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  1. The way things are these days it seems to be a fairly frequent scenario. I remember mentioning it 2 or 3 years ago and taking a similar view to the one you express. I was put in my place. At least the review will give folks an idea if what to expect so that they can be ready for another run, albeit almost certainly of a different class member. I would have thought by now that anyone with a serious interest in a particular model would know that pre-ordering is almost essential for most locomotives. As for profiteering, we live in a capitalist society for better or worse. It amazes me the lengths that some people will go to to make a few bob. It does work the other way round. I bought an FIA 10001 for under half price about three years after they were first issued. Bernard
  2. You would probably have been better off keeping the first one. Bent coupling rods, multipart brake gear, missing buffers and dodgy pick ups seem to be quite common. The detached chimney is a new one to me. I award you a bonus point, but will counter claim one for myself as my second one was lacking the accessory pack. A shame really as the general shape is very good, if it has been put together correctly it runs well and the clever design (not design clever) allows easy changing of various parts. I wish you luck in eventually getting a good one. I found the detached buffer but never did find one coupling hook* nor the detached lower part of one brake hanger. * Why some of these hooks fall out if you so much as look at them and why others will not move when given a hard tug with pliers is beyond my comprehension. Pleas add emojis for satire, me being cynical or just sheer frustration. Bernard
  3. Money, Money, Money! The A2 variants were very much built down to a price. Bernard
  4. I had pick up problems with my first one and found that the tender pick ups had what I thought to be an excessive amount of movement. Coupled with the tender being very light the loco was not a smooth runner. Putting a small weight, I tried a paint tinlet, in the coal space improved things so I added a couple of mall pieces of lead. This helped, but the wipers still could move a fair way both fore and aft and laterally. I cut a length of 40 x 40 plastic strip to a length that would force fit laterally between the pick ups on the middle tender wheels. Result? Perfect running, as good as any other RTR loco. I now have a second loco that was initially a better runner, but I gave it the same treatment and it has also improved. Crude but effective. The secret is to reduce but not eliminate the lateral movement and controlling the lateral movement also reduces the chance of the pick ups moving too far backwards or forward. Bernard
  5. With the exception of the North Korean leg and the China section being done many years later it looks very much like a trip SWMBO did, but many years before the 1980s and of course only starting from East Berlin. Marx had the right idea. Like SWMBO he moved to England. Bernard
  6. A good job he does not know the full story or he would be having a fit. It is actually about 3000 bodies that have been recovered. mainly from the known church yard location. I think we need to build a modern version of Grimms Ditch to stop him heading our way. Do you know the location of the new cemetery where they will be re-interred? Bernard
  7. No. I thought I was replying to a point about 17 and 21 spokes so why introduce other numbers? It was pride in your work on getting it exactly right and any skilled metal worker would not take kindly to "help" from the drawing office. Bernard
  8. In a similar way to how I would work out a design for a flight of stairs. But the other way round so to speak as you would usually be given the angle and the rise and you would then have to calculate and mark out the number of treads. CAD did make such tasks much easier. Going back to driving wheels. Is the requirement different for a flat rim as opposed to a beveled type of rim? Bernard
  9. Goods news and bad news. The remains of a Saxon church have been found while investigating the area around St Mary's old church Stoke Mandeville. There are several open days coming up. Travelling into Euston the other day I noticed a series of large circular holes in the blue engineering brick walls visible as you approach the station from Camden. Expert care and conservation work on the one hand and blatant vandalism on the other. Bernard
  10. I have never seen a photograph but I have seen a sketch. The boiler and tanks seem to be a normal size width wise and there are wing plates that stretch out to the frames and there are springs for the wheels above these frames. The bunker also appears to be of a standard width but behind this is a full width back plate. I presume that this sturdy structure was to afford some protection to the crew from the hot metal that the loco pulled. The wheels were shielded by flaps. Or were in later days when one was converted to 9' 0" gauge when at Glengarnock. Bernard
  11. Back in the 1960s I often went to Austria to do a spot of mountaineering. I knew two of the top Austrian climbers and one of them was the private guide to Ernest Marples. I have seen the guide's log book and Marples had made some quite hard ascents and was a competent mountaineer. My Austrian friend told me that I must not mention anything about this, as such activities were thought to be too dangerous for a government minister and were expressly forbidden by McMillan. Even in respect of his hobby Marples broke the rules. Bernard
  12. That idea has never been seriously considered but Calais - Calcutta, 1873 and Berlin - Baghdad, 1907 were serious projects. I believe that Colvilles used 10' 11" gauge in the Motherwell steel mill at one rime with Barclays supplying 3 0-4-0 tanks. That is the proper broad gauge. Bernard
  13. I believe he did have a prominent role in the team. Although it was far easier to lay all the blame on Beeching. Much the same situation with Barbara Castle being viewed in a good light when she was actually quite ruthless. Bernard
  14. So the good people who came up with names such as Rocket and Locomotion got it wrong and were wasting their time? Bernard
  15. What period are you interested in? A large number of coaches were taken over for use in ambulance trains in the second world war and some of these are available in their more normal guise RTR. In H0 there is a selection of USATC wagons as used leading up to D Day from various sources. Bernard
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