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  1. Which confuses the hell out of me who is unable to follow the thread. If you do delete a post please tidy up other posts that refer to it. Bernard
  2. I will not post the report in full as it will bore most people. The HS2 mitigation fund is to pay £500k towards the cost of cycleway improvements in Wendover. The local council is to pay the remaining £62k. The work is mainly to provide better access to the station and along the road towards Aylesbury. Big bad HS2 Bernard
  3. Bevel wheels have a Stanier type of rim. A v section basically if you can find a close up photo. LNER type are flat. Bernard
  4. A couple of rather unusual variants. Henschel three tube water heater and a powder coal tender. Bernard
  5. So would Constable. Many of his landscape paintings are not "real". Bernard
  6. Not to mention the different shades of green between the door and the seat. What a brilliant photo to illustrate some of the problems. Bernard
  7. Glad to be of assistance. I have German relatives and friends who are interested in railways so have access to information from them. They almost bought a real one back around 1993 when the going rate was between 5 and 10k DM. Just my POV and no hard evidence to support it, but I suggest that the early locomotives where painted in a light colour as they were intended for the Eastern Front where snow would be common, while later machines would be used further west where the countryside would tend to be a darker colour. Bernard
  8. Re the variation in colour. After a spot of digging I found this information. At first the finish was RAL 7011 and later this was changed to RAL 7021. In other words they became much darker. I am sorry, I do not have a date for the change. I imagine with so many different builders the change did not occur on one specific date. Bernard
  9. With an OBB, I think, cabin tender of a later date to the livery. Take care with museum "restorations", Bernard
  10. Fat lot of good that will be if it still has the tender insignia error and other design and build problems that seem to be common to the whole batch. Bernard
  11. I had a few photos in my gallery section of the forum. Can't find the originals. A later date than the era that I presume you are modelling. It does show what handsome beasts thay were. Even better after the GDR had tarted them up. I never managed to have a ride in the DMU. Only in the piglet carriers/blood blisters that at one time operated from this side of the station. Leipzig for those who do not know it. Bernard
  12. Hallo. This thread is a joke isn't it? A few people seem to be taking it waaaay too seriously. Bernard
  13. I think you are being far to generous with that description. I would have thought back of beyond to be nearer the mark. Bernard
  14. A good place to start is the book by Peter Slaughter, Alexander Vassiliev and Roland Bier. In case you are not aware the rigid frame tender in the kit is a bit unusual as most had the bath tub tender. The rigid frame tender was an Austrian built variant. Bernard
  15. To add insult to injury on packing away the box I notice that the instruction leaflet actually depicts the trailing wheels as having flanges. A very poor leaflet I might add with no class history. I fell that Hornby have lost their way with this release and if they want to be regarded as No 1 in the UK model trains field they should do a recall and smash the whole batch in public. I do not understand why some people are making excuses for them. The standard of care and quality is way below the acceptable compared with other modern issues both by them and other makers. The Emper
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