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  1. I have found this stuff https://www.troutcatchers.co.uk/tungsten-sheet-c2x17213338 useful at adding some extra weight Nick B
  2. I can print it myself just need the stl file
  3. whose 3d design is this ? I would love to print one in 2mm Nick
  4. Awaiting news of the first train to Castle Aching
  5. tested this in 2mm by forming a consist twix the engine and (powered) coach principles fine however would require practice if used at a exhibition Nick B
  6. I may be very wrong here but I thought strapping was only painted on outshopping for photographic reasons Nick B
  7. Valentins a nice guy Im sure Martin Paul and I will be having encouraging words with him at the next months group meet. Like me he get deterred given Im on attempt No whatever to convert a Farish 3f although Ive already done one . Valentin has built a beautiful C class etch which ran very well but like me fiddled and broke it ( we all learn ) In retrospect should have left the 3f alone when it first worked Nick B
  8. Chris  


    this is them designed for code 40 flat rail


    3rdpotv12 v1.jpg



    I fire up the printer and run some of will let you know  





    1. ShadowinLinby


      Only 12 sheet needed! 


      Thanks Nick


    2. ShadowinLinby


      Only 12 sheet needed! 


      Thanks Nick


      PS - happy to pay for any new resin you need to print off the whole amount



    3. truffy


      Please keep us all updated.

  9. Kevin or anybody apologies for leaving so abrubtly but in the process of been refooved and it was raining and it was leaking to be fair the roof guys came out and resolved it (i hope ) Who was building the Waterloo project ? ( I would maybe try Waterloo East) as maybe he needs 3rd rail pots ? and would be happy to help resins near expire date and rather use it than throw it Nick B
  10. what ever you call it will give it a try in 2mm nice project well done Nick B
  11. its more overcast and damp still haven't got much done spent last few days trying to re-quarter a Jinty that threw its coupling rod Nick B
  12. you know you want to Nick B
  13. Callam drove one in the later series of All Creatures I assume it was fairly authentic from memory army olive Nick B
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