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  1. Jeez - definitely doesn't feel like it's been a month since I last posted. I haven't been idle though. A quick side project i've been working on is improving the Youtube videos that I upload and providing some commentary over the video. My first video is below - I'd love some feedback!
  2. Looks like Kernow also have them at RRP, interestingly enough, when I checked my pre-order with Rails, it said the normal DCC ready one was sold out on pre-order, maybe they have some extra allocation and for whatever reason, these ones are in high demand, and are being sold for more? I'm really interested to hear more from people who ordered the Sound fitted one, what's the sound like?
  3. Oooh, thinking of going EM/P4? I can check the axle dia. later on for you.
  4. I use Birchwood Casey (because it's easier to get in NZ than Carrs). I have Brass specific, and something called 'Super Blue' which also darkens the solder. Truffy is close I used to use Roxey couplings exclusively, On the terrier I used the Roxey hooks laminated together, and use Masokits Links. Which will be my standard going forward.
  5. Thank you! The screw coupling was chemically blackened after that, it was just in place as a test fit. The only glaring fault I can find with the Hornby terrier is the join line where the body shell meets the lower half of the boiler, it's not the end of the world, but it certainly does stick out. I really would've liked sprung buffers, but given the odd location, I can understand why they weren't. I'm really smitten with this little loco, and looking forward to getting it finished off and into the fleet. I can see why people end up with multiple iterations of these!
  6. Hey Truffy, I did originally try to use the Bachmann links, but I found they were just stiff enough to uncouple the train. I reverted back to my standard Roxey screw couplings, You could definitely use sprung smiths couplings. You might need to butcher the area behind the coupling pocket to get it to fit, but if you don't plan to use the cammed NEM pocket extensions again - it's moot. You've done a good job fitting the buffers - I often find it's handy to chemically blacken the buffer housings before fitting them, as it provides a good key for the paint. I then paint
  7. Thanks for this Tony, my Terrier actually arrived yesterday. Now waiting for the chip, we shall see if it fits! I took the opportunity to take the chassis apart to see how things all went together. While the wheels were out and the coupling rods off, I painted the sides of the pickup plate (not a perfect colour match, but close. I also painted the wheel rims green. She is a gorgeous little engine, and when finished will really break up the monotony of black and green.
  8. Hi David, Those images are really amazing, trawling through them all now. I've also managed to find (in your wonderful thread) an image of a tank on a warflat - just after the cutoff of 1947, which is immensely handy.
  9. Hi guys, I've tried googling, but I haven't been able to find anything overly conclusive. I'm looking for some information on the condition of Private owner wagons in the years immediately after the war, but before BR took over - specifically 1947 What condition were most of them in? What markings/livery did they have? I can't seem to find any photos of them in standard goods trains around this time (although that might be user error). Looking to diversify, so any information is useful! Thanks in advance
  10. @Brocp, have you seen this mate - right up your alley!
  11. OH! I'd forgotten about these ones. My copy is still out on lend. Generally it looks like the shading on the numbers is the same as the letters. I'm still undecided on font style, I think it looks like the numbers on the far right: https://www.fox-transfers.co.uk/sr-maunsell-loco-lettering-numbering-62091 But in gold, with green shading - I would assume that it also has the white upper and black lower shading too? I'm pretty confident there aren't any transfers readily available, so I will explore other options.
  12. Following with interest! I'm sure cost could be brought down if you could bypass the need to purchase a proprietary mechanism to power the units (as good as Hornby's are). How's the SUB coming along?
  13. Has anyone fit a 6 pin Gaugemaster Ruby Chip to one of these terriers, or know if one will fit? It measures 11 x 10 x 3 (mm).
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