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  1. I hope you brought enough for the whole class. I really must make some time to try some baking. Mrs SM42 went off piste earlier this week with chocolate brownies. In the absence of anything else she used dark, mint chocolate and used a round tin Result. Lovely chocolate minty cake. It didn't last long Andy
  2. Just looking at the long range forecast which is showing a high chance of snow in late September But seriously, I was looking forward to February and for a change I wasn't at work that weekend I need to try and work out what I'm doing in September. If I'm free, I'm there. Fingers crossed and I wish you a good weekend either with or without me. Andy
  3. The time penalty ( 5 minutes or so ) could be added into the timetable. The trick is to fit it around the other services. For the Camp Hill it would be a good option to route Hereford - New St that way to serve the new stations. Only problem then is the routing through Proof House. Routing into Moor St would beg the question where is the other end of the service. Redditch is a waste of wires, Bromsgrove likewise ( unless the route is electrified at the same time and while they are it the fast lines from King's Norton to Longbridge) Worcester? May as well go to Hereford and start at New St using existing services Having said that a chord would open up some interesting possibilities for longer distant services. Andy
  4. This is the biggest risk that the public don't see or hear about ( but certainly see the effects) and it's no music hall joke. One of the main reasons so much effort goes into every Autumn. Disappearing off the signalling system has implications for safety primarily but also for performance. The network loses a signal section, possibly more, in the safety mitigations following a wrong side track circuit failure. The disappearing train also gets stopped so that the wheels can be checked for leaf contamination The timetable suffers as a result and the S&T spend a not insignificant amount of time investigating ( in all weathers) to establish the cause taking them away from their other work. Whilst all this is happening spare a thought for 1. The signaller ensuring the safety of trains through the affected area, the safety of the team out on the track and all the other trains that they have to keep moving elsewhere on their bit of railway. Throw in a second problem on the patch ( not uncommon) and it can be a thankless task some days. 2. The control teams juggling their resources and probably dealing with several other problems at the same time. Another thankless task 3. The train crew supervisor dealing with crews not being where they should be at the given time as they are late inbound 4. The public facing staff getting the flak. 5. The passengers who arent getting there when they expect to. In some cases the train disappears for only a second or two which can be easily missed on a busy panel. Fortunately modern signalling installations have very effective electronic monitoring which can pick up failures that the human eye may not see. Andy
  5. Changing subject before it's too late. Remember that wall I was supposed to paint before Christmas? Well I've finished Andy
  6. The cheaper option for this would be a reverse at Tyseley. A lot less infrastructure work Andy
  7. Whilst there may be a burgeoning market in Alrewas, extending the Cross City service without a link through to Derby I don't think would be preferable to expanding capacity at Lichfield Trent Valley Connections to central Birmingham could be adequately served with only a short drive to a station and there would still be no provision for northbound commuters. Ultimately I would like to see Stourbridge Walsall Lichfield and beyond reopened to heavy rail and provide a commuter route across the West and North of the West Midlands conurbation. The Midland Metro extension to Dudley is I think a poor substitute for heavy rail and as far as I see it trams should replace buses in city centres rather than link centres. I am minded of European hub and spoke metros in this respect. Trams in the centre. Buses feeding into the trams on the outskirts However we are where we are and I doubt the people of Stourbridge Dudley Aldridge Lichfield Alrewas and Burton will have a rail alternative for their commute in my lifetime. Andy
  8. Electrifying that 4 miles or so from Lichfield could be an option. Change ends via the single line or if resignalling at same time install bi di routes. The other traffic over the route at present is quite light. The big issue really is how much revenue earning traffic would all this, or indeed any investment in a new station see . Seems to be a nice idea but I can't see a financial return. Again using XC services on the Derby main line I can't see being a starter either with the hit of stopping services on the route and potential traffic. Even a Parkway style station I can't see being viable, with the other options nearby, although it could pick up some traffic to Derby or Burton A bus from Lichfield to the arboretum would be a better solution, but again would the numbers stack up? Now perhaps reopen from Lichfield to Walsall ( unlikely) at the same time and link Derby to Walsall then you may have a viable service with commuter traffic as an alternative to the A5 and A38 Andy
  9. The hand held widget is an eddy current device, which through magic ( or perhaps physics) can measure the amount of leaf contamination on the rail head. The result is fed back to control to allow treatments to be targeted more effectively. Back in the 90s there was a system installed on some areas where there was a recognised high risk of leaf fall related adhesion issues. If a report had been received the signaller could switch it on. The result was a large dot matrix style trackside sign was illuminated to warn drivers and this removed the need to stop the train ( with the SPAD risk that may introduce) and tell the driver. Andy
  10. Could these not be used for the later builds on ex palbrick underframes? Apart from the length the bodies measure up well alongside a Parkside kit on the other dimensions. Just need to replace the chassis and and some minor bodywork changes Andy
  11. Ooo! Ooo! Class 40 video next then Andy
  12. Batman had a label printer. He also had a terrible memory which is why he needed the label printer to label everything in the bat cave. Alfred included I shouldn't wonder Holy embossed plastic Batman! Andy
  13. But if you were rewarded by class 40 videos every time you watched pannier porn? Andy
  14. But surely this is reinforcing , not treating, PS Andy
  15. You could just work in the naturist style, grabbing the water pipe or other earth just to make sure, as you enter the workshop. Quite what the locals would think I wouldn't care to speculate Andy
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