins as the pots but have since moved over to a 3d printed version Nick B
  11. excellent work I be chasing you for the STL's thought down under was endless sunshine Nick B
  12. thanks to all who made this possible very inspiring even if a little large for my tastes well done Nick B
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