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    well, now selling off my vast OO collection, and slimming down my modelling.

    Concentrating on an O gauge sectorisation era depot layout, Hither Green Project Chunnel

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  1. any particular reason this mound was added? It’s quite inconvenient for shunters and crews etc walking around. Generally it would be quite level between tracks
  2. It’s painted laser cut MDF, with the mortar done like this
  3. the clock will be made, the concrete base is in position ready
  4. Well, the pointing is now done. ready for lintels and weathering
  5. Tomorrow’s job. just done the test pieces pointing
  6. The painters have been in, it’s bright in there now, and brick colours applied. Just got to leave it until tomorrow to do the pointing
  7. well, I am having a 50, just for my 33’s to tow around. having looked at them at the show, my wallet will be empty for months to come with the 50 and 33’s
  8. The builders have been in and partitioned off the office. Unfortunately due to shortening the building to fit, means I have had to lose the entrance lobby in the front left corner
  9. Well, now I am back from my trip, it’s time to get on with my Guards lobby. i must say that this kit goes together beautifully
  10. The reason I had to break in to mine was because one of the wires to the LED’s had broken and I’ve had to destroy the loco to fix it
  11. Good luck with that, my windscreens were well glued in, and I had to force out the side windows which broke the frame so I could force then cab end windows out
  12. I asked Ben, he said it is a just added standard issue
  13. yes, however, it’s nice that it wasn’t posted everywhere as we all try to get things right. I recently had a set of bufferstops crushed by a 60, needless to say, that never made my final edit either
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