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    now Geraldton Western Australia, was south east UK
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    well, now selling off my vast OO collection, and slimming down my modelling.

    Concentrating on an O gauge sectorisation era depot layout, Hither Green Project Chunnel

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  1. I’m pleased with it. It’s like a little overnight mid week job that’s got to be sorted quickly
  2. New Lowmac has arrived for weekend ballast trains
  3. Well, figures trimmed and prepped ready for paint
  4. if he can find a Caroline he could then get a nice DRS 37 as well lol
  5. Latest video, I have employed more staff. Currently going through depot induction
  6. Already planted the seeds of 33’s....just needs a bit of fertiliser lol
  7. Hi Toby welcome to O gauge TMD’s. I am currently building part of Hither Green TMD set 89-91 ish sectorisation Ian
  8. Now you’re darn sarf, you’ll have to fill the yard up with 33’s
  9. There is a Ransomes crane being built, but it’s a 45t crane like the Hither Green Breakdown crane, which I think was the largest size they built. im hoping maybe once made and proven it’ll be offered as a kit
  10. Hi Barnaby, no, it’s not come to a natural end. I am just waiting for stuff in the post. I do have a box at home which arrived yesterday. Steve Smith has sent me some Concrete blockwork for me to use on the start of the shed, but I made an error on the layout of the blocks on the tower, so he has redrawn it, and the replacement blocks are on their way. i did do another video, but only a small bit was about this layout so didn’t add the link here. all that is left to make in the yard is the clock, otherwise that is completely done. so don’t worry, it’s just a natural lull in proceedings
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