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  1. 'Teaking', it's something I've wanted to try for a while. Not being a dedicated LNER fan means I'm unlikely to need to repaint multiple coaches, but I do have some 4 wheel pigeon vans to build and paint, and I was concerned they would be too starkly different from the Hornby offering. So, following the Mike Trice method, I decided to give it a go; These photos were taken immediately after applying the oils. The colour has lightened a little since then. It's not perfect yet, but I'm very happy with the results!
  2. I decided to give something a go, that's a bit out of my usual Southern scope, I've got some LNER pigeon vans to build, and I didn't want the finish on them to look too out of step with my other LNER stock, so.. I followed Mike Trice's guide, the base colour is 'Lifecolour Rust Light Shadow 2' with some cheap stationary store Burnt umber oil paint brushed over the top. I think it's come out nicely. I'm waiting for the oil paint to dry, and then i'll apply a coat of cellulose clear over the top. Thoughts?
  3. Thanks Brian, I appreciate the support for the H1 project, I foolishly thought once I'd obtained the RTR bits, the rest would be easy... Not so! Yeah, it's a real pain, it's slowly coming back though, which is nice! Hi Tony, Yes I do, a really fantastic book it is too. I hadn't realised that there are 3 other books in that same range that I was missing! Honestly what i'm really missing is a front shot looking down towards the footplate, although i'm unsure if one even exists.
  4. Progress, of sorts: The H1 is slowly ticking along. I have made enquiries with a few different places and should have some further information headed my way in the next little while. My plan of attack is to use photos to assess the approximate size of components, then mock them up out of plasticard, and then when it's close enough, send the whole lot off to a friend, to have him measure, tweak and draw the bits up in CAD. Then simply 3D print the large assemblies. The intention is to print a whole new cylinder assembly, and the steam chest pipes that go int
  5. I'm so very sorry to hear Tony. Pets have a way of becoming more than just a part of the family. The great cattery in the sky holds many beloved and loyal furry friends, with all the fish they could ever want.
  6. Hi all, I am currently working on a 4mm project to replicate (or something close to that) 2039 in 1947 after Bulleid had worked his, errr, 'magic' on one of the remaining H1's. I am in the throes of doing the same. So far I have found photos in the following books. - Bulleid Locomotives, a pictorial history by Brian Haresnape - Leader and Southern experimental Steam, Kevin Robertson - LBCSR Brighton Atlantics, James S Baldwin - LBSCR Atlantics, Jeremy English I have also perused these two websites:
  7. Here's the finished 'Original Cab' Project, finished as 21C122 'Exmoor'
  8. That looks fantastic Dave, It's so nice to finally see her running under her own power. I'm glad that you've built DC and DCC capabilities into the pickup board. Most good DCC chips allow for running on DC as an option. Which is very handy in instances like this, where it's not quite as simple as plugging/unplugging.
  9. I think I had a realization that all i've done this year is work and modelling, for a large portion of time I did both from the same desk. Suddenly one day after work, the desire to open the new box of bits and take it to the workbench just completely vanished. I'm sure it will return, I have enjoyed my furlough into air modelling, it's given me a change to try out a few techniques that might not be directly applicable in railway modelling (pre-shading, battle damage, etc).
  10. It seems like much longer than a month since I last posted here. I felt like my modelling had hit a wall, and I was really struggling to get up and over it. Honestly, I still feel that way and I have no idea why. Loss of modelling mojo is a real **** I decided to tackle a something that I'd been wanting to do for a while, some 1/48th scale Luftwaffe planes. Here's the first of 5-6, a Bf 109-E3, with some battle damage on the left wing. I have a Ju-87 Stuka, Bf 110, He 111 and a Do-17, waiting to be built. I don't have plans for anything more than that, I j
  11. I've found that usually around this time of year (coming into spring/summer) my modelling takes a bit of a backseat. More so recently, we're house hunting, and bought a new car, plus i've decided it's time for another speight of upgrades for my computer. I haven't done nothing though, i've been working on repainting a gate stock set and weathering and detailing an O2 for a friend. Finally building up enough courage, I decided to tackle my N15x. Being a mixed traffic loco I settled on a suitably grubby look. It's not perfect, and I had to have a
  12. Thank you! Yes Resin casting is on the list of things to learn, I think i'd like to figure out how to build points next though!
  13. A few more sporadic updates, A slow burn project of mine is to modify everything RTR to include small details, One major thing that slightly older RTR locos struggle with is the fallplate. In the past i've devised a solution (shamelessly borrowed from @Nile) but have run into issues with the fallplate coming loose, especially when transferring the loco from the bench to the stock box, or the stockbox to the track. So I came up with this: It allows the fallplate full up and down movement while retaining it. The retainer isn't as pr
  14. Snap! I spent some time recently sorting out the same connection on one of mine (918 Hurstpeirpoint). I feel like this model in particular suffers from issues with fragility, especially with the loco/tender connection. Have you managed to amass all 40 Schools?
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