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  1. Acrylics don't often 'stick' to RTR paint finishes on the first coat(s). It's worth putting a couple of thin washes of paint (ie diluted with water) first to allow the following coats to 'grip'. This also helps with weathering powders as they suffer from the same problem - or you can mix with water to increase 'grip'.
  2. Model Display Products sell it in the UK - both aerosol and brush-on. Try searching for Testors Dullcote UK....
  3. East Midlands Trains' Nottingham - Skegness and Skegness - Nottingham services reverse at Grantham in the bay platform 3 or platform 4.
  4. I've found some Tri-ang catenary wire - 5 packets - will send them on to you - about £6 a packet plus postage?
  5. Some photos from Railex yesterday. 'Duchess of Sutherland' in light steam outside the West Shed, home of the Princess Royal Class Locomotive Trust Not quite large enoght to fill-in for the lack of a steam loco for the shuttle, but a lovely little loco! The Baldwin about to depart the Golden Valley Light Railway station with the exhibitor's special train and a very well packed Ashover coach! View from inside the Ashover coach into the cab of the Baldwin for the return journey - a very comfortable ride.
  6. Hello everyone We've some slides here at BRM towers that need to be returned. If anyone knows Alan or indeed is Alan Stansbridge, can they make contact with the office so we can return them? Thanks very much PS We've also a slide of the J15 No.7564 in LNER livery taken at the K&WVR in June 1981 on a Kodak mount - looks like it was in the run-round loop at Oxenhope. Anybodies? Richard
  7. Hi Chris The manufacturer of the first kit is Parliamentary Trains - I think Phil just wanted to make those who are not aware where they got their name from. Richard
  8. Last Saturday, I made the (fairly long) train journey from home village in Lincolnshire to Faversham. The trip was made more interesting due to the engineering works just outside the Cross, which meant my incoming HST was the first into the station that morning, which meant scenes like this: Despite an empty station with no trains on the main line or suburban sides (even the 'rescue' Class 67 was missing), the concourse was still quite busy: Anyway, onward to St Pancras to catch my South Eastern High Speed 'Javelin' to Faversham. Before entering, I couldn't resist taking
  9. The fiddle yard - at the rear - is included Robin - so its over 8 feet wide.
  10. It was in the June 2007 BRM.
  11. Tom - we can probably help out with some back issues if you let me know which ones you want. I can also recommend the Vintage Carraige Trust at Ingrow West on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway - they have a superb selection of old railway magazines.
  12. I thought that set had ducting on the roof for forced air ventilation - or am I mistaken...?
  13. Hi drduncan It was the December 2011 issue. Regards Richard
  14. Hi Stu A bit of a design hiccup there - I'm sure the page was right earlier! Anyway, here's the list in full: Busch Market Stall kit (1070), Wills Market Stall kit (SS37), Woodland Scenics’ Fruit (T47), Lifecolor Weathered Wood acrylic paint set (LC CS-20), Lifecolor Dark Wooden Stock, Railmatch New Timber and Weathered Black acrylic, MEK solvent glue, Thick superglue, Coriander seeds Cheers Richard
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