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  1. Don't use a resistor to try and drop the 15V to 12V. Just use the correct power supplies. They are so cheap these days it's foolish to do anything else.
  2. All the clockwork locos I ever had, the key went in the side. Will you be writing up the mechanism for the magazine? Nice work
  3. The software we didn't write! "we never tried to "close the loop" and have the software auto tune the decoder".
  4. Easier said than done, methinks. the motor resistance will vary as it rotates depending how the brushes contact the commutator segments for 3 or 5 (or ?) poles. Additionally, the motor will be isolated from the PIC by something like a H bridge driver so you will need extra connections from the PIC to the motor. In turn these will need to be protected from the full motor voltage...
  5. It looks like the output from JMRI and a Bachrus speed interface to me. Problems like this are why we never tried to "close the loop" and have the software auto tune the decoder to match a desired profile
  6. That's not a criticism of DecoderPro. It's due to the iimited information that manufacturers embed in the decoder. Any list of CV7/8 vaues or any system will have exactly the same problem with version numbers reused across a range of decoders. Some makes will have more info in manufacturer specific standard CVs which DecoderPro can access. Other systems may not be so intelligent.
  7. Also remember that with the SPROG in programmer mode you must only have ONE loco on the track at a time, otherwise they will all be programmed at the same time.
  8. Many moons ago Lego used something similar but they may have been smaller.
  9. If you want to be really pedantic we started with an AC input voltage. Full mains voltage rectified to 400V DC bus. Perhaps that makes it a BLACDCAC motor. Sounds like it should be powering a drill
  10. I have some experience of motor control, albeit 3-phase BLDC. We do use torque control (i.e. current) loop but, ultimately, with some fancy maths, it's all about controlling and regulating the voltage applied to the motor.
  11. Any booster that can take track signal as input will work with any system. You just might not get all the "system" benefits of using the same make with any specific command station to booster interface.
  12. I would look at something from the TI DRV8xxx range. Various modules available on Ebay or from the likes of Pololu.
  13. By default Android phones will not connect to WiFi if there is no internet connection (at least that's the case with all the Moto phones I have owned). There's a setting buried somewhere a few layers down in the menus.
  14. TT Electronics, registered in the UK, under the PowerPax brand.
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