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  1. How did you get 24V out of a model D? Did you connect to the AC or DC outputs? What sort of "step down"?
  2. In the UK? Which couriers still collect on the doorstep? All of the big ones send me an invoice some time after delivery.
  3. Do make sure you use the correct size (colour) for your cable. They tend to have a bad reputation in some circles, but that's entirely due to poor application, rather than any inherent issue.
  4. I learnt etching for PCBs from my father who used to use hot water from a just boiled kettle to dissolve the FeCl To say it used to spit a little would be an understatement.
  5. It's not too difficult. So long as the package is clearly marked as "faulty goods being returned for repair" they should get through customs. We've been doing this for years for returns from outside the EU and now, post brexit, from the EU. We also send repaired goods back the other way to the EU with no customs problems, so far. EU manufacturers are, however, probably worried that end customers will not do this and the manufacturer will have to pay VAT and fees which could make the repair uneconomic. Hence the requirement to go through the local agent.
  6. Any process like this needs "tooling". In the case of etching it used to be "photo-tools" which were the films that were laid against the material being etched to block or let through the UV light. Etching in the PCB industry is all computerised these days and the tooling is all digital. Physical films are no longer required. I don't know how the etching companies supplying the MR etches operate.
  7. They have reduced their range as the owner is retiring to concentrate on his layout, due to being diagnosed with cancer. There's a note on the website.
  8. Was it sent air or surface mail? In the opposite direction I am sending tracked parcels by RM that are reaching their destination in a week. It's better than it was pre-covid.
  9. No, the connection is made within the Wago connector. The 5-way example is designed to join 5 conductors. You can get them in smaller quantities from CPC, Farnell, RS, etc. Yes, it will dangle on the cable. They are designed to be used inside "choc boxes". Lots of info on YouTube, e.g., https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGv6h5bacdg which uses a Wago box. For MR use you can, e.g., velcro or hot glue somewhere convenient.
  10. How did you fund the PayPal payment? Was it set up to direct debit from your bank account?
  11. It's not about pedantry, it's about understanding what LEDs are, and how they work. There's still no "right" resistor, only a compromise, even if you specify "model railways" as the application. What does "model railways" mean, anyway? LEDs for colour light signals, station lighting, loco lighting, or ...? The buyer has decided to provide a somewhat arbitrary (within a certain range) value resistor with his LEDs. It may, by chance, be "right" for your particular application but for someone else it could result in too bright or too dim an LED. It's a bit like buying a loco but letting the seller decide what scale they will supply. It will be perfect for some, not for others.
  12. Talking more of mains wiring, but I believe in the UK any inaccessible mains connections must be soldered or crimped, not screwed [1], That implies soldering is OK. The cables should still be mechanically restrained. [1] No junction boxes buried in plaster. How many have found that little bodge after moving in to a house?
  13. Now nominally 230V but, just to confuse things, the tolerances in the EU and UK are different, and asymmetrical. The +/-10% is the spec for equipment to work on the original (and unchanged!) 220 and 240V supplies https://www.leadsdirect.co.uk/knowledge-base/what-is-the-difference-between-uk-voltage-and-european-voltage/
  14. Given what I have seen of what "professionals" are capable of, I would NEVER try touching the neutral
  15. Your memory is failing you It's just under 9kHz.
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