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  1. If the position is still vacant then Derby job centre should be able to send then a number of highly qualified candidates. A sad reflection on the times we live in. Bernard
  2. In the current situation a lot of suppliers are very busy dealing with actual orders. I can understand a lack of willingness to deal with quotes for possible orders. Hardly a bad experience in my book. Certainly not an extremely bad experience as you describe it. Bernard
  3. No problem date wise. Well into the 1960s in various photos. However how it got to LB would be my question. They usually worked from the docks as far as Haymarket and would then go on to various branches to Dalry and Gorgie and similar places. ( I have family who still live in Currie right next to the Balerno branch so some local knowledge). I would have thought that an excursion of much more than ten miles from Leith would be rather rare. Bernard
  4. While I think about it. If you want to run an ambulance train pulled by a WD Austerity then you need to take care to select a stem heating equipped locomotive. These were not common so selection of an appropriate number is required and sorry no I do not have such detaiis. Bernard
  5. Not limited to the UK either Tony. My brother in law lives in the equivalent in the north east of Germany. Bernard
  6. Both LMS and LNER sleeping carriages were converted for use in ambulance trains. The standard Hornby Gresley types would be suitable donors. Some of them had the panelling sheeted over which would make the job a bit easier. I have a photo of a GWR open third that was converted to a dining car. That is described as ambulance train 34, so there must be quite a large number of vehicles involved. Just found another photo of an LMS 12 wheel dining car in ambulance train use in train 21. There must be a list available on the subject but my knowledge is limited as my interest in these coaches is for a later date. Bernard
  7. Thursday will be the last time for a while as per the suggestion from the originator. I find it rather odd to be called sentimental as I am usually called some thing rather worse. We always have some music, usually the regular tunes that are doing the rounds. On Thursday it will be Time to Say Goodbye. While not wanting to deprive any one of their right to free speech I do wish that those who disagree with the clapping could refrain from being rude to those who do take part. Bernard
  8. The Swifts are very much down in numbers this year. However this little fellow has settled in and finds the new home very comfortable. Bernard
  9. You can re-use the existing motors by extending the pins using a DIY method for under base board mounting. You need some wire of the same diameter as the existing pins and cut a length of suitable diameter brass tube to use as a splice. Solder, if up to it, or Araldite will do the job. Bernard
  10. She has a job for life. they take the risk of being kicked out when things get bad. Just because your daughter made a bad career choice is not my problem. The meet up on a Thursday does seem to be the only "reality" that we are allowed at the moment and unlike the reaction of your daughter it does seem to be appreciated by our local health care professionals. Bernard
  11. In my road there are only 15 houses. At least 1 representative from each house puts in an appearance on a Thursday. It is the only time we ever all get together and discuss the state of things. SWMBO 35 years in the NHS, woman next door, Receptionist at a Surgery, next door to that, a Nurse since they moved in 20 odd years ago. Four other houses with people who have had cancer plus two people with long term health problems. Have I missed any one? Yes a chap who is 88 and now at home after a spell in hospital recovering from a fall. The NHS does seem to be rather important to just about all of us and showing our appreciation for a couple of minutes does seem to be an appropriate gesture. Bernard
  12. I am sure I have posted this before but in case folks are unaware. Goring was a subscriber to Model Railway News. When the war started the quality of the paper was reduced as an austerity measure. The next copy was duly sent along with a note that explained and apologized, that due to the current situation of there being a war going on the paper had to be of a lesser quality. Bernard
  13. But why do you dislike it? At first glance it does look a bit naff, but looking at a good number of images, the actual fit seems to vary considerably. Mine looks just about right for the actual locomotive and the period that it depicts. It would be quite an easy job to add a dab of filler and sand smooth if the gap offends. But best check against dated photos first if after accuracy rather than appearance. Bernard
  14. There are several stations on the London end of the WCML that have platforms for the fast lines that get very little use. I cannot remember seeing them used at Apsley for some time. However on the upgrade a few years ago they were included, so the powers that be must consider the flexibility provided does justify the cost. Bernard
  15. A pity about mixing up classes 52 and 56. Unusual for either class to be used on this type of train. A class 38, Prussian P8, would be more likely to be used as the motive power. As is shown in the colour title shot. An interesting piece of film none the less. Bernard
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