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  1. Well tonight I looked at my Prairie and even took a before photo. On closer inspection it looked like the fit of the plastic cylinders was too tight on the metal frame and was causing some distortion when mounted. I removed a little material with a file on the plastic cylinder assembly until it sat much more cleanly. not sure if you can see much difference in my before/afters
  2. Mine arrived in NZ, looks fantastic and runs superbly. I have however noticed the slide bars have a distinct downward slope. Plan to correct that by trimming a little material off the motion bracket and a little adjustment. Has anybody else done this yet? Its one of those once you notice it, it always catches your eye moments. Easily fixed, I should add
  3. Fair call Well done with the detective work Rob
  4. Hi Rob I would be keen to pick this one up once you come to sell it. I’m in Chch
  5. Any news on the snowplow? looking forward to this one
  6. Surprised not to see any new wagons in this announcement given the amazing quality of new wagonery in recent years from Hornby.
  7. Has anybody else fitted a Lenz Next18 chip and has figured out how to get the flickering effect working given Bachmann have hard wired the LED’s to output A and B rather than C and D?
  8. Have always loved the excellent quality of these publications. I hope the new owners can keep up up the standards set by Irwell
  9. Any news on those lovely looking Gunpowder vans?
  10. Hi guys Thanks for all your efforts in collating all our wishes. Could I suggest adding the BR pig iron 4 wheel wagon for next year. It’s one of the very few Early BR wagons not easily available
  11. Lovely work as always Mick. What did you use for those pesky chains? I need to detail my pair
  12. Would be great if the bolsters themselves where available separately for my fleet of bogie bolster C’s
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