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  1. Jings! after all these year I thought it was just another signalbox, albeit a rather unique one with a view to die for, Railways, Canals and heavy shipping traffic on the River Clyde. Mibbes just as well it wasn't a Box with so many distractions ;-) Seems that overhead signal boxes were not too common, particularly north of the border. The only one I have came across is this one on the Glasgow & City Union line at Salkeld Street Parcels Depot/ Port Eglinton. Anecdotally, when I was a second man at Polmadie quite a few drivers told of when they were firemen holding their firing shovels aloft as they passed at speed underneath this particular signalbox and rattled the corrugated steel sheeting that protected the flooring from the loco steam blast as they passed under much to the enjoyment of the resident signalmen above >:-D A Class 5 heading tender first back to St Enoch Perhaps? Signalbox or not I'd it build it as it's just too good not to. I've yet to find one in colour from this era. I suspect my photo may be the only one and gladly sharing it here.
  2. Those white headrest things were called antimacassar's when I was a lad.
  3. How about scratchbuilding the overhead signalbox? that would be the icing on the cake for this modelling masterpiece.
  4. I've got some Eastfield and Polmadie Loco diagrams from October 1987 I'll post up. The only reason they've survived is that they have course notes photocopied on the back of them when I was doing my MP12 and have been languishing in an old kitbag in the garage all these years. Recycling was alive and well over 30 years ago, especially under BR where every penny was a prisoner.
  5. Excellent tip fella, I was always trying various methods to get it to sit properly. I tried using the original linkage but it still needed some tweaking so I made a new one out of 0.4mm silver plated jewelers wire that did the trick.
  6. Mine turned up just in time for electrification I meantime I will be ordering one of Lee's Highland Headlamp kits and adding sound and weathering to make the The Best Bachmann Beastie By Far™ Alex and the lads at MMRG have done a splendid job getting this out and I appreciate all the hard work they have and are still doing getting the orders out in a timely manner, no mean task. Cheers guy's In the unlikely event the wife reads this 37026 Loch Awe would be nice too.
  7. Your correct the headlight illuminates only when the reverser is in the forward position, it also extinguishes briefly when passing through a neutral section when the APC's trip the ABB.
  8. I know this location well in real life, you've done a fantastic job of capturing how it would have looked c.1900. Pity Tesco illegally demolished the booking office a few years ago then abandoned their ridiculous plans for a supermarket. The only thing missing is the grassy mound of Yorkhill in the background prior to the Sick Children's Hospital being built. Simply brilliant.
  9. Here's a few more Stranraer photos c.1984 when it was still holding on to some interesting traffic. The unique Sealink BR Mk1's add a bit of colour in the otherwise bleak surroundings of the ferry terminal. Personally I liked them, although the interiors left a lot to be desired as they were pretty tired by then. The Blue suits were HM's security fellas going about there duty in different times back then. Pretty much the last of the Class 40 loco workings in the West of Scotland hauling Cartics of various Renault vehicles? bound for NI It wouldn't be Stranraer without the Ferry and on this day it was Galloway Princess minus her BR arrows and a couple of errant BRUTES rusting quietly in the salt air at the top of the station headshunt.
  10. Keep the photos coming Ian :-) Corkerhill Depot roughly 20 years later circa 1999 near to where you took your photo. The uniquely liveried SPT 101 692 alongside Strathclyde Orange 101 688 (Not To Be Moved) due to a Fractured Bogie Frame languishing in the Fuel Tank Road at Corkerhill CSD alongside Strathclyde liveried 303 056 awaiting it's rush hour duty in No.1 Sidings. Class 101 688 Strathclyde SPT Orange Stabled in the Tank Road Corkerhill Depot Fracture on right hand side of photo Class 101 688 DMU SPT Strathclyde Passenger Transport
  11. On this day 36 years ago just two days after it's debut in revenue earning service. Not sure what unit number this is but the 0700hrs Glasgow to Euston debut run on the 7th of December was 370 002 with Polmadie Driver Rab Harper at the controls and Willie Gilmour as co pilot. That's Rab hanging out the failed unit window looking somewhat despondent being propelled up the facing road back to Polmadie by the looks of it. Class 47 haulage anyone? Still undecided whether I should purchase one for enjoyment or as an investment or both. Either way it's going to be something special. PS: there's still some APT legacy infrastructure at Shields Depot including the Traction motor drop pits and overhead crane etc should the real thing ever get back into mainline running and need a service. >joke<
  12. Still undecided on which combo to go for but I suspect a six car black face would clinch it if it becomes available, either way a purchase is inevitable. I was fortunate to have traveled on them several times as a nipper from Glasgow to London on the staff specials as my parents worked for BR. I've still got the boarding passes along with a few other bits that I picked up on the journeys. Thinking back It was quite an experience, my younger brother even valiantly held onto his lunch until Watford Junction on the outward part of the journey after showing such spirited enthusiasm early on . To be fair he did better on the return leg. The A4 letter headed paper would make a nice authentic limited edition certificate as I suspect there can't be many sheets of it still in existence if any.
  13. A couple of Scottish based Beilhack ZZA's at Carstairs Depot c.1990 ZZA Snowplough ADB 965576 ZZA Snowplough ADB 965577
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