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  1. Aha! Well done, and I think that's now a definite must purchase! Congratulations again. Having played with a mate's pair of J70s, I have no doubt these will be spectacular models in their own rights.
  2. Ah nuts. Might have to get a pair (and maybe a 3rd as PWD79-can you do them in HO next? ). I will ask, is there any chance of the 4 Gas Producing Combustion System locomotives being done? Technically an easy enough modification set to be done, but worth asking.
  3. So. Based on the idea that the image for the countdown has to represent the items we're getting and they're not just random numbers for countdowns, an N gauge Stirling Single may be on the way. Or it's just a convenient image
  4. Hopefully I'm not interrupting the flow of conversation here, but a couple of photos that may be of interest to those rolling through the thread. Recently I had this Ks P2 touched up and refreshed by a mate down here. There's still a few things to sort out including dropping the tender ride height back down and fitting a replacement lamp, but it is able to be run again after a decent amount of time set aside with a solder joint that had cracked on the crosshead and a tender list that would make some navel men look twice. Before I get crucified, the model was not built by me. I am sti
  5. In fairness to Hornby, they’re pushing through a bunch of newly tooled locomotives, in a global pandemic, in amongst other companies doing the same in these factories. I don’t mind the models slipping back a bit if it means we don’t have a rushed/compromised model.
  6. G'day all, I'm currently trying to track down the LMS diagrams (or other) of the Budd/Pressed Steel trial car 'Silver Princess'/M7585M. Doing some searching came up with a comment from RMweb back in 2014 (https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/40018-silver-princess/&do=findComment&comment=1301610) by R.Wells stating the following: "The Budd Silver Princess appeared in the LMS diagram book on page 59 as Diagram 2186, also on page 59 A as diagram 2190, the latter was the smooth sided rebuilt version." Where would be the best place to try hunting up a copy of these
  7. So it was! I had totally forgotten about this version of the model. I guess it's either wait and see, or try and source some spares.
  8. A quick query to confirm a thought. DJModels never did the GPCS fitted Austerities, did they? I'm thinking about grabbing one of these EFE ones to turn into a modified example, but just worth checking that one is likely to not be on the horizon before modifying one. A quick search shows up no info, but thought I'd check with those in the know.
  9. A bit of a thought to helping you through the mundane days-maybe a couple of user suggested photos, like (as an example) 60012 under the bridge with the rake from cassette 12A-something different and not strictly sticking to the sequences for yourself, and allowing a little more interaction between us all.
  10. +1 for that option please! LOVE me a good odd industrial
  11. Don't tell me EFE is going to do a 517 backdated from the <redacted> 14XX?!
  12. Thank you kindly for that thorough reply. Much appreciated! In regards to “just about everything on it was changed”, would that include the grille arrangement? Missed out on a D602 in the first run sadly, and wondering if one can make D602 from D604. Unfortunately I’m not too up on the history, and don’t have ready access to the literature down here.
  13. A quick one for those so versed-does anybody know when D602 Bulldog was fitted with the split headcode boxes?
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