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  1. Decided to put lighting in this, so added a few details inside. These are cast resin units of unknown heritage, given to me by Jack Benson. Once installed, I will also add some clutter on the floor.
  2. They look like they'll do the job. And they don't charge extortionate shipping rate.
  3. Next building. Named after my late cousin. John would try his hand at anything.
  4. Before I set about making my own, I wondered what there is available in manual point switches. I know GEM made some, but all I remember about these was them having an Omega wire, I don't recall how they latched or anything else about their design. Are there any others available, or even the GEM ones. I've made wire-in-tube before for Peco points, but this time I need latching ones.
  5. In the meantime. I have just received 5 Micro Engineering turnouts at the bargain price of $15 apiece. Even allowing for postage, they were sent as a gift, they work out cheaper than Peco ones. Slightly different geometry to Peco, but I think they look much better. Only downside is that the chap I bought them from sent me 3R and 2L, not the other way around. But as the next section is still in planning and I'll probably be needing more, not a major problem.
  6. Recommended by several members of the FB HOn3 group, I decided to buy some washes from Wild West Models of Englewood Colorado. After placing he order, I heard nothing for two weeks, despite them saying they ship in 2-3 days and email you with tracking. So I tried contacting through their 'contact us' link. Nothing. So tried again and nothing. Finally tried phoning and it went to voicemail. But 20 minutes later I get an email saying it was shipped earlier in the week and get a tracking number. Suffice to say, it was actually shipped that day according to USPS. Then starts the rigmarole of goin
  7. Betty's diner is done. Due to the large windows, I bought some tables and chairs. For this I have left the roof loose for the moment. May yet put lighting in this. Probably add some awnings as well.
  8. This bridge has been released by Leadville Designs. The kit comprises of pre-cut basswood and styrene, etched brass, 3D printed, brass wire and injected details. Detailed cast dental stone abutments are included. Several similar bridges were on the Colorado & Southern and the Denver, South Park & Pacific. The span is 45'. Such a pretty looking thing that I might just have to find a home for. Retails for $49.95
  9. So, instead of being somewhere in the NSW/Queensland border area, I've been putting kits together. First up is the steel viaduct, the towers of which were put together some time ago, but now the deck has been added, together with track. I have since added concrete pillars to the bottom of each leg, giving a total height of 305mm, about 87 scale ft. Difficult to see from this angle, but it is built on a 36" radius. Been waiting all week for some Wills course stone sheet to turn up for the abutments at each end. Needed to get this built to plan the height of the subframe for the next
  10. Putting together a Fire engine House for the small town on the layout. An American Model Builders laser-cut kit. Should get it finished today.
  11. Looking like a White from about 1940.
  12. Woodland Scenics vehicles in their Auto-Scenes range bear a likeness to actual vehicles, but are not exact copies. I suppose they do this to avoid copywrite. While the cars can fairly easily be matched to what they are modelled on, I can't find what this truck is. Somewhere, I have a picture of a very similar truck loading gold ore into boxcars, but being a railway image, it only tells me what the boxcar numbers are. Does anyone have any ideas?
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