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  1. KESR hung a sign marked LV between the last vans buffers Nick
  2. impressive and revoked memories of sitting in the garden after the GJLC dinner discussing such things with Steve Sykes Nigel so are you now running a rail replacement service ? Nick
  3. alas I may never listen to the Jupiter by Holst again remembering terrible assemblies and school Dinners but hopefully not morning a country past UK 1914 perchance ? Nick
  4. the chamber appears over heated perhaps a calming breeze is required Nick
  5. The only good news from today was Crayola announcing their first trade deal betwix USA and UK for 653,000 coloured ( not colored) Crayons for the HoC and its new members they have advised they are chlorinated and semi edible Nick
  6. at serious risk of the naughty step I pre-offer this to many to consider but no doubt we will Nick
  7. A much missed puss only once stole from the kitchen her own specially cooked goose giblets many a tears shed when she went A change of circumstances later I relented and agreed to housing Madam a proper sh&t pot whom we both love deeply and makes life just a little better as she sleeps 20 hours a day and demands playtime @ midnight Nick
  8. get a copy of Track http://2mm.org.uk/products/nms/index.html ignore the scale if your not 2mm the principals and practice are very sound Nick
  9. excellent starting point my own 207 @ AGM running on BCNpetes kyle of lochalsh check the 2mm worktop thread Nick
  10. was always a favorite reply to which when questioned why replied did it work "yes" so go away while I continue playing Doom RTFM always a winner Nick
  11. Best Birthday ever a Meccano set with a electric motor from Hamleys 1971 pantomime at London Palladium after ( probably why I disliked Ronny Corbett but had a serious crush on Clodagh Rogers ) Hamleys always had a terrific Meccano display Nick
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