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  1. Will be following this one with great interest having scratch built one in 7mm. Looking fantastic so far.
  2. Hi Does anyone have a photo of the GWR County's tank tops. I just cannot find one to get the detailing right. Thanks guys, Ken
  3. A bit more on the county. The bunker was quite a struggle to get that right. I disassembled it three times in an effort to get it right. A shame really as the rest of the build was assembling OK with only minor tweaks here and there In the end it still had to have some filling in to do on the rear lower panel, that was 3mm too narrow for the sub assembly. All's squared off now though.
  4. Our Daughter, lives on Florida but is visiting Washington DC at the minute has purchased this bottle of much sought after wine. Read the label.
  5. The most obvious method would be using the footplate and a pair of dividers, mine has sharp points that will make a light score mark front and rear and the a rule to going the two marks with a light score mark. Locos such as the coal tank the actual tank top can be used and then perhaps use a straight, narrow off cut from the etched sheet or similar. You would need the dividers to mark each side of the boiler to gain the exact same height for each side.
  6. No, it certainly wouldn't have been. This modellers license though and it's doing a trial by the GWR and is doing turns to Trenruth.
  7. When I do come across a kit such as that, failing a line drawing in the instructions, a photo of the prototype is needed. Also I find the s/box door is the best indication to the height of the h/rail by using the hinges or door opening dart. The using the boiler bands and such to give a good indication as to their position along the boiler. I then use a ruler or callipers to give a horizontal line marked out by a light scribe or pencil line. I use a small drill bit (.75 mm or 1 mm) to make the pilot hole and then follow with the correct size for the h/rail knob.
  8. I will give that some thought but I do not particularly like knocking peoples kits. There is a wide variation in kit accuracy, and quality of castings etc. I have a struggle with some instructions as they may be clear to the designer but not always to the builder. I have no issues in giving kits my opinion by rating them as I see them.
  9. Hi. It's all nickel silver. None of the etches are pre-rolled or formed. The kit arrives in a flat box. There are many 3D printed parts which are very nice and do not need the normal cleaning up of cast metal parts. The firebox front is 3D printed and is not connected to the boiler. The boiler assembly can attached the a fold down lug with a nut and bolt.
  10. Slow progress today. Mike sent the missing axle bush recieved today. Anyway onwards tomorrow.
  11. Certainly is. I was wrong saying the whole build is in photos in the instructions, they stop short at about where I'm up to in the build.
  12. Hi all. I've been a tad quiet of late. Also I have put the Loch loco to one side and will have another bash at it when I have finished my latest loco for myself. This is the 88D kits County Tank loco. One of the turned axle bushes were missing and expect it to arrive tomorrow. (Mike is very good at customer help.) The whole build is in photo graphs in it's stages of construction in the instruction sheets. A very nice touch. This is it so far.
  13. Footnote to the above, I have actually built the GWR 30xx, (I had forgotten I had).
  14. Hi. Thanks for the kind comment about the Loch. I cannot recall building a 30xx but done many 8 coupled GWR locos. I have built the LNER 04 (page127). I have another one the w/shop waiting to be built soon. Regards, Ken
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