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  1. There you are-just behind the steps. https://www.revolutiontrains.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/IMG_2229-scaled.jpg One of the finest retention tanks ever put to plastic!
  2. My apologies for misreading that. One of those times that black and white text loses the intention.
  3. To give them the benefit of the doubt (a potentially risky move I know), has there ever been another outside Stephenson’s valve gear locomotive produced RTR, or is this the first? The locomotive was only scanned this month. Give them just a little time first before pulling out a lame heckle. This would be like heckling Rapido over the initial scan of the APT-E and saying “In other words, they haven’t actually worked out how they are going to tilt it!”.
  4. Ahhh did not realise. Thought it was a publicly viewable link even if one did not have an account. I believe this to be nothing more than the initial scan data made into a CAD model. Hence gear where it is, preservation additions etc.
  5. Bellerophon scan CAD work now up: https://www.facebook.com/krmodels.uk/posts/791684244874884
  6. 69843

    Preorder email

    The biggest question to me is how does this affect overseas retailers? Speaking as an Australian, most of our Hornby shipments come through one distributor who does not have a brick and mortar store to deal with, who then sends it out to shops all around the country. As UK isn’t the primary market but is still the second biggest slice of it, there is a LOT of stores down here that would seem to be at risk under this new system. Particularly plenty who do stock a great range of Hornby but are either not large stores or are at other points of the country so do a lot of online as oppo
  7. Whilst talking lamp irons and lamps, the twin lamp irons on the rear appear to be missing, but also those rear marker lamps look a bit oversized and wrongly positioned (too high and too far in). Or is that just me on that one? (Photo borrowed from https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/93125-building-a-better-gt3/page/5/&tab=comments#comment-2855983) There's also a hole missing in the tender frame at the very rear, as shown in the attached and more clearly here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/blue-diesels/39921992981 Edit: Clear photo of twin front lamp irons here: h
  8. Well, at least for once we've remained on the topic of the locomotive with all this hot air being blown around.....
  9. Spring 2020 was about 5 years ago, so I think we might be able to forgive the wait. Plus there's been issues with manufacturing track and other things due to the pandemic. I think we all need to collectively take a step back and take a breath with manufacturers.
  10. I cannot recall where, but I did hear somewhere about the cab light being red being correct, it having that to allow drivers better adjustment to the dark of night than a bright white light. Just wish I could recall a source.
  11. Reply received (via Facebook for those wondering) and tracking numbers given.
  12. Can somebody please scan and 3D print @Mr_Tilt so we can add him inside the car?
  13. What to me was concerning, as a purchaser of the model and someone who has patiently waited and waited, was this item in the email:
  14. Yup. Still waiting for my pair Down Under.
  15. I'm going to have to vote Y14, later J15. 259 built in 27 batches, a design mostly unimproved on in service bar some minor upgrades and changes, and you have to give credit to one being assembled in 9 hours and 45 minutes-that beats a lot of us for kit build times!
  16. I know it is going right off track as this is Gilbert's thread and not a thread about depression, but it takes a lot to put that out in the open. The last 6 months for me have been an all time low due to many events happening to the extent where even good friends have noticed I've been a different person the last 6 months. Modelling has taken a complete back seat to me to the point where I have not even opened up any projects I have going on in CAD (a personal and professional love) at all this year. Many see the hobby as an escape but it can be a double-edged sword. It takes more to open
  17. On the risk of being banished, I'll help Clive along with the K4 vote. I hope no-one sends me to a former penal colony....
  18. ^ Basically my argument, 5 minutes before I could make it! A3 for me.
  19. I'm going to abstain from a vote on the basis of all 3 have good reason to win, and all 3 are the peak of refinement of their type. So I can't find myself picking a clear vote here.
  20. I'm going to have to say the Britannia. The first Standard that proved the Standard idea was a goer, even though they had teething troubles. And of course 70013 was the longest serving purely BR steam locomotive, with 17 years and 2 months racked up. Imagine if the Brits had been abject failures-what then?
  21. "These were ordered at an Emergency Board Meeting on 19th February 1941, shortly before Gresley's death." So, in terms of the timeline, actually a Gresley engine. Officer, arrest that man!
  22. I’m with Clive on this one....long as the vote for the B16/3 is legal that is!
  23. I love this thing WAY more than I should have a right to!
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