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  1. I do have a couple, but the shipping might take most of the value away, as it would be from Sydney.
  2. Well, that was a long withdrawal. Almost had to go to Modeller's Anonymous! Hopefully all runs well.
  3. What an absolutely brilliant little ruler idea mate! Well done on that one. Should ask-any chance of doing a HO version to further expand your market for it? I know a few down here in Oz who would love it.
  4. Note to self: Don't stop reading thread just as pandemic hits. Some 110 pages later..... The polls have made some wonderful reading. And whilst I can't contribute to the current poll, I might upset the apple cart entirely and say one of the biggest misses in preservation was a Thompson A2/2. The reasoning being that it would have made an excellent static exhibit for many years, and also be an quite visible example of rebuilding a locomotive using an existing locomotive as a basis-other examples exist, but not too many as extreme. There are certainly many other locomotives that deserve to have been preserved ahead of a Thompson rebuild, but it would be nice to have just one still around. Even to help put some myths to bed. Also Gilbert, some good news-the recent close-ups of the station remind me that, bar printing, the new PN station lamps are just about ready to go. Hopefully these are a touch stronger than the last batch, particularly around the hanging fitting, and I am looking to print them in 2-parts so that painting is easier and looks cleaner and has a clearer lamp. It is a shame that I cannot deliver these in person now, but such is life.
  5. It is probably daft to bring up a sensible idea in the middle of the fighting over the “hubcaps”, but I wonder if KR Models and Modelu would be able to collaborate on redesigning the Modelu hubcap to fit the sizing of the GT3 crankpin as fitted to the model. Its a 3D model. A few changes and hopefully something can be sorted that doesn’t involve having to grind away at a small part, and helps 2 companies in one hit.
  6. Utterly fantastic, and quite the bold move. EOI signed up for, for at least one.
  7. You always manage to find the Yellow loophole don't you
  8. I joined up just over 6 years ago now, on March 12th 2012, as I wished to find out more information about the formation of the Royal Scot in the 1950s. Checking a calendar this was a Monday, so I have little doubt that I actually started on RMweb when I was in school hours... Since joining, my interests have changed. I have gone from being interested in British railways to modelling modern NSW railways and now coming back a bit to the UK side of things (but not dropping the Australian interest in any way). My life has changed, and even RMweb itself has changed a bit. However I still enjoy coming on RMweb, taking a look around, and being inspired by what others have done. There are so many standout threads on RMweb that it's hard to pick just one, but the thread that is fast summing up RMweb itself to me is Tony Wright's 'Wright Writes' thread. Over 3 million views since originally being instated as Andy passing on correspondence from Tony, to Tony himself coming onboard and it covering some absolutely fantastic modelling from Tony and others, as well as some really nifty tips and tricks, shows just what can be done with the hobby from bashing an old Triang locomotive right up to custom built P4 models. I don't think there's many other places where both sorts of models will be treated with the same amount of respect as on RMweb. The thing that has developed most out of RMweb though is the friendships. Being so far away from the 'core' of RMweb I never thought that there'd be anyone I'd meet through RMweb as a friend. I was 100% wrong on that one-I have met some fantastic blokes through the site out here in Australia that I still catch up with regularly and talk with a lot of the time, and not only have I made some UK based friends through just general chatting and information exchanging, but I also ended up being involved in a group chat with several younger modellers, mostly in the UK but one in New York as well, and have formed very firm friendships from that. Unfortunately it looks like the trip I have been planning to the UK might get pulled this year due to the current health crisis, but to catch up with some of these blokes face to face is a day that will be a memorable one. Viva la RMweb!
  9. Not quite in defence of, but if I’m not mistaken Jessie is a tradie. Which means extraordinary amounts of stress and stress, compounded by stressful deadlines. So I can somewhat understand it. Out here in Oz it’s rare to meet a tradie who doesn’t smoke.
  10. Backtracking a little to the discussions on layout coaches, I wish to being this one up as I pulled it out again tonight. I also apologise for the photo quality. It is an old Bachmann Mk1, one that still has the roof ribs which will be removed. It is a £5-£10 purchase (I honestly can’t recall) that eventually will become 6000s support coach, in full Bulmers livery, as the start of a project to model the Bulmers Cider Train. It’s not the greatest repaint ever, but it’s come up alright. I have been told the original colour, but I can’t recall it for certain. However, as a layout coach it would work fine. And clearly it did fine work for the previous owner who did the repaint and work, a Mr David Shakespeare of Tetleys Mill.
  11. I won’t forget when you happened to turn up to the Sydney Model Railway Exhibition back in 2018 and were thoroughly disappointed in the quality on show, including many layouts where time had been spent on scenery only for the trains to be straight out of the box plonks. It makes one think about how the train and the layout have to work in harmony for a proper layout, such as on your show favourite Fingal (Tasmanian Government Railways in 3’6” OO for those playing at home). The modelling scene is a little different out here, granted. Slowly but surely though this attitude of plonking is changing and for the better. Locomotives and rollingstock are now becoming more customised and weathered, rollingstock is getting a healthy dip in dirt where needed and even the track is having attention paid to it. There’s a few Facebook groups that are around and good for modelling, but the one with the most inspiration (even though the spectrum of the group is the 1975-1995 diesel scene) has for the last few years even started putting on a modelling day with 2 layouts, a raffle that manufacturers are contributing to (kit and RTR) and now even clinics in a back room. Some people now seek out specific consists to run, even for that day only and loan each other stock to enable this to happen. It’s a novel approach to modelling in the 21st Century, but it has been paying off big-time for all the modellers getting involved and changing the hobby. On Kit vs RTR, the market down here is majorly different to the UK, particularly steam locomotives. Things are that dire with RTR steam that 1980s and 1990s Korean brass locomotives are still considered the high point of steam for the most part. These still require work without a doubt to properly represent a locomotive, but it’s a sad thought that the best stab at a NSWGR C38 is now reaching middle age and the newest example would be akin to the accuracy in some areas of a tender drive A4.
  12. I could add the 'I'll get around to it eventually' excuse, but some of the best modellers I know have stashes so impressive a Dr Jones might soon pay a visit! However, the only way one can learn is by giving things a go-I cannot for the life of me renumber a RTR locomotive as I type this. However, I have some spare bodies of locomotives and rollingstock here to give it an attempt shortly, because the only way I'm going to learn it is by making mistakes along the way and actually learning. Something else good to have is a more experienced modelling friend who will help to guide you along the way-even the most experienced modeller was once a novice.
  13. Well after missing both batches originally, the opportunity came up to grab a D5706 (2812) for the equivalent of about £80 from a second hand sale and so here I am. Although I’ve yet to give it a run, it is such a lovely model sitting still. Not something I though I’d ever say about a Class 28.
  14. Ah-I'm glad someone else on the thread knows the issue I refer to with these models. I can't comment on the other solutions to come out (bar the white gears on eBay-no good), but the gears recently done were done by InFront Models, and are not on the axle but require mounting to. They were released in August and I'm pretty sure they haven't been released with SDS-that might be the NR spares, which I think are adaptable to any Austrains model-though I believe they sold out darn quick of them! Given that it's the whole geartrain that can have issues as you've mentioned, I'll have a look through the whole set then-I've got a loco drive LNER Blue Mallard I pulled apart many years ago to do something with and simply never got around to putting back together-I could easily turn this into a test hack model with a new set of gears fitted at different stages, as well as sending out a few samples to see how they perform for others. This is currently an idea more than anything, but one that I think I'd be best to investigate. If it can provide a reliable, accessible replacement for the failing parts, then it would be silly not to go ahead with the idea. And you are correct on the numbering name-I quite like the balanced look of the LNER A5s, particularly the /2 variant, so when the time came to pick a name for RMweb, the idea came about to use the number that should have been used for the last built, but because of 5447 being withdrawn it was never used. The number would be free for a new-build though, should anyone ever wish to.
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