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  1. A little more done today. It's all down to the detailing now, there is quite a lot of it for such a little loco too. The cab has so much of it I wonder where the crew would fit. (I have read though, the cab is a fair bit under scale length on the kit.) It's all very tedious soldering on all the very small white metal castings.
  2. Body is going very well. No issues at all. The tabs and slots are spot on too. Tomorrow is the turn of the boiler unit. That hopefully is as good as the rest of the body.
  3. Oh crikey, it's me that's back to front. It's the rear driver that's fixed and has the motor. The other two have the compensation. No matter though, it still runs OK over the slightly uneven track at the cross overs keeping the wheels on the track.
  4. Simon, the leading axle is fixed and has the gearbox on it. Middle and rear axle is compensated. Pushing it along the track keeps all wheels firmly on the track, so it looks good so far.
  5. Now starting the Chopper Tank from the Zero Zephyrs kit. This is to be modelled as an early version. Starting with the chassis, I'm not using the fold down the sides of the frames. The etch is on the heavy side and I feel the folds would be difficult to achieve a true and square chassis. The came the horn guides the required folding back on themselves. After cleaning the up with needle ties to get the special axle bushes to move freely and fitting the compensation beams the leading one need a fair amount filing off the top of the guides. Using the rear none compensated wheels a
  6. The past fews have been spent finishing the part built Connoiseur Models B12. Mainly just the detailing needed doing. The original builder did a very nice job on it. I'm now waiting on delivery of some small valves that fit in the left side of the smoke box and fit the thin pipes to them. Then I can clean and prime it. The back head is left off until the painter has done his job.
  7. Except for transfers and number plates it's now ready for traffic. (Sorry for the poor quality of photos, taken in poor light conditions) The next one on the WB will be a B12 by request from Geoff. The Zero Zephyrs tank kit will be after that.
  8. Made more progress today by starting the painting. Pictured is the Taff Vale Models 1833 and their gearbox. A small amount of work and it make a quiet and smooth running unit.
  9. No problem Ian, all interesting reading.
  10. Hi Ian. I'm using the excellent Taff Vale Models replacement for the Mashima 1833 and their 40;1 gear box. I've been very pleased with them on some previous small loco builds.
  11. Moving forwards a little this afternoon. Her stable mate is a round top firebox other wise very similar.
  12. Only a very small amount done yesterday, I've caught up on the build today. Not much left to now, the cab interior will be the most fiddly to do. A load of lead weight has been added to the boiler/smoke box giving all the weight over the driving wheels.
  13. Chugging along nicely. All parts slotting together with minimum of fuss. A very well designed kit. Because of the many variations to kit allows there is a lot scrap created. A shame so many nice etches are not required. As can be seen a thin spacer of plastikard is suggested to life the body to clear the wheels and bring the buffers to correct scale height. Quite enjoying this build.
  14. No problem there Sandy, always pleased to see your work. Onwards with mine, it's the Mitchell Design from JLTRT stable. Bought off the auction site. It's a delightful kit to build and will be stable mate to my other one numbered 848. This one will have the Belpaire firebox and numbered 1162.
  15. Looking very nice. Good work.
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