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  1. As it used a marine boiler it might have been thought appropriate to paint it in a colour more in keeping with a ship than a locomotive. As a publicity move it certainly worked as people are still talking about it. Bernard
  2. No. The pier went out to the deepest part of the channel. The middle section was blown up to prevent the pier being used for an invasion. The floods of 1953 destroyed most of what remained. Bernard
  3. A walk yesterday took me to Tollesbury Pier. The station was just a short distance in land. Fairly near to high tide while I was there, but at low tide some stumps are still visible out to and beyond the pill box. The pill box seems to be a popular roost for cormorants. Far distance left is the white elephant of Bradwell nuclear power station. Bernard
  4. Been quiet for a bit on this thread. On a walk yesterday I saw this one. Within half a mile of Tollesbury Pier station, though I doubt that it ever went there by rail. Bernard
  5. South Pimlico by Colin of this parish included several local models of the appropriate period. It was also just the best example of urban grot that I have ever seen. Bernard
  6. I would say pretty well spot on. Take 1992 as a base line and there should be no problems with any second hand purchases. Bernard
  7. John is on Moderated Status. see the note under his name. Back to the delivery carts. I first saw these about four years ago running around on a trial near the Dome, other more modern names are now in use. Quite impressive. Bernard
  8. I thought that HS2 is being built because of a capacity problem on the WCML. The amount of time taken not just in running between the two stations but in getting trains clear of the through lines would be considerable. As for more trains to Tring. Where do they go when they get there? Can it be justified running them back to Euston from there? The idea of a new Crossrail line terminating at Tring was thrown out long ago on grounds of VFM. There is such a lack of capacity south of MK that the slightest problem escalates for several following services. A good example, a time period in which I am a regular traveller, is the first couple of cheap London bound trains in the morning. OTTOMH from Hemel 09.29 full price. 09.36 first off peak 8 car. 0943 Southern via Clapham Junction. 09.53 4 car and usually packed on arrival. With different stopping patterns those in the know watch the indicators and the announcements and make a last minute decision as to which train to use. There are times when the first arrival is not the best option. Bernard
  9. He must have just lodged there as he had the house in Dudswell near Berkhamsted around that time. I did see the split lines on the CAD but that could be either separate mouldings or an integral chimney and dome produced by using different tool inserts. I will get a late crest one whatever and take it from their. Bernard
  10. When was that? At one time PJ Proby lived opposite a friend of mine not far from where I still live. Quite a nice chap and a good neighbour. Back on topic. I would rather have a late period example with the lower dome. Do Oxford models have separate domes or are they moulded as part of the boiler? I have an old Nucast dome to hand. Bernard
  11. I only heard it in the background so did not fully grasp all of it, but Boris at PMQ had a right dig at HS2 management and their attitude towards the general public. He was not impressed with their PR. Something to do with road closures and problems with kids getting to a school. Bernard
  12. Video will not run so cannot comment on it. Exactly where they were. There is no change in the long term population growth forecasts. Traffic patterns might well alter and incentives will need to be introduced to encourage people and freight to use the rail system. Not sure if you are being pessimistic or just trying to wind people up. Bernard
  13. What leads you to believe that this version is coming first? Bernard
  14. Indeed it was. I have one of the US built bogie vans. Bernard
  15. I don't know about realigning the planets but it does look as though we have a lefty who wants to change the old order. Model trains are for the sons of clergymen and army officers who attend public schools. Certainly not fit and proper items to be sold to the children of the lower classes. Bernard
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