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  1. It will work fine with only one controller however add a second and there is a problem Nick B
  2. looking at the image your check rails appear to bridge the electrical isolation between the points Nick B
  3. sounds like the MERG one nice kit works really well although ultra sonic the board threw me Nick B
  4. how loud do you want plenty loud enough for my tastes Nick B
  5. Mr Mayor is the proposed diverting diversion line going to impact on progress of the railway to Castle Aching ? Nick B
  6. All this has set me off about the long stalled main layout a afternoon with Templot has yielded a simple but achievable plan ho hum Nick B
  7. In all seriousness the door should be changed to opening outwards or a sliding door the alternative is the option of removing the door Nick B
  8. Given out hosts engineering skills this must be possible Nick B
  9. far North arrived sleet cold dark and totally grotty Bradford ( Interchange ? ) late 1989 Nick B
  10. Jerry looking at the 1904 map https://maps.nls.uk/view/101460550 it may have been in place during your preferred timeline Nick B
  11. Ditto my previous comment Nick B
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