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  1. Dust or sand? Well, having kept chinchillas in the past I don't think there's any difference with what you get, no matter what they call it. As skipepsi says, just nip down to your local petstore and buy some, then give it a go. It's cheap. Probably the only consideration to take into account is that it is very uniform in size, so to get a realistic look you'd have to mix it with something else from time to time to represent pebbles, etc.
  2. "I’ve got a sound fitted Voyager which chirps up every time I turn the controller on, and I’ve not used it in months; it’s not in the roster for easy access." This is a function of the decoder, not the ECoS. It is enabled via a CV. However I don't know which CV this is for a Loksound decoder. Can any one advise which CV toggles this function?
  3. Books arrived safely, travelling from one end of the country to the other unscathed. Thanks Stu
  4. Happy New Year Dave. The photo's you post are inspirational. This is my daily "go to" thread. Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to keep us all entertained.
  5. Lee - Happy New Year to you and yours. Looking at the photo you are blessed with a great family, including the dog
  6. Many thanks Stu. My money is waiting like a coiled spring Steve
  7. Hi Stubby, I'd be very interested in the following 4 books: Class 40s at Work; Freightmaster (freight timetable); Railway Freight Operations and British Rail Class 20 operations. If still available, just pm me once the can guess the postage cost and I will send you the appropriate amount. Steve
  8. Flood, I think we need a new thread made up of your scanned notebook. There's so much great info there regarding coach formations. Please! Steve
  9. Just to throw some more retail options into the mix, I have also ordered ESU products from ArsTECNICA (url is www.model-railway.expert) and Lokshop (url is ssl.lokshop.de). All orders have been dealt with swiftly and delivery was very quick. Pricing is very attractive, so one of these might give you a cheaper deal than MSL? As others have mentioned I wouldn't bother with a 51113. When I want a "mobile" option I use a tablet connected to the ECoS via a VNC client. This provides a full interactive capability with the ECoS (nice video here): There are also specific apps that you can install on Android and IOS devices. Steve
  10. "Railcom Ctr - Alt - Del" with both controller and loco, good to know what worked. Glad the forum was able to assist you getting to a solution. There's nothing more frustrating than when things don't go to plan and you can't figure out why. Steve
  11. Yup, Railcom+ will automatically place decoder info into ECoS e.g. address and functions.
  12. The LokProgrammer will update the decoder firmware. The latest ECoS firmware is 4.2.6, which was released in May. Let me know if you need any assistance getting things updated. Steve
  13. ESU have been very busy producing updates to the V5 decoder firmware, but there's no mention of an impending ECoS update on the ESU website. Perhaps your customer issue has been addressed via a decoder update? I'm assuming the op has updated the decoder firmware on his problem loco?
  14. Where did you get to learn of the "issue"? I've just scanned the ESU forums and there's no mention of anything. I am sure if there was a fundamental issue the Forum would be full of messages. BTW, my Loksound 5s work just fine with my ECoS. Back to the original post, it's quite possible the problem is being caused by Railcom+? Do you have it enabled? If so and you have a duplicated address in the ECoS then it will simply not work. Could this be your problem? Have a look through the addresses in your loco list. Perhaps try turning off Railcom on the decoder via the LokProgrammer. Steve
  15. A "stay-alive" unit hidden in a permanently attached match truck transformed the running of my 03. Another option would be a permanently attached brake van. Steve
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