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  1. You've made a really nice job of that. Sorry to hear that some of the parts were missing/poor fitting. I'll double check the kits to make sure a manufacturing error hasn't crept in.
  2. A couple of pictures of our 4mm coal office kit built and painted by Dan Everson.
  3. Thats is my range and I can tweak the file so the weighbridge text and number matches.
  4. The bricks will be 3inches high, so looking at those, the planks look like 6inch planks. The bricks will also be 9inches long, so by counting those. you can get the width more or less. Hope that helps.
  5. Those look really good. The concrete render particularly so.
  6. Ideally a dxf file from a CAD but understanding that not everyone has access or the skills for CAD, a pen and paper drawing with either scale dimensions or actual dimensions will work.
  7. I also supply lasercut 4mm windows and I will produce bespoke sizes and designs quite reasonably priced if you need.
  8. Thanks Clive, eventually all the 7mm kits will be available in 4mm. Just working through but time is very limited just now.
  9. Our popular 7mm Coal Office kit has now been converted to 4mm scale.
  10. Just a little update, the window etches arrived for the goods shed today. hopefully more progress to report very soon.
  11. A couple of new products now available; 7mm cable troughs. 7mm LNWR Station Panels.
  12. I can laser cut those for you. Drop me a message if you're interested.
  13. So Tesco delivery sorted and back to the trial panel. Seven layers plus detail bricks make up each panel. Almost prototypical thickness and makes for a robust wall even in 4mm scale. Inside and outside I stuffed up the detail brick overlays so will add those tomorrow. A couple of tweaks needed but I’m pretty pleased so far.
  14. I had a chance Just now to do a trial run of one of the panels for the goods shed. All the parts laid out( Close up. starting to layer up. more later.
  15. Yes no problem. Drop me an email and I’ll sort out with you. [email protected]
  16. Yes, I have a line up of 4mm Buildings both town and railway related. Keep an eye out!
  17. Next up, Englands smallest pub is now in 4mm.
  18. Cross section of the walls. This is one of the side walls. These individual layers will build up the distinctive look of the building and make the walls very similar to prototype thickness.
  19. I would like to see these as they will be really useful.
  20. Right. Couldn't leave alone this eve while watching Dr Who etc.. I think this is pretty much right, until the brick size is measured up, this is as far as I can go just now.
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