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  1. Probably the defence of Singapore. Bernard
  2. I fear we are getting near to the dodgy comments that got the original thread locked. I have nothing against a fair and open discussion, but would posters please read what has already been covered and not rehash what has been done to death. It will save me the bother of having to scroll through it. Bernard
  3. That's the place. The wooden planks are lethal when wet so take care if any one wants to check it out. Benard
  4. It's a nice hostel. An even better way is to keep to the west of the railway and cut through the old cattle creep that brings you out just across a field from the hostel. Navigation in MK is easy, once you know how things work. Bernard
  5. It's a nice hostel. An even better way is to keep to the west of the railway and cut through the old cattle creep that brings you out just across a field from the hostel. Navigation in MK is easy, once you know how things work. Bernard
  6. It's rather optimistic to claim that branch as serving that dock. It is actually St Katherine's Dock with a K not a C. That branch only goes as far as East Smithfield. From my walks in that area I seem to remember the warehouse being associated with tea as one of the main products. It does, as others have noted, look like a very attractive prospect to model. Part of the reason for the relatively early decline of St Katherine's Dock was the lack of a rail connection. If it had been rail served a non PC model would be attractive with imports of ivory and ostrich feathers among an assortment of other exotic animal parts. That part of London was the centre of the animal trade , both whole and alive and dead and in bits. I can just see the reaction of punters at an exhibition. Bernard
  7. Apart from your geography being a bit wayward far more people use the former railway routes now than ever did when it was a railway. The Cole Green section to Hertford is also well used. The bus service from Hatfield to Hertford was reduced a few years ago due to there being little demand. Some of us have fought hard to get these routes opened to public access. As much as I support railways I do want to keep these routes open as sustainable transport alternatives for short distance commuters or leisure use.. There are several places where reinstatement would be problematical due to obstruction and the removal of bridges. It took a long while to get the local authority to rebuild one bridge and a lot of local people will not be best please with any idea to take away what many, me included, regard as an important community asset. Bernard
  8. Hornby moved production to China about 20 years ago. I packed up work about 17 years ago and back then we were using China for materials and even labour on some large jobs. Any company that does not value engineer a large job is in my book incompetent. I am not saying hand the whole job to the Chinese but I am saying that they are capable of supplying valuable input into certain parts of the project. But then we seem to be very conservative in our outlook at outsourcing. As an example one very advanced European country has its medical advice call centre based in Thailand. No shortage of applicants from the home country to work there on medium term contracts and all parties are doing very nicely out of the arrangement. Most of the customers are totally unaware of where the call centre is located. They just get a friendly highly qualified voice on the phone Do the Chinese have any qualified GCN Watchers who could provide a cut rate service? Bernard
  9. To start at the end. They will not be going into the old station from HS2 AFAIK. There will also be better access to Euston Square as you state. The problem in the concourse has been made worse in recent times by;- a) No longer signing outer suburban trains to be accessed directly from the underground. They have even removed the timetable screen. However those in the know take a gamble that the train they want will leave from one of these platforms and head straight to the barriers. b) Trains are not allocated platforms until a very short time before departure. This means punters should wait in the concourse area. However if you do that the chances of getting a seat unless you are an Olympic sprinter is roughly zero. As getting to a different platform means you have little chance of a seat if you are in the concourse or the outer suburban barrier area it makes little difference. With the temporary entrance to the underground a lot more people walk to Euston Square. Bernard
  10. I take it that you are not a regular user of Euston. If you were you would soon realize the desperate need for an upgrade. Even without HS2. Bernard
  11. The Euston situation was mentioned on the London area news and included the comment re using Old Oak as a temporary terminus. The reaction of people running local businesses was not exactly favourable. The idea of Euston being so far behind that not opening with the rest of the line was being seriously discussed did not go down well. It does not exactly inspire me either. Bernard
  12. If you do reach London you will also find that all the main parks are closed as a precaution.. Bernard
  13. Given that the government has just announced that they are bringing forward the date when the sale of diesel and petrol cars will cease, I assume that the road lobby will attack any plan to build a new railway that allows fossil fuels to be used to power the trains. Plus the usual protest groups. Any body want to tip them off? Bernard
  14. I can't wait to see the model of the iceberg. Bernard
  15. I was just attempting to add a bit of black humour to the topic. However the situation in Hong Kong has become more complicated with this outbreak. Travel has been restricted and I don't think the full situation is well known in the UK. I know a family where one young person has been involved in the demonstrations. An account of her experience of being on the wrong end of tear gas was quite illuminating. There is a marked difference between the views of the younger generation and their parents. Her parents are fairly well off and at weekends they have been crossing over into mainland China to get away from the demonstrations. Not many people are able to do that. This has now been stopped. My daughter is a teacher and her school has a teacher exchange arrangement with a school in China. At the moment the next trip has been suspended. Add to the mix the point you make and once the virus has gone I fear that troubled times are ahead. Bernard
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