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    Concentrating on an O gauge sectorisation era depot layout, Hither Green Project Chunnel

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  1. Nice little tour, but you don’t have to grass the old fuel point sidings. Another suggestion, you could put pipes and hoses down, walkway and fencing as an oil loading point for a local oil field that has been started, or fuel delivery for the RAF base just out of sight
  2. thanks Andrew. It’s a bit daunting to start with, and I still have to edit out lots of ums and aahs
  3. Last holiday video, so now we can get started back on the layout
  4. Yes, ease the body out in the cab location, and you can pop them out. Release one side at a time then they should just pull ot
  5. Postman been. Now I have a pair of blue cromptons will be 22 and 55
  6. doesn’t have to be a tank. Could just be a Land Rover etc. easy to find a cheap radio controlled car and swap the bits over
  7. You could block off the track at the back and build a concrete loading ramp buffer stops thing under the bridge for the MOD to load tanks etc on the warwell, then you could build a small radio controlled tank to drive on and off the train like this sort of thing
  8. you could put a raised walkway in there to help the carriage cleaners and drivers when stabling the bubble cars in there instead of grass
  9. Weathering, less is more, fading give it a really light dusting of light grey or white
  10. https://www.everten.com.au/r-s-v-p-endurancer-scrubbies-stainless-steel-set-of-2.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgovKuOuf7gIVTx0rCh2nzgq0EAQYAyABEgKbE_D_BwE here’s swarf for your skip
  11. its actually very labour intensive as nothing lines up, and if I did HJ would then bring one out I’m sure
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