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  1. Cliff. I did spring the centre axle as usual. But one minimum movement. 1mm upwards and a fraction downwards. The coupling rods untouched. I have not yet done running with motor as yet but runs sweetly with a get push along.
  2. I agree with Simond on that one. A hot iron powerful enough for the job is essential. I use an Ersa with 5mm and 2.5mm tips set at 425 deg. I mostly use the 2.5mm and 5mm for really heavy soldering.
  3. Quite a straight forward chassis. The difficult part was the folding up of the ash pan. Annealing is one way or as I did, score the fold lines.
  4. Hi guys, photos will be posted. Here is the chassis. Note I will not be using tender draw bar as the kit intended. I will show that later in the build.
  5. Sadly there is still no sign of the paint I ordered. In the meantime it's on with another build. This time the Connoisseur (ex Majestic) J36. As usual with Jim's offering he has done work on the kit and it's going well. The only thing was the handbrake stanchion does not match up with the hole in the corner box. So a replacement lid was soon made. One has to be very careful in folding the corners, especially on the flares and coal rails. Here is the tender built.
  6. That's the primer done, now we grind to a halt. Ordered the paint from Squires today expecting delivery tomorrow as usually happens only to find it's out of stock. So the waiting game starts and hopefully have it by the w/end.
  7. Thanks for that. I have seen the complete build of Nicks R class. Very impressive it is too.
  8. Thanks for that Jeff. It looks a cracking build. I've tried working valve gear though have been tempted until I priced the kit to do that. Maybe one day I will get round to it.
  9. All down to adding the castings etc. There was a bit of trouble getting the s/box, boiler and firebox to align correctly. That entailed a bit of shaving off of the s/box saddle to get it all perfectly horizontal, all's well now.
  10. This afternoon started the body. All going well. just basically had the cusp on the etches to file off. Very pleased with this kit so far. The only fault (highlighted in the instruction booklet) is the fold etches on the tanks are on the wrong side. It is suggested that you mark where the step recesses are and turn the tank etches round to the opposite sides. I elected to just fill in the half etches and use them them as intended. The photo show the result of doing that.
  11. Today starts a kit for my layout. The Dragon Models ex Rhymney Railway R class. As sold by Taff Vale Models. To be GWR 43. The chassis has been a doddle to build, I have a feeling the body will also be a doddle. I like the trailing wheels set up. work very well.
  12. I guess y'all are tired of seeing this loco now, but here it is all done and dusted. Last photo of it, promise.
  13. Hi Peter. Yes, all is well here. I hope you and yours are also keeping well. Looking forward to some more of your nice work. Best regards, Ken
  14. At last I've won the battle with this build. Just the fall plate and loco to tender coupling to sort tomorrow then a darned good clean. It's very clear on these photos the alteration to the cab sides, lifting the drop down B1 cab to lifting it up 3.5mm and adapting it to a straight footplate.
  15. Now starting to get somewhere with this build. DavidS of the RMweb Kindly pointed me to photos of an 04\8 with a nice photo of the cab interior. Thanks David. I did get the coupling to swing side to side in the slot on the beam. Which is a nice touch I think. I still have the cab interior to complete and the chassis to detail to add. Then I should be ready for the big cleanup and paint shop.
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