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  1. That's the Coal Tank boxed off. Not a bad kit at all to construct.
  2. I know is new and that's the problem and precisely why 'it's just not the same' as in the old was much better and a lot easier to use.
  3. I use Deluxe Glue n Glaze too. I use a mix of Slaters clear sheets for locos and rolling stock or cover plastics to be found on many products you purchase which are perfect in buildings etc where you may want an aged look.
  4. Body is now completed. The chassis is tomorrows work. That needs the coupling rods assembling and checking it all runs OK before heading to the paint dept.
  5. Bored? Never with your excellent work Peter Regards, Ken
  6. Thanks for all your replies. I agree with sir douglas, it's just not the same!
  7. Hi. Am I missing something, I used to be able to click on my icon (top right of page) for a drop down of posts I am following. This no loner happens. 'Manage Followed Topics' does not do that at all. It appears to show only page after page ALL topics only. Also notifications of posts have stopped showing as well. What am I doing wrong please.
  8. Quite pleased with the progress made today. It was surprisingly tedious work doing the operating rods for the sanders. The left and right boxes are connected through the s/box. also they are operated via the right hand hand rail. Anyway, the remaining detailing should now be straight forward by comparison.
  9. While awaiting the number plates from Guilplates I have been playing around with the next kit. This it the Northstar design LNWR Coal Tank I have one of my own and makes an occasional appearance to Trenruth (along with some other LNWR locos) This is a simple design and is going together well. The chassis does not lend itself easily to plunger pickups with the dummy sliders and motor/gearbox on the sprung centre axle. So it will have wiper style instead.
  10. Thanks for the info. I am not pedantic regarding the date, I am happy to have models on my layout from anytime around that period. So on the s/box will be just fine by me.
  11. The motor on this unit is the Cannon and the the unit is ready assembled. Check them all out on the MSC web site, it gives diagrams and measurements plus specs on all their units. Regards, Ken
  12. The model is as running in 1952 and was all black.
  13. Dukedog 9028 is almost finished. Awaiting delivery of number plates. Then fitting crew, coal, fire irons, loco tie bars and lamps. All followed by very light weathering not forgetting the BT decal on the tender. It runs very quiet and smooth with the MSC ex Ron Chaplin motor/gearbox. The bogie pickups are a great success too.
  14. Hi. Yesterday was spent delivering the completed models and collecting a nice batch ready for the WB. Today, I spent making the inside motion for 9028. This was a combination of casting leftovers from the spares boxes and a bit of scratch building. It does fill the empty gap nicely. It does mean the pickup arrangement will have to change though. The plungers will be OK on the rear drivers, the front divers will not be used so the bogie and maybe the tender will have them instead. Almost ready for the painting now.
  15. Thanks for those photos, that looks really good.
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