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  1. I thought like that when the idea of reopening the route in the Scottish Borders was first discussed. Then I saw what was actually happening. It seems to be impossible to fit a single line to modern standards into the land area occupied by an old double track line. Bernard
  2. According to The Green Book they worked mineral trains to London and were maintained at Stratford. Some even had the odd spacing of the letters as used by Stratford. Bernard
  3. Back in the days when aircraft were considered to be a target for bomb attacks I had to travel with equipment that I used for weld testing. This included a rucksack sized pack that contained an ultrasonic testing machine with a CRT and various wires and probes.I was never asked any questions about it although I was prepared for such an eventuality. Funnily enough a medium format camera usually prompted a good look and a check that it actually was a camera. Bernard
  4. Those are key points. For people, who in the past have paid tax on a small amount of income from a self employed source through their tax code, the rules have changed to full payment in January. Where the money physically does not exist it still has to be found. Your use of "appear" is very true. I got caught up in this situation at the start of 2021 and now have to be aware that it will happen again next year. Bernard
  5. The problem is that to them it is "real". The idea of trains having to run faster than current trains do because it means having to build a smaller number of trains is totally beyond their comprehension. As is the point of HS2 having any connection with capacity problems on the WCML. I accept that there is a general protest vote, but if you live near the area you will soon see just how strong the anti HS2 feeling actually is. I have mixed feelings about the result, as irrespective of political views the government getting a kick up the backside must make them consider issues that they wou
  6. Living not far away and being a regular cyclist in the area and probably the only cyclist who is in favor I wonder how you reach that conclusion. There is a hotbed of opposition mainly based along the A413 between Amersham and Wendover. However when you ask what they suggest in place of HS2 you never get a rational answer. The irony is that it is a relatively new constituency created because so many people moved into the area. The building of all the houses for them caused far more destruction and environmental damage than the construction of HS2. Bernard
  7. You will get on well on this forum with an attitude like that. While there are companies that do have a poor attitude to customer service Locomotion is most certainly not one of them. It might have escaped your notice, but we are in the middle of a pandemic in the real world that most of us inhabit. It is common practice not to give receipts. It is common for there to be delays. Please show a little respect and understanding for the problems that some people are facing. Bernard
  8. Until relatively recent times they denied a lot of things that went on there. Bernard
  9. I thought that the message was from the Bismark to German Navy Command with the information that they were heading for Brest at reduced speed. At Bletchley Park messages were decoded and then the text was sent to another shed for translation. The story goes that the young lady who picked up the message read it, as she could read German and promptly told a senior officer that rather than put it in the tray some body ought to look at it. Of course nobody was aware that the young woman was able to read the German messages which apparently she always did.. It was an absolute fluke that she had see
  10. Take a look at conclusions 33 and 34. Far from being "overspecified" large sections are just left blank. A report the other day suggests another £100m is needed for Euston but still leaves our the detailed design aspect. As I have said before you get a figure that will be accepted by the government and then once work starts you fine tune it. Or make major changes depending on the circumstances. You can take sections at random from any report to fit your own agenda. Bernard
  11. In the past a large quantity of household items would have been dealt with by a freight forwarding agency. They would have tied up with the home office the status of the person involved and it would have been waved through with just the agency fee to pay. Small parcels so far this year seem to have attracted no attention, as had been the case for many years. After July it seems to be in the lap of the gods. Bernard
  12. Point 1. This thread is about buying and selling models in Europe rather than using your local UK shop. Point 2. For most of what I require there is no UK source let alone a local one. Bernard
  13. That depends to some extent on what you mean by "locally". Where you are currently resident or where your family originates from can be two very different places. My local UK shop for German models is about 45 miles away and they have a very limited range. They do from time to time have some very good prices and I bought a DMU a short time ago. They were advertising a soon to be released locomotive that I would have bought, but that is no longer available. That also means using £ s rather than Euros which is a very different topic. My other local shop is a short walk from the
  14. But Oxford are aimed at a very different market and their offerings will probably be produced in very much larger quantities. A scale mode cannot be over specced as you call it. It is either right or it is wrong surely. These look pretty good to me. Just on a general point. If you read some of the financial experts this weekend you will see reports of a likely large increase in the rate of inflation. Already seen in building materials and some other basics. Try to buy roof tiles for example. The £30 wagon might seem to be a bargain in a couple of years time. Bernard
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