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  1. Without a doubt it would the the Paul Chetter protodrive sound project through Digitrains and would need to be loaded onto a Zimo MX644D sound decoder. Jeremy at Digitrains does some excellent 3D printed speakers and a very good stay alive too!!! Jinty
  2. I've fitted sound to many many Heljan locos, and have never had much luck with the roof fan. They either make a noise from the beginning or start quietly but within a short period of operation, they become noisy. Not sure if it's anything to do with the signal from the decoder causing interference or not, but I just don't bother now. As for speakers, I am currently fitting quite a few Heljan 37/4's with sound and I'm actually using the tanks as the speaker chamber. I'm also fitting a reflex tube between the speaker chamber (tanks) and the inside of the body. This creates a Bass Reflex speaker in essence, and the deep tones are much more crisper, as I'm sure Andy will vouch for after hearing the class 37/4 I took to our meet up. Also Andy's two 'Rat's' have been fitted with two Bass reflex speakers mounted on pedestals facing down over the gear towers, allowing the sound to come out through the bogie apertures. This gives a nice crisp sound, again, I'm sure Andy will comment with his view on this. Jinty
  3. I know exactly how you feel Peter, Talyllyn is going the same way, I need more room and operationally it would be difficult. Good luck with the changes. Jinty
  4. Hi all, I'm looking for somewhere where I can see a list of which 08's were painted into Intercity livery. In particular I'm looking for one which had a standard IC livery with no name, or even one that ran for a while with no name. Rats, 37's and 47's have their own sites, 08's seem not to. Thanks in advance Jinty
  5. Hi John, Thank you for your kind words. As for the ESU problem I'm not going to be much help as I switched to all Zimo a long time ago. I do believe though that the ESU decoders from the V4 onwards have an 'Autotune' feature which may help the running characteristics for your J39. Google ESU Autotune, or put it into the search box on here and see if anything comes up. I know I've read about it on here somewhere. Regards Jinty
  6. A few class 37/4's have traveled over the WB this last few weeks. You've seen 412 above, and you've seen 413 above. 413 unfortunately was wrong. The nose grilles should of been the darker grey, so I've now corrected that as shown below: Next up is 37426 "Vale of Rheidol" in BR Large Logo Blue livery. Next is 37403 "Ben Cruachan" in BR Heritage Green Livery. And finally, the best livery of all, 37421 "The Kingsman" in Regional Railways Livery. That's all for now Jinty
  7. Class 37/4, 37421 "The Kingsman" in Regional Railways Livery. Jinty
  8. Well you got that wrong, you used the word TELL instead of INSTRUCT!!! Only kidding, but it is only 2 or 3 foot (short of the bottom of the garden!!!). Jinty
  9. Garden, garden, garden!!!!! even if it's only 2 or 3 foot!!! Jinty
  10. Well I won't bore you all with another set of RFD 37/4 pictures, suffice it to say that 413 is finished now, and here is one picture. But also here is a video I did of her on test on Talyllyn Junction. Jinty
  11. Another RFD 37, this time 413.............................. Jinty
  12. Thanks Andy. Ok, the finished article........... Heljan Class 37/4, Finished as 37412 in Railfreight Distribution Sector Livery as she was whilst working the China Clay trains. I've added the extra WR lamp iron at each end next to the headcode box. She is also fitted with a Zimo MX696KS loaded with a Paul Chetter Activedrive sound project. I've fitted two 3w 4ohm speakers wired in series inside the fuel tanks. The fuel tanks are sealed and a short 4mm diameter pipe utilised as a reflex tube. I've weathered this as an 'In Use' locomotive for a customer and will be on its way home later this week. Here are a few pictures: I've got her sister 413 waiting in the wings as well. Jinty
  13. Here's one of the Heljan 37/4's finished as 37412 in Railfreight Distribution Sector livery. Extra Western reigion lamp brackets fitted to the side of the headcode box, as it was when working the china clay traffic. This one's been done alongside its sister 413. Short video to test the sound project. Just awaiting weathering now...... I'll post some more pictures when the weathering is complete. Jinty
  14. Paul, You should find on the Zimo MX645R that there is a live volume function on F27 Volume down and F28 Volume up. As for the extra chuffs F26 according to the chart supplied above, is Shunt Mode which may give you what you require. If that isn't what you want to achieve, than Pauliebanger is your man. Jinty
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