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  1. got to be said that box tank is an absolute delight , id be certainly interested in a 4' gauge job ! were you planning on using an existing chassis for that ?
  2. with the look of them im more than happy to tweak my trackplan to make them fit !
  3. just a quick note to Wayne , having read thru and studied the photographs of your kits i must say they look truly the mutts nuts . ease of constuct and a very reasonable price are winners ! are outside slips on your radar ?
  4. I think it looks superb , never mind the 2 foot rule it looks fantastic from a few inches away ! back in the dim and distant past i recall reading a winging letter on how white metal body kits were killing off the hobby and that sawing up sheets of tinplate was the only way to model ! as an aside i think multi media is the way to go .
  5. working belt drive would be a winner …….. someone had to say it !
  6. a good shop ,full of all the items a modeller would need , a nice bunch of guys helpful and friendly and they are happy to do mail order
  7. No Decorum , you hit the nail on the head . i have no intrest in anything west of marylebone but an early electric ...... ticks alot of quirky boxes .
  8. just a quick note Gordon , iv enjoyed the journey of ET . your trackwork is a joy to behold , have you had any further thoughts on the scenic side ?
  9. lovely work on you stour valley dream . im considering a dunmow nightmare myself ... .. . anychance of putting your j15 handrail jig on thingyverse ?
  10. axle box glow ....... that wins the internet for me today lol
  11. i spent many years refining my old model railway clubs library . after i moved away it was sold to finance the clubs move . so all for the good i guess but what a loss .... ... .. .couldn't replace it now !
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