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  1. Just when we were starting to talk again about a Class 47, things get dragged back off topic Aaaarghhhhh!
  2. Please, please correct your spelling. The area is Teesside Steve
  3. I'm not totally convinced that model sales will be driven by which design was more successful in the real world. A number of previous messages were interesting, but completely irrelevant and driven by personal bias
  4. This is one Accurascale fan that is not a fan of working fans.
  5. The new tooling has potentially saved us from having a model of 47711 in LL livery with the incorrect headlamp. It was only once painted in Scotrail livery was it modified with a high intensity light, prior to that it carried a Scottish style car headlamp. Hopefully Bachmann get it right with the new tooling and the 47/7 EP in the video is destined to be a different model.
  6. Copied form the KMS Railtech website : "KMS Railtech are excited to be launch partners of Cavalex Models’ All New HAA (including variants) along with Trains4U. These wagons will be at home on so many layouts and we’re delighted that we can be involved in the launch of a brand new tooling up to today’s standards. Cavalex Models’ BBA has been received to much praise and we’re now more excited than ever to see the release of these Coal Hoppers! We are also very pleased that, along with Trains4U, we are able to offer a full rake of Hoppers with different running numbers!" Announced Sept 2020 Steve
  7. "Careful consideration has been given to respect another project commissioned by two retail partners unbeknownst to us in order to avoid duplication of liveries on particular variants where possible. However, these liveries will follow quite quickly in a future production run from us. " My respect for the Accurascale team just continues to grow and grow. Steve
  8. Yeah, I knew the pins are on the Plux22 decoder. I just didn't pay enough attention to the OPs photos and I jumped to the wrong conclusion when I saw "two rows of 11 pins". My bad, and apologies for the duff gen. Steve
  9. They've fitted the loco with a Plux22 socket. https://dccwiki.com/PluX_Interface Steve
  10. As 4 ohm speakers are the "ideal" speaker for the v4 decoders according to ESU, you should have no issues at all with the swap. Steve
  11. What a fantastic video, thanks for posting the link. I've subscribed to the channel and hope there's many more great videos to come. Steve
  12. I'm fairly certain you'll be able to spot the differences. You'll only have to look at the cab handrails!
  13. As "railway time" stopped at the end of 1985, Class 37s only exist in 37/0 and 37/4 form
  14. Dan sent me the decoder and I can confirm that the decoder is fully functional under DCC. Bachmann have disabled DC operation. If anyone wishes to turn this feature on again, they need to set CV29 = 6 Steve
  15. That thread does make me think that Bachmann deliberately changed the default CVs to disable the DC option. A strange choice for them to make. Steve
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