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  1. Some stations had great huge edifices to serve staff and customers alike. Some others were a bit more basic. At Great Shefford the accommodation was very basic. A small timber hut was originally all that was provided. Tickets were dispensed, and there was a seat for passengers taking refuge from the rain. This was later extended with a tool shed to the rear. A Pagoda style waiting shelter was erected in GWR days. The model is made up from Evergreen siding, strips, and home brewed corrugated aluminium foil for the roof. The base will be buried in the platform. Just needs a few posters to
  2. My old 2mm Association tufnol track jig is pretty worn out. So I wondered how well a 3D printed one would stand up to the proximity of a hot soldering iron and resin cored solder. Pretty well as it turns out...... the fusion 360 model is parametric so can be adjusted simply for sleeper dimensions and spacing, track gauge and code of rail. I might even have a go a printing one for curved track. Now there’s a thing soldered set track in 2mm fine scale!
  3. Some Yard Lamps have been grown in the resin printer, these are destined to visit St Albans for the addition of posts and wire support hoops etc. They should look rather sweet.
  4. Next iteration for the GNR wagon. I have increased the ironwork depth a small amount, and added vent holes in each corner of the floor to mitigate hydraulic pumping issues with the resin. the mini supports of the wagon face can hopefully be removed without witness marks, after careful clean up. I'll go back to green resin as suggested by Julia for this print, While its printing I'll re-assemble the 4F with the replaced steel axles on the driven wheels.
  5. Thanks Tim, kind of you to say so. I will see what happens with the next print, which will be with a different resin. Just playing really to get a combination that suits me.
  6. I’d Better get on with the internals for your shop tomorrow Jerry
  7. Version 2 of the GNR open wagon, this has big holes in the floor to see if it helps with some bulges that I was getting in the sides. Printing upside down it’s kinda like pushing an upside down mug into a washing up bowl, with hydraulic pressures building upon the down stroke, and suction pressures on the upstroke of the platform. The holes are there to help equalise the pressures. The next version will have a different floor design. However this model is quite pleasing. The strapping is much finer than the Association kit ( not a criticism of the kit, just an observation), it is perhaps a bit too fine.
  8. I believe there are 3D resins specifically made to be used for as patterns that can be burned out for casting with metals such as brass. This will worth looking at.
  9. I re-work the roof fan model today, and changed a couple of exposure settings. The model is printed in AC grey resin, over 1200 layers of 0.02mm . Tomorrow i’ll Look at the GN wagon again, I have a couple of ideas to try and counter the bulge in one side.
  10. John I can see a Video / TV program for this - How paint backscenes properly (Not that I have ever painted one!) Thanks for taking the time and effort to document this- it is always good to see your work here. Richard
  11. Technically, nothing. I must confess not looking at the product list for a while! But it will be nice to compare.
  12. Its a dull day today, so this afternoon spent looking at another open wagon project. This time a 12t 6Plank open wagon. The design was originally for the GNR, but adopted and developed for the LNER. According to Tatlow, some 20,000 were eventually built, mostly at Darlington and Doncaster. This is designed to fit the 2mm Scale Association 2-330 9ft wheelbase chassis. I'll do a test print tomorrow to check that all is well.
  13. Here is a view of the SketchUp artwork for the L&Y Wagon. I hope to sort a chassis for it today. Not 3d printed, but from a 2mm Assoc etch. Happy days.
  14. That looks fun Justin, One question/ comment. Do the mirror lines show in the print? And don’t forget an internal vertical groove on the top two planks, where the cupboard doors open. difficult to see from the image if they are there. R
  15. This thread has persuaded me to take the plunge. For your delectation I am happy to present my first project. An L&Y wagon, 3 D model built using Sketchup. (Pro version) I build at a scale of 1 m to 1mm in the model ( 1000x full model size) then shrink on the computer, before slicing. The strapping is a bit on the thick size, but all in all for a first attempt it has all gone very well.
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