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  1. If you are not looking to simply swap out the power bogie as you have already converted them to EM how about about the easiest option would be to use a pancake replacement kit such as the following. (No connection just a satisfied customer) https://www.strathpefferjunction.com/product-category/ringfield-motor-conversion-kits/ the kits are well designed and quite simple even for my very modest modelling talents They don’t come with a decoder socket but hard wiring them would be straight forward if you are already getting your soldering iron out to replace the motor
  2. I had to read that twice before I realised you said shift. I do remember that at the time that in most of the formations it was a first or second open that was placed next to the locomotive with the break further back. Must have been a good reason I am sure. stephen
  3. Andi, I think you missed the step where the second man swears like hell when some idiot in the leading coach flushes the toilet in the station mid uncoupling. (i did see that happen once at Ipswich)
  4. What about using a bit of Cohesive bandage? It might be a bit too course for 00 but might be worth a look
  5. Hello, what about a staggered / uneven ending to the platform? Cut back the platform side so that it is shorter than the other with a ramp Half the platform width stating by the point. There are quite a few places where the platforms don’t end neatly in the same place to take as inspiration (Ipswich platform 3 and 4 at the Norwich end as an example)
  6. That is perfect. Thank you so much (vertaling niet nodig )
  7. Hello, I am trying to find out information about all the railways past and present in the Netherlands, and was wondering if there was an equivalent of a railway atlas? The Netherlands like many other countries has a rich railway past and I was trying to find out more about some of the historic lines that existed. can anyone recommend any reading material that could help? Thanks Stephen
  8. My thanks to cheesysmith, JDW, frobisher, Steve b and of course Butler Henderson, lots of stuff to think about. I will keep an eye out for another half but buying all the parts individually seems a bit expensive. i had thought about using to to power a MK3 based emu , but it did not cross my mind that it might be a good base for a 1st generation DMU. Also I did not think about stripping the parts do re motor my 156 (I had thought about using the underframe details however) last comment for the folks that went off on a tangent. The forum is called mondelin
  9. Hello, I have managed to come across the motorised half of a Bachmann 150 148 sprinter. (This is the one with a solid lump that obscures the windows). I must admit I am at a loss as to what to do with it. I don’t fancy the flaff of putting on an auction site so I was thinking of motorising the dummy car of another Bachmann sprinter but this feels like overkill for a 2 car unit, not to mention it will need another decoder. Sadly it’s too short and would take a lot of effort to stretch it to fit an old Lima 156 I have. This got me thinking would it be sui
  10. Thanks Johann, I see your point about the colour as I was able to find a few more pictures and https://www.railscot.co.uk/locations/I/Ipswich_Lower_Yard/slideshow.html both show some good shots of a very faded and unloved 48ds thanks again, although my bank balance might not be so happy as I feel an order for the Hornby open sided model coming up Cheers stephen
  11. Thanks Johann, That’s perfect. I am always amazed and impressed by the depth of knowledge in the community. I thought the sone traffic was for Anglian Limestone but Drew a blank trying to get more information. It looked like a Ruston 4 DM from the picture in the Middleton press book but it’s great to get conformation . I did not realise that ECF even had a Ruston or that it hung around in Ipswich until 84. It did not ring any bells and I even though I born and lived there (even had a cub scout trip crawling around the yard in Ipswich around that time ) one follow up questio
  12. Hello, I am trying to find out more about a Ruston & Hornsby DM shunted that was used at Melton in Suffolk in1972. There is a really bad picture of it in the Middleton Press Ipswich to Saxmundham book which states that it was brought in to help with stone traffic in 72. Does anyone know anything about it such as where did it come from how long did it stay or where did it go afterwards? Or better still point me to a better picture. thanks Stephen
  13. Hello, It should indeed be just the 2 screws. i do find Bronsgrove Models DCC fitting guides excellent and really useful in showing how to get into most models https://clarahost.clara.net/www.bromsgrovemodels.co.uk/bachmann44dccinstr.htm Stephen
  14. Hello Jack, I did not mean to imply lack of effort, far from it. More the case that it is a lot of bother hardwiring a decoder (especially as I don’t know why Hornby did not fit a 6pin NEM socket and continue with a 4 pin socket that gives very little other than selling their own decoders). I must admit also with my sentinel I also took the approach to use the 4 pin decoder for the same reasons. ( particularly the lack of phlaffing about compared to the effort hardwiring would have taken) Stephen
  15. Hello, The chip kind of does what it says on the packet (that is it would if it came in better packaging than a plastic bag and a part number) . There are not the usual comprehensive instructions and details about CV settings that you normally get with a Hornby chip. Let’s face it had Hornby simply added a 6 pin socket (which I don’t think would have been any bigger) rather than going for a bespoke 4 pin socket it would have made life a lot easier. I will leave it to others that know more to comment if the chip has any surge protection something that older Hornby chi
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