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  1. Your layout looks a lot like an early try of mine. It's a good starter - since it gives you the chance to set up and run a small sequence and shunt etc. I enjoyed mine, but of course moved on. There are a couple of things you need to look at: 1) Your fiddle yard entry/exit point will have to go to the right somewhat - you have a point overlapping your board join. 2) Where are you operating this from? If you can get to the back that's OK, but if not then loading things in/out of the fiddle yard will be a pain - reaching over the backscene. 3) "kick-back" sidings look
  2. That looks very interesting. How do you make straight cuts in foambord. I made a layout using 5mm and had troubles with straight edges - let alone curves. Foam board is plenty robust for small layouts adn mine worked fine. A bit of Scakscenes harbour wall too. I cannot imagine getting through 10mm stff with a Stanley knife and a straighedge.
  3. There's another of PaulRHB's essays at Which I found from following links. It too is modular and fascinating.
  4. Another one of those seemingly mad and off the wall threads which turns into a goldmine of excellent ideas and links to very interesting other work. I just love RMWeb for this kind of thing. Maybe I could do that ........ ?
  5. It never fails to amaze me that wonderful solutions to extraordinary problems appear on this forum. This is/was a fantastic thread full of "cunning plans". It might even move me to think about doing a ferry. I hope th OP does have a go at mocking it up and look forward to seeing it if he does.
  6. As with all these things ---- it was on the second page!
  7. Yes but what was it FOR? Apart from showing off that is - lots of consisted locos and wagons. But it all goes in one way and comes out the same way.
  8. As al of us say on here - the ONLY DUMB QUESTION is the one you don't ask. Everybody is only too pleased to help.
  9. What precisely were you intending to do with it? I could make a few suggestions, but perhaps you should elucidate first?
  10. I have really enjoyed the gradual evolution of your layout. It looks good and "fun". But it doesn't quite work. As the Stationmaster has said, locos do not (usually, often, as a rule...?) shunt THROUGH goods sheds - fear of sparks igniting things or smoke/exhaust polluting things. So getting at your end loading dock is not ging to be easy - you'd need a set of wagons that could be pushed through the shed with the eld/cattle vans on the end of that. Might I suggest that you put a point in the loop just where the second carriage is on your "pretty plan" (or a bit to the left) and a diamond
  11. Welcome, at least you are almost there towards getting your problem addressed. BUT, and I am sorry to do this to you but this has nothing to do with Layout Design etc. So there is a hole you have faallen in! Can I suggest you will get more attention and help if you ask the Moderators to move this to the Power and Control section under Electrics (non DCC)
  12. Same here I fear. I never thought I would be in this state, I thought I was more resilient - but I find I'm not. There is no way I am going into any crowded area until I have been vaccinated with one that is proven to work - so probably not the Russian one!
  13. A simple answer to lots of point motors - don't use them! Try using servos - cheaper and smaller and some good electronics to control them with DC/DCC around if you wish - or you can just use simple buttons/switches.
  14. By the way, haven't you got access in and out to ALL platforms - those single slips seem to do the trick?
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