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  1. OK. I cannot pretend this is an easy build. Being a fan of Scorpio kits this one being basically a Jim Harris kit and all the problems with those, definitely do not do the Scorpio brand any favours. Full of problems with the etches not least the etched holes being way too big forcing the use of 12BA nuts and bold instead of the usual 14BA does not help. The castings are not great but with plenty of cleaning and filing they are usable. Ideally it would be better to replace them with better quality for a top notch build. As this is going on my layout I'm happy with what is in the kit. Tomorrow is the clean up and prime and paint it black.
  2. So far, so good. The coupling rods needed the hole reaming out to get it free running. Then slightly altered the joint to represent the it better by soldering a small washer in the centre and filing to frofile the joint. Then came the cylinders. The etched holes for the piston assembly wes ridiculously to large. Cured that by soldering 3/16" axle bushes in the holes which in turn allowed 3/16" rod to enable accurate alignment with the centre wheels.
  3. Got the CR class 113 primed today and now moving to one for myself. This is the Scorpio BR Standard Class 3 tank. Designed by Jim Harris and therefore will be quite a challenge by all accounts. There will be some modifications in abundance I believe. Here is the start of the chassis. I I not a fan of compensation or rigid chassis so I am using my centre axle springing as usual. Next is the coupling roads and the need to do something about the buckle etch I think.
  4. Thats the 113 built and ready for cleaning and priming. Not a very easy kit to build but got there in the end.
  5. Hi Ade. You should enjoy that build, mine was a delight to build. I do have another one for the layout but this all have no outside rear fames version as a stable mate. Ken
  6. Moving on with the Meteor Models 4-4-0. A lot of adjusting and filling in on this. Getting it all to sit properly took a lot of adjustments. I'm hoping the worst is now over on the build. Here is the build so far.
  7. Putting the J11 to one side ready for priming I'm starting the Meteor Models CR/LMS 4-4-0 113 class. Another one thats a bit of a challenge as it's old school kit. So far the tender is almost assembled with some minor additions to aid the assembly as they is no tag and slots here. Also some alterations described in the instruction sheets. It looks a bit rough as no clean up of the soldering has been done yet.
  8. Plodding onwards, almost ready for the priming. Geoff has the correct safety valves and will pop them on when he receives the loco.
  9. Having completed the tender for the J11 (which was meant for the 01) I have now started the the engine. All going OK on it as it's typical Gladiator kit. The jointed couplings required a small adjustment to the joints to eliminate a tight spot.
  10. Hi. It's been a long time in the build of this 01. Finally got her finished today. She has a boiler full of lead weight and a large Bulhler Motor and gear box. A lovely quiet runner and very heavy too.
  11. That's the beauty of retirement Peter, lots of time to do your hobby Talking of which, the coal waggon is ready for the off.
  12. A very nice station building. Very neat.
  13. Great photos. Lovely stretch of railway. May I wish you and Lez all the very best wishes. Ken
  14. Thanks Simon. I'll agree it is more work than meets the eye. The strapping is tedious to cut out and rivet. Then solder onto the body. The rest should now be OK once I get the brake gear sussed out.
  15. Hi The 01 is now awaiting some replacement castings and is put aside again. In the meantime I've started the Scorpio wagon kit for the GW 40T coal wagon. It took the best part of a day to punch out loads of rivets and got the body almost done today. I now have 56 little hinges to fit, what fun. Here she is in all her glory, what a size this is too.
  16. On with the LNER 01. This is being built with the 01 body etches but with a B1 chassis for much of the 01's chassis. This is require a fair bit of bodging and alterations. Notwithstanding a bit of scratch building thrown in. We still have workmen showing up for continued work on the fencing. (There is a problem getting the fence panels we want now.) Still I am able to nibble away with the 01.
  17. Hi Jonathan. I wondered what had happened to that post, I forgot to change to my posts before hitting send. I guess I'm getting old
  18. After a slow week due to workmen here I've finished the J3/4. Next week will also be slow with a different workman here replacing the twenty year old fencing. A fairly big job as it's all covered in thick climbing plants. So I'm now restarting on the 01 to get that completed. Thankfully when I've done that I will have got on top of things again. Here is the J3/4.
  19. A bit more done on the WB this week and got the J3/4 completed at last. Next week another session with the workmen, this time replacing 30 year old fencing. So another slow week on the WB. Here it finished.
  20. After a week of workmen delaying operations on the WB I did manage to squeeze in a bit of building, here is the J3 now underway again. Very tricky getting the boiler unit to sit correctly, it took quite a few goes at before I was satisfied with the fit. The rest of it was not too bad. Still a lot to do on the chassis as yet.
  21. Tender is as much as I can do for now. Waiting to get the loco built to check footplate and step height match up. Not much will be done this week with house jobs to do.
  22. After doing fence repairs it has been decided to put the 01 to one side as the wrong tender has been supplied for this loco. In the meantime a start has now been made on the Gladiator J3 0-6-0 tender loco. This is an ex Norton kit. This build will be interrupted when I start painting the fence when the weather is settled. (Hopefully Sunday) This its the D class tender so far.
  23. Slowly plodding onwards. Adding some height to the firebox sides and making a s/box saddle today. Also filling in unwanted holes in the footplate (they were needed for the B1). Also dispensed with the cab floor and made a one piece floor. Now will have to make a raised floor to match the tenders. When all the body is finished I will then have to scratch build some of the valve gear. I think that will complete the scratch building part of the build.
  24. Hi Simon. The two inside drivers are sprung in my usual way. The outer pair are fixed. The pony truck is unsprung but weighted. Works very well. Regards, Ken PS. I do spring the axles for both up and down movement but only the centre axle/s. The exception is on a 4 coupled when the motorised axle is fixed and the other axle is sprung for down movement only.
  25. Back to the 01 build. Quite a lot of work involved on this using B1 body etches. Fortunately I have an Issinglass drawing to work from. So making the alterations would have be impossible with it. The footplate is where it all kicked off. The front drop down had to be recovered and dumped. The scratch build the drop down and all the front end including the buffer beam. Now turning to the cab, that needed to be 3mm taller, so had to splice a 3mm strip of brass in to do that. You can just make out where on the etch. A little more work required on it to make the splice invisible. The fire sides will need to have 3mm added as well. Before soldering the boiler seam I added a heavy weight in there. That plus the heavy motor unit makes for a very heavy model
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