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  1. Wasn't issue 91 meant to be the Spring 2019 issue?
  2. A great series of "how to" postings, thanks Jonathan. I'm just about to launch into some baseboard building, so your postings will be great inspiration. I look forward to seeing many more Steve
  3. I've had no issues fitting some non-ESU stay alive units to Loksound decoders, so my experience echos that of Richard above. The quote on the DCCguy website doesn't state it will invalidate the warranty, but specifically says "in the future the company may have to disallow warranty replacements for decoders damaged in this way". I cannot find anything on the ESU website to indicate they have implemented any change to the generous warranty they have in place. In fact the opposite exists, in that the Loksound manuals (incl. the Loksound 5) still show how to fit a non-ESU stay alive unit. It will be interesting to see if anyone can provide a first hand experience of a decoder being damaged by a stay alive unit. There's some great advice here: http://www.sbs4dcc.com/tutorialstipstricks/esuloksoundv40andselectkeepalive.html Also do check the decoder manual, available for download from the ESU website.
  4. I thought they looked like the headlights that Lee fits. I might just have to indulge at some point soon. Thanks for the info
  5. That's a fantastic collection you're building there Eddie. What are you using for the "highland headlights"? Are they also lit? Steve
  6. The difference between the Galaxy speaker and the iPhone speaker was like night and day. Up to now I've always thought the iPhone speaker was pretty good, but the newcomer had me going wow!
  7. I'm pretty sure that should read "north of Crewe". I'm not aware of any infrastructure project that would start in Scotland and then, if funds allow, would reach London!
  8. Terry, It didn't, but I didn't ask then to transfer it either ( I assumed they wouldn't be able to). The soundfiles were Legomanbiffos and I didn't think ESU would be interested in replacing it. I was just grateful I got replacement decoders, that were turned into dead metal and smoke by my own error, at no cost to me other than the postage. Steve
  9. I will, for sure. I normally do anyway, as Bif's sound files are my "got to" product. I'll also be heading to the seminar he holds.
  10. It was. I sent a couple of emails, but never received a reply. I took that as an indicator of the standard of their customer relations, rightly or wrongly, and decided to move on.
  11. I've blown 2 ESU Loksound decoders due to me (stupidly) shorting the speaker on fitment. I sent them to ESU along with the receipt and they replaced them free of charge. However they will only do this within 2 years of purchase. Their procedure is available here: http://www.esu.eu/en/support/warranty-repair/reparaturen/ruecksendungen/ Note that I did try and email the UK distributor with my issue but never received a reply, so I paid for the postage to Germany in the hope of better service. I was not disappointed. Steve
  12. What did you pair the EM1 with? I'm curious to learn if anyone has found the perfect match. Steve
  13. Another vote for the "Y" version from me
  14. Don't change anything Fran, keep on doing what you do so well.
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