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  1. Question on behalf of a non-RMweb member: Is it correct that there is no online option for members from outside the UK/it is only a physical event?
  2. I mean, there's "fictional reality", then there's "Completely at odds with practice".
  3. I know the answer to that-but I'm not telling you
  4. Well, I was completely not hunting for it, but after seeing this photo on Saturday, the following last segment of video struck me as VERY familiar! Just magic stuff. The link is time cued so should play right at the appropriate time. If not, it is the very last scene, around 24:50.
  5. Thanks for that. I know it's happened one other time recently to me, so I'll make note of it.
  6. In theory the link should be viewable by all being a public post, but I will put the pictures below. The only text was "A little update."
  7. I don't know if you have seen, but there has been an update as of the 4th on their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/krmodels.uk/posts/848797455830229). From the attached images it would seem that no correction has been done to the rear cab wall for windows.
  8. One on behalf of a non-RMweb friend: Any hope for 2905/14105/17105, the ex-Royal Train BFK generator, now in use by Riviera Trains in their charter rake?
  9. One from a non-RMweb friend who is putting in a pre-order as we speak. Is the model of 37714 due in 2022 or 2023? There seems to be conflicting information between the Hornby Magazine press release (https://www.keymodelworld.com/article/htg-launches-exclusive-oo-class-377) saying 2022 and the Heavy Tractor Group page for pre-order (https://www.heavytractorgroup.org/product-page/limited-edition-37-714-accurascale-oo-gauge-model) saying both 2022 and 2023 (page 23 but image 22).
  10. So. How much do we have to bribe donate to Accurascale for a DIRFT DRS 37/7?
  11. I recently spoke to Hattons given I was after an item and the options were 1) Purchase a DCC fitted version and ship out with a large order now or 2) Wait until the DC version was in and lock all in the trunk. The answer on the trunk I received was that they are looking to have people empty their trunk by the end of August as they wish to do a full stocktake of items. I recommend giving them a call to confirm this, but this was what I was told.
  12. Oh snap! Well, I'll need to get one and renumber it.....
  13. A long shot, but as good a place to ask as any. As someone else who missed out at the time of various releases for a few reasons, I would love to pick one of these up. I am specifically hunting a MR-009/Isebrook if anyone has one to part with (I have already asked Richard-sadly long gone).
  14. As a quick query, would I be correct that Dapol have not done any of the original, unmodified units (001-005) in modified form yet (in Compass) with the later fuel tank, horn grills etc.? As an additional, would someone be able to show me the physical differences between an original and a "Late Modified" Compass unit? Bar the fuel tank I'm struggling to see the actual differences, as someone not familiar with the class.
  15. That is an INCREDIBLE amount you guys have managed to package neatly into the model. Congratulations on that-really cannot await to get mine when it arrives. Small chance Sydney will be out of lockdown again and I can give it a run over at a mate's or at the club.
  16. Can we just appreciate for a moment the cost Bachmann has invested into tooling up this Class 47? A million (plus) quid is no small chunk of change to spend tooling up a RTR locomotive, and is a hell of a brave investment to make. Even on a bread and butter model like a 47.
  17. Whelp. Time to buy up some Mk3s for the Shove Duff/DBSO twin pack that'll come....
  18. There you are-just behind the steps. https://www.revolutiontrains.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/IMG_2229-scaled.jpg One of the finest retention tanks ever put to plastic!
  19. My apologies for misreading that. One of those times that black and white text loses the intention.
  20. To give them the benefit of the doubt (a potentially risky move I know), has there ever been another outside Stephenson’s valve gear locomotive produced RTR, or is this the first? The locomotive was only scanned this month. Give them just a little time first before pulling out a lame heckle. This would be like heckling Rapido over the initial scan of the APT-E and saying “In other words, they haven’t actually worked out how they are going to tilt it!”.
  21. Ahhh did not realise. Thought it was a publicly viewable link even if one did not have an account. I believe this to be nothing more than the initial scan data made into a CAD model. Hence gear where it is, preservation additions etc.
  22. Bellerophon scan CAD work now up: https://www.facebook.com/krmodels.uk/posts/791684244874884
  23. 69843

    Preorder email

    The biggest question to me is how does this affect overseas retailers? Speaking as an Australian, most of our Hornby shipments come through one distributor who does not have a brick and mortar store to deal with, who then sends it out to shops all around the country. As UK isn’t the primary market but is still the second biggest slice of it, there is a LOT of stores down here that would seem to be at risk under this new system. Particularly plenty who do stock a great range of Hornby but are either not large stores or are at other points of the country so do a lot of online as opposed to in person. The AJM post is worrying as if the criteria are as written, the overseas shops may be in for a heap of trouble. And thank you to Phil and Andy for reaching out directly to Hornby for a balanced and mediated reply whilst also maintaining the thread.
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