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  1. Όχι - είναι εντάξει. Εμείς οι Ρώσοι δεν διαβάζουμε ελληνικά. Θα ήθελα να ευχαριστήσω τον Gilbert για τα πολυάριθμα χρόνια απόσπασης και φωτογραφιών του. Λατρεύω τις ασπρόμαυρες εικόνες - τόσο ατμοσφαιρικές. Dan PS end of my hijacking PN - sorry Gilbert. But I will still be watching every day Phil.
  2. Оторваться??? Мы, российская спецслужба, тоже наслаждаемся нашим моделированием! Нам нравится следовать Питерборо Север. Мы каждый день смотрим на скрытые сообщения от наших агентов.
  3. Gilbert, I have been following PN for some time now and am impressed by your modelling and photographic skills; also by the patience you must have photo-shopping so many of the scenes. Apropos your mobility problem, or lack of, mentioned in previous posts (sorry for the late comment - just returned home from abroad -UK- and catching up.) Here is a solution which works for me. Heavy duty plant pot or furniture skates - I use them for moving round under the layout either kneeling or sitting and for access to the window bay on one side of the layout. There is no name for my layout yet but it is a freelance folded figure eight dog bone. This evolved because having broken my back 6 years ago the original duck under was too awkward to negotiate even with a generous 40" clearance. Best regards Dan Horan aka dashnieuil
  4. Hello Gilbert, I have found a problem with using strip LEDs for photographic lighting. They seem so intense and directional that there are multiple shadows which make the end result most unrealistic. It may not be an issue if you are using conventional lookalikes with an opalescent cover over the LEDs. I really enjoy reading your posts and must congratulate you on the quality of your layout. Keep up the good work. Regards, Dan
  5. I have been following your posts for a couple of years now and congratulate you on an excellent layout. I need my daily fix of PN and am currently following you from Oregon. Returning to France next weekend and looking forward to working on my layout. Looking at the "speed blur" I can see a similar fuzz in the foreground gravel of the second picture. Could it have been a smudge on the lens causing this effect? Best regards and a belated happy birthday. Dan
  6. I really like this set of pictures especially the first of the sentinel shots and the "pimples." I see that you have a Phase 1 Standard Vanguard parked in the station forecourt. Where is that from? Who makes it? I remember very well what a bas***d it was to get at the brake fluid reservoir on these - take off the front right wheel to get at it.
  7. For information all French books seem to be very much more expensive than their English counterparts. I believe that this is due to the much smaller market for French language books. I doubt that there is enough demand for anyone to produce detailed English language books on French railways. I have not seen anything in French which covers the whole of France but have seen many regional works - not cheap. Also photographs from rural areas areas pre WW2 tend to be postcard reproductions. Not many country folk had cameras nor the inclination to use them for railway subjects. In this part of France we had an extensive network of 1m gauge lines radiating out of Angoulême and across the Charente as well as the standard gauge network and main lines. My own village still has the railway station building and goods yard area which was on the 1m gauge line from Roumazières to Saint Claud and on to Ruffec, and was, according to the book "Voyages en Charente au temps de la vapeur" closed in 1938 or 39. However, a neighbour, now deceased, told me of her journeys as a young girl on this line so it must have been operational until 1950**. The average speed of "Le Petit Train" was no more than 10 kph. I have just found some cartoons from the early days - all the passengers are pushing at the rear - a bystander says "If they don't push they will never arrive on time!" Another - a lady asking the conductor to drop a letter to the station master at the next station, her companion says "If it's urgent my chauffeur will run and deliver it." ** Further reading shows that many closures planned for 1939 to 1941 did not happen because of the war and German occupation. I must do some digging in the Mairie's archives to find out when it closed. Sorry for rambling on - I only meant to do a 2 line comment! Dan Horan, Nieuil, Charente, France
  8. Hello Gilbert, My first post on here but I have been following Peterborough North for some time now with immense interest. I don't know how you have the patience to photo shop those lattice posts. Thank you for the wise words in post No.6867. I find myself in a similar position to Peter - space for the layout, plans made and scrapped, now on plan 5 or 6. My last layout was dismantled on a house move when daughter No.1 was 18 months old. She is now 43. Stock and track was all boxed up and is now ready to use with the various purchases made over the years waiting for this time to arrive. I have made a start - baseboards built and ready to go but still need to decide what I really want. Time to bite the bullet and do something. All the best for the New Year, Dan Horan, Charente, France
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