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  1. What's the track voltage? Have you checked the decoder settings are not limiting the top speed?
  2. COPISITEE is at least as old as PAT. Changes in brief are here https://electrical.theiet.org/wiring-matters/years/2020/81-july-2020/the-all-new-5th-edition-of-the-iet-code-of-practice-for-in-service-inspection-and-testing-of-electrical-equipment/ What stood out to me was SELV is no longer a valid method of protection for eqipment.
  3. I would still have a hard look at the loco. A class 37 should be picking up form both bogies, and should negotiate someirregularities, unless the unevenness affects the whole length of the loco
  4. What sort of loco? Short wheelbase? What sort of track and what's it laid on? Sounds like poor pickup over uneven track to me.
  5. Nice. Flash drives vary a lot, with some being considerably slower than a USB3 SSDs This blog site is interesting https://www.jeffgeerling.com/blog/2020/fastest-usb-storage-options-raspberry-pi I generally turn the Pi WiFi into an access point for direct connection of WiThrottle/Engine driver devices. You can then ditch the wired Ethernet except when you really need to surf the 'net.
  6. I sometimes use a bolt to hold the nut in place (with lots of oil/graphite/whatever to try and keep solder out of the thread) and sometimes end up soldering everything solid A S/S bolt would probably be great for this.
  7. Sole trader, no. Partnership is a form of incorporation and would most likely be an LLP or Limited Liability Partnership. The website does not claim to be a limited company. Barring conspiracy theories, it looks like it is not incorporated.
  8. Nice. I think that would pass muster from any normal viewing distance.
  9. If you are on this forum, or if anyone knows him in the Maidenhead area, we've tried e-mail and 'phone but cannot make contact re the order that we cancelled and refunded. Please 'phone us. Andrew Crosland www.sprog-dcc.co.uk
  10. How long is a piece of string the wire? The longer it is (remember the current has to flow out and back) the fatter the wire needs to be to reduce voltage drop. Cue the raft of replies "well it works for me with a piece of wet string"...
  11. It's strange behaviour. The rapid flash indicates an overload. The track power will be cut for around 1/2 second. Did you move the loco in the meantime? Is it possible certain speed sets up a vibration and there's a momentary short somewhere?
  12. Repeating what i said above, this is good as you get the benefit of the square of the voltage. Doubling the voltage gives you 4x the energy stored, and avaiulable to fire the solenoid. The MERG DCC solenoid decoder works in a similar way. Just make sure then capacitors are correctly rated!
  13. The same is also true of DecoderPro (JMRI), with a suitable interface for your system, or stand-alone programmer, it just takes a little longer for DP to catch up with new releases. Just to clarify, I am only referring to basic CV programming. JMRI does not cover ESU specific features such as sound loading.
  14. It will have a rectifier. The only advantage to an AC supply was that, in the old days, they were cheap (just a transformer or the aux output of a DC controller) and the capacitor would charge to the peak value, rather than the quoted RMS value. Nowadays transformers are (relatively) expensive to buy and to post, and almost everything uses switch node power supplies. There's no reason you can't use DC but you will need a higher specified voltage (approx 1.4x the AC voltage it's replacing) to get the same "oomph". Energy stored in a capacitor is proportional
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