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  1. I now have a set in my grubby paws gosh they are very very good if a tad expensive, let me know how you convert them ( drop in wheels or turned) however they do show up my other coaching stock Nick
  2. I suspect a SECR set will run on Ripple Nick
  3. thanks for that ( I think ) bank is a lot lighter for this post but they do look so good Nick
  4. be still my aching heart shades of public school fantasy perhaps? Nick
  5. gosh that looks like a Farish power unit what bogie side frames are you using ? I know use them myself in similar applications lovely roove details Nick
  6. Blast from the past covered with chicken pox using eldest brother train 08 with a siding probably system 4 track powered by this ( lack of mains sockets in the house and mains where unsuitable for children ) thanks for jogging the memory Nick
  7. stunning work I can barely see the track now to put the stock on Nick
  8. I fear this is drifting from the topic and offer this in an attempt to get away from modelling Nick
  9. you may find this site of interest although not all will still be available http://www.gwr.org.uk/kits2mmwagons.html Nick
  10. Point of order could the Mayor please show some progress unlike the present shambles at Westminster Nick
  11. no hobbit ever deserved honour more Nick
  12. Pete apologies I erroneously assumed Meeth was side lined Nick
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