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  1. Hi Rod, A lovely Parcels train, unusual , but prototypical and interesting. I also like the scenics you've been doing, it's all making WKT that much more interesting. As for the flashing LED's on video/film, I would suspect that the FPS of the camera is not in sync with the FPS of the LED. From what I've read elsewhere, LED's flicker (too fast for the human eye to detect) and obviously the camera takes video at a set FPS rate (frames per second), this gives a flickering effect for LED's if the two rates are not in sync. At least that's how I read it.
  2. Here we have Heljan class 33, as pre-TOPS 6529 in BR Banger Blue. Fitted with a Zimo MX696KS sound decoder and loaded with a Paul Chetter sound project with Active Braking and Speed Lock. This is all through two 3w 4ohm speakers wired in series and a Gold Cap stay alive. Railtec custom numbering and weathered as a pretty dirty 'in service' loco. Regards all Jinty
  3. A bit of a change. Heljan Class 128 DPU in BR Blue, number M55995 as she was in the early 80's with headcode boxes removed and marker lights put in place, Corridor connections lasted with the marker lights till 1980, and then were plated over. This one is sound fitted with a ZIMO MX644D, a large bass reflex speaker and a decent Gold Cap stay alive. She has been weathered as an 'in-service' unit. And the other EWS 08 that I've just finished. Same spec as the one above, just a bit more fading of the bodyside and le
  4. I was going to do this one as a Gangwayed one as she had the headcode boxes removed and marker lights fitted but retained her gangways for a good while. I wasn't too sure about it. I'm still pondering......... Jinty
  5. Why can't you find that one finger emoji when you need it!!! Jinty
  6. Never mind a 122. What you need young Andy is one of these!!! Sound fitted and coming off the WB very soon She's just having her make-up done Jinty
  7. My mistake then, although I'm sure I've seen a picture of one between Deganwy and Llandudno Junction, right by the railway cottages. Jinty
  8. The 33's had a regular Cardiff - Llandudno turn. I think they were 33/2's with the high level jumpers. At least I've seen a few pictures of those in N. Wales. Jinty
  9. Will this suffice? Sorry for the hijack Andy. Your Cromptons look very nice, I may be tempted, after all they did get to S. Wales. Jinty
  10. The Gronks are out in force lately. Here is an EWS version, numbered as 08630 and wipers by Giles fitted front and back, Horn by DJ Parkins fitted instead of the whistle and more chunky vacuum pipes fitted rather than the anemic Dapol ones. Fitted with a ZIMO MX644D decoder with a Paul Chetter Activedrive sound project with both active braking, speed lock and correct lighting for this later version. Through one of my own bass reflex 3w speakers and a large capacity Gold Cap Stay Alive. Weathered as a slightly faded 'In service' loco.
  11. Hi Peter, Nice to see your layout coming on and stock increasing. As far as the rotating fan is concerned, I've never been able to get it to behave successfully. I've tried it in a few locos, but after a 'very' short while it hums and squeals sometimes. I've heard some tell of using a very large resistor to reduce the speed, but I can't honestly say I've had any luck at all!!! What I'm not saying is, that it can't be done, it's just my personal stance on it. Regards Jinty
  12. Well chopped was probably a bit of an exaggeration in the literal form. I cut and fitted the end plating on the Dutch one, and I cut, bent and soldered the extra pipework on the Black/Yellow van. It was just a flippant term to 'chop' them around into something different to what they were. Probably harking back a little to the motor trade which I've been in for a long time. Jinty
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