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  1. N15 is now completed and ready for the off. It seemed a very time consuming kit to sort out and build but got there in the end.
  2. At last almost there now. The deflectors are removable for painting. I just have the cab to area to finish and add the cylinder drain pipes plus the small inspection plates on the cylinder sides. Then it's the clean up and paint shop. After that add motor, pickups and finish the valve gear. So a fair bit to do as yet.
  3. Why are you fitting window bars to the camper van?
  4. This is being a very slow build. I'm not used to that. Anyway crawling along OK for now.
  5. More progress today. I think the worst is now done with, the rest should be a lot easier
  6. Switching back to the chassis I've done the valve gear etc as far as I can prior to painting. The bogie is now under way and then it's back to the body.
  7. Thanks David, I will watch out for that
  8. I'm pleased with the progress so far. Encountered no problems, just requiring very careful measuring and aligning.
  9. They look great Ade, I'm also a fan of the Modelu figures.
  10. Today was spent looking at the supplied CD of the build and sorting out the chassis etches, making the coupling rods and assembling the basic chassis. This it it so far.
  11. Well That's the tender built, the exception is the coupling to the loco which will be done when the loco is built.
  12. Got most of the tender done today. Yesterday very little done on the WB, I purchased a DVD player for the new 'All In One' desk top the does not have a DVD slot. Spent most of the day setting it up and getting my head round it. (I'm not a techno wizz on these these) Anyway here's the tender so far.
  13. Thanks David, that makes a lot of sense.
  14. Hi all. Just back from another very good break doing heritage railways, NT gardens (Biddulf Grange) and Litchfield cathedral guided tour amonst other places. So it's onwards now with Gladiator Urie King Arthur. Starting with the tender bogies.
  15. Ade, I'm not so sure the GWR ran such mucky coaches in it's day. Preservation line coaches is a different matter as just experienced last w/end.
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