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  1. After a week of workmen delaying operations on the WB I did manage to squeeze in a bit of building, here is the J3 now underway again. Very tricky getting the boiler unit to sit correctly, it took quite a few goes at before I was satisfied with the fit. The rest of it was not too bad. Still a lot to do on the chassis as yet.
  2. Tender is as much as I can do for now. Waiting to get the loco built to check footplate and step height match up. Not much will be done this week with house jobs to do.
  3. After doing fence repairs it has been decided to put the 01 to one side as the wrong tender has been supplied for this loco. In the meantime a start has now been made on the Gladiator J3 0-6-0 tender loco. This is an ex Norton kit. This build will be interrupted when I start painting the fence when the weather is settled. (Hopefully Sunday) This its the D class tender so far.
  4. Slowly plodding onwards. Adding some height to the firebox sides and making a s/box saddle today. Also filling in unwanted holes in the footplate (they were needed for the B1). Also dispensed with the cab floor and made a one piece floor. Now will have to make a raised floor to match the tenders. When all the body is finished I will then have to scratch build some of the valve gear. I think that will complete the scratch building part of the build.
  5. Hi Simon. The two inside drivers are sprung in my usual way. The outer pair are fixed. The pony truck is unsprung but weighted. Works very well. Regards, Ken PS. I do spring the axles for both up and down movement but only the centre axle/s. The exception is on a 4 coupled when the motorised axle is fixed and the other axle is sprung for down movement only.
  6. Back to the 01 build. Quite a lot of work involved on this using B1 body etches. Fortunately I have an Issinglass drawing to work from. So making the alterations would have be impossible with it. The footplate is where it all kicked off. The front drop down had to be recovered and dumped. The scratch build the drop down and all the front end including the buffer beam. Now turning to the cab, that needed to be 3mm taller, so had to splice a 3mm strip of brass in to do that. You can just make out where on the etch. A little more work required on it to make the splice invisible. The fire sides will need to have 3mm added as well. Before soldering the boiler seam I added a heavy weight in there. That plus the heavy motor unit makes for a very heavy model
  7. A correction, the loco is to be the rebuild of the 04 to the 01 as per the isinglass drawings. Here is the tender chassis.
  8. Of course if it were for me. But it's a commission build and that's what is supplied. It's a challenge and there's nowt much else you can do in Wales for now
  9. Here we go with another challenge. I've been given a Gladiator B1 and a Gladiator 04 chassis kit. The idea is to end up with an 2-8-0 LNER 04 loco. That should be interesting.
  10. Hi. Well I've had many varied locos to build over the years, but nothing like this one. A B.E.L. battery loco.. This is a Connoisseur kit. I do like Jims kits, they go together very nicely. The slot and tabs are a perfect fit too. This kit came complete with a driver, very nice. I am now waiting for the motor/gearbox with a Delrin drive chain. The sandpipes will be added after fitting the wheels.
  11. Thanks guys. I did not think much of the Atlantics as a prototype at first but they have grown on me since I've built these two. I did see the C1 at Shildon a while ago and do prefer that to C2 Henry Oakley. Having made numerous visits to NRM and enjoyed climbing onto the footplates of those that you were permitted on.
  12. Got it running today. I just have the seven washout plugs to fit to the firebox. I'm quite pleased with the result considering the amount of effort required on it.
  13. Hi. I've been slowly proceeding with the C1 and thankfully it's been not quite as bad as the C2 just completed. Having said that, there was still quite a bit of adjustments to do on it. It was very fiddly to get the s/box saddle and front footplate to line up correctly. That operation took the longest part of the build. Not a kit for a beginner I think. I have a bit more to do on it as yet. I will not be able to complete it as I'm having to await the washout plugs to be delivered. This is it so far.
  14. Hi. Got the C1's tender up and running. Very similar to the C2's tender. Not a difficult build but the loco itself will be another matter.
  15. Yes, the older model Antex products were very good. In very short order I had to replace three Antex irons with failed heating elements and failed power leads. Plus the tips did not last very long at all.
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