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  1. Hello. I know this is a real long shot, but you never know unless you ask. I am looking for spare bogie side frames for A Heljan EM2 (class 77) to replace a pair that somebody managed to melt on an em2 that I picked up second hand. thanks for your help and yes I know they are like hens teeth stephen
  2. Depending on volume of traffic and era the shunning engine would more likely be equine than steam.
  3. Hello Paul, one can of Montana gold basalt ordered and on its way. Thanks stephen
  4. Cheers Paul, Happy to take a look at other brands , was looking at TAMIYA or REVELL as I know most of the model shops in the Netherlands stock these as spray cans. (Boy do I miss a uk model shop and frequent trips back and forth)
  5. I am about to start rack laying and ballasting and want to spray y track first with something like sleeper grime to weather the rails (I hate shinny rails on a layout). Now I hit a problem. I love in the Netherlands and can’t get paint particularly spray paint delivered from the uk. This means I am stuck with using something like TAMIYA or REVELL spray cans. Can anyone tell me why would be the best colour to use for weathering track from either TAMIYA or REVELL spray cans or point me to anywhere I the Netherlands I can get soothing like Railmatch sleeper grime over here?
  6. NS Peak

    KIBRI 9922

    Hello, There is a Kibri 9922 transformer kit on eBay at the moment for 13.99 with free postage. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/KIBRI-HO-00-SCALE-9922-ELECTRICAL-GENERATOR-TRANSFORMER-KIT-TO-BUILD/284260596608?hash=item422f407b80:g:KfYAAOSwPLlgedl5 stephen
  7. Hello, A daft question maybe, but did you already try ordering from South Eastern Finecast directly? http://www.sefinecast.co.uk/Ordering.htm I am curious as I am going to need a few packs of their class 86 flishglaze soon.
  8. On a moment of weakness 20 years ago I bought a weico A class tram kit. It’s been sitting minding its own business since then. In a moment of madness I decided to take a look and see how difficult it would be to put it together and motorise it. Looking at the instructions it talks about using a Bowser power unit. a few frustrating internet searches later it looks like that is no longer an option. I know this is a long shot but I was wondering if anyone has built one of these kits and any tips or tricks they have on how to motorise it. Or should I just give up and sell it? thanks Stephen
  9. I think the picture probably is either the summer 1986 or 1987. What sets the boundary is. 1). Introduction of NSE in the summer of 86 2) redevelopment of Liverpool Street station made the station look very different from late 87 onwards 3) speed of application of NSE livery 4) the uniforms the staff 5) Liverpool Street can be very very cold and dark and there are few days a year where staff would be walking around in short sleeves I am also curious on why 110 units would go all the way to Stratford when I would have thought Neville Hill would have been able to deal with most repairs
  10. There is a set on eBay at the moment. Here is the kicker... the asking price is 15 quid.
  11. I know it my layout and I can run what I want but I am so glad I can now get away passing a bit of a red face test with running a Hornby 110 on my East Anglia based layout.
  12. A sandite unit could be it, also might explain being coupled to a class 31. Photo does look lik3 a hot summers day however and not sure if it’s the season for sandite.
  13. With time on my hands I was browsing and came across this The comments on the picture don’t shed any light on what on earth is a class 110 doing at Liverpool Street station. It looks like it might be coupled to a railfreight 31 and It must be sometime after mid 1986 as the station has NSE branding. Does anyone know what it was doing there? thanks Stephen
  14. I believe Hattons are VAT registered in the EU and Collect and pay VAT at source as they are obliged to do if selling above a certain threshold. Just when placed my last order this was around new year and DHL got confused. other retailers I know are deducting vat which as you say is normally about the cost of post and packaging. It’s just that over 22 euros you are then liable for local VAT (btw in NL) plus 5he surcharge for collecting. I suspect DHL are more likely to collect on high value orders with track and trace than NL post will for non priority packages. I have an order coming from another retailer who deducted vat and put it through snail mail and I am curious if I will get stung for vat on that or not.
  15. There was also Tag models for a while and I think there was also one in Meadowhall
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