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    Network southeast and BR blue in the 80's And GWR Oh and anything mechanical. Building my 1st layout for years and things have changed lots. looking into DCC and Sound for my layout.

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  1. Called into the shop this week while working in the area. All the staff were very helpful and friendly and the shop is very well stocked. I picked up all the scenic items i needed. Well worth a visit if your in the area.
  2. Morning all well at 1st every time i logged in my password wasn't recognised so i had to resubmit a password. That all seems ok now. But the topics that i have followed over the years are harder to find and some older ones have lost pictures attached to them. I have to say i much prefered the old set up in that respect and thought it was easier to navigate. Mark
  3. Fantasic layout did you say that the layout measured 150cm x 52cm plus fiddleyard. Regards Mark
  4. Hi all just interested to see how everyone runs in there locos. Is a rolling road best or an oval of track? regards Mark
  5. https://youtu.be/OAbtBIOyGy4 I found this on Youtube
  6. I really enjoyed the DVD with this issue, Some great ideas for both reviving an old layout and a newbie starting out. I currently have a paper subscription but will be looking into a digital one. One question i have is how much storage space do you get with a pocketmags account ?. Regards Mark
  7. Lots of Leyland trucks around then Clydsdales, Cheiftains, Reivers, Bisons, Marathons.
  8. RIP John you will be sadly missed My thoughts and prayers are with the family
  9. I will be following with interest as i grew up in Chalfont St Peter and Gerrards cross was my local station. Regards Mark
  10. Google weatherill as they made loading shovels in the 50s
  11. Hi all im looking for a suitable 1/76 scale vehicle for a 1950's coal merchant. Regards Mark
  12. It's sad to see it in this state.
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