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  1. Heath Park Halt. Opened August 9th 1905. This must qualify as a passenger terminus. The LMS certainly issued tickets and in BR years there was the odd rail tour advertised with the halt included. Bernard
  2. AFAIK The Hornby one is the real production model. The Rails version is a livery example. I prefer to wait and see exactly what Rails are going to produce before making up my mind. Hornby do have a record of making very nice looking cab fittings. They also have a history of making them generic across the range. The J15 is a good example of this trend. With the variation in braking systems being ignored. Been caught and had to do a bit of a bodge on mine to make things more representative. The photos do show the advantage of glazing the windows individually. Bernard
  3. It does leave the door open for Bachmann to join in the fun with a suitably named meat derived nick name on their next release. Or maybe they could aim for an untapped market and produce a vegan model. Bernard
  4. It gets worse on the ECML when a train reverses at Newcastle. I have overheard some very un-lady like comments from dear little old ladies when the train starts going backwards. If a seat is not as booked I tend to look at the reservation labels and pick a seat near bye that is reserved but is vacant or is reserved for only part of my journey. Of course on the ECML when a reversal takes place the next use of that set will have incorrect reservations in respect of direction. Bernard.
  5. It is not easy to run a business when you have a little terrier snapping at your heels. Bernard
  6. I would hardly call having the buffers in the wrong place insignificant. Bernard
  7. I recently received an email from Rails advertising the new Hattons container wagons. One major outlet/commissioner is promoting the product of another major outlet/commissioner. It is but a small step to reach the situation in your example. Of course I am not party to the intercompany pricing policy. What you are giving as an example could be actually happening. As you say, just a random thought. Bernard
  8. https://www.roco.cc/en/service/hotline/index.html Get in touch here. They should be able to help you. Bernard
  9. Going by the program discussed over on the other thread Hornby employee graduates as designers. Any second year engineering apprentice that came through the QC department where I worked was able to read a drawing. A skill beyond the scope of Hornby designers it would seem. Come to that any sheet metal worker would have picked up that the tanks have a separate sheet of cladding applied to them. A point missed at all stages of production at Hornby. Any of these sheet metal workers would also have been able to work out the development including the correct bend allowance if asked to built the real thing. So much for modern education. Checking with the Kennel Club they Know nowt about a Margate Terrier. They do recognize several breeds that hail from Yorkshire. Corned beef? From what I see yes. Can we look forward to fillet steak from the other lot? I hope so. Bernard
  10. I thought SK was behaving in a rather petty manner with his complaint about the banner on the Rails stand. I would have just smiled and taken it on the chin that I had been outsmarted. I loved the Rails dig about corn beef and fillet steak in respect of the Terrier. I have made previous comments re the lack of QC procedures at Hornby. Surprise, surprise, to hear that axle/hole diameters are not standard saved items in CAD. I did not get what the furniture assembly by the new designer had to do with things. In general I found it an entertaining program. I can see that Hornby will get back into profit. But to recover the lost £30m? that seems a hard task. Bernard
  11. Fillet steak for me rather than corned beef. I enjoyed the free advert on TV last night. Bernard
  12. The funny thing about both CCT and Brassmasters, is that if you accept the manner in which they do business, you will find that the people behind the trading name are the most helpful people you could wish to deal with. In my very limited dealings with both outlets I have been offered assistance way beyond what you would expect from a full time business. As John points out in his last post. Like it or lump it. Or do as both of these people did, make your own. Bernard
  13. I was quite impressed with your PR work up until this post. Seeing how even the most experienced and knowledgeable development engineers at the main model companies, from time to time, fail to understand what a line on a drawing means, I think you are putting too much faith in your suppliers. I will not quote any examples but the relevant threads on the forum will soon illustrate what I mean. In some cases models are produced with errors, In others long delays occur. Eight years trying to get it right in one instance is I believe the longest delay. Fourteen months you say? If the drawings really do exist then please be aware that in many cases official drawings do not correspond to what was actually built. Several well known manufacturers have fallen into that trap. I wish you luck, but your approach seems to me to be far too simplistic. Bernard
  14. Having too large nuts can be a disadvantage. I stick to my earlier comment that the Rails version seems to offer the better interpretation. Bernard
  15. I like it. Does that imply that the competition are producing a mongrel? A nice bit of aggressive marketing. Chapeau to Rails for holding their ground. Bernard
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