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  1. Glad to see you've finally started posting! That H15 is such a creative little conversion, I'm really looking forward to seeing more updates on the H16.
  2. Unfortunately I really only stumbled across Gordon, and this thread early this year. Nevertheless, it's hard not to be moved by the pages and pages of tribute to someone who was clearly a great man. There is a verse from a Poem, called the last journey, which I find fitting in times like this. Although in this instance, the whole thing would probably suit. There is a train waiting at the station With a seat reserved just for me I'm excited about its destination As I’ve heard it sets you free.. And to quote his last post: Oh look, it's just started raining..
  3. And it looks much better for it! Really looking forward to mine arriving now.
  4. Hey Folks, I haven't been dormant. But I also feel like I've weirdly been stretched very thin recently. A recent success was me finishing off my Queen Mary after like, 3 years.. A concerted effort saw me finishing off the replacement bogies (Hornby Maunsell spares), Screw links, vac pipes, and all the other undrframe details. Repaint/transfers/weathering etc. Just a quick and dirty photo for now. I've also been working on getting the L finished off. Steam reverser, pipework, handrails all complete. They won't be attached until after painting and lining. Brake gear all sorted too, i've made my first ever set of removable gear. Will definitely try and use this method in future. You can see here that I also knocked a replacement roof up out of brass angle and sheet. In the end i decided that my version was comparable to the one that came in the kit and decided to use that instead. The motor is rather large in this loco (intentionally), but I found that it was hanging off the axle and impeding free running. So I made a little bracket thing to hold it. This sits in the bottom of the ashpan and can't been seen, The chassis isn't perfect, in-fact it does really leave a lot to be desired. But it's not terrible and with some further enhancement work the lower portion of the loco scrubs up pretty nicely. You can also see the little bracket that holds the lubricator (1786 was so fitted with one), the lubricator and pipework will be added after painting and lining. Next up was colour, and my difficulties with it. I'm not sold on the Phoenix shade of malachite green, it looks too 'Doncaster' to me, and I attribute this to a lack of blue-ness. I had some paint mixed by a car body shop place, but that wasn't right either. Phoenix is first, followed by the 'custom' mix. You can also see the rivets/cladding bolts I added to the firebox with Mike Edge's suggested Plastic Padding super steel epoxy. It works brilliantly!! In the end, I wasn't happy with either. So it's had a swim in some lacquer thinners. I also need to add a few details that I missed, and this will be significantly easier when I don't have to worry about messing up paintwork. The loco will get a blast with some filler primer and have the super steel rivets re-applied. I also revisited the tender, stripped it with lacquer thinner, and cleaned everything up. I also re-attached the extended raves in a better way. There are still a few small details to add before primer and paint. I've got a Brassmasters C class tender brake gear upgrade to finish off next. 1786's tender was written off in a collision and it received a C's tender for a while as a replacement, an easy choice for me as I had the spare tender, which really saved some hassle. That's all for now. I've just had some more eastern stuff arrive for weathering!
  5. I was asked to work on my friends J70, as he wasn't overly enamored with the factory finish. Here's a close-up, excuse the fingerprint on the window! The finish was achieved using the Mike Trice method, followed by some gentle weathering. My friend is well pleased!
  6. Fingers crossed mine isn't far behind! I pre-ordered as soon as they were announced!
  7. I saw someone on FB had received their BR Lined black version!
  8. Absolutely! As a bare minimum it certainly looks infinitely better than rail soldered directly to PCB sleepers.
  9. You've got your Wartime black version? Any chance of some photos?
  10. Interesting, the colour difference doesn't seem to be as stark here. I wonder if swapping the tender numbers/lettering out to something slightly more 'Cream' would help further?
  11. Excuse me, what?! That is genuinely terrifying. Regarding balancing, you could always fix the front bogie so that it's effectively an 0-6-4?
  12. Spitballing here; would it be possible to turn the mount around and have the skate behind the axle, under the vehicle? It would then push instead of pull, and be mostly hidden. I suppose the only concern might be that the front wheels/axle might misbehave?
  13. No to sound like a know-it-all, but despite other 'things' I'm fairly sure the Dapol version is correct. Those 3'7" 10 spoke bogie wheels were pretty prominent. I only know because I spent all evening comparing bogie wheels for some of the projects i've got on the go. Chris's model really looks the business though. The SEF kit scrubs up nicely!
  14. I have indeed, apologies for that! Long day yesterday and I was like a walking zombie. Shouldn't be an excuse though, i've played this game before! Have updated the original comment!
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