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    now Geraldton Western Australia, was south east UK
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    well, now selling off my vast OO collection, and slimming down my modelling.

    Concentrating on an O gauge sectorisation era depot layout, Hither Green Project Chunnel

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  1. A rubbish photo, but now I have lights in the depot building office and sign on room
  2. Removing the factory weathering to a suitable standard typical of the restricted weekend and ballast train loco. will tweak some streaks at a later date. Chassis to sort next and paint the buffer beams black before during and after
  3. i have on pre order 1x47, 1x56 3x73 1x08 1x09 and 1x122 for route learning. If there’s ever a heavyweight 37 I’d consider 1 as a Ripple lane petroleum sector 37, but that’s it. Might go for MM1 if they still do them
  4. It’s here. It’s been a good day I have to redo the weathering, and paint those awful red buffer beams and buffers black
  5. Just realised 0Z50 allocated 50019 has been taken to the post office. Well, hopefully it’ll be there this afternoon
  6. With thanks to a very generous David Johnson, he sent me for free a sheerness steel wagon. Very much appreciated
  7. I like the platform. Is it a kit that’s available? I may have missed it if it was mentioned earlier
  8. the caption on the photo even says it’s grey
  9. Look up the one on Paul Bartlett’s site
  10. WGB is an MOD wagon as far as I know as I said previously. Found on preserved lines having been sold. RFD ones were grey with yellow ends. I thought green, but was proven to be grey
  11. my understanding is as an RFD one, it should be grey. Green and yellow ones were internal user ones on MOD sites. I and led to believe
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