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  1. Families tended to be much larger in those days. Grandma had a farmhouse table that could be opened up by turning a handle attached to a long threaded rod and a spare section inserted. At full size it was bigger than an 8 x 4 board. I take Sam with a very large pinch of salt. He is trying to flog his services and as such needs to be a bit controversial. I got as far as the comment regarding coreless motors. That immediately tells me who he is aiming at. Funnily enough the adverts flagged up another video in which he heaped praise on the Rapido J70. Bernard
  2. Try this for size. By Limehouse Basin. There were many examples around the London Docks with a very much larger example at Wapping.
  3. Getting on for 70 years ago I have vague memories of one make of toy trains being described as for table top use. It would seem that old message needs to be revived. Bernard
  4. The University of Indiana has a large collection of photographs by Charles Weaver Cushman. He made the odd trip to London in the 1960s and took many shots of the typical tourist areas. The two attached photos were taken from London Bridge looking east.
  5. When I reached the age of 73 I started on a programme of changing over from 3 link and screw couplings to small tension locks. I still have some way to go and have a few converter wagons. I am glad that I took this route as I too now find operating fun. Bernard
  6. Difficult for me to see with the brake rods fitted, but something like that. I would say about 1 to 1.5 mm sideways movement and some vertical movement on the centre axle. The tender on its own runs fairly freely but not as good as if it had pin point axles. I would suggest putting some packing between the wheels and the frame to limit the movement. Bernard
  7. What do you mean by "a lot"? Just checked an earlier model and on that I would call it average for RTR. Not as much as on a Jubilee. Much less than on the eight wheelers and they do not cause any problems in running. on my layout. Bernard
  8. I suppose I could go through your post point by point but I really do not have the time. We are talking about a mass produced model locomotive made down to a competitive price. If you require a chassis to the standards of say Tony Wright or Guy Williams then you are expecting too much. I would expect at least 99% of customers are happy with the product. I certainly am. I would think, going by the usual responses, that charging at least another £50 to meet your requirements would not go down too well with a lot of people. Like the man who asked either Rolls or Royce
  9. At one time I belonged to a group that included Walter Rothschild. We were looking into railway matters in Germany around 1945/6. The conversation one day turned to titles and mode of address. Walter had a PhD in historical matters as well as a PhD for his day job. An expert of sorts hardly does him justice. He knows a heck of a lot about German railways as well. Bernard
  10. If anything they would extend the line to Cairnryan. But that would need EU funding and that supply of cash has been turned off. Bernard
  11. For any one wanting more snapshots of German life from the mid 1970s take a look at a series currently on More 4 called The Same Sky. No trains so far, but a good insight into every day comings and goings around Berlin, both East and West. Lots of sex and violence and some rather direct language, so not for those of a sensitive nature. In German but with English subtitles. Bernard
  12. Indeed they are. I like the photos of some of the withdrawn stuff. Including a P8 I see. I was lucky to have a run behind one of he last few in service shortly before then on my first visit to Colditz. Bernard
  13. It would probably be a good idea to have such a debate. At least it might lead to some people getting a better grasp of world economics. But not in a thread about a small group of products from a particular company. When it happens in almost every product thread it does get a bit over the top. I gave up trying to read the Hornby thread. I just wonder if these people gather in the supermarket to rant about the price of groceries. I just wish they would get the message. If you cannot afford it then ranting about it is not going to make any difference. I did manage to see enough here befor
  14. While looking for something else I happened to come across a photo taken when the loco was at Clapham circa 1973. At that time it did not have the lettering. At least not on the RH side. Just a warning for any body wishing to set the model at a particular date. I wonder when the writing was added. Bernard
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